Chapter 975: Rootless God Steel And Gold Nirvana Dao Sand

    Chapter 975: Rootless God Steel And Gold Nirvana Dao Sand

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    Even though the other fella didn't continue speaking after being met with Mo Wuji's silence, Mo Wuji knew that he was being watched.

    However, this was unavoidable. He was an ant sitting in the main hall with insufficient god crystals. It could not be prevented that the items that he would offer to trade would attract attention. If he wanted to be strong, he needed to know when was the right time to act.

    "The following item is a bucket of herb extract from Tier 5 god herbs. This herb extract has been experimentally proven to have immense benefits to the growth of Green Dew Rice. It provides a high probability of growing top grade Green Dew Rice. The starting bid is 350,000 high-grade god crystals and each increment must be no less than 10,000..."

    The moment Mo Wuji heard of this god herb extract, he knew that this was a true item required for the Nirvana Learning Academy assessment. He was sure that this bucket of herb extract was sure to be fought for by many people.

    Indeed, in a short period of time, the price of this herb extract rose to 500,000 thousand. Moreover, this price did not have the slightest intentions of stopping; it still continued to rise.

    Eventually, this bucket of herb extract was purchased for 1,030,000 god crystals.

    Since Mo Wuji purchased that drop of Chance Water, he didn't buy anything else. One reason was that he didn't have any god crystals. The second was that he had already attracted the attention of others.

    After waiting for another half a day, Mo Wuji finally heard the words that he wanted to hear the most.

    Despite hosting the auction for an entire half a day, Ni Zijian's voice was still loud and clear, "The next item is called the Rootless God Steel. I'm sure that as cultivators from God Continent, none of us wouldn't know of the Rootless God Steel. Previously, before the God World was separated, the Rootless God Steel was considered one of the top 5 Houtian materials in the entire God World. The Rootless God Steel is definitely no weaker than many Xiantian materials. After the Rootless God Steel is used to forge a magic treasure, this magic treasure can continuously evolve."

    As Ni Zijian got here, she waved her hand. A black, murky rock that was roughly the 60 centimetres wide landed on the white jade auction table.

    At almost the same instant this steel rock landed on the table, Mo Wuji sent his spiritual will over. It was as he expected; even though there weren't any seals on this Rootless God Steel, his spiritual will was still unable to penetrate through it.

    Waiting for the crowd to finish their observations, Ni Zijian waved her hand and sent this Rootless God Steel into a jade box. She said, "The Rootless God Steel is a treasure that is not inferior to Xiantian treasures. The starting bid is 5,000,000 god crystals, and each increment is 100,000..."

    Mo Wuji inhaled a breath of cold air. This price wasn't high. It was insanely high. Before the bids even began, the price was already in the millions. What would happen after bidding?

    "6,000,000 high-grade god crystals!"

    "6,500,000 god crystals!"


    The price on the screen continuously refreshed. Soon, it had already passed 10 million. Mo Wuji went silent, he didn't know whether his Gold Nirvana Dao Sand was enough to exchange for the Rootless God Steel. If his Gold Nirvana Dao Sand wasn't enough, then only his Elemental Origin Beads would be enough.

    However, Mo Wuji wasn't willing to trade both his Lightning and Darkness Origin Beads.

    When the price jumped to 12,000,000, it was still rising. Even though it rising at a slower pace, its extent was getting increasingly larger.

    Mo Wuji directly placed a bid of a Gold Nirvana Dao Sand. Thereafter, he placed his Gold Nirvana Dao Sand on the item bid screen. Learning from his previous lesson with the Transformation Dao Fruit, Mo Wuji added a clause behind his bid; he also needed a large number of Tier 5 god herbs and he needed to agree with that amount.

    Because Mo Wuji didn't know the exact price of the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand, he didn't have any way of writing an exact amount of Tier 5 god herbs. It didn't matter if the auction house ignored this bid. He could continue bidding but with this clause removed.

    At the next instant, the bid of the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand appeared on the main bidding screen.

    Mo Wuji was slightly nervous; he didn't know whether this bid was truly the right move.

    The instant the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand appeared on the screen, Mo Wuji started to hear murmurs within the crowd.

    "Gold Nirvana Dao Sand?"

    "Nirvana Dao Sand can actually be gold?"


    If Mo Wuji's Transformation Dao Fruit had only left Ni Zijian slightly astonished, then his Gold Nirvana Dao Sand of legend had left her completely stunned.

    As the deacon of a merchant union, Ni Zijian's understanding towards the Nirvana Dao Sand was even more profound than God King Green Robes. In her line of work, if she didn't even know of the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand, then she wouldn't have deserved the right to stand in her current position.

    She knew better than anyone else about how difficult it was to obtain the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand. This was because the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand wouldn't appear on the Clear Ocean Path. In order words, to obtain the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand, one needed to wait for the Clear Ocean Path to disappear before he could find it. Otherwise, the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand couldn't be found.

    Just like Ni Zijian, the entire auction site was dumbfounded by Mo Wuji's Gold Nirvana Dao Sand.

    Mo Wuji's Gold Nirvana Sand had completely caught the attention of everyone.

    The bid of the Rootless God Steel had been 15,000,000 but the bid didn't continue to rise any further.

