Chapter 990: Shi Caihes Investigation

    Chapter 990: Shi Caihe's Investigation

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    Shi Caihe? Mo Wuji's heart was filled with doubts. Who was this Shi Caihe? He had never heard of such a person.

    When Xi Lingru heard the name, a look of astonishment instantly emerged on his face. When he turned to look at Mo Wuji, he immediately knew that Mo Wuji didn't know of Shi Caihe. He hurriedly explained, "Wuji, Shi Caihe is one of the top God Pill Kings in Nirvana Learning Academy with a cultivation at God King Level 7. He is a renowned figure throughout the entire God Continent."

    "But I've never heard of this man. Why has he come to find me? How does he know that my surname is Mo?" Mo Wuji was truly confused. Back in the Pill Dao Honour Tower, he was only verified as a Tier 4 God Pill Master. He still wasn't a God Pill King.

    Moreover, few knew that his name was Mo Wuji. Even fewer would know after he came to Nirvana Dao City. He didn't really believe that Shi Caihe would have investigated him. How long has it been since he left the Duel Competition? Shi Caihe definitely couldn't have done an in-depth investigation on him during that short time.

    Xi Lingru seemed to recall something. Immediately, he said to Mo Wuji apologetically, "It should be because of me."

    Mo Wuji immediately came to an understanding. He said to Xi Lingru, "It's not your fault. Moreover, his words have revealed plenty of information. I will release the seal and invite him in. Let's see what he's here for."

    Mo Wuji realised that it should be because of their meeting at Nirvana Dao City's Affairs Guild . Shi Caihe should have heard his name when Xi Lingru greeted him. Xi Lingru only used a sound-inhibiting seal afterwards.

    It could be seen that Shi Caihe had been following him. Otherwise, Shi Caihe wouldn't have paid attention to the conversation between Xi Lingru and him. It could then be further deduced that Shi Caihe had seen his performance during the Duel Competition and had followed him to the Affairs Guild.

    After Mo Wuji deduced all this, he suddenly felt a cold sensation on his back. He didn't manage to pass the Tier 5 God Pill King assessment. However, it was clear that Shi Caihe had been following him since the Pill Dao Honour Tower.

    This fella was a late-stage God King and was even a peak-grade Tier 5 God Pill King. Such a person actually tailed a mere Nascent God like him for an entire day. Mo Wuji could not help but feel worried.

    However, when an expert like Shi Caihe came to visit, Mo Wuji would naturally have to welcome him. As a show of respect, he also couldn't use his spiritual will to scan Shi Caihe.

    After Mo Wuji released the seals, he discovered that it was a young man standing at the door. What shocked Mo Wuji was that this young man didn't have a right arm.

    A late-stage God King and a peak-grade Tier 5 God Pill King was actually missing an arm. This was indeed rather peculiar.

    "Pill Master Mo. Nirvana Learning Academy Pill Sea's Shi Caihe has presumptuously come to visit you. I hope that I have not interrupted anything." Shi Caihe came in with a smile. His tone was extremely warm and cordial.

    Mo Wuji thought: Your visit is presumptuous? You have been following me the whole day. However, Mo Wuji knew that the other party shouldn't have any malicious intent. If not, he would have noticed something a long time ago.

    "Of course not. To be visited by Senior Shi is junior's honour. In front of Senior Shi, this junior does not dare to be called a 'Pill Master'. Senior can address me as Junior or directly call me by the name of Mo Wuji." Now that Shi Caihe had reported his name twice, Mo Wuji naturally had to reveal his own name.

    Xi Lingru also clasped his fists and said, "Minor High Firmament Sect's Xi Lingru greets Dao Friend Shi."

    Shi Caihe also clasped his fists in return, "I have long heard of Sect Head Xi's illustrious name. Now that I finally meet you, it seems like the legends were true."

    After a few words of courtesy, he followed Mo Wuji into the room.

    Mo Wuji was sure that Chi Bing knew of Shi Caihe's visit. Since Chi Bing didn't come out, Mo Wuji wasn't going to call her.

    After Mo Wuji served a few cups of tea, Shi Caihe smiled and said, "Wuji, I actually helped you out today."

    Shi Caihe truly wasn't acting overly courteous. He actually addressed Mo Wuji with Mo Wuji's real name.

    Seeing Mo Wuji look at him in doubt, Shi Caihe continued, "One of the God King enforcers actually wanted to take you away. However, I transmitted a message to him and he decided to show me some face."

    Mo Wuji's heart sunk. He thought that it was his crystal ball which solved the problem. From the looks of it, the problem was far more serious than he had imagined. Even if Shi Caihe didn't explain any further, Mo Wuji knew that the God King that wanted to take him away should be in cahoots with the Rogue Cultivator Alliance.

    If he was taken away, then one could only imagine how miserable his outcome would be. So what if he had a crystal ball? Those people could even use his bones as soup.

    Mo Wuji stood up and bowed to Shi Caihe, "Senior, many thanks for your saving grace."

    Shi Caihe waved his hand, "Calling it a saving grace is too much. With Sect Head Xi there, they wouldn't really dare to forcefully drag you away. At the very most, Sect Head Xi would have to offend some people."

    Shi Caihe wasn't bluffing when he said this. However, this would depend on Xi Lingru's standpoint. If Xi Lingru was insistent on protecting Mo Wuji, then that intermediate-stage God King wouldn't really bring Mo Wuji away. But if Xi Lingru didn't dare to offend the God King of Nirvana Dao City, then Mo Wuji would definitely be taken away.

