Chapter 982: The Crowded Nirvana Dao City

    Chapter 982: The Crowded Nirvana Dao City

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    Chi Bing laughed and said, "It doesn't matter what he says, you're not part of the people that he was referring to."

    "Sister Bing, let's first find a place to stay." Mo Wuji smiled. He understood the meaning behind Chi Bing's words; if a Tier 5 God Pill King like him was unable to participate in the Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment, then that would be too preposterous.

    "I'm afraid that won't be easy. At this time, there's no need to talk about finding a place to stay, even finding a place to rest would be difficult." Chi Bing shook her head.

    Mo Wuji laughed faintly, but he didn't say a word. If he didn't have an expert like Chi Bing by his side, it would indeed be hard to find a place to stay. This was because he wouldn't dare to take out his pills and trade them. Thus, he actually believed that it would be easy for him to find a place to stay.

    Nirvana Dao City was an open city; it allowed anyone to enter and leave, without any time restrictions. This was because no one dared to cause a ruckus in this city.

    When the grouped entered the city, they were greeted by five god statues. These god statues seemed to have a life of their own. As they stood tall over the city gate, it felt as though the entire Nirvana Dao City was under the watch and protection of these five god statues.

    Mo Wuji saw that many cultivators bowed respectfully when they passed by these god statues. Even Chi Bing also bowed slightly before she joined Mo Wuji.

    Shuai Guo and Da Huang were following behind Mo Wuji. Since Mo Wuji didn't bow towards the statues, they naturally wouldn't do anything as well. However, Mo Wuji's action of not bowing was not particularly eye-catching; he wasn't the only one that didn't bow to the five statues.

    As they walked through the city, their spiritual will was obstructed while their visions were left unhindered. After all, there were few that had a spiritual eye like Mo Wuji.

    It was just as Mo Wuji and Chi Bing expected. All the shophouses that they passed were brimming with people. As for those sold pills and equipment, they were especially packed. In Mo Wuji's eyes, how was this a Dao City? It was simply a huge bazaar.

    The group did not walk far before they saw two huge plazas. On the plaza to the left, there were multiple stages erected and battles were taking place. Some spatial waves swept out from those stages. Although they were very small, Mo Wuji and co. were still able to feel them.

    "Nirvana Learning Academy Assessment Rogue Cultivator Placing Duel Site." These few words were erected outside the plaza.

    "If you weren't a Tier 5 God Pill King, it would truly be difficult for you to obtain a placing through these duels." Chi Bing looked at the packed plaza and sighed.

    Cultivating the Dao was hard. There were limited resources and countless people fighting for them. Opportunities were only given to the few outstanding ones, and a majority of people would ultimately get buried with time.

    "There are truly a lot of people." Chi Chuan could not help but sigh emotionally.

    These two plazas of Nirvana Dao City were definitely behemoth-level. Even if a million people entered, they would still seem spacious. But now, the plaza on the left was packed with people; some that came earlier even brought out their god estates. On the other hand, there were also many people on the plaza on the right, but it was far from being as crowded as the one on the left.

    "Nirvana Dao City doesn't restrict entry. Those people could not find a place to stay, so they could only sleep on this plaza," Chi Bing explained.

    "Why aren't these two plazas merged into one? Also, why doesn't anyone bring out their god estates on the plaza on the right? Isn't it more spacious there?"

    Chi Bing said, "Do you see those towers at the centre of the plaza on the right? Those towers are the assessment towers for the various Daos. For Kings of the Daos to obtain their recognition, they would need to go into those towers. Wuji, later, you would also need to enter those towers to validate your ability as a God Pill King. These towers are the Dao Honour Towers established by Nirvana Learning Academy. Thus, people could only stay here, but they can't bring out their god estates."

    Chi Chuan sighed, "If only we came earlier. Perhaps we might be able to find a spot to bring out a god estate to stay in."

    Mo Wuji clapped Chi Chuan's shoulders, "There's no need to look any further, there's a rest house right in front of us. Let's go in and take a look."

    Mo Wuji was referring to the God Joy Resthouse which was opposite the plazas. God Joy Resthouse looked incredibly grand and it was situated next to the various Dao Honour Towers. At least he wouldn't need to travel far.

    "But..." Chi Chuan clearly thought that it would be impossible to find a room in a rest house now.

    "Let's go in and take a look," Chi Bing suddenly said; she had some slight understanding towards Mo Wuji's methods. With Mo Wuji's intelligence, he definitely wouldn't be unaware that there definitely wouldn't be a place for them to stay in a rest house like God Joy Resthouse. Since Mo Wuji still decided to go over and take a look, it meant that Mo Wuji had his ways.


    God Joy Resthouse wasn't grand only on the outside. The inside of the rest house was equally majestic.

    As they stood in the spacious entrance hall, they felt as though the sky had not been separated from them, giving them a carefree feeling.

    "These dao friends, I'm truly sorry but there aren't any spare rooms now." Before Mo Wuji could ask anything, an attendant approached them with a smile.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly said, "I'm here to find a friend. He's in the late God Monarch Stage and he came half a year ago. We decided to meet at God Joy Resthouse but I arrived a few months late so I don't know which room he is staying in."

