Chapter 985: Mo Wuji Gives Free Points

    Chapter 985: Mo Wuji Gives Free Points

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    Jian Sha said indifferently, "The God Continent has too many Tier 5 God Pill Kings. These people only got here through large piles of god herbs. Besides wasting god herbs, what use to they have to the Pill Dao of the God Continent? However, this Rogue Cultivator 2705 seems to have some skill with refining god herbs. If it is proven that he isn't the descendant of the Eternal River Pill Dao, then we can have him join my Nirvana Learning Academy's Pill Sea."

    "If it's verified that this person isn't the descendant of the Eternal River Pill Dao, I will definitely relay the message to this rogue cultivator," Shi Caihe clasped his fists and said.


    Mo Wuji was very disappointed. He was a Tier 5 God Pill King but he couldn't pass the Tier 5 God Pill King Assessment. With his control over Tier 5 god pills, Mo Wuji could proudly say that the number of people stronger than him in the entire God Continent could be counted in only one hand.

    Now that he failed the Tier 5 God Pill King Assessment, he was only a Tier 4 God Pill Master. If he wanted to use his Pill Dao to participate in Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment, then he would really have to go through that rogue cultivator.

    This was because a Tier 4 God Pill Master needed to go through the Rogue Cultivator Alliance in order to represent the rogue cultivators in the Pill Dao. However, before he entered the Pill Dao Honour Tower, he denied to pay the Rogue Cultivator Alliance. If he went to pay now, the other party might not even accept it. Even if they did accept, he, Mo Wuji, wasn't going to lower himself to do such a thing.

    From the looks of it, he needed to go through some other way to participate in the assessment as a rogue cultivator.

    When Mo Wuji arrived at the first floor of the Pill Dao Honour Tower, he suddenly realised that he hadn't been transferred out; he had walked out by himself.

    A familiar person suddenly appeared in Mo Wuji's line of vision. In fright, Mo Wuji hurriedly lowered his head and increased the fire-type aura around his body.

    He actually saw High Firmament God Sect's Elder Ren Fei. This Elder Ren Fei was a God King, and since he was here at the entrance of the Pill Dao Honour Tower, Mo Wuji was sure that Ren Fei had come to find him.

    Although Mo Wuji walked out of the Honour Tower with a lowered head, Ren Fei still saw him. However, Ren Fei didn't notice anything. After all, whether it was the looks or the aura, Mo Wuji was completely different from when he was back in High Firmament God Sect.

    Originally, searching for Mo Wuji was Chi Kun's mission. It was just that Chi Kun had suddenly accepted a different mission and had left High Firmament God Sect. On the other hand, Yu Chuo, who was familiar with Mo Wuji, said that she was tired and needed to enter seclusion for some time. Yu Chuo's status wasn't ordinary. If she wasn't willing to do something, even the sect head couldn't force her.

    This matter could only be left to Ren Fei, who had met with Mo Wuji only once.

    Ren Fei could guess that Chi Kun wasn't willing to search for Mo Wuji because the two had some good relations. Moreover, Chi Kun probably felt that he had let Mo Wuji down. However, Ren Fei didn't mind. After all, he also recognised Mo Wuji.

    However, he didn't know that Chi Kun and Yu Chuo had concealed one fact from him, that was Mo Wuji had already been in disguise before he came to High Firmament City. Even the Mo Wuji that went to High Firmament God Sect had been in disguise. Even though Ren Fei was a God King and had great acumen, he wouldn't be able to recognise Mo Wuji at first glance.

    "Eh, you're out quick? It hasn't even been four hours, and you didn't even get transferred out. Could it be that you didn't take part in the assessment?" The yellow robed cultivator waiting outside the Pill Dao Honour Tower exclaimed when he saw Mo Wuji walk out.

    "I was curious about the Pill Dao Honour Tower, so I simply went in to take a look, can't I?" With that, Mo Wuji turned and left. He didn't want to stay here any longer.

    The yellow robed man frowned as he looked at Mo Wuji's disappearing back. That wasn't right. Those that failed in the Pill Dao Honour Tower would be transferred out. How could this fella have walked out?


    Mo Wuji passed by the Equipment, Array and Talisman Dao Honour Towers but he didn't enter them. Besides being a Tier 4 God Array Master, he was ordinary in the other Daos. His Talisman Dao, in particular, was very weak. He could only craft a Grade 1 God Talisman at the very most.

    So after he failed with the Pill Dao, it wasn't possible for to obtain other King Titles to get into Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment.

    Mo Wuji had yet to decide whether he should pay a visit to the Rogue Cultivator Alliance; he was going back to discuss with Chi Bing. After all, Chi Bing was a God King; she would be more experienced with dealing with such matters.

    A mist of blood suddenly exploded in front of Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji hurriedly reacted and retreated backwards.

    Unknowingly, he had walked to the plaza on the left. Another cultivator had been killed and kicked off the stage, and that cultivator happened to explode in front of him.

