Chapter 988: Making A Move

    Chapter 988: Making A Move

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    Mo Wuji felt the entire space around him releasing light cracking sounds. Immediately, his vision and spiritual will were sealed within this round shaped hall. If not for his spirit storage channel, he wouldn't even be able to release any spiritual will.

    An extreme sense of pressure came over him; Mo Wuji suddenly felt an intense sense of fear.

    Mo Wuji was a Grade 4 God Array Master after all. He was soon able to understand what was going on; he had been trapped in an array. This array was very high in grade. It should be a Grade 5 imprisonment array.

    His heart pounded rapidly; he even felt an intense urge to try and charge out. This was all because this was a powerful imprisonment array. As time passed, this urge got stronger, strong to the point where he felt suffocated. This suffocation wasn't due to a lack of breath. Instead, it came from his entire body.

    This even caused Mo Wuji to have a rash impulse. He wanted to kill this female cultivator, then immediately charge out of the Rogue Cultivator Alliance.

    Before he came here, Mo Wuji already knew that the Rogue Cultivator Alliance was a shady place. However, he never thought that it would dare to use an imprisonment array here.

    If this matter was revealed, it would definitely face the wrath of the Nirvana Learning Academy. It might not even be impossible for the entire Rogue Cultivator Alliance to be exterminated. Mo Wuji truly wondered where this Rogue Cultivator Alliance got the guts to actually do such a thing.

    Mo Wuji went on guard but he didn't do anything else. He believed that if the Rogue Cultivator Alliance could simply kill him just like this, then Nirvana Dao City wouldn't have earned its reputation as the safest place in the entire God Domain. Even if the Rogue Cultivator Alliance and Nirvana Dao City were in cahoots, they still wouldn't be so brazen. Moreover, it was more probable that there were a minute few that were corrupted.

    To be honest, Mo Wuji didn't even place this early-stage Heavenly God woman in his eyes. He also knew that if the Rogue Cultivator Alliance wanted to lay hands on him, then they definitely wouldn't have sent this woman alone.

    As Mo Wuji went on guard, his 108 meridians instantly formed a great major circulation path. A cooling sensation came from the violet lake in his sea of consciousness. Soon, this sensation spread to his breath scattering channel. After passing through his breath scattering channel, that suffocating pressure weakened significantly and his impulse to attack disappeared. Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. He secretly used his spirit storage channel to activate a recording crystal ball, and at the same time, he stared at calmly at the woman.

    After waiting for more than ten breaths of time and realising that Mo Wuji didn't have any intentions of attacking, the female cultivator asked coldly, "Are you actually Rogue Cultivator 2705?"

    Mo Wuji remained calm, "That's right, I'm Rogue Cultivator 2705. I earned a placing for Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment back in the Rogue Cultivator Duel Competition and I'm here to collect my jade token."

    "Let me first verify this information before I can allow you to collect the jade token. Wait here for a moment." This female cultivator got anxious. According to what she was told, Mo Wuji should have panicked and tried to attack her.

    "Alright." Mo Wuji answered. After which, he frowned and said, "Why is it that things were normal when I first came in. But after you pressed the star diagram on your wrist, I felt a heavy pressure? It even caused me to feel unsettled? I have clearly showed respect to you and the Rogue Cultivator Alliance. However, I actually felt the impulse to attack. What was going on?"

    The female cultivator looked at Mo Wuji blankly. This wasn't the first time she did such a thing. Usually, the other party would try to attack her and she would immediately get rid of the imprisonment array. That way, the Rogue Cultivator Alliance would be in the right and there was no need for them to go through Nirvana Dao City to deal with the attacker.

    Even if the attacker didn't actually lay hands on her, the mere act of trying to do so would allow her Rogue Cultivator Alliance without needing to inform Nirvana Dao City. After all, for such a small matter, why would anyone want to think too much about it?

    Mo Wuji was the first cultivator that managed to withstand the pressure and even asked about it.

    "It should be because you're still nervous after coming out from the Duel Competition. How about this, you can place your hand into the groove and it would verify your identity." The female cultivator casually responded to Mo Wuji's questions, then she pointed towards a hand-shaped groove under the array screen.

    This time, Mo Wuji didn't hesitate. He directly walked towards the groove and placed his hand it. He saw this groove the moment he entered. If there was something with this groove, then the Rogue Cultivator Alliance definitely wouldn't have displayed it so publicly.

    The female cultivator looked at Mo Wuji in astonishment. Mo Wuji seemed so cautious previously but why didn't he ask any questions about the groove? If Mo Wuji had asked questions, she would have berated him and instigated him to attack her. Now that Mo Wuji was so obedient, she didn't have the chance to do so.

    Just as Mo Wuji placed his hand on the groove, an empty frame appeared.

    The female cultivator hurriedly said, "Please write the words, Gou Zongcai, on the chart."

    Mo Wuji jolted. Gou Zongcai was clearly a name. This frame appeared due to his hand imprint, so why did he have to write the name Gou Zongcai?

