Chapter 977: Re-Understanding The Mortal Dao, Tier 5 God Pill King

    Chapter 977: Re-Understanding The Mortal Dao, Tier 5 God Pill King

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    A brilliant light suddenly radiated out of Mo Wuji's eyes. He muttered to himself "I understand."

    He had always thought that as the person who created the Mortal Dao he was the progenitor of the Mortal Dao. However, when it came to concocting pills, forging equipment, or even crafting talismans, he would borrow the Dao Laws of the Heaven and Earth. This was because everyone did this, so he would naturally do the same.

    Actually, all these were secondary. After all, these things were outside of his body. The most terrifying thing was that after his World Channel created his own world, he actually tried to gather the powers of the Five Elemental Beads to perfect his own Undying World.

    This was a huge mistake; this was completely inconsistent with his Mortal Dao.

    The reason why he could create his Undying World was due to his World Channel. After his World Channel formed, what he needed wasn't to borrow the power of the Five Elemental Beads to perfect his world, but use his own Dao Laws to do it.

    Even if his Undying World needed the five elements, the wind/lightning/ice elements, and even the light and darkness elements, he would need to personally understand them through his own insights. Using external objects to perfect his world was akin to having the cart before the horse.

    Mo Wuji subconsciously shuddered. Fortunately, his Undying World hadn't gathered the Five Elemental Beads. If that happened, his Undying World could no longer achieve its most perfect state.

    In other words, a world created with the help of the Five Elemental Beads would no longer have any relation to him, Mo Wuji. There might even come a day when his world would depart from him and become another world within this vast universe.

    The World Channel was his, and the Undying World was formed from his World Channel. Only the Dao Laws of his Mortal Dao could perfect the Laws within his Undying World and allow his Undying World to grow. That way, his Undying World could truly be considered his own world.

    Mo Wuji exhaled a breath lightly. His enlightenment had come before things got bad. After he settled down, he definitely needed to go into seclusion in his Undying World and extract the Earth, Metal and Water Elemental Beads. Thereafter, he would use his own Mortal Dao Laws to form a Mortal World which belonged to him. It would no longer be the Undying World.

    Only then, would he have the rights to call himself the progenitor of the Mortal Dao.

    This dao insight had always been hazy. There were several instances where he managed to grab hold of it but today was the first time he fully understood it. At this moment, Mo Wuji celebrated that he had offended a God King and was chased out of God Domain. Otherwise, he might only know of this mistake when he gathered the Five Elemental Beads. At that time, even reincarnation would not be enough to erase his regrets.

    Concocting Tier 5 god pills was also the same. Tier 5 god pills were already at the peak of god pills in God Continent. Now that his Undying World had merged with the natural Earth, Water and Metal Elemental Beads, it was clearly incomplete. If he didn't have his Undying World, concocting pills might have been a little easier. He naturally needed to link with his World Channel when he concocted pills. However, the Undying World formed from his World Channel was not perfect, thus he continuously failed.

    Mo Wuji slapped the side of his pill furnace, expelling the dregs within the furnace. Thereafter, his Scholar's Heart ignited and ten Tier 4 and 5 god herbs were thrown into the pill furnace.

    After practising so many times, Mo Wuji could even concoct pills with his eyes closed.

    When it comes to refining the medicinal essences, probably no one on the entire God Continent could compare to him. He could refine the medicinal essences to over 99% purity.

    Fusing the medicinal essences, removing the impurities, sending his Laws in, separating the pills with his spiritual will, imbuing the Laws....

    One pill technique after another landed in the furnace. Gradually, a faint pill fragrance wafted out.

    Mo Wuji's hand techniques continuously entered the furnace, causing this pill fragrance to get increasingly thicker. After an hour, Mo Wuji's hand opened and a sound of euphoria came from within the furnace.

    Nine pure red pills were sent into a jade vase.

    Mo Wuji took a look at the nine pills in contentment. In his first try after his enlightenment, he was able to concoct nine Tier 5 Flame Accumulation Pills. Of which, were five high-grade ones and four intermediate grade ones. There weren't any low-grade ones.

    After coming to God Continent for so long, Mo Wuji knew that a full batch of Tier 5 pills wasn't nine, but six.

    The reason why he could concoct nine pills was clearly related to his Mortal Dao Laws.

    The Flame Accumulation God Pill was a pill used by fire type cultivators to aid in their cultivation. According to principle, Mo Wuji's cultivation was still very low and he couldn't ingest such a pill.

    However, Mo Wuji didn't even care about this. He took out a high-grade Flame Accumulation God Pill and sent it into his mouth.

    This pill was concocted using his own Mortal Dao Laws. If he couldn't even control his own Dao, then he deserved to be burnt to death by his Flame Accumulation God Pill.

    The Flame Accumulation God Pill seared as it entered his mouth. Soon, it transformed into streams of hot energy which entered Mo Wuji's meridians. There was no need for Mo Wuji to do anything as his 108 meridians automatically went into circulation.

