Chapter 973: A Merchant House Tries To Scam Its Customer

    Chapter 973: A Merchant House Tries To Scam Its Customer

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    Gong Kai didn't respond to Mo Wuji's words; he only stared at Mo Wuji with wide eyes. Tier 5 god herbs and the more the better? Did you think that Tier 5 god herbs were some vegetables you could find in the market?

    After a while, Gong Kai finally composed himself and said, "This Dao Friend, do you know the price of a Tier 5 god herb?"

    Drops of sweat began to form on Mo Wuji's head; he really didn't know the price of a Tier 5 god herb.

    A hint of disappointment appeared in Gong Kai's eyes. This guy, really!

    Even though he started to view Mo Wuji with contempt, he still explained, "Even the worst Tier 5 god herb is priced at around 10,000 high-grade god crystals. If it's an average Tier 5 god herb, then its price would go up to 30,000. The best kinds of Tier 5 god herbs, such as the Clear Jade God Flower, could fetch up to millions of god crystals in auctions."

    As he heard this, Mo Wuji suddenly felt some slight regret. He should have taken that Clear Jade God Flower from Chi Chuan. With that one god herb, he could definitely buy a whole pile of god herbs.

    Immediately, Mo Wuji thought of that Chi Bing. That woman sure was rich, to actually own around 200 Tier 5 god herbs, including the extremely rare Clear Jade God Flower.

    Exactly how many dangers did this woman have to go through in order to obtain so many god herbs?

    However, after further thought, Mo Wuji felt that this was normal. If this woman didn't like to take risks, she definitely wouldn't have gone to the Nirvana Ocean and eventually cripple her spirit channels. Those that walk along a river could not avoid getting their feet wet.

    Mo Wuji could also guess that Chi Bing's power would definitely be startling; she definitely wouldn't fear those in the same cultivation stage. Only a person who was always ready to risk her life could have the power to dominate those in the same level.

    This was the same for him; he could insta-kill those in his same cultivation stage. Besides the all-encompassing nature of his Mortal Dao, this was also due to his constant struggles along the borderline of death.

    When he obtained his Wheel of Life and Death, he had almost been killed. When he obtained his Seven World Finger, he had been plotted against. As for his Wind Escape Technique and his Four Halberd Strikes, which one of them wasn't earned while at the borderline of life and death?

    In the cultivation world, how many people would get hunted by tens of sects and clans? How many would face the encirclement of Grand Emperors while in the Grand Yi Immortal Stage? And how many would be surrounded by tens of Nascent Gods and Heavenly Gods while only in the Nascent God Stage, and even incur the wrath of a God King?

    He had experienced all these before, and he had bashed through them. Thus, he could dominate those in the same cultivation level and even surpass stages to fight more powerful opponents.

    No matter how strong a dao art was, if left in a nice, warm bed, it would lose its sharpness and might. If he could do things over, he would not hesitate to offend those experts once again. No experts are created while sitting secluded in a room. Every time he was hunted down, every time he walked on the edge of death, his willpower and experienced were strengthened.

    "I don't need the best ones. I don't have that many god crystals but I have one of this. How many god crystals do you think this is worth?" As Mo Wuji said that, he retrieved a Purple Nirvana Dao Sand.

    He had four Purple Nirvana Dao Sand and one Gold one. The rest were either grey, orange, or green.

    Mo Wuji believed that the God Nirvana Dao Sand was something amazing. Even in God King Green Robes's records, there was no mention of the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand; there were only records of the four other colours. According to the introductions, the Purple Nirvana Dao Sand could allow World Gods to gain insights into the God King Stage. Thus, it was likely that the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand could help God Kings perceive the Unity God Stage.

    "Purple Nirvana Dao Sand?" Gong Kai was so excited that he reached forward and tried to grab Mo Wuji's Nirvana Dao Sand. It was just that he did not manage to touch the Dao Sand before Mo Wuji moved his hand away.

