Chapter 978: Leaving

    Chapter 978: Leaving

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    When Chi Chuan brought her to Cure-All Clinic, Chi Bing couldn't speak but she could think. When she saw her brother reveal the Solitary God Pill Formula and their Tier 5 god herbs, she went into despair. She knew that the two of them would no longer have a future. No one would be willing to let go of the two of them after seeing such a peak grade pill formula and a god herb like the Clear Jade God Flower.

    At this moment, as her primordial spirit was about to collapse and her soul seemed to fall into eternal darkness, she actually saw a ray of light and that ray of light seemed to get increasingly brighter. Her blood, primordial spirit, spirit channels, and even her spiritual roots started to gradually condense. Her body also started to slowly gain strength.

    Am I dead? Is this the Cycle of Reincarnation? Chi Bing suddenly opened her eyes.

    "Sister..." Chi Chuan stared as Chi Bing gradually recovered her life force, as her white hair turned black, and as her face started to have colour. He cried out in elation the moment he saw Chi Bing open her eyes.

    Chi Bing immediately understood that she had been saved. She hurriedly closed her eyes and circulated her cultivation technique, allowing the Solitary God Pill to take its effect at a faster rate.

    Previously, it was more of an instinct when Chi Bing absorbed the god spiritual energy. Now that Chi Bing was actively absorbing more god spiritual energy, her body started to recover at an even faster rate.

    Mo Wuji laughed and said, "Everyone, let's go out. Chi Bing will wake up again later."

    After bringing everyone out of the room, Mo Wuji sat Qu Chendan and Di Jie down and smiled, "Congratulations to the two of you for growing amazing Green Dew Rice. Are they high grade or intermediate grade?"

    Qu Chendan said excitedly, "Teacher Mo, I grew 15 catties of high-grade Green Dew Rice..."

    Di Jie added, "I grew 12 catties of high-grade Green Dew Rice..."

    After saying that, the two of them took out some of their rice grains and showed them to Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji accepted them and took a look. While these high-grade Green Dew Rice were far from his, they still had some gold runes on them and could be considered high grade.

    "Not bad, the two of you were able to grow high-grade Green Dew Rice on your first tries. That shows that the two of you have some talent," Mo Wuji casually praised them.

    Di Jie hurriedly added, "Teacher Mo, why is it that besides these high-grade Green Dew Rice, the rest are all low grade?"

    "It's the same for me too," Qu Chendan hurriedly added.

    Besides thanking Mo Wuji, the two of them also came here to ask Mo Wuji why all the rest of their Green Dew Rice were low grade.

    Mo Wuji laughed and said, "With your ten over catties of high-grade Green Dew Rice, I'm sure that you will not face any difficulties with obtaining high scores in Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment."

    With Qu Chendan's and Di Jie's method of transplanting based on luck, Mo Wuji truly didn't have any way to tell them why they didn't have any intermediate grade Green Dew Rice.

    "Right, right." Qu Chendan promptly said, "Unfortunately, the sect doesn't announce our results. Otherwise, I would get to see the looks of astonishment on the faces of those that chose to learn from Master Guang Zhang."

    "Teacher Mo, you're also a top class doctor? Oh, and I also heard that you were a great pill refiner." Di Jie recalled the previous scene of Mo Wuji saving Chi Bing.

    Even though Mo Wuji was their teacher, they truly couldn't treat him like they would their master. After all, when it came to cultivation level and age, it seems like Mo Wuji was more tender than the two of them.

    "I just happen to know some skills. In fact, because I know too little, I don't intend to continue operating this clinic," Mo Wuji said.

    He naturally knew the meaning of Di Jie's words; she probably wanted to learn the Pill Dao from him. However, he had no intentions of imparting that knowledge to the two of them. His knowledge wasn't obtained so easily.

    Previously, he taught the two of them because he had accepted Chi Kun's invitation. Moreover, Chi Kun had helped him out, so he was returning the favour.

    In other words, even if they were two other people, he would also have imparted his knowledge of Green Dew Rice.

    Now that he had completed his duties, he no longer had any intentions of staying in High Firmament City.

    Moreover, Di Jie and Qu Chendan did not meet his criteria for a disciple; they lacked a heart of gratitude.

    Di Jie and Qu Chendan definitely knew about his skill with Green Dew Rice from Chi Kun. If that's the case, they would definitely know that he needed Tier 5 god herbs. Also, when he was talking to the two of them, he could tell that their backgrounds were not simple.

    Since they had such roots and backing, and they had learnt from him, they would have definitely gifted him with some Tier 5 god herbs if they were truly grateful. However, the two of them didn't even mention it. They were probably here because of their queries regarding the grade of their Green Dew Rice rather than their gratitude.

    "Master Mo is leaving High Firmament City?" Qu Chendan hurriedly asked, "May I ask where Teacher Mo is heading?"

    Mo Wuji did not have intentions of hiding his tracks, he said, "I intend to try my luck in Nirvana Dao City. Perhaps I have will have some luck with Nirvana Learning Academy. There's less than half a year to Learning Academy's assessment. I'm afraid that if I go too late, I wouldn't even find a place to stay."

    Qu Chendan's mouth went agape. He seemed to want to say something but he decided against it.