    "Hurry, I don't have much time to spend with you." The female cultivator's voice was lined with a hint of impatience.

    Mo Wuji did not hesitate to write 'Rogue Cultivator 2705'. What kind of thing was Gou Zongcai? He was naturally going to write his own name.

    "Kacha!" Just as Mo Wuji wrote his name, a jade token fell out. Mo Wuji hurriedly scanned the jade token with his spiritual will, and after verifying that the name on it was his, he swept it up and kept it.

    The name written on the chart would result in the jade token belonging to that person. This showed that there was a huge BUG and even an idiot would know what this BUG was. Since everyone knew about it and this BUG still existed, what did that mean?

    Although Mo Wuji's actions were swift, they were not fast enough to get past the female cultivator's eyes. When she saw that Mo Wuji didn't write Gou Zongcai but Rogue Cultivator 2705, her face instantly changed. She immediately pressed the communication bead on her wrist. A door suddenly appeared in the round-shaped hall and two figures appeared.

    One of them beloned to a big and tall man in grey robes. His eyes were slightly thin. Even though he didn't use his aura to place pressure on Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji could tell that this man was a God king. Beside this God King, was a woman who had a figure that could invite disaster. Mo Wuji could clearly discern this woman's cultivation; she should be in World God Level 6.

    "You are Rogue Cultivator 2705? You're not bad. You only killed two people but you obtained a placing for the assessment." The moment that tall God King came in, he asked Mo Wuji a question. However, he did not wait for Mo Wuji to answer before he continued speaking.

    "That's right," Mo Wuji said indifferently, "Now that I have collected my jade token, can I go?"

    "No hurry." This God King said coldly, "Your cultivation technique is rather impressive."

    Mo Wuji understood what he was saying. Ordinary Nascent Gods definitely couldn't resist the pressure from the imprisonment array. He, however, managed to easily do so.

    "If I tell you that I can kill you right now and no one would know about it, would you believe me?" This God King continued coldly.

    Mo Wuji's heart skipped a best and he hurriedly severed his spirit storage channel's connection to the recording crystal ball. If this God King placed pressure on him, then his recording would definitely be discovered, even if he was using his spirit storage channel.

    Previously, he didn't need to fear that female Heavenly God cultivator. However, a God King was an existence that could kill him with a single slap. Moreover, Mo Wuji did not care to assume that Nirvana Dao City would stand up for a Nascent God that was killed by a God King.

    "I believe the Nirvana Learning Academy..." As Mo Wuji was speaking, he suddenly released a sacred art. His target was that female Heavenly God cultivator.

    Seeing Mo Wuji use a sacred art, that God King wasn't astonished, but elated. This kid had finally made a move. As long as Mo Wuji was the one who initiated the attack, then things would be much simpler.

    Mo Wuji had no other choice but to make a move. If this God King went first, he wouldn't even have a chance to do anything.

    "Kacha!" On the surface, Mo Wuji looked like he was attacking that female Heavenly God. But in reality, he was actually attacking the array core of the door.

    The seals on the door were instantly blasted apart. However, it wasn't due to Mo Wuji, but Xi Lingru.

    Xi Lingru had been waiting outside the entire time. The moment he noticed some elemental ripples, he did not hesitate to rip apart the seals and charge into the round shaped hall.

    When he saw Xi Lingru, Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. Although Xi Lingru had a motive for befriending him, Xi Lingru was still a person worth befriending. One must know that ripping open the seals of Rogue Cultivator Alliance without a valid reason was a huge crime. Moreover, Xi Lingru didn't know that he had the crystal ball as evidence.

    God King? The moment Xi Lingru entered, that tall God King's eyes turned serious. He instantly stopped his actions.

    "Sect Head Xi, what's the meaning of this? While my Rogue Cultivator Alliance is formed from rogue cultivators, we are not a place that could be casually intruded." This God King recognised Xi Lingru and knew that Xi Lingru was the sect head of Low God Land's Minor High Firmament Sect. He also knew that Xi Lingru was at God King Level 4, one level higher than him.

    Before Xi Lingru could say anything, an oppressive pressure surged in from the window. Immediately, a red robed cultivator landed in Rogue Cultivator Alliance's round shaped hall.

    "Who dares to cause a ruckus here?" The red robed man's eyes swept across the group. On his chest, there were words: Nirvana Dao City Enforcer.

    After asking that question, this red robed man threw out a flying messenger sword.

    This red robed man's cultivation was only at the intermediate World God Stage. Mo Wuji guessed that he probably asked for help after seeing that there were two God Kings here.

    That tall God King clasped his fists and said, "Rogue Cultivator Alliance's Luo Yu greets Enforcer Fu. This puny Nascent God actually dared to make a move within my Rogue Cultivator Alliance and his companion actually tore open my defensive array. I believe that this puny Nascent God probably thinks that he could do anything because he has the backing of a God King."
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