    A hint of embarrassment appeared in Gong Kai's eyes as he said, "Sorry about that. It's because the Purple Nirvana Dao Sand is too rare, which resulted in my inappropriate actions."

    Mo Wuji smiled faintly but he didn't respond to Gong Kai's words.

    Gong Kai was the deacon of a merchant house. Without Mo Wuji's permission, Gong Kai actually wanted to touch his item. This was indeed inappropriate.

    "Deacon Gong, what do you think this Nirvana Dao Sand is worth?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Gong Kai contemplated momentarily, "How about this, I can give you 40 Tier 5 god herbs for it?"

    Mo Wuji snickered, then he directly kept the Nirvana Dao Sand and stood up, "Since that's the case, I will take my leave."

    "This Dao Friend, why are you leaving so suddenly?" Gong Kai was slightly flustered.

    The Purple Nirvana Dao Sand was more valuable in God Continent than in God Domain. God Continent had discovered the uses of the Nirvana Dao Sand a long time ago while God Domain had only just learnt about this. Over countless years, everyone would search for the Purple Nirvana Dao Sand whenever the Clear Ocean Path appeared. After so many years, how many Nirvana Dao Sand would be left?

    "I came here with genuine intentions of purchasing god herbs but you tried to cheat me. I can only choose to bring my trade to some other merchant house," Mo Wuji said in a tone of displeasure.

    Gong Kai said awkwardly, "How about this, this Dao Friend can offer your own price. As the saying goes: The price asked is as high as the sky while the price offered is as low as the earth."

    "Dao Friend Gong, if you compare the Purple Nirvana Dao Sand and the Clear Jade God Flower, which one do you think is more valuable?" Mo Wuji stared at Gong Kai and asked.

    Gong Kai hesitated briefly before saying, "They should be roughly the same."

    Mo Wuji laughed coldly in his heart. Actually, he personally believed that the value of the Clear Jade God Flower was far higher than his Purple Nirvana Dao Sand. After all, Nirvana Dao Sand was condensed from the dao insights of other people while the Clear Jade God Flower was formed from the natural Laws of the Heaven and Earth.

    However, he was sure that most people in God Continent would believe that the value of the Nirvana Dao Sand was far above the Clear Jade God Flower. If their values were roughly the same, that Chi Bing definitely wouldn't have risked her life to enter the Nirvana Ocean in search of the Purple Nirvana Dao Sand.

    The primary reason behind this was because the Clear Jade God Flower would only be useful if made into a God Jade Pill. The God Jade Pill was one of the hardest Tier 5 god pills to concoct; it was a pill that ordinary Tier 5 God Pill Kings couldn't concoct. In God Continent, how many Tier 5 God Pill Kings were there? Then among this few, how many could concoct the Tier 5 God Jade Pill?

    Obtaining this sort of flower could be considered a great fortune. But if the pill concoction fails, few would have the same fortune to find a second flower.

    Mo Wuji didn't question Gong Kai's words, he only said calmly, "Then we'll use the same price then. Just now, Deacon Gong said that a Clear Jade God Flower could be auctioned for millions of high-grade god crystals. I'm not asking for too much, your merchant house only needs to give me 300 Tier 5 god herbs."

    "That's not possible, 300 is too much. 250 is the most that I can offer," Gong Kai immediately said.

    Mo Wuji didn't bargain, "Alright, 250 then."

    "Dao Friend sure is straightforward. Please wait a moment." Gong Kai also agreed to Mo Wuji's words in a straightforward manner. He smiled faintly at Mo Wuji, then turned and left the room.

    Mo Wuji suddenly had a bad feeling. However, he knew that in this sort merchant house, he would have to follow through with his words if he had agreed with the merchant house's conditions. This was called a verbal agreement. If he chose to go against it, he would be the one placed at a disadvantage. This was unless he had enough power to oppress the entire merchant house.