    Di Jie also laughed but didn't say anything further. This left Mo Wuji rather disappointed. There was no need to ask, it would definitely be hard to find a place in Nirvana Dao City now. Qu Chendan and Di Jie were both of high family backings. If they wanted to help him find a place, they would definitely have offered.

    From the looks of it, these two core disciples of High Firmament God Sect saw their Teacher Mo as a mere farmer.

    "Teacher Mo, we siblings are willing to follow you to Nirvana Dao City," A clear voice resounded, causing Mo Wuji's eyes to light up.

    Dressed in greyish-purple robes, Chi Bing still looked fragile but she was no longer old. Moreover, her aura had already gone back to the World God Stage. Chi Bing could not be considered pretty but she gave people a sense of comfort.

    "Sister, you're fine," Chi Chuan said agitatedly.

    Mo Wuji also said, "Congratulations to Dao Friend Chi on your recovery."

    Chi Bing bowed towards Mo Wuji and said, "If not for Teacher Mo's help, I, Chi Bing, wouldn't be able to stand here today. I might not even have a chance at reincarnation. Teacher Mo is my younger brother's Big Brother, so you can just call me Chi Bing."

    Mo Wuji waved his hand and said, "Actually, I should thank the two of you. The two of you allowed me to have a breakthrough in my Dao. Also, the ingredients for your pill was provided by you."

    Mo Wuji was truly rather grateful to them. If he hadn't made this promise to Chi Chuan, he might not have gone to purchase large amounts of Tier 5 god herbs. When he was trading the Rootless God Steel, he wouldn't have added the condition of the Tier 5 god herbs.

    It was exactly because he obtained large amounts of Tier 5 god herbs that he could practise on his Tier 5 god pills. And consequently, this allowed him to gain enlightenment on his Mortal Dao and the deficiencies with his Undying World.

    "Little Chuan, sister was wrong." After Chi Bing thanked Mo Wuji, she went on to hold Chi Chuan's hands tightly.

    As for what her mistake was, she didn't mention it. Chi Chuan, however, knew what she was talking about. Previously, she told him that even if she died, he definitely couldn't reveal that they had the Purple Nirvana Dao Sand and the Clear Jade God Flower. Less needed to be said about the pill formula for the Solitary God Pill. If these matters were revealed, then they would have died much earlier.

    When Chi Chuan had no other options left, he finally decided to reveal these things to Mo Wuji. Not only didn't Mo Wuji try anything malicious, he even did his best to save her.

    Qu Chendan could not help but stand up and clasp his fists to Mo Wuji, "Teacher Mo, my Qu Clan is really impressed with Teacher Mo's capabilities and we would like to invite Teacher Mo to be an Honorary Elder of the Clan. As long as Teacher Mo goes to the Qu Clan, you could choose to stay anywhere in the Qu Clan's land. Although I don't dare to talk about Tier 5 god herbs, there will definitely be Tier 4 god herbs for Teacher Mo to use."

    Mo Wuji said calmly, "Many thanks but I'm used to freedom and independence. This time, I only came to High Firmament City because of Chi Kun's invitation and to repay a favour to Chi Kun."

    Even if Qu Chendan and Di Jie were any more obtuse, they would still be able to tell Mo Wuji's meaning. That was, Mo Wuji didn't teach them because he admired their talents, but because of a favour to Chi Kun.

    Seeing this Mo Wuji seemed to have some words for the Chi siblings, the two could only bid their farewells.

    The moment Qu Chendan and Di Jie left, Shuai Guo eagerly asked, "My Lord, we're leaving High Firmament City? When?"

    During this time, Shuai Guo had been living freely. Chi Chuan was a simple and honest person, so when Mo Wuji was in seclusion, Shuai Guo basically handed over the shop to Chi Chuan while it roamed around High Firmament City. Thus, when it heard that Mo Wuji wanted to leave, it felt rather reluctant.

    "Now." Mo Wuji did not hesitate to say.


    At this moment, High Firmament God Sect's Sect Head Hall was filled with people.

    Sect Head Xing Wen had a solemn expression on his face and his voice was also overcast, "Everyone should know what happened not long ago. Thus, our High Firmament God Sect will now stop all attempts at the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand, as well as investigations of the person who sold it. Call our men back and focus our attention back to Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment."

    The Sect Head Hall was silent; everyone knew the meaning of the sect head's words. Half a year ago, a Gold Nirvana Dao Sand actually appeared in Dew Drop God City. This raised the level of the entire auction by multiple folds.

    However, this was not the end of the issue. After this Gold Nirvana Dao Sand was traded in, it attracted the desire of many God Kings. God Kings from various places swarmed towards Dew Drop God City; they wanted to purchase the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand, and at the same time, investigate on who was the person who sold it.

    High Firmament God Sect was one of them; at least three God Kings from High Firmament God Sect went over to Dew Drop God City.

    However, Sect Head Xing Wen stopped these attempts today. This was because on the day before, Dew Drop Merchant Union was showered in blood. All the items in Dew Drop Merchant Union were stolen. Until now, no one knew who did this. Because High Firmament God Sect was afraid, they decided to hold this meeting.
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