Chapter 989: Responding Calmly

    Chapter 989: Responding Calmly

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    "Sect Head Xi, it's enough that a Nascent God is ignorant. However, you are a sect head and a God King. To actually attack the defensive array of my Rogue Cultivator Alliance, isn't that too unreasonable?" Rogue Cultivator Alliance's God King Luo Yu first addressed the red-robed enforcer, then turned to denounce Xi Lingru.

    Xi Lingru turned to look at Mo Wuji. With Mo Wuji's performance back at Minor High Firmament Village, Xi Lingru didn't believe that Mo Wuji didn't have something up his sleeves.

    "What exactly happened here? Who was the first one to make a move?" A stern voice resounded. Thereafter, another two figures landed.

    The moment the two landed, Mo Wuji could tell that there were both God Kings. Moreover, neither of them were weaker than Xi Lingru. He could only sigh emotionally in his heart. The Nirvana Learning Academy was truly strong. Not only did they respond fast, they had as many God Kings as vegetables; they were able to send two just like that.

    In God Domain, having two God Kings in the sect would make it a top-class one.

    Mo Wuji didn't know that there were only three God King enforcers in the entire Nirvana Dao City. These two of them represented 66% of their God King strength. The reason for Nirvana Dao City's strength wasn't from the strength of the city enforcers but Nirvana Learning Academy.

    If you committed a crime here, it wouldn't matter how strong you are. You wouldn't be able to escape punishment. One reason was that Nirvana Dao City's defensive array was a Tier 6 god array. Even a God King wouldn't be able to easily break through it.

    Mo Wuji rushed to take the initiative. He respectfully bowed towards the two green-robed God Kings and that red-robed enforcer. Thereafter, he did not hide anything, nor exaggerate anything, as he explained the situation.

    "Your Rogue Cultivator Alliance actually dared to install an imprisonment array here to control the placings?" A green-robed God King stared at Luo Yu. The two of them stood upright and oppressed Luo Yu with their auras.

    "A bunch of bull**." Luo Yu's voice seemed to be shaking in anger. He pointed at Mo Wuji and scolded harshly, "It's true that the management of the Rogue Cultivator Alliance is not united. Previously, that cultivator that asked you for god crystals was indeed a proof our my Rogue Cultivator Alliance's poor management. However, you cannot use that as a reason to use the support of a God King to cause a ruckus here, right? If not for the enforcers, do you think that I would spare your life? Moreover, how is this an imprisonment array? The two God King enforcers can take a look. This is an ordinary defensive array."

    Luo Yu simply wanted to kill Mo Wuji a thousand times over. This should have been a simple affair but this kid blew it up.

    "Your balls are rather big, to actually dare to speak off the cuff here." Before the two God Kings could say anything, that red-robed World God enforcer was first to berate Mo Wuji. From the way he positioned himself, it looked as though he would immediately attack Mo Wuji as long as the two God Kings gave the word.

    Mo Wuji only needed a single glance to tell that this red-robed enforcer was in cahoots with the Rogue Cultivator Alliance. He clasped his fists towards the two green-robed God Kings and said, "These two Senior Enforcers, this junior has some understanding towards the Array Dao. It's very simple to instantly turn an imprisonment array into an ordinary defensive array, even this junior is able to do it."

    One of the green-robed God Kings waved his hand at Mo Wuji and said coldly, "If that's all that you can say, then it's not enough evidence. Follow us back to Nirvana Dao City's Enforcement Hall, we will conduct a soul search on you. This is because a mere Nascent God like you dared to offend a God King expert."

    Mo Wuji's heart sunk. He didn't think that fairness was relative here. He immediately took out a crystal ball and activated it, "Senior Enforcers, please take a look at the recordings in my crystal ball."

    Seeing Mo Wuji take out the crystal ball, Luo Yu's heart also felt like it had sunk into a pool of ice. He truly couldn't fathom how Mo Wuji was able to record in a crystal ball. After all, spiritual will was sealed here and Mo Wuji would need to use spiritual will to activate the recording crystal ball.

    Unfortunately, he didn't dare to say that this crystal ball was fake, nor did he dare to destroy this crystal ball. The two God King enforcers could tell the authenticity of the recording even with their eyes closed.

    Mo Wuji being trapped by the imprisonment array, Mo Wuji's follow-up questions and even Luo Yu's claim that he would kill Mo Wuji were all reflected clearly in the crystal ball.

    That green-robed enforcer looked at the crystal ball, then turned to stare at Luo Yu, "Do you have anything else to say?"

    Luo Yu's face turned pale. If this was anywhere else, he would have immediately fled. However, this was Nirvana Dao City. There was no need to talk about how he was facing two God Kings that were more powerful than him. Even if he was facing a Heavenly God enforcer, he still wouldn't be able to escape.

    "I have nothing else to say." If Luo Yu knew that he would fall because of a puny Nascent God, he definitely wouldn't have taken the risk just for one placing token.

    It was true that a placing token could fetch him a large number of cultivation resources. But if he was taken away by the God King enforcers of Nirvana Dao City, then it would be very hard for him to come back out. Even if he could come out, he would lose a layer of his skin. As for his personal belongings, there's no need to take about them. Moreover, it would come at the cost of a huge favour.

    Luo Yu subconsciously looked at the red-robed enforcer. At this moment, he could only hope that things would get blown up even further. If the matter got aggravated and more people got dragged in, there would be more hope for him.

