Chapter 979: Coiling Wind Forest

    Chapter 979: Coiling Wind Forest

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    As Xing Wen got here, he suddenly recalled something. His eyes landed on Elder Ren Fei.

    Ren Fei performed a sect greeting, then he said solemnly, "I was about to report the matter of the sect's Green Dew Rice test but because of the destruction of Dew Drop Merchant Union's headquarters, the report was delayed."

    Xing Wen laughed faintly, then he nodded his head, "The matter with Dew Drop Merchant Union is already one of the past. My High Firmament God Sect's men have returned. Even if anything else happens, it would no longer be related to my High Firmament God Sect. This time, Master Guang Zhang came to help us with a favour. I'm sure that the results of our disciples are not bad, right?"

    Talking about this matter, Xing Wen felt rather delighted. Because Master Guang Zhang owed him a favour, he came over to High Firmament God Sect to impart his knowledge on growing Green Dew Rice. One must know that Master Guang Zhang would be especially busy at s time like this.

    Ren Fei hurriedly said, "The results of our internal tests were indeed not bad. Two grew high-grade Green Dew Rice, one grew intermediate grade Green Dew Rice, while the rest were all low grade. Of course, there are also good and bad ones within the low grade..."

    "What?" Xing Wen suddenly stood up. He said in disbelief, "Master Guang Zhang is so amazing?"

    He could not help but be shocked. The number of people that could grow high-grade Green Dew Rice could be counted on the fingers. Even if Master Guang Zhang was any more amazing, he couldn't teach two people to grow high-grade Green Dew Rice in a few short days, right? At this time, he could only celebrate that he had managed to invite Master Guang Zhang to impart his knowledge.

    Ren Fei said awkwardly, "Answering the Sect Head, the two disciples that grew high-grade Green Dew Rice weren't taught by Master Guang Zhang."

    "What do you mean?" Xing Wen's brows knitted slightly. Could it be that among the hundred disciples, there were some hidden experts? But this wasn't possible. This was because growing Green Dew Rice was a worthless thing. Cultivators would never have enough time to cultivate, who would be so foolish as to spend time growing Green Dew Rice.

    Ren Fei hurriedly explained, "Sect Head should have heard of Mo Wuji, he's the farmer that Deacon Chi Kun invited back. He's also a great pill refiner. Originally, our disciples were supposed to be taught by him. However, Master Guang Zhang happened to arrive on the same day. Thus, except for two disciples that willingly followed Mo Wuji, the rest all went to learn from Master Guang Zhang..."

    As a Sect Head, Xing Wen already completely understood the situation. However, he was still shocked, "Could it be that the two disciples that grew high-grade Green Dew Rice were taught by Mo Wuji?"

    "That's exactly the case. And he only taught them for half a day." After Ren Fei replied, he didn't say anything further.

    Xing Wen had an awkward expression on his face. Because he invited Master Guang Zhang, the better Mo Wuji was sent away. Moreover, he had to spend his favour and great efforts just to invite Guang Zhang over. Even when Guang Zhang left, the sect prepared a huge remuneration for him.

    In a few moments, Xing Wen regained his calm. He sat down and nodded, "I didn't think that my judgement would have been wrong. This time, Chi Kun has provided a great merit. Allow him to cultivate in the sect's cultivation land for three years. At the same time, allow him to pick an intermediate grade sacred art."

    "Yes." An elder stood up, responded, then sat back down.

    Xing Wen then turned to Ren Fei and said, "Elder Ren Fei, go and invite Mo Wuji to my High Firmament Sect and get him to impart the method to grow Green Dew Rice to the rest of our core disciples."

    "I've already sent someone...." Ren Fei's words stopped abruptly. Thereafter, he had a strange expression as he said, "Sect Head, I've just received the news that Mo Wuji had left High Firmament City and is heading towards Nirvana Dao City."

    "Then go to Nirvana Dao City. We should still have time. Before Mo Wuji comes to the sect, get those two disciples that grew high-grade Green Dew Rice to explain their method," Xing Wen did not hesitate to say.

    Ren Fei had an embarrassed look as he said, "I'm afraid that's not possible. I roughly knew the situation when Qu Chendan and Di Jie went to learn from Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji made them swear an oath to not pass down any of the knowledge that he taught them to anyone else."

    Xing Wen frowned slightly. A mere farmer actually got his sect's disciples to swear an oath. He shook his head and said, "Since that's the case, hurry and get that Mo Wuji back to High Firmament God Sect."

    Ren Fei hesitated momentarily before he said, "Sect Head, I'm afraid that this wouldn't be easy. Previously, Mo Wuji had a clash with the Ao Clan. His behaviour showed that he wasn't one that would bend according to others' will. Moreover, he asked Chi Kun for some Tier 5 god herbs but because Master Guang Zhang came, the sect deemed him useless and didn't give him any. Even after he taught two disciples that could grow high-grade Green Dew Rice, the sect didn't give him any remunerations either."

    Xing Wen waved his hand, "No matter what, get him back. Even if he isn't willing to continue teaching our disciples, we can't have him teaching anyone else."


    "Wuji, I've been to Nirvana Dao City before. The direction that we're heading towards seems to be slightly wrong." Chi Bing could not help but say when she saw Mo Wuji flying his ship in the wrong direction.

