Chapter 980: Forging A Magic Treasure

    Chapter 980: Forging A Magic Treasure

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    The moment they entered the Coiling Wind Forest, Mo Wuji could hear whistling right next to his ears. Sending his spiritual will out, he saw that they were surrounded by whirlwinds. However, this place was also as Chi Bing had said - rich in god spiritual energy.

    "This place is rich in spiritual energy but the coiling winds here make it unsuitable for cultivation. Moreover, our spiritual will would be affected. If any godbeasts discover us, it would be hard for us to escape," Chi Bing explained.

    Mo Wuji didn't mind as he had his spirit storage channel. Although his spiritual will would still be affected, it wouldn't be reduced to a state where he could not sense the danger around him. Moreover, his Wind Escape Technique should be especially effective in a place like this.

    Chi Bing had come to Coiling Wind Forest many times, so she was extremely familiar with the environment. She brought Mo Wuji and Chi Chuan through the forest. After walking for two days, they arrived at a seemingly ordinary-looking place.

    "Here?" Mo Wuji looked around the area questioningly. He was a Grade 4 God Array Master but he didn't notice any natural concealment arrays here.

    Chi Bing laughed gently, then she casually threw out a grey array flag. A faint rune suddenly appeared in front of Mo Wujil.

    "I managed to discover this place by chance. Without my activation array flag, no one would be able to find this place. Previously, I offended a God King and I escaped here. I advanced from the God Monarch Stage to the World God Stage here. Thereafter, I continued to cultivate here for hundreds of thousands of years. By the time I came out of seclusion, that God King already forgot about my existence. Come, follow me in." Chi Bing said as she stepped into the rune.

    After everyone entered, Chi Bing waved her hand and collected that array flag.

    Mo Wuji was shocked by what he saw in front of him; this was an otherworldly canyon. Rich and concentrated god spiritual energy filled the canyon and a tiny river winded within it. A few low levelled beasts saw them enter but they didn't seem too afraid of Mo Wuji and co.

    This caused Mo Wuji to remember the Sick Woods Plains back in the cultivation world. Sick Woods Plains was also a place concealed in plain sight and it was occupied by Mo Xiangtong, Aunt Eleven and Jing Lengbei. Thereafter, he rescued Jing Lengbei and went to the Sky Sea to search for Mo Xiangtong. Eventually, he found out that Mo Xiangtong and Aunt Eleven had obtained an immortal estate and disappeared.

    He wondered how Mo Xiangtong and Aunt Eleven were doing. There was also Yuan Zhenyi who went to pursue martial arts.

    Mo Wuji sighed and composed his feelings.

    "Wuji, how's this place?" Chi Bing smiled and said.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "This place is good. Not only is it suitable for cultivation, it's also suitable for concocting pills."

    After saying that, Mo Wuji called out Da Huang and introduced him to the Chi Siblings. Da Huang's talent was simply heaven-defying but because of the limitations of the Laws within the Undying World, his cultivation had been stuck at Nascent God Level 6.

    In this concealed canyon, Chi Bing had previously constructed an area for cultivation. With the help of Mo Wuji's pills, Chi Chuan, who had average talent, chose to enter seclusion with Da Huang and Shuai Guo.

    On the other hand, Chi Bing stabilised her cultivation in preparation for a breakthrough into the God King Stage.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji brought out his Medicinal Cauldron Furnace as he prepared to concoct the God Jade Pill.


    At the same time, Nirvana Dao City was brimming with people. Mo Wuji's guess was right. If he went to Nirvana Dao City now, not only wouldn't he be able to find a place to stay, he probably couldn't even find a space to temporarily rest.

    All the rest houses in Nirvana Dao City were filled with guests. At a time like this, even those with plenty of god crystals might not necessarily find a place to stay.

    As for Nirvana Dao City's Rogue Cultivator Honour Tower Plaza, there wasn't even space for a person to plant his feet. Countless of cultivators prepared to test their Daos to obtain the rights to participate in Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment.

    The reason behind this was that the Nirvana Learning Academy suddenly changed their assessment criteria and numbers for rogue cultivators after the massacre at Dew Drop Merchant Union. As for the reason behind that, no one knew besides Nirvana Learning Academy itself.

    Originally, rogue cultivators could only earn a placing to the assessment through battles or by obtaining a King Title.

    But now, Nirvana Learning Academy increased the placings for rogue cultivators to 100. Moreover, these 100 placings did not include those with King Titles.

    All rogue cultivators with a King Title could directly register for the assessment at Nirvana Learning Academy. There was no need for them to go through the Rogue Cultivators Alliance.

    Thus, the Rogue Cultivators Alliance decided to allocate the 100 placings based on personal abilities. For instance, if they decided to allocate 80 placings to those who performed well in battle, then they would pick the top 80 in their battle tournament.

    As for the supporting Daos, as long as one obtains Grade 4 in one of these Daos in Nirvana Dao City's Honour Tower, they would earn the right to be selected by the Rogue Cultivator Alliance.

    Because the number of placings for rogue cultivators increased by multiple times, countless rogue cultivators swarmed towards Nirvana Dao City.

    Even though King Titles were taken out and the number of placings had been increased to 100, this amount was still minute compared to the entire rogue cultivator community.

    In reality, even if King Titles weren't taken out, they wouldn't take up many placings. After all, there were few with King Titles even in powerful sects. Less needed to be said about rogue cultivators. Geniuses that could obtain a King Title would have been headhunted by sects or clans a long time ago. Why would they remain with the rogue cultivators.

