Chapter 976: Enlightenment

    Chapter 976: Enlightenment

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    Dew Drop Merchant Union's auction continued. Within the most luxurious room of Dew Drop Merchant Building, a fair-skinned middle-aged man was sitting with squinted eyes. There were two male cultivators in front of him. One was the God Monarch deacon that conducted the deal with Mo Wuji while the other was a clean-shaven old man with his hands behind his back.

    "Union Head, that man had already left Dew Drop God City and he is using a peak grade Escape Technique. The moment he left, there weren't any spatial waves at all. I suspect that this Escape Art is of the Five Elements. It might be the Earth Escape Technique." The one speaking was the God Monarch.

    The clean-shaven old man also spoke, "I can sense the Rootless God Steel's location. It's currently moving at an extremely fast pace."

    The fair-skinned middle-aged man opened his eyes and laughed faintly, "This fella is not bad. He actually has such a peak-grade escape art. When he arrives at his location, investigate his background before doing anything.

    "Eh..." The old man didn't say anything else.

    "What happened?" The middle-aged man that was addressed as the Union Head hurriedly asked.

    "The imprint on the Rootless God Steel has disappeared. I can no longer sense that person's location." The old man's face turned ugly. Even God Kings couldn't remove his imprint within 1 and a half hour. Now, it was actually removed casually by a random ant.

    That God Monarch also had a look of astonishment on his face. He bowed as he said, "Union Head, the imprint on my outer coat is staying at one location. I suspect that he has thrown it off. Let me take a look..."

    The Union Head waved his hand, "Forget about it. Since he has already thought of all these, there's no meaning in going over. This matter only happened by chance, there's no need to continue focusing on it."

    "Yes." The old man and God Monarch responded with relief.

    Dew Drop Merchant Union was still a proper merchant union. They didn't leave a spiritual imprint on their treasures so that they could chase it back and rob their customers. Instead, it was because they wanted to know where their sold item was going to. Moreover, only the most precious treasures warranted such attention.

    Mo Wuji's Rootless God Steel was definitely one of such items. But now that the imprint on the Rootless God Steel had been erased, then Dew Drop Merchant Union definitely wouldn't investigate and pursue the matter. This was because their actions were wrong to begin with. They could get off the imprint by claiming that it was left behind by the person who auctioned the item. But if they sent their men over to investigate why the imprint disappeared, then it was obvious that they were the ones in the wrong.

    If Dew Drop Merchant Union did such a thing, they definitely wouldn't have gotten to where they were today. If a merchant union did such shady things, no matter how they tried to conceal it, their wrongdoings would ultimately be revealed. Even when Dan Qian Merchant House tried to take advantage of Mo Wuji, they didn't do so openly. They could only make use of a loophole.


    The number of people that had tried to leave imprints on Mo Wuji was too much to even be counted. The same could be said about the number of people that tried to pursue him. Thus, even a God King could forget about trying to track Mo Wuji using a spiritual will imprint.

    After using his Wind Teleportation three times, Mo Wuji got rid of that deacon's outer coat and threw all the items he purchased into his Undying World. After using his Wind Escape Technique for another two hours, Mo Wuji entered his Undying World and spent half a day checking the items for any imprints. After verifying that he had got rid of all the imprints, he incinerated his clothes, changed into a set of new ones, then headed back to High Firmament City.

    Two days later, Mo Wuji safely returned back to Cure-All Clinic.

    The moment he returned to his clinic, Mo Wuji went to the second floor and started to practise on Tier 5 god herbs.

    Now that his Scholar's Heart had evolved into a Grade 3 god flame, concocting Tier 5 god pills had become easier. However, after half a month of continuous practice, Mo Wuji still couldn't successfully concoct a batch of Tier 5 god pills.

    Moreover, he had already depleted half of his 1,000 god herbs.

    Mo Wuji knew that this could not be prevented. This wasn't due to a problem with his Pill Dao, nor his pill furnace and flame.

    The main reason was that his cultivation was lacking. He was only in the Nascent God Stage but he was trying to concoct a Tier 5 god pill. Another important reason was that the Laws of the Heaven and Earth over God Continent were weak.

    In God Continent, it was hard to advance to the God King Stage. Less was needed to be said about a Nascent God trying to concoct a Tier 5 god pill.

    After depleting so many Tier 5 god herbs, Mo Wuji decided to slow down his pace.

    His Immortal Mortal Technique had always been suitable for concocting pills and forging equipment. Whatever steps that could be perfected had already been perfected. It was just that there was always a problem when he tried to condense his pill. He was only lacking that little bit. If his cultivation was at the Heavenly God Stage, he might have already succeeded.

    Mo Wuji changed his practice to concocting only a single batch a day. Every time he tried to concoct a batch, he did not aim for success but only for a glimpse of change.

    Anyone else, even a first-rate sect, probably wouldn't do the same as Mo Wuji, to actually dare to spend 1,000 Tier 5 god herbs in a short, few months.

    Tier 5 God Pill Kings were extremely rare in God Continent. This wasn't only due to the restrictions of the Laws of the Heaven and Earth which caused great difficulties to reach that level, another reason was that Tier 5 god herbs were also very rare.

