Chapter 974: Chance Water

    Chapter 974: Chance Water

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    When Mo Wuji heard the name Ni Zijian, he thought that it would be a man. However, after the yellow-robed man left the stage, Mo Wuji saw that it was actually a woman walking up the stage.

    Ni Zijian looked rather pretty, but she somehow exuded a murderous aura and seductive charm. The combination of these factors gave this woman a unique allure.

    "I am Ni Zijian and I would like to represent Dew Drop Merchant Union to thank all the esteemed guests of our auction. Before we begin the auction, I would also like the wish good luck to all the Dao Friends who will be participating in the upcoming Nirvana Learning Academy assessment, to pass the tests and achieve good results. I'm sure that our esteemed guests also know that this auction is in preparation for the Nirvana Learning Academy assessment which will take place in a year's time. I hope that our guests will be able to purchase the items that you like. Now, the auction will begin."

    With that, Ni Zijian waved her hand and a jade box appeared in her hand. She turned the jade box around, then she said, "The first item up for bid is a Tier 1 god fruit. Its name is the Nascent God Fruit. I don't have to explain much, everyone should be clear about the use of the Nascent God Fruit. According to theory, each fruit can allow a Nascent God cultivator to rise one level in the Nascent God Stage, and one cultivator can only consume two fruits at the very most. Now, I have two Nascent God Fruits in this jade box. The starting bid will be 50,000 high-grade god crystals and each increment must be no lesser than 1,000 god crystals..."

    The moment Ni Zijian's words came to an end, the sounds of bids came unceasingly.

    Mo Wuji did know of this god fruit; back when he was in the newly incubated God Domain Nest, he encountered a ripe Nascent God Fruit Tree. It was just that he also faced the encirclement of tens of cultivators from Phoenix Soul God Estate and Nine Evolutions God Sect. His little life was on the line at that time, so he couldn't even care about fighting for the Nascent God Fruits.

    But the Nascent God Fruit's price is really high. It could be said that its price was the highest among all Tier 1 god herbs. Most Tier 3 and even some Tier 4 god herbs couldn't even compare to the price of the Nascent God Fruit.

    He really wanted to buy these two Nascent God Fruits but he only had a total of 200,000 god crystals on him. Before he even started bidding, the price of these two Nascent God Fruits had already reached 120,000.

    Soon, someone purchased these two Nascent God Fruits at the price of 170,000 high-grade god crystals. Mo Wuji didn't bid. With that other fella's overbearing aura, even if he bid 200,000, that fella would definitely continue bidding. The only thing that his bid would do was offend another person. He was here to purchase the Rootless God Steel, so offending a person was inevitable. However, Mo Wuji didn't want to offend one more person than he should.

    When the two Nascent God Fruits were sold for 170,000, Mo Wuji lamented in his heart. The person that could afford these fruits definitely wasn't the one eating them.

    "The second item for bid is a Sacred Art. This sacred art is called Rain Arrow. This sacred art's starting bid if 100,000 high-grade god crystals. Each increment must be no less than 5,000..."

    The moment he heard the name Rain Arrow, Mo Wuji also desired it greatly.

    For his own Wind Escape Technique, he managed to deduce five different levels of it. Now, he was at the third level, Wind Teleportation, and it had saved his life multiple times. Moreover, the fourth and fifth level, Guiding Wind and Calling Wind, had already transcended the boundaries of an escape art.

    After knowing about Calling Wind, Mo Wuji really wanted to get a rain-type sacred art. Calling the wind and beckoning the rain was a sacred art that he really wanted. Unfortunately, the rain-type or water-type sacred arts that he purchased previously had never been able to allow him to deduce a sacred art on the likes of Beckoning Rain.

    Now that a rain type sacred art had appeared in God World, it might actually be a sacred art that could help him truly beckon for rain.

    However, this idea only fleeted momentarily in Mo Wuji's mind before it disappeared rapidly. This was because the price of Rain Arrow had already exceeded 200,000 and it was still rising. In the end, this sacred art was purchased at 270,000 god crystals. The embarrassingly short of money Mo Wuji could only continue be an onlooker.

    The third item was a quasi-high-grade flying god equipment. Mo Wuji wanted to buy it but he couldn't afford it.

    The fourth item for sale was a lightning type sacred art. Mo Wuji also wanted to buy it but he also couldn't afford it.


    Towards the end, Mo Wuji directly decided to close his eyes. There were truly many good things in this auction. Out of 10 things, he wanted 7 of them. Who asked him to be so poor? He couldn't even afford to buy any of them. The only things he could afford were pills but he had no need for them.

    20 hours passed. Mo Wuji started to worry that the Rootless God Steel would be placed as the climax. At that moment, Ni Zijian's words got him excited once more because he heard the words: "A drop of Chance Water".

    Chance Water wasn't Waterseal, nor was it as valuable as Waterseal. After all, the Void Water Seal was one of the top 5 Houtian materials in God World; it was something that could be compared with the Rootless God Steel.

    On the other hand, Chance Water was only an extremely rare treasure. In terms of price, it was roughly the same as a sacred art.

    The reason why Chance Water was so rare was because it originates from in between two worlds. Chance Water is formed when rootless water in between two worlds fuse with one another. This rootless water does not refer to rainwater; rainwater comes from clouds, so it's considered a water with roots.

    Rootless water, in the words of cultivators, is water that suddenly condenses when the water-type Laws interact. Before this water hits the ground, it is called rootless water.