    After the red-robed enforcer looked at Mo Wuji's crystal ball, his expression got warmer. He nodded towards Mo Wuji and said, "You have done well. This can be considered as self-defence. If the Rogue Cultivator Alliance is able to commit such an act, then could they have done other things? When you participated in the Rogue Cultivator Duel Competition, did you notice anything amiss?"

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said, "Answering the enforcer, the stage that I was on was very fair. At least, I didn't discover anything."

    This kid is amazing. Luo Yu shot a glance at Mo Wuji. Looking at the expression of righteousness on Mo Wuji's face, he simply wanted to squash Mo Wuji into juice. If Mo Wuji was able to obtain a placing above the red line, then Mo Wuji must have definitely discovered something. However, this kid actually wasn't willing to reveal that matter. He was definitely a superb actor.

    Mo Wuji sneered in his heart. He definitely didn't believe that this enforcer didn't know about the misdoings of the Rogue Cultivator Alliance. If he still chose to burst this bubble of **, he would be the first one to get splashed by the **.

    "You need to be honest. If I find out that you're hiding something, then don't blame me for behaving rudely." The red-robed enforcer did not seem to fear those two green-robed God Kings. He threatened Mo Wuji openly.

    Mo Wuji said indifferently, "I'm only a mere Nascent God. If there was something going on, then the enforcers would have been able to discover it. If a mere Nascent God like me could discover something after a few matches, then I wouldn't be a rogue cultivator but a core disciple of a big sect."

    The red-robed enforcer was left speechless by Mo Wuji's words. One of the green-robed God Kings said to Mo Wuji and Xi Lingru, "The two of you can leave."

    After saying that, that green-robed God King conjured a huge elemental hand, grabbing Luo Yu and the two female cultivators. The figures of the God Kings flashed and all of them disappeared.


    After Mo Wuji brought Xi Lingru back to God Joy Resthouse, Xi Lingru started to chuckle, "Wuji, I knew that you would bring out a recording crystal ball. As expected."

    "I had no other choice. Who asked me to be so weak? This time, I really have to thank Old Brother. If not for your help, I might actually have been off-ed by that bastard." Mo Wuji said helplessly. He was truly helpless. If he was stronger, would he have needed to use that recording crystal ball?

    When Mo Wuji heard that the Nascent God would be in the wrong in a conflict between a Nascent God and a God King, he knew that he had taken a huge risk previously. If Luo Yu decided to accept the punishments and kill him, then he could only die with remorse. After he got into Nirvana Learning Academy, he would definitely have to raise his power.

    "Wuji, I believe that you would definitely be able to enter Nirvana Learning Academy. If there's no need for it, try not to leave Nirvana Learning Academy. I'm sure that Luo Yu would not be executed. At the most, he would be punished before being pulled out by the Rogue Cultivator Alliance. At the end of the day, Nirvana Dao City is not Nirvana Learning Academy." Xi Lingru instructed.

    He, Xi Lingru, was not afraid of Luo Yu. However, this was not the same for Mo Wuji; Mo Wuji was truly too weak.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "I know. Old Brother should be here for the peak-grade Green Dew Rice?"

    Xi Lingru smiled, "I knew that I couldn't hide it from you. I'm truly here because of the peak-grade Green Dew Rice. If it's possible, I would like 10 catties of Green Dew Rice from you every year. I desperately need it. If you're lacking any cultivation resources or god herbs, you only need to open your mouth and ask me."

    Mo Wuji did not hesitate to retrieve a cloth bag and pass it to Xi Lingru, "Old Brother Lingru, here are 20 catties of peak-grade Green Dew Rice. You can take it first. After I settle down in Nirvana Learning Academy, I will grow more Green Dew Rice."

    "20 catties of peak-grade Green Dew Rice?" Xi Lingru suddenly stood up. Even his hands were trembling. To take out 20 catties of peak-grade Green Dew Rice at a single go. Wasn't that shocking? Previously, he thought that Mo Wuji could only grow a few catties of peak-grade Green Dew Rice. From the looks of it, his thoughts were too far from the truth. Mo Wuji's amazingness truly could not be on his scale of imagination.

    "Wuji, this is?" Chi Bing's voice sounded. Following which, Chi Bing appeared at the door of Mo Wuji's room.

    She could feel that there was a God King expert in the room, so she came over to take a look.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly said, "Sister Bing, this is Xi Lingru, the sect head of Minor High Firmament Sect. He's also a friend of mine. Not long ago, he even saved me in the Rogue Cultivator Alliance."

    After saying that, Mo Wuji introduced Xi Lingru to Chi Bing.

    Xi Lingru, who was holding tightly onto the bag of Green Dew Rice, suddenly rejoiced at his choice. With Mo Wuji's performance, if he had tried to use some underhanded means to get to Mo Wuji, then he definitely wouldn't have gotten a single grain of rice. There was even a God King next to Mo Wuji; he didn't even know about that.

    Well, it was to be expected. It was normal for a person like Mo Wuji to befriend a God King. Wasn't he also a God King? Even he ran all the way from Low God Land just to find Mo Wuji.

    "Wuji, many thanks. You have helped me greatly." Xi Lingru carefully kept the Green Dew Rice.

    At this time, a voice suddenly came from the outside, "May I ask if Pill Master Mo is around? Nirvana Learning Academy Pill Sea's Shi Caihe has come to visit."
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