    She owed Mo Wuji a gratitude of life. Moreover, her younger brother addressed Mo Wuji as Big Brother and she was rather pleased with Mo Wuji's character. Thus, Chi Bing suggested that they simply addressed each other like siblings.

    Mo Wuji shook his head and said, "Sister Bing, when we left Cure-All Clinic, did you hear what people were discussing about?"

    Chi Bing nodded, "I heard. Dew Drop Merchant Union's headquarters was actually showered in blood. Dew Drop Merchant Union is actually a business of Dew Drop City itself, and it is a renowned power throughout the entire God Continent. I don't know what person would have such power to do such a thing, nor why this matter even happened."

    "Who did it and why he did it isn't related to us. I'm guessing that with Dew Drop Merchant Union's headquarters being destroyed, the checks at Nirvana Dao City are sure to be strict. After all, Nirvana Learning Academy will soon be holding its assessment. Thus, I intend to go to He Jian God City first. He Jian God City is very close to Nirvana Dao City. When the time for the assessment begins, we can go over to Nirvana Dao City," Mo Wuji explained.

    This was one reason. In reality, when he heard that Dew Drop Merchant Union was massacred, he broke out in cold sweat. Fortunately, most God Kings didn't attend the auction that he went too. Moreover, the auction didn't immediately understand the true value of the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand. It was only after the auction ended that the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand attracted the frenzy of experts.

    This still wasn't the main reason why Mo Wuji didn't want to go to Nirvana Dao City now. After Mo Wuji heard that Dew Drop Merchant Union had been destroyed, he realised that he had been too rash. Even though the Rootless God Steel was extremely useful to him, he should not have used the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand to trade for it.

    This caused Mo Wuji to be more cautious. Immediately, he recalled the matter of the Green Dew Rice. If Master Guang Zhang didn't manage to teach any students to grow high-grade Green Dew Rice, then he would definitely have attracted the attention of High Firmament God Sect. It wasn't impossible that they would capture him and have him impart his knowledge to the rest of their disciples.

    Since Qu Chendan and Di Jie know that he was going to Nirvana Dao City, he wouldn't go there for the time being."

    "Alright. I'm also okay with going anywhere. Unfortunately, I've wasted that Purple Nirvana Dao Sand. Otherwise, I would be able to charge into the God King Stage and provide us with greater power," Chi Bign sighed.

    Mo Wuji laughed faintly, "Sister Bing, even if you have the Purple Nirvana Dao Sand, I wouldn't advise you use it to step into the God King Stage."

    "I know." Chi Bing sighed. How could she not understand that? However, in God Continent, entering the God King Stage already makes one a peak expert. Even if it was power borrowed from the insights of other people, it was still much stronger than those that don't step into the God King Stage.

    Mo Wuji removed the mask from his face and said, "Sister Bing, this is my true appearance."

    Chi Bing wasn't too shocked. Even though she couldn't see Mo Wuji's true appearance, she could tell that he was in a disguise.

    "Sister Bing, you should know the tier of a Solitary God Pill, right?" Mo Wuji smiled and said.

    Chi Bing suddenly came to an understanding. She looked at Mo Wuji with pleasant surprise, "You're saying..."

    Mo Wuji didn't wait for Chi Bing to finish speaking. He nodded, "That's right. I was the one that concocted that Solitary God Pill and I am a true Tier 5 God Pill King. I'm sure that the difficulty in concocting the God Jade Pill isn't as high as the Solitary God Pill. I'm able to concoct the Solitary God Pill, and you have the Clear Jade God Flower. Tell me, do you think that I'm able to concoct the God Jade Pill?"

    Chi Bing sighed and casually handed a jade box to Mo Wuji, "Wuji, I followed you so that I could be of help to you. But now, it seems like I owe you much more."

    Mo Wuji accepted the jade box and smiled, "Sister Bing, we're like siblings. There's no need to be so calculative about such things."

    "Right, we're siblings." Chi Bing looked at Mo Wuji and nodded resolutely.

    "Since that's the case, then we won't go to He Jian God City. Does Sister Bing know of a spacious place that's less than a month's journey away from Nirvana Dao City?" Mo Wuji chuckled.

    Chi Bing smiled, "There's a place that few would be as familiar with as me. Let me control the flying ship, let's go to Coiling Wind Forest. That place is quiet and experts wouldn't casually go inside. It's only half a month's journey from Nirvana Dao City."

    "Coiling Wind Forest. What a strange name," Mo Wuji said.

    Chi Bing explained, "The reason why it's called Coiling Wind Forest is because the moment a gust of wind blows into the forest, it can never leave. The same could be said for cultivators. It's hard for cultivators to escape Coiling Wind Forest. It's even rumoured that there are Level 6 Godbeasts in the depths of the forests. Experts that transcend the God King Stage might not necessarily escape the depths alive."

    'Then is this place very dangerous?" Mo Wuji intended to find a place to concoct the pill, then have Chi Bing advance to the God King Stage. It wasn't appropriate if the place was dangerous.

    Chi Bing laughed, "Rest assured. I know of the best place in Coiling Wind Forest. There definitely wouldn't be any powerful beasts and it would be very suitable for cultivation."
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