    Mo Wuji didn't have spiritual roots, so he could absorb pills of any elemental affinity. Very quickly, he felt his cultivation level rising. The power of his only fire type sacred art, the Domain Smashing Fist, also rose by one level. It was just that he didn't have any spiritual roots, so element specific pills like this would lose 99% of its efficacy on him.

    After two hours, Mo Wuji opened his eyes. He was sure that his Flame Accumulation God Pill, albeit only a high grade one, was not inferior to a true unique grade one.

    He used his ordinary Mortal Dao and fused it with the medicinal essences required for the Flame Accumulation God Pill to form the pill. When this sort of pill entered the mouth, there wouldn't be any form of discordance. The energy was progressive and clear; it could even allow the user to slowly gain insights into his own Dao Laws. This was just like a mortal becoming strong, one step at a time.

    In this world, perhaps he was the only one that could concoct such a pill.

    Mo Wuji exhaled deeply; he had lacked the chance to ruminate on his insights. In reality, he already had this insight when he first concocted the Draining Immortal King Pill; his Draining Immortal King Pill also had the same process of a mortal transcending into an immortal. Unfortunately, he had either been on the run or furiously raising his cultivation level. Such instances where he had a few months to quietly ponder on his Pill Dao was extremely rare.

    After cleaning his pill furnace, Mo Wuji went on to concoct another five batches of Tier 5 god herbs. None of the five batches failed. The only regret was that he didn't manage to concoct a single unique grade pill. However, this was related to his cultivation level, so Mo Wuji didn't mind too much it.

    Carefully taking out the Purple Nirvana Dao Sand, the Five Rune Crushed Fruit and the Defrosting Lotus, Mo Wuji prepared to concoct the Solitary God Pill.

    His spiritual will had already noticed that Chi Chuan's sister, Chi Bing, was already on the last legs of her life. If he didn't concoct the Solitary God Pill, Chi Bing would actually die.

    Mo Wuji had three Purple Nirvana Dao Sand. However, he only had one Five Rune Crushed Fruit and Defrosting Lotus each. If something went wrong, then he would feel really guilty.

    Fortunately, Mo Wuji now had control over Tier 5 god pills and he didn't face any obstacles when concocting this batch of Solitary God Pills. The only issue was that corrosive dao runes appeared on the Purple Nirvana Dao Sand when he was melting it. However, Mo Wuji didn't fear these dao runes at all. His spirit storage channel easily swept those dao runes away and turned them into nothingness.

    After four hours, nine Solitary God Pills landed into a jade vase. All nine of them were high grade.

    The slightly fatigued Mo Wuji casually cleaned the area then walked out of the room.

    "Big Brother Mo, you're out..." Chi Chuan, who had been staring at the second floor from dusk till dawn, sprang up when he saw Mo Wuji. His voice was slightly excited, but at the same time, contained a hint of uncertainty.

    "There's no need to be anxious. Let's go and look at your sister." Mo Wuji clapped Chi Chuan's shoulders.

    "Teacher Mo!" Another cry of pleasant surprise could be heard. Mo Wuji turned and saw Qu Chendan and Di Jie at the entrance of his clinic.

    Looking at the two's expressions of glee, Mo Wuji knew that they should have grown amazing Green Dew Rice.

    Mo Wuji nodded towards the two of them and said, "The two of you, please wait. I need to go and save a life."

    Hearing those words, Qu Chendan and Di Jie remembered that Mo Wuji actually ran a clinic.


    Chi Bing's face was ashen. After not seeing her for half a year, she no longer had the same appearance of an old woman. Instead, she looked like a skeleton. The more terrifying thing was that her entire body emitted a concentrated energy of death. Even Qu Chendan and Di Jie who just came could tell that Chi Bing's spiritual roots and channels had rotted.

    "She can still be saved?" Di Jie muttered to herself.

    Mo Wuji did not care about her words. He walked over and placed an ordinary looking pill into Chi Bing's mouth. At the same time, he sent a stream of life force from his vitality channel into Chi Bing's almost disintegrated spiritual channels.

    Because this life force entered Chi Bing's body, the death energy around her dispersed significantly. Mo Wuji sent a Solitary God Pill into Chi Bing's mouth, then sent more life force into Chi Bing's body.

    The Solitary God Pill was truly the right pill to treat Chi Bing's illness. Unfortunately, after so many years, Chi Bing's life was like a candle at the end of its wick. If he didn't send some life force into her, even his Solitary God Pill might not be able to save her.

    Chi Chuan stood by Chi Bing's bed, half kneeling. His hands were trembling slightly. He was clear that if his sister wasn't saved now, he would lose her forever.

    What excited Chi Chuan and left Qu Chendan and Di Jie in disbelief was that Chi Bing's flailing spiritual aura suddenly grew stronger. Not only that, the surrounding god spiritual energy seemed to form a tiny whirlpool and got sucked into Chi Bing. Because large amounts of god spiritual energy continuously surged into her, Chi Bing's aura got increasingly stronger.

    Mo Wuji threw out a pile of high-grade god crystals at the right moment.

    There was already a spirit gathering array in Cure-All Clinic. With Mo Wuji's god crystals added into the mix, Chi Bing's rate of absorbing god spiritual energy got even faster.
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