    There were some that were in Grade 4 but this number wasn't high either. Thus, the chances of a Nascent God rogue cultivator that was in Grade 4 of an auxiliary Dao obtaining a placing was extremely high.

    The biggest competition among rogue cultivators was the Duelling Tournament. A majority of rogue cultivators could only compete in battle in order to obtain a placing for Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment.


    Coiling Wind Forest's hidden canyon.

    Chi Bing, who had been furiously absorbing god spiritual energy to stabilise her cultivation, suddenly opened her eyes. She looked in Mo Wuji's direction in delight.

    A soul-shaking pill fragrance wafted over from that direction. Chi Bing immediately knew that Mo Wuji should have succeeded in concocting the God Jade Pill. Although she had never seen the God Jade Pill before, she was sure that this was the fragrance of it.

    In less than a month, Mo Wuji was able to concoct the God Jade Pill. This truly came as a surprise to Chi Bing.

    The God Jade Pill was a peak Tier 5 god pill. In her perspective, Mo Wuji would need at least a month to calm his mind and another period of time to ruminate over the process. Only then could he start on the concoction.

    As Chi Bing was thinking of this, Mo Wuji's voice sounded from the door, "Sister Bing, the God Jade Pill is already completed. You can breakthrough to the God King Stage any time you want."

    Chi Bing immediately stood up and released the seals of her door elatedly. She accepted the jade vase and opened it, "These are high-grade God Jade Pills?"

    Mo Wuji answered, "Yes, there are two high-grade God Jade Pills in there. If they aren't enough, tell me. I still have some."

    Mo Wuji didn't take an entire month to concoct the God Jade Pill. It was just that he decided to turn the rest of his god herbs into pills before he started on the God Jade Pill.

    The main ingredient for the God Jade Pill, the Clear Jade God Flower, was truly too rare. He didn't know how Chi Bing even managed to obtain one. However, Mo Wuji was sure that if his concoction failed, he probably wouldn't have a second chance. Thus, using up the rest of his god herbs could be considered a practice.

    "One is already enough. If one isn't enough to step into the God King Stage, then having more would also be useless. Let me ruminate for another month, then I will head into Coiling Wind Forest to charge into the God King Stage." Chi Bing didn't use any words to thank Mo Wuji. By now, she already knew Mo Wuji's character.

    They already treated each other as siblings; there was no need for such words.

    "Alright, Sister Bing, when you go and breakthrough into the God King Stage, I will act as your protector. Now, I will go back and forge something." Mo Wuji didn't continue to disturb Chi Bing from her cultivation.

    He was sure that Chi Bing had a 70% chance of stepping into the God King Stage. This was his instinctive thought.

    Even though Chi Bing was a rogue cultivator, her bottom line was far more than disciples of sects. He had seen several of Chi Bing's treasures before. Whether it was the Purple Nirvana Dao Sand or the Clear Jade God Flower, they were both priceless treasures. As for the grey array flag which revealed this hidden canyon, it was also extremely valuable. Did these treasures come out of thin air? No, they were obviously earned at the risk of her life.

    This was the same for him. Which one of his treasures wasn't earned by putting his life on the line?

    He almost died in the Lifeless River when he obtained the Breath of Hongmeng. He also almost lost his life when he obtained the Earth Elemental Bead back in Half Immortal Domain's Immortal Chasm. The primal fire crystals, primal crystals, Sage Dao Talisman...

    Even the Rootless God Steel came with a potential danger. If he wasn't careful, he would lose his life.

    As a cultivator, one needed to go through such experiences in order to obtain treasures, fortunes, and insights. Thus, in this aspect, Chi Bing was the same as him.


    After returning to his immortal cave, Mo Wuji immediately took out the Rootless God Steel and the Chance Water. He wanted to concoct a magic treasure which belonged to himself.

    Even though Mo Wuji prepared a concealment seal, the aura of the Rootless God Steel was still detected by Chi Bing.

    Chi Bing nodded. This new brother of hers definitely wasn't a simple Tier 5 God Pill King. With Mo Wuji's cultivation, he definitely wouldn't be able to roam freely and independently if he was a simple Tier 5 God Pill King.

    At the same time, even if Mo Wuji was a Tier 5 God Pill King, it wouldn't be easy for him to obtain such a peak treasure.

    After a short time, Chi Bing no longer cared about Mo Wuji as she immersed herself in her insights.

    Originally, Mo Wuji intended to forge his magic treasure in his Undying World. But because Chi Bing brought him to this hidden canyon, he dared to forge his equipment out here.

    The weight of the Rootless God Steel was not fixed. At times, it was as light as a feather. At others, it was as heavy as an entire planet.

    Mo Wuji whipped out his Scholar's Heart. The blue flames of the Scholar's Heart rose, drawing the Rootless God Steel in. The three gold lines within the flame were extremely clear at this moment.

    Mo Wuji sent one hand technique after another into the flames. Under the heat of Scholar's Heart, the Rootless God Steel soon began to melt.

    The Rootless God Steel didn't have many impurities to begin with. But like what he does with herbs, Mo Wuji used his hand techniques to get rid of any impurities within the Rootless God Steel.

    Days passed and the Rootless God Steel started to take shape.

    The instant he added the drop of Chance Water, Mo Wuji sent multiple runes into the equipment embryo. To his astonishment, no matter the grade of the runes he sent in, they would all turn into a Grade 1 God Seal when they landed on the equipment embryo.
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