Chapter 981: God King Stage, Entering The Dao City

    Chapter 981: God King Stage, Entering The Dao City

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    No wonder why anyone could forge a magic treasure with the Rootless God Steel. Mo Wuji finally understood the meaning within. As a cultivator of the God World, even the worst one should be able to inscribe the lowest grade of seals right? Even if a person couldn't form a Grade 1 god seal, the Rootless God Steel would automatically evolve the seal into a Grade 1 god seal.

    The way Mo Wuji looked at it, it was likely that the runic seal on the Rootless God Steel would evolve together with the magic treasure.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji decided to inscribe 108 seals. The total number of Tian Gang and Di Sha was also 108. [1] Many Xiantian treasures also had 108 seals. Mo Wuji intended for this Rootless God Steel to become his final magic treasure, he naturally hoped that it could evolve into higher levels.

    What Mo Wuji didn't expect was that he could not inscribe more than five seals.

    Moreover, the Rootless God Steel was rapidly changing into the shape that he was thinking of.

    In a short time, the inscribed runes disappeared within the Rootless God Steel's equipment embryo. Mo Wuji hurriedly spat a drop of vital blood into the halberd. This halberd was his; he definitely wouldn't give it to anyone else. The reason why he added his vital blood was so that the halberd would conform to his will more easily.

    Hours passed. A 6-meter long halberd floated in front of him. The halberd was grey and it no longer had the aura of the Rootless God Steel.

    Mo Wuji opened his hand and the halberd landed on his palm. A sense of comfort arose from the bottom of his heart; this halberd felt like it was meant to be held in his hand.

    The halberd blade was still shaped like a half moon. Mo Wuji stood up and lightly waved the halberd.

    It seemed as though space was being ripped apart with that casual wave. At that moment, a clear insight appeared in his mind. Even though it was only a light wave, Mo Wuji felt that all spiritual will and resolve were sliced with his halberd. A few moments later, that feeling disappeared.

    Mo Wuji was incomparably excited. What a powerful sacred art. He knew that adding Chance Water would form an innate sacred art. However, he didn't expect that the Chance Water would give him such a pleasant surprise. This sacred art was actually Spiritual Severing; it could slice through all spiritual will in the area.

    This would be a killing ace in battles. As long as he used Spiritual Severing, he could remove his opponent's control of the sacred art.

    Even though it was only there for a short time, it was enough for Mo Wuji to do many things.

    This halberd would also be called Half Moon Weighted Halberd. Mo Wuji kept his Half Moon Weighted Halberd contentedly.

    This was the first equipment that he spent so much time on, but this halberd did not leave him disappointed. The risk that he took by going to Dew Drop God City had finally yielded a return. Even though his Half Moon Weighted Halberd was a low-grade god equipment, Mo Wuji did not mind. This weapon could evolve.

    "Boom! Boom!" Violent tremors could be heard. Thereafter, Chi Bing's voice transmitted, "Wuji, I will be breaking through to the God King Stage. Follow me."

    "Alright." Mo Wuji immediately responded. He had just forged his Half Moon Weighted Halberd; he had confidence that he could even deal with a late stage Heavenly God.


    One incense's time later, Chi Bing and Mo Wuji were already far from the hidden valley.

    They arrived at a spacious plain. Chi Bing gestured towards Mo Wuji, then sat down cross-legged as she prepared to charge into the God King Stage.

    Mo Wuji started to install various arrays in the area: defensive arrays, protective arrays, spirit gathering array, etc. All the god crystals that he had were thrown into the spirit gathering array.

    In terms of the Array Dao, even Chi Bing couldn't compare with Mo Wuji.

    At this instant, there was already a spiritual energy whirlpool above Chi Bing's head. Violent waves began to reverberate around her. Laws of the Heaven and Earth were activated, then they merged with Chi Bing's Dao Laws.

    The beasts in the surroundings were startled by this activation of the Laws and they all hurriedly fled away.

    Half a day later, the Laws of Space became increasingly clear. A power dao energy began to form above Chi Bing's head.

    God spiritual energy started to surge towards Chi Bing at a greater velocity. The energy whirlpool above her head got increasingly bigger. Mo Wuji hurriedly sat down and started circulating the Immortal Mortal Technique.

    This opportunity was too rare. If he grabbed it, he could save a year and a half of cultivation.

    Another two days passed before Chi Bing finally swallowed the God Jade Pill.

    "Boom!" A violent lightning bolt came crashing down. At almost the same instant, Mo Wuji's cultivation broke through from Nascent God Level 5 to Level 6.

    Mo Wuji exhaled deeply and stopped cultivating. He was already satisfied that he could borrow the energy from Chi Bing's tribulation to break through into Nascent God Level 6.

    Now that Chi Bing was going to face her Lightning Calamity, he needed to act as her protector.

    "Kakaka! Kacha!" Huge lightning bolts came crashing down. Chi Bing wielded a longsword and slashed towards the lightning bolts.

    As each lightning bolt got dispersed by Chi Bing, Mo Wuji could feel Chi Bing's aura getting stronger.

    After four consecutive waves of lightning, Mo Wuji saw that Chi Bing only suffered some minor injuries. Although this was related to Chi Bing continuously growing stronger during the process, Mo Wuji knew that it was more likely to be due to Chi Bing's personal strength. Back then, Heavenly Mortal Sect's Pang Jie also underwent his God King Lightning Calamity. However, Mo Wuji felt that Ancestor Pang Jie was far from being comparable to Chi Bing.

    Chi Bing's strength was definitely obtained through countless battles.