    One can only imagine how rare such a thing is. Usually, the space between two worlds is a void where the Laws were chaotic. Where would rootless water come from? Even if a drop of rootless water forms, it would either fall on a rock, evaporate, or get collected away. There's less need to talk about rootless water from two worlds forming simultaneously, then fusing with one another.

    Chance Water could only be formed by chance. In the space where two worlds intersect, spatial tears suddenly appear and drops of rootless water simultaneously come through the spatial tears and fuse. That's how Chance Water could be formed.

    Thus, Chance Water wasn't very expensive, but it's extremely rare.

    The only use for Chance Water was to imbue it during forging. This would create a magic treasure which contains its own sacred art. This sacred art could be used by the wielder of the magic treasure.

    The reason why Mo Wuji wanted this was because he intended to use the Rootless God Steel to forge a halberd. If his halberd could come with an innate sacred art, then his power would rise to another level.

    "The price of this Chance Water is 80,000 high-grade god crystals. Each increment must be no less than 5,000." Ni Zijian's voice descended.

    A thing like Chance Water was something that anyone could use. However, the reason why its price wasn't as high as Rain Arrow was because the sacred art which forms usually wasn't very strong. Sometimes, the sacred art was extremely bad. Also, there were incidences where if the forging process wasn't done well, there might not be a sacred art at all. That would be wasting the money spent on the Chance Water.

    Mo Wuji did not hesitate to increase the price by 20,000 as he tried to bid 100,000 high-grade god crystals.

    Before Mo Wuji's bid could even appear on the screen, the price refreshed and changed to 120,000 high-grade god crystals.

    From the looks of it, he wasn't the only one fighting for the Chance Water. Mo Wuji was slightly nervous, as he directly inputted a bid of 180,000.

    Perhaps the jump from 120,000 to 180,000 was quite huge, the price of the Chance Water actually stuck at 180,000 for some time.

    Ni Zijian waited for three breaths but no one continued bidding. She started to shout, "180,000 going once, 180,000... Someone has bid a higher price. The price of the Chance Water is already 200,000 high-grade god crystals. Are there any other dao friends that want to continue bidding?"

    Mo Wuji wasn't as excited as he was in the beginning; he had already regained his calm by the time Ni Zijian finished speaking. He barely had 200,000 high-grade god crystals, but the price on the screen was already 200,000.

    "210,000 high-grade god crystals!" The price refreshed once more.

    He could give up on the Nascent God Fruit, he could give up on the flying treasure, and he could also give up on the rain-type sacred art. However, he definitely wouldn't give up on this Chance Water.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will swept across his Undying World. Soon, he brought out a Transformation Dao Fruit and placed it on the item bid screen. Thereafter, he placed a bid of 80,000 high-grade god crystals and a Transformation Dao Fruit.

    The Transformation Dao Fruit was a Dao Fruit which did not have a tier. But of course, according to the definition from God Continent, the Transformation Dao Fruit could only be considered a unique False Dao Fruit. This was because it only had one use and it couldn't be compared to the true Dao Fruit in God Continent.

    However, the use of a Transformation Dao Fruit was anything but false. This Dao Fruit could perfect the transformation of a demon.

    The Dao has different routes but leads to the same destination. One of this route was that any form of life that cultivates the Dao would eventually cultivate the shape of a human. This was because the human form was the most appropriate form to attune with the Dao of the Heaven and Earth.

    Many demons did not achieve a perfect transformation in their pursuit of the Dao, causing them to face a bottleneck in their Dao Path. There were also some demons that could never transform and attain the human form no matter how high their cultivations were.

    Except for those demons that couldn't achieve the human form due to the restrains of the Laws of the Heaven and Earth, the Transformation Dao Fruit could help a demon achieve a perfect transformation.

    Because Mo Wuji didn't fully understand the price of a Transformation Dao Fruit, he added 80,000 high-grade god crystals as well. If this bid didn't work, then he would have to try bidding his Billion Year Immortal Wood Marrow. No matter what, he was going to purchase this Chance Water. Moreover, he had a faint feeling that this Chance Water was going to be of great use to him.

    Mo Wuji's bid soon appeared on the screen. A snow-white image of the Transformation Dao Fruit also appeared on the screen.

    The bid on the screen soon stopped. At the same time, Ni Zijian was momentarily stunned. The Transformation Dao Fruit was easier to obtain than the Chance Water, but its price was definitely not lower than Chance Water. This was because there were far too many people that wish to purchase the Transformation Dao Fruit in God Continent.

    Ni Zijian was only stunned for a short moment. Her face soon revealed a smile as she said, "My Dew Drop Merchant Union will accept this bid. Dao Friend No. 8732 obtains this drop of Chance Water."

    Mo Wuji immediately placed his 80,000 high-grade god crystals and Transformation Dao Fruit onto the transfer array disc; he guessed that he had overbid. But there was no helping this because he didn't know the exact price of a Transformation Dao Fruit.

    After Mo Wuji sent his things over, a drop of Chance Water instantly appeared in front of him.

    Mo Wuji did not even examine the Chance Water as he immediately threw the Chance Water into his storage ring. After he leaves this auction venue, he would place the Chance Water in his Undying World at the first possible chance.

    "This Dao Friend, if you have any more Transformation Dao Fruit, my Dan Qian Merchant House is willing to purchase it at a high price." A voice suddenly transmitted to Mo Wuji's ears.

    Mo Wuji didn't respond at all. He simply treated those words as farts.
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