    As for whether Xi Lingru would actually offend the God King of Nirvana Dao City for him, Mo Wuji couldn't be very sure about that. After all, this was not a small matter. If Xi Lingru offended the God King of Nirvana Dao City without reason, then it would make things difficult for his Minor High Firmament Sect. Thus, no matter what Shi Caihe said, Mo Wuji's gratitude towards Shi Caihe came from the bottom of his heart.

    "If Senior has any instructions, junior would follow them if it is within my means." Even though he was grateful to Shi Caihe, Mo Wuji was still curious as to why Shi Caihe had followed him for an entire day.

    Shi Caihe nodded and gestured for Mo Wuji to sit down, "Your dao arts are very strong. I guess that you would be able to win those of a higher stage than you. Few in the Nascent God Stage could even hold a candle to you."

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart. This fella had actually followed him for an entire day. As for the exact reason...

    Mo Wuji's heart jolted. He finally thought of the reason. This fella clearly noticed him because of his performance in pill concoction. His pills were ordinary but his herb refinement was definitely top-class. Not only that, his pill concoction speed was too fast. Even though he tried to delay himself, his speed was still something that ordinary pill refiners couldn't compare to.

    Now that he understood the reason why Shi Caihe followed him, Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. A fast concoction speed didn't mean much. At the very most, it showed that his spiritual will was relatively strong. After all, he wasn't concocting Tier 5 god pills but those in Tier 4 and below.

    Mo Wuji sat down and said seriously, "It's probably because my foundations are much firmer. I have been stuck in the Nascent God Stage for very long."

    If Xi Lingru and Shi Caihe knew that Mo Wuji's 'very long' was ten to twenty years, the two of them would definitely stand up and spit at Mo Wuji's face. After which, they would point at Mo Wuji's nose and scold: Can you act cool in some other way?

    Fortunately, Shi Caihe could only tell that Mo Wuji was very young. With Mo Wuji's Mortal Dao and his Undying World taking shape, it had already become impossible for a person to discern Mo Wuji's actual age through the naked eye.

    Shi Caihe nodded and said sincerely, "Wuji, I have to ask you a presumptuous question. What cultivation technique are you using?"

    Mo Wuji did not hide anything. The Immortal Mortal Technique originated from Nirvana Learning Academy and his reason for coming here was to visit Nirvana Learning Academy's Land of Mortals. Thus, there was no reason for him to hide that fact.

    "This junior cultivates the Immortal Mortal Technique. This time, I want to enter Nirvana Learning Academy so that I can take a look at the Land of Mortals." Mo Wuji answered respectfully.

    Hearing that Mo Wuji cultivated the Immortal Mortal Technique, Shi Caihe felt as though a boulder had been lifted off his shoulders. In reality, after following Mo Wuji for a day, his impression of Mo Wuji was very good.

    During Mo Wuji's time in the Duel Competition, he didn't kill a single person in 29 battles. Eventually, it was because that fierce-looking man tried to kill Mo Wuji which caused Mo Wuji to turn ruthless. It could be seen that Mo Wuji wasn't a bloodthirsty person. He, Shi Caihe, had a personal rule not to concoct pills for bloodthirsty people.

    This arm of his had been severed by an expert at the Great Circle of the God King Stage. Because that person was too crazy and bloodthirsty, he rejected to concoct pills for that fella. This was why that person severed his arm.

    If Mo Wuji was the descendant of the Eternal River Pill Dao, he could only imagine the miserable outcome which would befall Mo Wuji. Under the hands of Pill Sea's Jian Sha, he, Shi Caihe, couldn't do anything to save Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji could clearly feel that his words had caused Shi Caihe's attitude towards him to become warmer.

    "I wonder if you could show me your cultivation manual?" Shi Caihe asked genially.

    Mo Wuji did not hesitate to bring out the Immortal Mortal Technique he received from Tian Ji Sect. To other people, asking for one's cultivation manual was an act of provocation. However, Mo Wuji could tell that Shi Caihe was extremely sincere and only wanted to take a look at the cultivation manual.

    Shi Caihe emotionally accepted the Immortal Technique. As he flipped to the first page, familiar words appeared in front of him.

    "After Heaven and Earth opened, elemental energy appeared, resulting in a huge upheaval. The union between Spiritual energy and the Heaven and Earth gave birth to life. Those that are unable to achieve the Dao are deemed as Mortals. I, a Mortal, condense elemental energy and achieve longevity..."

    "This is indeed left behind by the Agriculture Emperor. That's right, you are cultivating the Immortal Mortal Technique. Your luck is amazing; you actually obtained the Immortal Mortal Technique personally written by the Agriculture Emperor..." Shi Caihe closed the book and returned it to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji did not reveal that he didn't even read the later pages of the book. This was because his Immortal Mortal Technique eventually went on a different path from the book. If Shi Caihe continued to flip through the pages, he would definitely discover that something was amiss.

    Mo Wuji didn't know why Shi Caihe wanted to investigate on his Immortal Mortal Technique, so it was best to avoid the trouble.

    Seeing Mo Wuji carefully and respectfully keep the Immortal Mortal Technique, Shi Caihe casually nodded and asked, "Wuji, have you heard of the Eternal River Pill Dao?"

    Mo Wuji shook his head blankly, "Is the Eternal River Pill Dao very amazing? I have never heard of it."
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