    Mo Wuji didn't wait for long before Gong Kai returned to the room. He handed a storage bag to Mo Wuji and said, "Dao Friend Mo's, these are 250 Tier 5 god herbs. Please take a look."

    When Mo Wuji's spiritual will landed in the storage bag, his expression immediately turned ugly. Out of the 250 Tier 5 god herbs that Gong Kai gave him, at least 100 of them were the same kind. Moreover, Mo Wuji recognised them, they were called Elemental Corroding God Grass.

    The Elemental Corroding God Grass was indeed a Tier 5 god herb, but in terms of price, this thing wasn't even worth a Tier 1 one. This was because this herb could not be used in pills herbs and had only one function - to corrode a cultivator's god elemental energy. Moreover, it could only do so through direct ingestion. However, no one would be so idiotic as to consume this grass and corrode their own god elemental energy.

    Gong Kai smiled and said, "The Elemental Corroding God Grass is truly a useful herb. It can even corrode the elemental energy of a God King. During a battle, if you're able to force your opponent to consume the Elemental Corroding God Grass, it would definitely lower your opponent's attack capabilities."

    Mo Wuji's expression soon returned back to normal. He said indifferently, "Deacon Gong is truly smart. Next time, if Deacon Gong does something like this to me again, I will definitely have Deacon Gong voluntarily eat the Elemental Corroding God Grass before I lay hands on you. What a pity that your esteemed merchant house only has hundred over of the Elemental Corroding God Grass. Otherwise, I might have obtained 250 of them."

    Before Gong Kai could say anything, Mo Wuji threw the Purple Nirvana Dao Sand to Gong Kai and turned to leave.

    He could faintly feel several spiritual wills sweeping the area. Perhaps they were waiting for him to act up.

    Even though Mo Wuji thought that it wasn't fair to have exchanged his Purple Nirvana Dao Sand for over 100 horrible Tier 5 god herbs, he had to accept it. But he definitely wouldn't forget what Gong Kai did today. One day, he will definitely return this favour.

    Also, there was nothing else he could do. Dan Qian Merchant House was probably the only place which could take out so many Tier 5 god herbs at a go.

    In other words, even if other merchant houses could offer so many herbs, he wouldn't have dared to go to them. This was because he had no backers nor ties. Even a big merchant house like Dan Qian tried to cheat him. Others might do worse things. In fact, even outrightly robbing him might not be impossible.

    After leaving Dan Qian Merchant House, Mo Wuji directly disappeared with the wind. Then, he disguised as an old man and entered a small inn.

    The greatest advantage of his Wind Escape Technique wasn't it's speed, but the fact that it was soundless and traceless.


    A night passed by quietly. On the morning of the second day, Mo Wuji headed to the auction venue.

    The 87th row was actually considered near the front and the 132nd seat was also a corner seat.

    Mo Wuji didn't mind this, anything was fine as long as he could do his transactions. At the same time, he knew that his chances of trading his Gold Nirvana Dao Sand for the Rootless God Steel weren't very high. A much clearer trade was one between the Purple Nirvana Dao Sand and the Clear Jade God Flower.

    And even tens of Clear Jade God Flowers could not compare to the Rootless God Steel.

    The moment he reached his seat, Mo Wuji released the seals around it.

    Even though it was a seat in the main hall, it was quite spacious. In front of him, there was a bidding screen and a product display screen. There was even a small transfer array disc.

    The auction venue was round. Like many other auctions, the auction table was right at the centre.

    Mo Wuji waited for roughly an hour before the hall was filled with people. That was when a yellow-robed man stepped onto the auction stage at the centre.

    The yellow-robed man clasped his fists towards the crowd and said, "All guests, please take a seat. The auction will begin shortly. Before the auction ends, no one is allowed to leave the auction site. Anyone that bids maliciously or is unable to follow through with a transaction will be killed without mercy. This auction will be hosted by Dew Drop Merchant Union's Deacon Ni Zijian. The auction will now begin."
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