Chapter 970: Conflicts In Passing Down His Knowledge

    Chapter 970: Conflicts In Passing Down His Knowledge

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    What pleasantly surprised Mo Wuji was that after Chi Kun left, that youth actually brought out 191 Tier 5 god herbs of various varieties. Among which were some extremely rare ones which could not be bought.

    The included the Clear Jade God Flower which was highly sought after. The Clear Jade God Flower was the main ingredient for the God Jade Pill and the God Jade Pill was a Tier 5 pill used by World Kings to sense the God King Stage. Its value was immeasurable.

    Mo Wuji didn't keep the Clear Jade God Flower. He kept the rest and said, "Many thanks. Previously, I got the two of you to stay was actually a show for that caretaker. But now, I, Mo Wuji, promise that as long as I can I enter the Tier 5 God Pill King Stage, the first pill I will concoct is the Solitary God Pill."

    "Thank you, thank you.." The youth was happy beyond words. His talent was very bad and his cultivation was very low. He was always protected by his older sister, causing him to be reserved and shy.

    When his sister could still talk, she definitely wouldn't allow him to reveal their treasures. But now that his sister was facing her death, he no longer cared about such things. As long as his sister could be cured, he was willing to pay any price.

    Mo Wuji clapped the youth's shoulders and said, "If you don't mind, you can call me Pill Master Mo or Senior Brother Mo. I still don't know how I can address the two of you?"

    The youth said emotionally, "Big Brother Mo, my sister is called Chi Bing and I am called Chi Chuan."

    In order to have closer ties with Mo Wuji, he didn't address Mo Wuji as Senior Brother or Pill Master. Instead, he directly addressed Mo Wuji as Big Brother.

    "Take care of your sister. I need to enter seclusion to practise concocting the pill." Mo Wuji instructed Chi Chuan. He passed some god pills which were Tier 3 and lower to Shuai Guo, then he went back to his room on the second floor.

    He wasn't lacking pill formulas but god herbs. Within God Pill King Green Robes's jade letter, there were even pill formulas for Tier 6 god pills. Now that he had the god herbs, charging to the Tier 5 God Pill King Stage was his first priority.


    The difference between Tier 5 god pills and Tier 4 god pills wasn't simply a single tier. When Mo Wuji was practising on Tier 4 god pills, he had sufficient god herbs.

    Pill refiners that could concoct Tier 5 god pills were called God Pill Kings. Besides the difficulty in obtaining Tier 5 god herbs and concocting Tier 5 god pills, the reason for this was because only God King experts would need Tier 5 god pills.

    Because of the restrictions of the Laws of the Heaven and Earth, the Tier 5 God Pill King level was basically the highest level achievable in God Continent.

    During these three days, Mo Wuji expended 135 Tier 5 god herbs and hundreds of Tier 4 and Tier 3 ones. However, he wasn't able to concoct a single Tier 5 god pill.

    Every time the pill was about to take shape, the dao energy within them would suddenly disperse and the pill would shatter.

    Even though Mo Wuji put in his full effort into every batch of pills, he would find that there were various kinds of reasons why each batch failed. He was still unable to concoct a single Tier 5 god pill.

    Now that he had spent two-thirds of his Tier 5 god herbs, Mo Wuji didn't continue concocting pills.

    Firstly, he didn't have plenty of Tier 5 god herbs left. Secondly, he felt that the reason why he couldn't concoct Tier 5 god pills wasn't simply due to his cultivation. There was an even more important reason, which was the grade of his fire was too low. His Scholar's Heart was at the pinnacle of Immortal Flames, but it still hadn't evolved to become a God Flame.

    By the time Mo Wuji came out of his sealed room, a person from High Firmament God Sect had come to fetch him.

    The person that came wasn't Chi Kun, but a cultivator at the intermediate God Monarch Stage called Zhong Jing. He was a man of few words. Although his cultivation was vastly superior to Mo Wuji, he was still relatively polite towards Mo Wuji.

    After saying some sentences to Shuai Guo and Chi Chuan, Mo Wuji followed Zhong Jing to High Firmament God Sect.

    High Firmament City was a cultivation city built in the peripheries of High Firmament God Sect. Thus, they didn't even need two hours to reach High Firmament God Sect.

    Originally, Mo Wuji wanted to ask Zhong Jing about the treasures which could be used to evolve Immortal Flames, but looking at Zhong Jing's taciturn appearance, Mo Wuji decided against it.

    He didn't know whether it was because he wasn't a disciple of High Firmament God Sect, but the location for his lesson was at the hall furthest from the core of the sect. This hall was generally used to impart skills to the outer sect disciples. But now, it was temporarily used for Mo Wuji's lesson.

    Because Mo Wuji came out of his seclusion relatively late, by the time he and Zhong Jing arrived, the hall was already filled with people.

    Mo Wuji casually swept his gaze and counted that there were at least 100 people. From the looks of it, High Firmament God Sect was casting a wide net before ultimately deciding who they would pick for the assessment.

    All these 100 over people were brimming with spirituality. Although they were all in the Nascent God Stage, their innate talents were clearly top-class. Mo Wuji could also tell that the lowest cultivation here was Nascent God Level 7. Most of them were in Nascent God Level 8 or 9, and there were even some that were half a step into the Heavenly God Stage.

    Mo Wuji was only in Nascent God Level 5 and his spirituality was inapparent. At first glance, he looked like a cultivator with **ty innate talents. But the moment he entered the hall, most of the disciples clasped their fists towards him in respect.