    If Mo Wuji didn't obtain those 700 Tier 5 god herbs in Dew Drop Merchant Union's auction by chance, he probably didn't have a single chance of becoming a Tier 5 God Pill King.

    "Crack!" The pills within the furnace shattered and a charred odour wafted out. Mo Wuji didn't clean the furnace but picked up a red pill which held a black impurity.

    Mo Wuji lifted this red pill right up to his eyes. He didn't move for a long time.

    That's right. This was a Tier 5 Flame Accumulation God Pill. This was the only Tier 5 god pill that he managed to concoct after three months of seclusion.

    Concocting this Tier 5 god pill didn't represent anything. However, Mo Wuji knew exactly how this god pill was concocted.

    When his batch of Flame Accumulation Pills was about to explode, he decided to try his luck with his own Laws. Instead of borrowing the Laws of the Heaven and Earth to condense the pill like before, he decided to use the Dao Laws of his Mortal Dao.

    The reason why he didn't try this previously was because he had always thought himself to be a mere Nascent God. On the other hand, the Laws in God Continent were strong enough to foster God Kings and even existences which transcended God Kings. If these Laws weren't enough to condense the god pill, then there was no need to think about the Dao Laws of his Mortal Dao.

    He was only at Nascent God Level 5 and his Mortal Dao Laws were still very weak. However, it was exactly because he inserted his Dao Laws into the pill furnace which resulted in this low-grade Tier 5 god pill.

    A hazy door seemed to appear in front of him once more. Back when he was in Minor High Firmament Sect planting Green Dew Rice, he had caught a faint glimpse of an incredible Dao. Unfortunately, that Dao was too blurred and hazy. No matter how he tried, he couldn't seem to catch it. Ultimately, he could only choose to wait. Today, he finally saw that door again when he concocted this low-grade Tier 5 Flame Accumulation Pill.

    Laws. These were his Laws.

    Mo Wuji continued to stay in a daze with the pill pinched between his fingers.

    One day, two days...

    At this moment, Mo Wuji forgot that he was practising pill concoction. He also forgot that he was a shopowner. He only sat there and allowed time to flow; his entire body didn't move a single inch.

    A faint dao aura began to revolve around his body, then they started to condense.


    "Big Brother Shuai Guo, how much longer will Big Brother Mo be in seclusion?" After waiting for half a year, things could no longer be endured any further.

    It wasn't Chi Chuan who was being impatient but he felt that his sister could no longer endure any longer. Even though he still had that solution brewed with the Purple Nirvana Dao Sand, his sister's life force continued to gradually dissipate. Perhaps, his sister might leave this world on the very next day.

    Shuai Guo extended his claw and tapped it against Chi Chuan's shoulders, "Little Chuan, you must not be too anxious. Let me tell you, sometimes when we enter seclusion, don't years simply pass by? My Lord has only entered seclusion for half a year. If you're already anxious because of this, then what would you in the future?"

    "But my sister..."

    Shuai Guo directly stopped Chi Chuan from speaking, "Rest assured, you have never seen my Lord's capabilities. I have a little brother called Da Huang. His injuries were far more serious than your sister but my Lord was still able to save him.

    Hearing Shuai Guo's words, Chi Chuan calmed down slightly. However, if he knew that the Da Huang that Shuai Guo mentioned used to be an immortal puppet, he might actually fight Shuai Guo there and then.


    Within an unremarkable garden in High Firmament God Sect's Red Firmament Mountain, a youth was looked at his plot of Green Dew Rice emotionally. He clenched his fists tightly in agitation.

    His Green Dew Rice could be harvested soon. He had never grown Green Dew Rice before and he didn't know what to expect. But seeing the faint gold colour on the Green Dew Rice Grass, he knew that these Green Dew Rice were clearly high-grade.

    During this half a year, he didn't leave his garden. He sat there and personally witnessed as faint gold runes gradually formed on his Green Dew Rice Grains.

    If these were really high-grade Green Dew Rice, then he anxiously wanted to tell everyone about that. He wanted to prove that he, Qu Chendan, had not been wrong.

    He had enough of the way others looked at him with disdain.

    Back then, Master Guang Zhang came to High Firmament God Sect for seven days and taught the disciples to grow good Green Dew Rice. However, he and Di Jie went to learn from Mo Wuji and Mo Wuji only taught them half a day, no, a single hour.

    Even Deacon Chi Kun who brought Mo Wuji over could only sigh when he heard this. Even if Mo Wuji's skill was any stronger, what could he teach in an hour?

    Right outside Qu Chendan's garden, there were two deacons ready to assess Qu Chendan's results. According to the rules set by High Firmament God Sect, only the participating disciples were allowed to be in the Green Dew Rice field. No one else was allowed to enter.

    Thus, even though they were here to assess Qu Chendan's results, they could only wait outside.

    "Time to start." Qu Chendan first arrived at his faint gold Green Dew Rice Grass. He extended his hand and collected all of them. Thereafter, with a shake of his hand, grains of gold-runed Green Dew Rice Grains began to fall into his prepared jade winnow basket.
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