    Dense streams of lightning continued to fall, causing Chi Bing's injuries to get heavier. The god spiritual energy in the air also seemed to turn stagnant. Mo Wuji's spirit instantly fell; he knew that this was due to insufficient preparation. This situation occurred because they didn't have enough god crystals. If there were sufficient god crystals, then Chi Bing's power would rise much faster.

    Few powerful auras rapidly approached them. Mo Wuji's heart clenched as a sense of danger loomed over him. He knew that some experts have noticed Chi Bing's Lightning Calamity and were coming to take a look.

    Chi Bing also seemed to notice the danger. She uttered a loud cry and the Laws around them suddenly started to shatter. Mo Wuji felt an intense energy rising from Chi Bing's body. A sky-shattering pressure swept out from Chi Bing; Mo Wuji could not help but continuously retreat.

    Mo Wuji celebrated in his heart; he knew that Chi Bing had passed her God King Lightning Calamity and had stepped into the God King Stage.

    As expected, when Mo Wuji sent his spiritual will out once more, those auras had disappeared without a trace.

    Now that Chi Bing had stepped into the God King Stage, Mo Wuji could finally heave a sigh of relief.

    A day passed before Chi Bing emerged from the defensive array. She said to Mo Wuji, "Wuji, I have already stepped into the God King Stage. From today onwards, no one would dare to casually bully us."

    "Congratulations Sister Bing." Mo Wuji was also extremely elated. Having a God King by his side was far safer than going around alone.

    "Let's go. We'll head back first. I need some time in seclusion to stabilise my cultivation." Chi Bing was also rather delighted. After fighting for so many years, she had finally reached the summit.

    Although there were many people stronger than a Level 1 God King, at least no one would find trouble for her without reason. Instances where she was forced by a God King to hide in Coiling Wind Forest for countless years shouldn't happen again.


    There was only one month left till Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment. On this day, four people and a three-legged beast arrived outside Nirvana Dao City. There were many people heading into Nirvana Dao City. At the same time, there were also many people leaving the Dao City. Thus, the outside of Nirvana Dao City was filled with people.

    These four people were exactly Mo Wuji, Chi Bing, Chi Chuan and Da Huang. The three-legged beast was naturally Shuai Guo.

    After a few months of seclusion, Chi Bing's cultivation had firmly stabilised at God King Level 1. Mo Wuji's cultivation was also stabilised at Nascent God Level 6. As for Da Huang, he had already charged straight to Nascent God Level 7, the late stage of the Nascent God Stage.

    The only ones that didn't improve were Shuai Guo and Chi Chuan. Chi Chuan's talent was below average. Thus, even if he had ample god spiritual energy and god pills, his improvement was still very slow.

    This was also why Chi Bing was already a God King while Chi Chuan was still stagnant at Nascent God Level 7.

    Mo Wuji already had a plan in his head. If he could enter Nirvana Learning Academy, he would ask whether Chi Chuan was willing to change his cultivation technique and follow him with the Mortal Dao.

    "What a grand city..." The hyperactive Shuai Guo was transfixed by the majesty of Nirvana Dao City.

    The city walls of Nirvana Dao City were thousands of meters high. A jade road which was hundreds of meters wide led straight through the city gates. If not for the large numbers of people here, the road would look far more majestic.

    Nirvana Dao City was a city with city walls. All these walls were shrouded in the mists of arrays and they couldn't be seen clearly. People heading towards Nirvana Dao City could only see the three huge words floating in mid-air - Nirvana Dao City.

    "Of course, Nirvana Dao City is the only Dao City in the entire God Continent, and it is also the largest city. If Dew Drop Merchant Union decided to auction that supreme treasure of theirs here, nothing would have happened to them. No one would dare cause trouble in Nirvana Dao City," Chi Bing answered Shuai Guo.

    After a short pause, she continued, "I'm worried that if we enter Nirvana Dao City now, we might really be unable to find a place to stay."

    "Sister, did we come too late? What will we do if Big Brother Mo is unable to register?" Chi Chuan asked worriedly. He didn't care much about the living situation; if there wasn't any place to stay, then they would just leave the city.

    "That definitely wouldn't happen. Even if you come on the day before the assessment itself, it still wouldn't be too late," Chi Bing shook her head and said.

    "Eh, the Rogue Cultivator Alliance has already allocated their hundred placings." Mo Wuji stopped as he noticed the large array screen on the city wall.

    Chi Bing also looked at the array screen and laughed faintly, "That isn't a problem. Even if there aren't any placings, Wuji would still be able to go for the assessment."

    Mo Wuji was a Tier 5 God Pill King. It was written on the array screen that Tier 5 God Pill Kings that were in the Nascent God Stage would have the rights to participate in the assessment.

    "The few of you should be rogue cultivators, right? The placings are actually still available. However, I have to tell you not to overthink things. The current 100th place in the Rogue Cultivator Tournament could beat an average early stage Heavenly God." A rogue Nascent God chuckled when he heard Chi Bing's words.

    "What do you know? My lord is an expert in the Pill Dao. What does a mere placing even count for?" Shuai Guo harrumphed in disdain.

    Now that Mo Wuji no longer placed him in the Undying World, it started to act arrogantly.

    When this Nascent God heard these words, his mouth arced into a weird smile, "An expert in the Pill Dao? Hehe, you will know when you go in."

    With that, he no longer waited for Mo Wuji to say anything. He turned and squeezed into the crowd.

    [1] These are stars in the sky which have been personified as deities. There are 36 Tian Gangs and 72 Di Sha. The story behind the Tian Gang and Di Sha can be found in Water Margin, one of the four Chinese Classics.
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