Chapter 987: Rogue Cultivator Alliance

    Chapter 987: Rogue Cultivator Alliance

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    The hearts of all the spectators went cold. Since when did this fire-type Nascent God get so powerful? Soon, most of them understood what was going on. Previously, this cultivator had been showing mercy. But this time, because the other party came in wanting his life, this Nascent God decided to be vicious.

    The crowd momentarily went silent. The previous scene of someone rushing up onto the stage temporarily disappeared.

    Mo Wuji had actually killed a person that was half a step into the Heavenly God Stage with a single punch. That act had left everyone transfixed. At the moment, no one dared to challenge him.

    However, this did not last for long. A grey robed cultivator at the Great Circle of Nascent God Level 9 went up on stage. After he stepped onto the stage, he didn't say a word. He simply shot his magic treasure towards Mo Wuji. Killing intent filled the entire stage. Although the stage had seals, the cultivators by the side of the stage could still feel it. This cultivator was clearly determined to kill Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji still intentionally dodged a few of his opponent's attacks before releasing a punch.

    Without exception, this grey robed cultivator was sent flying out of the stage. This time, no one looked at Mo Wuji, but at the grey-robed cultivator.

    Indeed, this grey robed cultivator exploded in mid-air and faced complete soul extinguishment.

    All the spectators started to engage in discussions. No one continued believing that Mo Wuji was a Mr Nice Guy.

    Almost everyone could see that this rogue cultivator was enraged. The next to go up on stage would definitely face the same outcome of soul extinguishment.

    An incense's time passed but no one dared to challenge Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji saw that his name went from the bottom of the screen to the 9th one. He had ended up above the red line.

    Now that the placing was safely in his hands, Mo Wuji lightly stepped off the stage and disappeared.

    Mo Wuji didn't regret showing mercy in his first 20 to 30 battles. He knew that it wasn't because he killed two people in a row that no one dared to challenge him now. Instead, it was because he won 29 times consecutively without killing anyone. This let everyone know that he had the ability to kill 29 people in a row. It was just that he didn't choose to do it.

    It was the combined act of sending 29 people off the stage and killing 2 which caused others not to dare to challenge him. Now, even an idiot could see that he was showing mercy previously and he was no longer doing so. If anyone still dared to challenge him, they would really be courting death.


    After Mo Wuji left the plaza, he directly headed to where the assessment jade tokens were being distributed.

    He knew that those with King Titles could directly come and collect their jade tokens. Even though he didn't have a King Title, he was a person that was above the red line on the Rogue Cultivator Duel Competition. According to the rules, cultivators above the red line would automatically get a placing to Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment.

    "You are not a King Title holder. Although you have obtained a placing for the assessment, you would need to collect your jade token from the Rogue Cultivator Alliance." The cultivator at the distribution site was a middle-aged woman at the late Heavenly God Stage. She spoke coldly after understanding Mo Wuji's situation.

    Mo Wuji's heart sunk. He didn't want to deal with the Rogue Cultivator Alliance. Clearly, some of the people in the Rogue Cultivator Alliance were being controlled. These people put on the pretence of a rogue cultivator, but in reality, they were doing underhand and shady deals.

    However, he was truly too weak. Besides going to the Rogue Cultivator Alliance, he had no other options.

    In Nirvana Dao City, the Rogue Cultivator Alliance might be called an alliance but it couldn't hold a candle against big sects and huge family clans.

    The Rogue Cultivator Alliance's encampment wasn't very big; they only occupied one floor of Nirvana Dao City's Affairs Guild.

    "Pill Master Mo..." Just as Mo Wuji reached the Affairs Guild, a voice suddenly called out to him.

    Mo Wuji turned and saw that it was actually Minor High Firmament Sect's Sect Head Xi Lingru. Xi Lingru was dressed in brown robes and he approached Mo Wuji smilingly.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly clasped his fists and said, "I truly didn't think that I would meet the sect head in Nirvana Dao City."

    Xi Lingru eagerly said, "Pill Master Mo, I have specially come to find you."

    Mo Wuji could guess that Xi Lingru was probably here due to the peak-grade Green Dew Rice. However, he did not mind. His relationship with Xi Lingru was not bad, and it was unlikely that Xi Lingru would lay hands on him here, much less expose the fact that he could grow peak-grade Green Dew Rice.

    Moreover, he wasn't a person without backing anymore; he had Chi Bing with him. Don't underestimate Chi Bing because she was only at God King Level 1; she was definitely one with explosive combat power.

    Noticing the look of amazement on Mo Wuji's face, Xi Lingru hurriedly formed a sound-inhibiting seal around them, "I came here to thank you for your generous gifts. Also, I thought that Pill Master Mo would come to participate in Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment, so I specially came here to wait for you. Oh right, I wanted to give this to Pill Master Mo."

    As he said that, Xi Lingru handed Mo Wuji an ancient-looking book.

    Mo Wuji flipped open the book and three words greeted him - Grand Array Dao.

    A gift of an array book? What's the meaning of this?

    Mo Wuji looked at Xi Lingru in doubts. He didn't tell anyone in Minor High Firmament God Sect that he was skilled in the Array Dao.

    Xi Lingru hurriedly explained, "I only recently came to know that Pill Master Mo was also an Array Master. Before I came, I went to kill Guang Ting just for Pill Master Mo."

    Mo Wuji wasn't an obtuse person. The moment he heard Xi Lingru's words, he came to an understanding. Clearly, Xi Lingru knew that he had killed Guang Zhi.

