Chapter 969: King Title

    Chapter 969: King Title

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    Yu Chuo, who had always been a silent person, actually nodded towards Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji's heart sank; he had a bad feeling about this. Because in Yu Chuo's eyes, he saw a hint of apology. He saw the same thing in Chi Kun's eyes.

    In the beginning, he thought it was because Chi Kun hadn't helped him to find a good shop and thus felt ashamed for the matters with the Ao Clan. But from the looks of things, Chi Kun's and Yu Chuo's guilt shouldn't be due to the shop.

    "God King Rising Jade, did you especially come here just to say those words?" Ao Clan's God King Wide Search's tone was calm. In terms of cultivation, he and God King Rising Jade were around the same; they were both in God King Level 4.

    However, the difference between the Ao Clan and High Firmament God Sect wasn't as simple as that. Moreover, the Ao Clan and High Firmament God Sect were inextricably linked. There were several members of the Ao Clan occupying the top brass of High Firmament God Sect. Thus, in High Firmament God Sect, the Ao Clan could be considered a power.

    Chi Kun shot Mo Wuji a glance. Mo Wuji hurriedly came forward to greet God King Rising Jade, then explained the cause of the situation.

    After hearing Mo Wuji's words, God King Wide Search said indifferent, "Take out your rental agreement."

    As an expert, how could he not know the way Old Man Xin was thinking? Old Man Xin had wanted to leave for a long time. However, he couldn't find an excuse, so he could only find a scapegoat.

    The reason why the Ao Clan simply let Old Man Xin go was because they knew that they couldn't squeeze out any Vitality Soup from Old Man Xin. Thus, they decided to give Old Man Xin the dignity of a God King and leave.

    If Old Man Xin still had the herbs to brew Vitality Soup, it wouldn't matter who he found as a scapegoat; the Ao Clan wouldn't have let him go so easily.

    Mo Wuji took out the rental agreement, but he didn't pass it to Wide Search. Instead, he passed it to Chi Kun. Chi Kun then passed it to God King Rising Jade.

    A hint of contempt appeared in Wide Search's eyes. If Old Man Xin wasn't even able to prepare a proper rental agreement before he left, then he really wasted his long years.

    God King Rising Jade read the jade letter multiple times. Then, he said plainly, "Mo Wuji doesn't have the responsibility to provide the Ao Clan with a bowl of Vitality Soup every month."

    "Impossible." Wide Search uttered promptly as his face changed.

    God King Rising Jade didn't hesitate to pass the jade letter in his hand to God King Wide Search, "You can take a look at it yourself. I believe that my eyes still function well despite my old age."

    God King Wide Search's spiritual will landed on the jade letter. Immediately, his expression sunk. There truly wasn't any form of unscrupulous methods left on the jade letter, and on the jade letter, there wasn't any condition about providing the Ao Clan with Vitality Soup. The only mention of the Ao Clan was that the shop belonged to the Ao Clan.

    "Very good, Xin Baisheng, my Ao Clan will definitely shatter your bones and scatter your ashes!" God King Wide Search clenched his fists, turning the jade letter into ash.

    God King Rising Jade said coldly, "Wide Search, what's the meaning of this?"

    God King Wide Search said calmly, "My Ao Clan isn't going to repent for a mere shop owner. From today onwards, the rights of this shop belong to Mo Wuji for a year. There's no need to pay my Ao Clan anything."

    After saying that, he stared at Mo Wuji coldly, "One year later, you f*ck off as far as you can."

    Mo Wuji's impression of the Ao Clan hit an all-time low. If he was strong enough, he would have given this b*stard one tight slap.

    That God King Xin Baisheng should have been tricked by the Ao Clan and had to give away so many free bowls of Vitality Soup because of that. Now that he had left, the Ao Clan still wanted to shatter his bones and scatter his ashes. This Ao Clan could be said to be filled with black hearts.

    Even though that old man tried to scam him, he still felt uncomfortable. Still, the greatest trash among them was this Ao Clan.

    What disappointed Mo Wuji was that because the High Firmament God Sect sent a God King over, the Ao Clan directly allowed him to occupy the shop for one year instead of bringing that old man here to contest for the rights. If they didn't catch that old man, then he, Mo Wuji, had to give up his hopes of obtaining the old man's Tier 5 god herbs.

    Indeed, some plans only come true in fantasy. The front part of his plan went well, but ultimately, he still didn't manage to obtain any god herbs.

    God King WIde Search and the caretakers from the Ao Clan left. God King Rising Jade nodded towards Mo Wuji, then also left with Yu Chuo. He didn't come here because of Chi Kun's message but because Yu Chuo had pleaded with him for his help.

    After everyone left, Chi Kun finally clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji and said, "Pill Master Mo, I actually came here to apologize to you."

    Mo Wuji had already guessed that this would happen. However, he still said, "Brother Chi, you just provided me with great help. I should be the one thanking you."

    Chi Kun shook his head and explained Nirvana Learning Academy's change in assessment rules and the conclusion of his sect's gathering. Thereafter, he silently waited for Mo Wuji's response. If Mo Wuji wasn't willing to teach the sect's participating disciples how to grow Green Dew Rice, then he could only help Mo Wuji leave secretly.

    Even though his relationship with Mo Wuji wasn't bad, his High Firmament God Sect definitely wouldn't let Mo Wuji leave so simply.

    Mo Wuji went silent. Growing Green Dew Rice didn't mean much to him, but how was he going to teach his method? While he could grow peak-grade Green Dew Rice, he didn't have any methods of teaching it. Even if he taught the disciples about grafting the rice with Five Leaf Grass, how should he teach about the next process?