    "May I ask what's the name of your friend?" The attendant hurriedly asked when he heard that Mo Wuji was here to look for a friend.

    Mo Wuji said embarrassedly, "He should have used a false name. Even if I said his name, you wouldn't know it. You just need to tell me where a late stage God Monarch cultivator is staying."

    The attendant had a pressured expression as he said, "This dao friend, I'm truly unable to help you. There's no need to talk about how there's definitely more than one of our guests in the late God Monarch Stage. Even if there's only one, I would not be able to reveal the details of our guest."

    If not for a God King like Chi Bing standing beside Mo Wuji, this attendant might have already dismissed Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji retrieved a vase of pills and stuffed it into this attendant's hands and said, "Dao Friend, you only need to tell me the rooms of three late-stage God Monarchs that checked in within the last half a year. I will go and take a look. If all three of them aren't my friends, then I will wait for my friend outside."

    Draining Elemental God Pill? The moment this attendant saw the vase of pills, his heart skipped a beat and he subconsciously brought it closer to himself.

    The Draining Elemental God Pill wasn't a high tiered pill. In fact, it was only a Tier 1 god pill. However, this god pill had one great function, it could help Nascent God cultivators in their advancement. This attendant was only in Nascent God Level 6 and he was only a single step away from Nascent God Level 7. If he had this vase of Draining Elemental God Pill, he would definitely step into Nascent God Level 7.

    If it was any other pill, this attendant might have to consider it. But with the Draining Elemental God Pill in front of him, this attendant didn't need to consider. This pill was relatively harder to buy in pill houses, and even if he managed to get his hands on some, they would be of the poorest of qualities. Better Draining Elemental God Pills would be purchased by huge sects or clans the moment they were concocted.

    This pill was just like the Nascent God Fruit. The Nascent God Fruit was only a Tier 1 god fruit but its price exceeded many Tier 5 god herbs.

    "This... I can only tell you the rooms of three customers. Also, you must be careful not to disturb them, otherwise, I would be pulled down with you," This attendant whispered. This was Nirvana Dao City. He wasn't afraid that Mo Wuji would cause a ruckus, but he was scared that Mo Wuji would drag his reputation down.

    To get a job as an attendant in God Joy Resthouse was not an easy thing.

    "Rest assured. The time I will take definitely wouldn't exceed half an incense," Mo Wuji said resolutely.

    When he heard that Mo Wuji would only take half an incense's time, this attendant felt relieved. He flipped through the records and whispered, "Room 51A, Xun Chun. Checked in half a year ago and pays by the month. Room 121C, Wan Feizhou. Checked in seven months ago and pays every half a year. Room 73A, Jin Yongwu. Checked in half a year ago and has already paid for an entire year."

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said, "Many thanks, I will go and take a look."

    "Wait, I will follow the group of you." This attendant was still slightly nervous.

    "That's fine. We will first go to Room 73A then. This Jin Yongwu sounds like my friend." Mo Wuji chose Jin Yongwu because Jin Yongwu had already paid for an entire year and was staying in an A-type room. There was no need to ask to know that this fella was wealthy.

    Room 73A was on the 12th floor of God Joy Resthouse. When Mo Wuji and co. arrived, he didn't get the attendant to touch the door seals. Instead, he had the attendant wait with Chi Bing and co. while he touched the seal himself.

    The one that came out was a gloomy, scrawny, middle-aged man. Mo Wuji only needed a single glance to tell that this fella was at the pinnacle of the God Monarch Stage and he primarily cultivated the arts of Yin.

    "Who are you? Why have you appeared at my door?" When Jin Yongwu saw that puny Nascent God had touched his seal, his face immediately turned cold. However, he soon noticed Chi Bing and he didn't act up any further.

    When he saw this, the attendant's heart skipped a beat. Clearly, this fella wasn't the person that Mo Wuji was looking for. He only hoped that this guest was magnanimous and wouldn't be offended by Mo Wuji's actions.

    Mo Wuji directly took out a jade vase and handed it to Jin Yongwu, "Dao Friend Jin, take a look at this."

    Jin Yongwu didn't allow Mo Wuji into his room. Instead, he grabbed Mo Wuji's jade vase and scanned it with his spiritual will. Immediately, his expression changed and his heart started to pound furiously. This was actually a unique-grade World Bearing Pill.

    The World Bearing Pill was actually a Tier 4 god pill that could help Great Circle God Monarchs step into the World God Stage. Such a god pill was extremely hard to obtain.

    While he didn't come to Nirvana Dao City for the World Bearing Pill, the World Bearing Pill was the thing that he needed the most.

    The reason why he didn't intend to look for the World Bearing Pill was because the World Bearing Pill was truly too hard to obtain. The World Bearing Pill was only a Tier 4 god pill but this pill was difficult to make and it required the peak grade Moonlight Fruit. While the Moonlight Fruit wasn't as rare as the Clear Jade God Fruit, it was extremely hard to find. This god fruit grows from moonlight and it would wilt the moment sunlight lands on it.

    Even if he found the Moonlight Fruit, it would be hard to obtain the Tier 4 World Bearing Fruit without a Tier 5 God Pill King, much less a unique grade one.

    "What do you need me to do?" Jin Yongwu instantly understood Mo Wuji's meaning. He stared at Mo Wuji and asked.
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