Chapter 986: Under-The-Table Manipulation

    Chapter 986: Under-The-Table Manipulation

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    A powerful domain surged towards Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain. Unfortunately, Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain was too overpowering. Even though Mo Wuji's opponent was a Nascent God Level 9 cultivator, when their domains met, it was like a stream water crashing against a steel wall. There was no impact on Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji only needed a casual slap to sent this Nascent God Level 9 cultivator off the stage.

    Mo Wuji sighed. If he actually suppressed a Nascent God Level 9 cultivator so easily, then he would catch the attention of everyone.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji could only helplessly release his whirlpool domain.

    This Nascent God Level 9 cultivator had never placed Mo Wuji in his ends. However, when he noticed that his domain was like an egg smashing against a rock, his heart tightened. At this moment, if his opponent sent his powerful domain over and attacked him, his little life would be threatened.

    Even though he knew that he didn't have time, this Nascent God still hurriedly brought out his magic treasure, a trident.

    Just as this Nascent God Level 9 cultivator was about to go all out, he suddenly felt that his domain had broken through his opponent's strange whirlpool domain. His entire body was freed from pressure.

    This Nascent God celebrated as he concentrated blade lights towards Mo Wuji. This was his strongest sacred art - Spatial Blade Forest.

    Mo Wuji seemed to struggle as he dodged this Blade Forest. Thereafter, he released a punch.

    All the cultivators below the stage could see that Mo Wuji's punch was like a Sun tearing through space. It directly shattered this Nascent God Level 9 cultivator's body and landed on his body.

    This Nascent God was directly sent flying. He coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood in mid-air and he fell heavily off the stage.

    Mo Wuji used his Domain Crushing Fist because he was portraying himself as a fire-type cultivator. Moreover, his cultivation was clearly not even in the late Nascent God Stage. Thus, he needed to use his best sacred art to send this other Nascent God off the stage.

    As a fire-type cultivator, his best sacred art would be a fire-type sacred art.

    Mo Wuji felt constipated as he sent his opponent off the stage. Such a battle truly wasn't enjoyable. Not only did he have to control his domain, he still had to restrain the power of his Domain Crushing Fist by half.

    After releasing that punch, he didn't even need to catch a breath. To keep up his act, he could not help but pop a pill in his mouth.

    Even though Mo Wuji had concealed half of the power of his Domain Crushing Fist, he still stunned all those below the stage.

    "What a strong fire-type sacred art. This person's cultivation isn't high but he is very strong. That fire-type sacred art is able to activate his fire-type roots to its fullest." Someone in the crowd exclaimed in shock.

    "If I had such a sacred art, I would dare to go up on stage even if I'm only at Nascent God Level 5."


    Although there were many people discussing Mo Wuji's powerful sacred art, a short man still came on the stage. He stood right in front of Mo Wuji.

    This was a cultivator in the peak of Nascent God Level 8. The moment he came up on stage, he slashed towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji naturally dodged it. This Nascent God's blade was like sprinkler water; it enveloped the entire stage. Those below the stage could only see blade light flashing across the entire stage. At the same time, they could see Mo Wuji jumping left and right within the blade light.

    After dodging for half an incense's time, the people below the stage saw Mo Wuji grab an opportunity to release a punch. This was the same fire-filled punch and it had the same might as before.

    This short cultivator was also sent flying by Mo Wuji. He also coughed out a mouthful of blood in mid-air and fell off the stage. Thereafter, Mo Wuji swallowed a pill.

    Seemingly noticing that Mo Wuji could only release one attack before he had to eat a pill, multiple cultivators flew towards the stage. Ultimately, a female cultivator snatched the chance.

    In the following battle, Mo Wuji continued to dodge as the woman attacked. After which, Mo Wuji found an opportunity to release a flame-powered punch and swallow a pill.

    The same punch, the same flame, the same result of being sent flying off the stage.

    After four hours, everyone around Mo Wuji's stage knew what kind of act Mo Wuji was. A fire-type Nascent God Level 6 cultivator. His spiritual roots were considered not bad; at least everyone could sense his fire-type aura.

    This cultivator only had three moves. The first move was to dodge his opponent's attack. Then, he would seize an opportunity to release his second move, a fire-type punch. Then, his third move was to swallow a pill and recover.

    The key move was his fire-type sacred art. No one on the stage was able to dodge it.

    Even so, cultivators still rushed towards his stage without end. Until now, no one had been killed on Mo Wuji's stage.

    This was rarely seen. In fact, it was simply a miracle that no one had been killed after more than ten consecutive battles. However, everyone thought it was expected. This was because Mo Wuji's method was too singular and his cultivation was too low.