    After grafting the Green Dew Rice with Five Leaf Grass, the Green Dew Rice would require multiple cycles of transplanting. This transplanting process depended on the deficiencies of the five elements of each individual strain, and only he could detect those deficiencies. This was because he had the spiritual eye and he could easily sense which of the five elements each strain of rice was lacking. How was he going to teach such a method to other people?

    "Pill Master Mo, if it's too hard..."

    Mo Wuji interrupted Chi Kun's words, "Brother Chi, you have helped me plenty. I am willing to impart my methods of growing Green Dew Rice."

    "Many thanks, Pill Master Mo." Chi Kun clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji emotionally, "Pill Master Mo, if you need anything, I will try my best to request for them from my sect."

    Mo Wuji's heart stirred. He hurriedly said, "I'm lacking some Tier 5 god herbs. Help me request for some from your sect. No matter how many you can get, they would all be very important to me."

    Tier 5 god herbs were also extremely important things to High Firmament God Sect. Even if the herbs that Mo Wuji wanted weren't extremely pricey, it still wouldn't be simple for High Firmament Sect to give them away.

    Even so, Chi Kun said, "Pill Master Mo, rest assured. I will definitely find ways to request the sect for some Tier 5 god herbs. However, they would most probably be some borderline Tier 5 god herbs and their price wouldn't be very high."

    Mo Wuji was going to use Tier 5 god herbs in order to practise concocting Tier 5 god herbs. Why would he care about their prices? When he heard those words, he hurriedly clasped his fists and said, "Many thanks, Brother Chi. If you have Overflowing Pulse Root, Wave Flame Bamboo, True Sprout..."

    This time, before Mo Wuji could finish speaking, that youth who brought his older sister here to treat her illness hurriedly said, "Senior Doctor, I have already prepared these god herbs. It's just that I couldn't find a pill refiner to concoct the pill for me. As for other kinds of Tier 5 god herbs, I also have several on me."

    When Mo Wuji heard these words, he celebrated in his heart. He soon came to an understanding. While this youth's cultivation was ordinary, his sister was far from simple; she was an expert at the pinnacle of the World God Stage. It wasn't unusual for such an expert to have a collection of Tier 5 god herbs.

    "Pill Master Mo, is there anything else? If there's nothing else, you can go over to my High Firmament God Sect three days later for the lesson. I will have someone there to receive you. How about that?" Chi Kun didn't feel any form of resentment from Mo Wuji and he inwardly sighed in relief.

    Green Dew Rice was different from other kinds of plants. If one were to plant it with grievances in one's heart, or even teach about it with such feelings, it would be impossible to achieve its true essence.

    Mo Wuji asked with a tinge of unwillingness, " Brother Chi, is representing a sect the only way to enter Nirvana Learning Academy? Is there no other way?"

    Chi Kun had already told him that High Firmament God Sect could only send 10 disciples to take part in the assessment and these 10 would be selected among their core disciples. Thus, even if he, Mo Wuji, could plant amazing Green Dew Rice, he wouldn't be able to represent High Firmament God Sect.

    Chi Kun sighed in his heart. He knew that Mo Wuji only gained an interest in Nirvana Learning Academy's Land of Mortals because of his words. Unfortunately, he couldn't really help Mo Wuji much.

    Now that Mo Wuji asked, he explained, "Actually, there are two other methods. There's a long-term method. First, you will enter Nirvana Learning Academy's outer sect. Thereafter, you will slowly accumulate sect contribution points and eventually become a true disciple of Nirvana Learning Academy. Pill Master Mo, you're skilled in the Pill Dao as well as growing Green Dew Rice. I believe that in less than 1000 years, you would have earned enough sect contribution points to become a true disciple."

    "What's the second method?" The first method was immediately shot down. 1,000 years... Forget about it.

    "The second method is to find a way to take part in the upcoming assessment. While you cannot represent a sect, you can take part in the assessment as a rogue cultivator." Even though Chi Kun was explaining the second method, he knew that this method was even harder for Mo Wuji.

    "How can I participate as a rogue cultivator?" Mo Wuji asked excitedly.

    Chi Kun explained patiently, "One way is to take part in the Rogue Cultivator Magic Arts Battle which will start three months from now. Only the top ten can represent the rogue cultivators in Nirvana Learning Academy. The second is to obtain a King Title in either the Pill, Smith, Array or Talisman Dao. For example, if you are a Tier 5 God Pill King or a Tier 5 God Array King... you will be able to represent rogue cultivators to take part in the assessment.

    Because there are many rogue cultivators, they also get the most placings to take part in the assessment. There are a total of 30 placings. However, don't overestimate these 30 placings. The competition among rogue cultivators is far greater than within a sect."

    "Then how do I obtain a King Title?" Mo Wuji hurriedly asked.

    Chi Kun answered, "Nirvana Learning Academy supports the various Daos under the Heaven and Earth. Not just the Dao of Cultivation, Pill Dao, Smith Dao, Talisman Dao, Array Dao and various other Daos are highly recognised by Nirvana Learning Academy. Thus, Nirvana Learning Academy established various Dao Honour Towers in Nirvana Dao City. If you challenge the tower, you will have a chance to obtain a King Title."

    "Many thanks, Brother Chi. I understand now." Mo Wuji thanked Chi Kun. According to Chi Kun's words, there was still a year left to Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment. This one year would be enough to charge to the Tier 5 God Pill King level. Even if he couldn't become a Tier 5 God Pill King, he could try charging to the Tier 5 God Array King level.
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