    Originally, with the value of the Rootless God Steel, it definitely wouldn't stop at 15,000,000 god crystals. The only reason why it stopped was because of Mo Wuji's Gold Nirvana Dao Sand.

    Even though the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand had yet to be priced, everyone knew that it would definitely be the number one bid.

    "This Dao Friend, I'm willing to purchase your Rootless God Steel. I will offer you a high-grade god spiritual vein as well as 10 million high-grade god crystals. I only need your Gold Nirvana Dao Sand, how about that?" A hoarse voice sounded beside Mo Wuji's ears. The seals within the main hall did not prohibit voice transmissions.

    Mo Wuji was inwardly very shocked; the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand was actually worth so much?

    Before Mo Wuji could reply, the price of the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand had been determined. It had jumped to the spot of the number one bid.

    "That Dao Friend, my Dew Drop Merchant Union does not allow private dealings. This is your first warning. If there's a second time, you would be invited out of the auction site." A cold and harsh voice transmitted. Thereafter, that hoarse voice no longer appeared.

    Mo Wuji didn't mind. Even if the auction house allowed private dealings, he wouldn't have agreed with that other fella's deal.

    When trading with an auction house, he only needed to place his item in a transfer array disc and it would be sent directly to the auction house. Thereafter, his desired item would directly appear in front of him. This was the safest and most dependable method.

    On the other hand, in a private deal, he would have to meet the other person face-to-face. Even if the other fella offered him a billion god crystals, he wouldn't have accepted it. With his puny cultivation, what did he have to allow him to trade with other people. He wouldn't even dare to auction his Gold Nirvana Dao Sand.

    No one in the auction site continued bidding. Now that a Gold Nirvana Dao Sand had appeared, what could they bid? 100 million god crystals? Even if you bid 100 million god crystals, the auction house might not even consider it as first place. The number one spot might likely remain as the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand.

    Ni Zijian eventually regained her calm. Her voice was slightly agitated as she said, "My Dew Drop Merchant Union is willing to use the Rootless God Steel to trade for the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand. At the same time, we are willing to offer 700 strands of Tier 5 god herbs. What does this Dao Friend think?"

    700 strands of Tier 5 god herbs? Mo Wuji celebrated in his heart. Fortunately, he had added that condition. Otherwise, where else could he get so many Tier 5 god herbs?

    Moreover, Mo Wuji could tell that if he asked for more, the auction house would oblige him. However, Mo Wuji didn't increase the price. He changed his voice as he said, "I'm willing. Because this object is relatively valuable, I hope that the auction house will send a person to my location and engage in the trade face-to-face."

    Seeing that Mo Wuji didn't ask for an extravagant amount and only asked for a face-to-face trade, Ni Zijian did not hesitate to agree. Moreover, Mo Wuji's request was very logical. With such an important thing, how could he rest assured without a face-to-face trade?

    The main hall began to stir with a flurry of discussions. The Gold Nirvana Dao Sand had always been an item of legends. Now, it had actually appeared. If they knew that this auction would have the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand, there would probably be many more God King experts taking part in the auction.

    Not long later, a God Monarch cultivator arrived at Mo Wuji's location. When he saw that Mo Wuji's spiritual aura was inapparent, he could immediately tell that Mo Wuji was a cultivator with trashy talents. His professional smile twitched momentarily.

    How could such a person obtain the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand?

    Mo Wuji casually formed a voice-inhibiting seal, then he stood up, clasped his fists and transmitted, "Because of my Gold Nirvana Dao Sand, I'm worried that people would try and hunt me down. So, I hope that after this trade, I will be allowed to leave right away while you remain here to replace me. Is that alright?"

    According to Mo Wuji's original intentions, he was going to go back to his resthouse after this auction, place a puppet and imbue his aura within it. After which, he would use his fastest Wind Teleportation to leave Dew Drop God City.

    Now, because the price Gold Nirvana Dao Sand was too astounding, he decided to change his idea and leave straight away. Moreover, he believed that with his Nirvana Dao Sand, the auction house should agree with this request.

    This God Monarch instantly understood. He also transmitted, "Let me ask."

    In just a few breaths time, this God Monarch transmitted a message to Mo Wuji, "Yes, we can go along with your request. After this deal, you can leave with my uniform. I will wait here for 2 hours."

    "Many thanks," Mo Wuji brought out his Gold Nirvana Dao Sand.

    This God Monarch also passed his Rootless God Stell and the 700 Tier 5 god herbs to Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji checked through them quickly. Indeed, it was the Rootless God Steel. Moreover, this Dew Drop Merchant Union was truly compassionate when compared to the previous Dan Qian Merchant House. All 700 Tier 5 god herbs were useful ones; there weren't any useless herbs.

    After the trade, this God Monarch immediately transferred the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand using the transfer array disc. In another two breaths time, he received a reply. Thereafter, he quickly removed his outerwear and passed it to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji had originally come here in a disguise. After wearing this God Monarch's outer coat, he easily changed his appearance then he openly left out the auction house's side door.

    The moment he left the auction site, Mo Wuji immediately left with his Wind Escape Technique. He was also afraid of the Dew Drop Merchant Union.
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