    This was a Nascent God Level 6 cultivator that had to avoid all his opponent's move before finding a chance to release a punch. Clearly, it wasn't possible for him to have much killing power.

    The sunlight was still out as Mo Wuji won 28 battles in a row. On the screen, it showed that the points of the last placed person was 29. Mo Wuji guessed that he only needed to win two more battles before his name would appear on the array screen.

    "This person shouldn't be able to last much longer. Look, his fire-type sacred art seems to be getting increasingly weaker. Moreover, it seems like he takes a longer time to find an opportunity to attack."

    "The main reason should be because this person eats too many elemental energy restoring pills. Even the best pills have pill poison. If he doesn't remove them soon, it would clog his spirit channels and affect his elemental energy and spiritual will. It would also have a huge impact on his cultivator."

    "But what can he do besides take pills? If you were a Nascent God Level 6 cultivator that could only use one sacred art, would you have any other way to win continuously?"

    "I feel that in such a competition, pills shouldn't even be allowed. It's cheating."


    The discussions below the stage had no impact on Mo Wuji. By now, Mo Wuji had already won his 29th battle. Even though his name still wasn't on the screen, he knew that if he won the next round, his name would definitely appear.

    If he could, Mo Wuji really wouldn't have eaten these pills made from pure peak-grade Green Dew Rice. In his perspective, rice should be cooked in order to be enjoyed. He was only wasting it. But if he didn't eat them, how could he win consecutively as a Nascent God Level 6 cultivator?

    "This person should be an arrow at the end of its flight. I will get rid of him." A fierce-looking man snorted coldly and stepped onto the stage.

    The moment he stepped on the stage, his powerful domain directly locked onto Mo Wuji. The strength of a Great Circle Nascent God was revealed.

    As Mo Wuji got swept into this domain, he immediately looked sluggish and his movement seemed to feel forced.

    "Little kid, you actually dare to spoil my Rogue Cultivator Alliance's business. Die for me..." This fierce-looking man snorted harshly. A sawtooth blade cleaved strongly down towards the sealed Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji 'struggled' to escape, but this person's domain seemed to be too strong as it directly trapped Mo Wuji from taking any actions.

    Mo Wuji asked with a look of fluster, "I came here according to the rules. How have I spoiled the Rogue Cultivator Alliance's business? I'm also a rogue cultivator."

    This fierce-looking cultivator said in a soft voice, "Kid, I will let you be a ghost without remorse. My Rogue Cultivator Alliance had already decided on who would obtain the placings. A mere rogue cultivator ant like you actually dares to covet the placings. Die for me..."

    This fella was a rogue cultivator too, so why did he have to call a rogue cultivator an ant? In an instant, Mo Wuji came to an understanding. Many of the battles should be faked. The Rogue Cultivator Alliance should have arranged for some seeded players to influence the points. There would actually be cultivators that went up to give away points. On the other hand, those that don't know of the matter like him would be soon be killed.

    No wonder why among the 80 placings, the first place had more than a 100 points while the worst one had 29 points. Even the strongest Nascent God cultivator would have difficulties winning 100 battles in a row, right? Mo Wuji did not believe that every Nascent God was like him and cultivated meridians instead of spirit channels. Moreover, he had 108 meridians, among which were three spirit storage channels. He also had a violet lake inside his sea of consciousness.

    From the looks of it, those representing the Rogue Cultivator Alliance in the Nirvana Learning Academy would actually be those from big sects or clans.

    Rogue cultivators were still rogue cultivators. They were exactly as this fierce-looking man had said - ants.

    This was a true under-the-table manipulation.

    Mo Wuji sighed. Whether it was the Honour Towers or the due competition, there didn't seem to be fairness and justice.

    He realised how laughable his previous idea of sparing his 'fellow' rogue cultivators was so laughable.

    Since that's the case, then he would kill. Those that wanted his, Mo Wuji's, life, would have to pay with their own. Previously, he didn't want people to notice him. Now, he couldn't care any further. Fear the wolf in front and the tiger at the back had never been his personality.

    The sawtooth blade had already reached Mo Wuji's head. The previously trapped Mo Wuji seemed to activate some secret technique. His figure suddenly flashed and he released a punch.

    "Bang!" The big man that acted against Mo Wuji was sent flying with that punch.

    Everyone gasped at Mo Wuji's actions, impressed with his act of dodging the sawtooth blade. However, no one was worried for that fierce-looking man. This was because everyone knew that Mo Wuji's attack lacked killing power. At the most, he would cough out blood and get off with light injuries.

    But at the very next instant, everyone was shocked. When that fierce-looking man was sent off the stage, his entire body exploded into a mist of blood. Just as his primordial spirit emerged, it was covered in flames and it disappeared without a trace.

    This was true extinguishing of a soul.
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