    Mo Wuji knew that his cultivation should be the lowest here. He also clasped his fists and said, "Various dao friends, as the saying goes: There's always something which you can from everyone. When it comes to cultivation, everyone is higher than me. But when it comes to growing Green Dew Rice, then I'm better than all of you. Before talking about how to grow good Green Dew Rice, I would like to invite everyone to talk about their understandings towards the Heaven and Earth and god spiritual energy."

    Mo Wuji was met with pin-drop silence. He knew that this wasn't out of respect for him or his knowledge towards growing Green Dew Rice. In other words, if Nirvana Learning Academy didn't include the growing of Green Dew Rice in its assessment, then none of them would have even cared about him.

    However, Mo Wuji didn't think that his ability to grow Green Dew Rice was worthless. Just his method of grafting with Five Leaf Grass was definitely something that others wouldn't easily think of.

    Five Leaf Grass could allow the Green Dew Rice to grow five rice ears, multiplying yields by several times. Moreover, Mo Wuji believed that the reason why his Green Dew Rice could achieve a balance of the five elements was also due to his Five Leaf Grass.

    More importantly, Mo Wuji seemed to sense a Great Dao when he was planting Green Dew Rice. Although he had yet to fully understand this Great Dao, he believed that he would definitely do so eventually. Thus, his abilities to grow Green Dew Rice definitely couldn't be imparted to 100 over people at one go.

    Just as Mo Wuji was thinking of ways to reduce the class size to 20 people, a disciple stood up. He clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji and said, "Rice Teacher Mo, this disciple is Unyielding Grace Mountain's legacy disciple, Chang Haoji. I wish to provide a suggestion, I hope that Rice Teacher Mo could oblige."

    Even though his words were phrased politely, Mo Wuji only heard disrespect. In God Continent, there was no such address as 'Rice Teacher'. There was only a 'Rice Farmer'. Usually, disciples would address the experts that impart knowledge to them as 'Teacher'. Thus, the correct way Chang Haoji should have addressed Mo Wuji was 'Teacher Mo' and not 'Rice Teacher Mo'.

    On the surface, it looked like Chang Haoji was showing respect towards Mo Wuji, but in reality, he didn't look up to a person that could grow rice. The only reason why he came here to learn was because he needed to handle Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment.

    "Teacher Mo, this person is a genius junior of High Firmament City's Chang Clan. Chang Clan's status is roughly the same as the Ao Clan..." A voice suddenly transmitted beside Mo Wuji's ear. Even though this voice disappeared swiftly, Mo Wuji could see that the person that transmitted this message was a youth with an average build. He was also in Nascent God Level 9.

    Mo Wuji understood why this person wanted to transmit the message to him. This person was worried that he would offend Chang Haoji and be unable to live on in High Firmament City.

    "Say it then." Mo Wuji said indifferently. This transmitted message actually reminded him of something. Later, he definitely needed to ask whether there were any disciples from the Ao Clan here. If there was, he would definitely kick them out.

    "Rice Teacher Mo, we came here to learn how to grow Green Dew Rice for the upcoming Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment. Rice Teacher Mo should also know, Nirvana Learning Academy wouldn't only be assessing on growing Green Dew Rice, but also the Array Dao, Talisman Dao, Pill Dao..." Chang Haoji's speech was extremely fast. He almost said all that in a single breath.

    Mo Wuji interrupted Chang Haoji's words and said indifferently, "So?"

    Chang Haoji could tell that Mo Wuji wasn't very happy. He directly said, "My idea is, why doesn't Rice Teacher Mo use half a day to teach his method of growing Green Dew Rice. Then if there's anything that we don't know, we can individually consult Rice Teacher Mo. That way, we can save some time to go and revise on the other Daos. After all, growing Green Dew Rice doesn't even any dao laws and is the simplest."

    Chang Haoji's meaning was very clear. This was merely growing rice, something that even mortals could do. How could it compare to Pills, Smiths, Talismans and Arrays?

    Mo Wuji nodded and said warmly, "This suggestion is not bad. This would be able to save your time. As for my time, there's no need to care about it. Does anyone have the same opinion as Chang Haoji? If you do, please stand forward and let me have a look."

    Just as Mo Wuji's words were uttered, at least 40 to 50 people stood up. Clearly, these people thought that Chang Haoji was right. Growing rice, this was something that even mortals could do. There was completely no need to waste so much time on it.

    "Then are there people that feel that this opinion is wrong, and that growing Green Dew Rice is related to the Laws of the Heaven and Earth? If there are any of you, please stand up as well." Mo Wuji continued.

    Another 30 over people stood up.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Then what about those that didn't stand. What do you think?"

    "We came here to learn about Green Dew Rice. So before we learn anything, we don't know whether Green Dew Rice is related to Laws." A female cultivator replied.

    "Not bad. Now, I will tell everyone. My method of growing Green Dew Rice is really related to Laws. So those that believe that the two aren't related, as well as those that didn't stand up, please leave the hall. You are not suitable to be my students," Mo Wuji said calmly.

    "What's the meaning of this?" Chang Haoji's face turned cold.

    Following which, a Nascent God Level 9 female cultivator said calmly, "Teacher Mo, I am called Di Jie. We came here to learn. Before you teach us anything, we naturally wouldn't know that growing Green Dew Rice is related to the Laws. May I ask why Teacher Mo is inviting us out?"

    Anyone that could sit here was a genius disciple of the sect. Which one of them didn't have a strong backer? Just because they gave Mo Wuji face, it didn't mean that they could simply be sent out with a wave of Mo Wuji's hand.
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