    He, himself, was a Grade 4 Array Master but he still requested for the help of an elder of Minor High Firmament Sect to help him install a Grade 4 defensive array. It would be strange to not notice that things were strange. With Xi Lingru's capabilities, Xi Lingru only needed to investigate slightly to understand that his motive was to kill Guang Zhi.

    Guang Zhi was at Nascent God Level 7. He, Mo Wuji, was actually able to kill Guang Zhi without anyone noticing it. This showed that he was much stronger than Guang Zhi.

    Since Mo Wuji was much stronger than Guang Zhi, was proficient in the Pill and Array Dao, and was even a master at growing Green Dew Rice, it would be weird if he didn't want to participate in Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment.

    Mo Wuji kept the Grand Array Dao, then he clasped his fists, "Sect Head, Guang Zhi tried to act against me, so I had to be ruthless. As a result, I damaged Minor High Firmament Village's defensive array. I seek the sect head's forgiveness."

    Mo Wuji confessed honestly.

    Xi Lingru chuckled, "Pill Master Mo, if I cared about such a minor incident, I wouldn't have killed Guang Ting before coming here."

    After saying that, Xi Lingru continued in a low voice, "I previously saw High Firmament God Sect's Elder Ren Fei at the Pill Dao Honour Tower. You need to be careful of him."

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Rest assured Sect Head. Besides Chi Kun and Yu Chuo, no one else knows of my current disguise. Ren Fei shouldn't be able to find me."

    Xi Lingru uttered in praise, "Pill Master Mo's future is sure to be bright. I have always wanted Minor High Firmament Sect to be independent from High Firmament God Sect, then come to High God Land. Unfortunately, my abilities and knowledge are limited. So, I could only dream of such things."

    "Sect Head, you have earned a friend in me. If I enter into Nirvana Learning Academy, if there's anything that I can help Sect Head Xi in, you only need to ask me." Mo Wuji knew that Xi Lingru's purpose here was to befriend him. Xi Lingru was not bad; he had come to Nirvana Dao City from Minor High Firmament Sect. Clearly, he was extremely sincere.

    Moreover, Xi Lingru had even revealed his dream of wanting to be independent from High Firmament God Sect. He was truly here to befriend Mo Wuji.

    Xi Lingru chuckled, "Lil Pal Mo, my heart is reassured with those words of yours. If you don't mind that I'm far older than you, you can directly call me Brother Ru."

    Mo Wuji naturally didn't mind. Although Xi Lingru was a sect head and a God King, he was also a sect head. Moreover, he was a God Pill King. In terms of status, he was definitely not lower than Xi Lingru.

    "Wuji, where are you going now? I really want to request your help with something." Xi Lingru went straight to the point.

    Mo Wuji did not mind. He disliked people that went around the bush. Moreover, he had already guessed that Xi Lingru was here because of the peak-grade Green Dew Rice.

    "I just participated in the Rogue Cultivator Duel Competiton and I won a placing for the assessment. I'm now headed to the Rogue Cultivator Alliance to collect a jade token for the assessment," Mo Wuji said honestly.

    "Alright, I will follow you." Xi Lingru did not hesitate to say. After which, he asked smilingly, "Pill Master Mo, exactly what is your cultivation? The last time I saw you, your aura was inapparent, your spiritual roots quality was bad and your cultivation was in the early Nascent God Stage. How is it that in this short period of time, your spiritual roots quality has become not bad and you have become a fire-type cultivator as Nascent God Level 6?"

    Mo Wuji smiled, "I have an impressive sacred art which is able to do all this. Come, let's go to the Rogue Cultivator Alliance."

    Seeing that Mo Wuji wasn't willing to share much about it, Xi Lingru knew not to ask any further.

    If Mo Wuji was really a simple person, he wouldn't have been able to cultivate both the Pill and Array Dao, nor could he have easily killed late-stage Nascent Gods. It was even less likely that he could have obtained a placing in the cruel Rogue Cultivator Duel Competition.

    Xi Lingru didn't know the rules of the competition, so he also didn't know how Mo Wuji obtained a placing.


    Mo Wuji and Xi Lingru arrived at the 7th floor of the Affairs Guild. They saw three relatively majestic words - Rogue Cultivator Alliance.

    "I will wait here for you. You can go in and handle your matters." Xi Lingru didn't choose to enter.

    Mo Wuji knew what Xi Lingru was thinking. Xi Lingru probably knew that the Rogue Cultivator Alliance was slightly shady. Xi Lingru should be worried that he was doing to engage in some deal with the Rogue Cultivator Alliance, so he chose to stay outside.]

    There was only a spiritual will inhibiting seal on the entrance to the Rogue Cultivator Alliance; it didn't stop people from going in. After Mo Wuji walked past the seal, he saw a large, round-shaped hall.

    In front of him, Mo Wuji saw a huge array screen. The placings of the duel competition were on the screen; the name Rogue Cultivator 2705 was still above the red line.

    "Do you have any business here?" A female cultivator at the early Heavenly God Stage stopped Mo Wuji from coming in any further and she asked warily.

    If this was before, Mo Wuji would be very confused. It was natural for rogue cultivators to come to the Rogue Cultivator Alliance. Why was there a need for her to be so wary? But now, Mo Wuji thought that this was normal. This was a place where under-the-table deals were dealt. It was just that they hung the signboard of the Rogue Cultivator Alliance.

    Mo Wuji didn't waste any words. He simply pointed to the large array screen and said, "I am Rogue Cultivator 2705. I just obtained a placing to Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment and I am here to collect my jade token."

    Hearing that Mo Wuji was here to collect a jade token, this female cultivator didn't even say a word. She immediately tapped the starlight image on her wrist.
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