    Battle? Mo Wuji stopped. Since he didn't have many options, shouldn't he take part in the duel competition? The placings obtained through this could not be faked. After all, this thing was earned through actual ability.

    "This Dao Friend, may I ask how many placings would be allocated to the duel competition?" Mo Wuji carefully asked a Nascent God beside him.

    This cultivator saw Mo Wuji's cautious and respectful attitude and smiled, "Look, do you see that huge screen over there? There are 80 names on the screen. After the duel competition ends, the 80 names left on the screen would automatically represent the Rogue Cultivator Alliance in Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment."

    "Then how do I get my name on it?" Mo Wuji continued asking.

    This cultivator shook his head speechlessly. Mo Wuji's aura was inapparent but he actually wanted to take part in the duel competition? However, this fella still explained, "You only need to inscribe your name on the white jade tablet in front of the screen. Then you will need to fight on the stage. There are 30 duel stages here, and everyone only has one chance to get up on the stage. If you win a battle, you would get one point and wait for someone else to challenge you. When you cannot endure any further, you will either retire or leave the stage through defeat. The names that are on the display screen are those that have won consecutively."

    "If your points get you on the screen but you suddenly fail on stage. Would your points still be counted?" Mo Wuji asked.

    "There are two ways you could fail. One way is death. Naturally, you wouldn't have any points. The second way is defeat without death. When that happens, your points would be reduced by half. If you are still on the board after your points are reduced in half, then your points would be counted." After saying that, this cultivator continued with good intentions, "I say, Dao Friend, it's best for you not to go up on the stage. Do you know how many Nascent God experts die here every day? On the duel stage, among those that are defeated, few survive. Most of them are killed."

    "After killing the other party, does the winner get to obtain half of the points of the person he killed?" Mo Wuji was already prepared to go up on the duel stage. He knew that such rules might exist. He couldn't be bothered to search for them, so why not clarify the rules with a person?

    "Stop dreaming. Even if you kill the other party, you only get one point." This cultivator said disdainfully.

    "Many thanks." With that, Mo Wuji walked towards the array screen.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji actually went ahead to leave his name below the array screen, this cultivator shook his head speechlessly. He had seen people that were seeking death but he had never seen one like Mo Wuji.

    If it was so easy to obtain a placing to Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment, then there would be far more people here.

    When Mo Wuji reached the array screen, he discovered that there was a red line near the top of the screen. Above the red line, were eight names.

    "Why are there eight names above the red line?" Mo Wuji muttered to himself. Those eight names don't seem to have rankings.

    "Dao Friend should have just arrived at Nirvana Dao City right? Those eight names belong to people that no one dares to challenge. If a person wins a battle and no one dares to challenge him after an entire incense's time, his name would go above the red line. It doesn't matter how many points the person in first place gets, those above the red line would definitely represent the Rogue Cultivator Alliance in Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment," A middle-aged cultivator next to Mo Wuji explained.

    Mo Wuji started but he immediately came to an understanding. Clearly, those eight people were extremely strong, and their actions must have been very vicious. Otherwise, who wouldn't dare to challenge them in this sort of place.

    Mo Wuji sighed. How was this a duel stage? This was clearly a slaughter house. With such rules, no one would want to show mercy.

    However, he needed to go into this slaughter house and play in this slaughter game. It was either he kills someone or someone kills him. Mo Wuji walked to the white jade tablet and inscribed the name 'Rogue Cultivator 2705'. Ever since he stepped on the path towards Dao, there were things that he didn't want to do but he still had to do them anyway.

    The name 'Rogue Cultivator 2705' soon sunk into the white jade tablet and disappeared.

    No one seemed to care when Mo Wuji inscribed his name. Even though there were many people that didn't go up on stage, nor had the intentions of doing so, they still inscribed their names. This was because it didn't matter to them. Perhaps, they might suddenly want to go up on stage.

    Mo Wuji soon discovered that this was because after each battle ends, cultivators would have scramble up onto the stage. Only the fastest person would get to fight while the rest would get blocked by the seals.

    Before waiting long, a cultivator was sent flyign off the stage. This time, Mo Wuji's figure flashed and went ahead of everyone else. In the Nascent God Stage, no one could compare to his Wind Escape Art.

    The one on the duel stage was a Nascent God Level 9 cultivator. When he saw Mo Wuji land on the stage, he jolted slightly. Mo Wuji's fire-type aura was faint; clearly, his spiritual roots weren't very good. The strangest thing was that Mo Wuji didn't even look like he was in the late Nascent God Stage. A cultivator that wasn't even in the late Nascent God Stage dared to challenge him on the duel stage?

    "Dao Friend, please make your move." Mo Wuji clasped his fists, but he didn't attack.

    This Nascent God Level 9 cultivator shook his head and said, "Since that's the case, then prepare for my fist."

    As he said that, this cultivator didn't even use his magic treasure. He directly punched towards Mo Wuji. As he released this punch, his Nascent God Domain went into full power, directly sweeping over Mo Wuji.

    To him, Mo Wuji had come to give him a free point.
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