Chapter 991: Grand Array Dao

    Chapter 991: Grand Array Dao

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    Shi Caihe chuckled, "The Eternal River Pill Dao is indeed very amazing. But since you haven't heard of it, then forgot it. With your capabilities, as long as nothing goes wrong, you should be able to make it into Nirvana Learning Academy. I wonder if you would be willing to join my Pill Sea?"

    Mo Wuji said slightly apologetically, "Senior, this junior's purpose in entering Nirvana Learning Academy is to go to the Land of Mortals. To junior, the Pill Dao is something I happened to learn."

    He did not even ask whether any assessments were needed to enter Pill Sea.

    "Haha," Shi Caihe chuckled and stood up, "I knew that you should have come because of the Land of Mortals. I have some matters to attend to, so I would be leaving now. In the future, if you need any help in Nirvana Learning Academy, feel free to find me, Shi Caihe."

    After saying that, Shi Caihe threw Mo Wuji a jade token. His figure flashed and he vanished.

    Mo Wuji accepted the jade token and bowed to the spot that Shi Caihe disappeared from, "This senior's impression of me seems to be rather good. He actually left me a jade token."

    Xi Lingru nodded, "In Nirvana Learning Academy's Pill Sea, the God Pill King that I admire the most is God Pill King Caihe. He's jade token is extremely influential. You might actually need it in the future."

    Mo Wuji naturally knew the value of Shi Caihe's jade token. However, he didn't have any intentions of using it. He wasn't a person to treat the casual words of others as the truth. Even if Shi Caihe truly appreciated his talent, he wouldn't casually use this jade token. Unless it was a matter which involved his life, this jade token would only be a memento.

    After Mo Wuji kept the jade token, Xi Lingru said, "Wuji, many thanks for giving me the 20 catties of peak grade Green Dew Rice. Logically, I should stay here and wait for your assessment to end. It's just that I urgently need to bring these Green Dew Rice back, so I would also have to bid my farewell."

    Mo Wuji knew that the main reason why Xi Lingru came was the peak grade Green Dew Rice. However, he did not ask Xi Lingru about what he was going to use the Green Dew Rice for. Since Xi Lingru needed to leave, Mo Wuji offered to send him to the entrance of the rest house.

    After returning to his room and forming the seals, the first thing Mo Wuji did was take out the Grand Array Dao which Xi Lingru gave him.

    To Mo Wuji, the Array Dao was more important than the Pill Dao. The main reason why his Pill Dao had been advancing so slowly was because he had been exploring on his own. It was true that his Immortal Mortal Technique was suitable for deriving the various Daos but that was only at the beginning. The moment his Dao reaches a certain level, his improvement would slow down significantly.

    It was the same for his Pill Dao. If he did not obtain the legacy of God King Green Robes, as well as the thousand over Tier 5 god herbs, it would have been extremely difficult for him to step into the God Pill King level.

    Now, he hoped that this Grand Array Dao that Xi Lingru gave him was not bad, and that it could help his Array Dao take a step forward. If he had been a Grade 5 God Array King, he wouldn't even have needed Xi Lingru's help to broke that trap array.

    The way Mo Wuji looked at it, the Grand Array Dao should be a book elaborating on the Array Dao. He did not hope to learn plenty of array knowledge from this book; he only hoped that he could find a spark of inspiration which could allow him to open his own path to the Array Dao.

    When Mo Wuji flipped to the first page of the book, he was stunned.

    How was this a book elaborating on the Array Dao? This was clearly a sacred art, and the name of this sacred art was Grand Array Dao.

    Soon, Mo Wuji got excited. This sacred art wasn't an attack-type sacred art. Instead, it was a sacred art which could break through arrays. If a Grade 3 God Array Master could fully control this sacred art, then he could break through a Tier 5 god array within a few breaths of time. If he, a Grade 4 God Array Master, fully mastered the Grand Array Dao, he would have a chance of breaking through a Grade 6 god array even if he didn't understand anything about Grade 6 god arrays.

    This was great. Mo Wuji inwardly thanked Xi Lingru.

    The Array Dao was vast and boundless. As Mo Wuji's Array Dao got stronger, he became increasingly aware of the might of the Array Dao. If a person was trapped in an array, it didn't matter how strong he was; he could only wait for his death.

    It was exactly because of this that Mo Wuji worked hard on the Array Dao. The time he spent on the Array Dao was second only to his time spent on cultivation; it was even longer than the time he spent on the Pill Dao.

    It was just that the Array Dao was vast and complicated. Even though Mo Wuji spent so much time on it, his Array Dao still fell behind his Pill Dao.

    Mo Wuji was a Grade 4 God Array Master, so he was quickly able to immerse himself within the Grand Array Dao. All 108 meridians went into circulation, working to derive this Grand Array Dao.


    As Mo Wuji went into secluded cultivation, not a single wave was stirred by the event that happened at Rogue Cultivator Alliance. Only the people inside Rogue Cultivator Alliance knew of the issue. Elder Luo Yu, who had been in charge of the Rogue Cultivator Assessment, had merely been investigated and dispatched to a different place.

    As for Mo Wuji's crystal ball and conflict with the Rogue Cultivator Alliance, they also didn't cause any impact on the Rogue Cultivator Alliance. There wasn't even a single punishment on the Rogue Cultivator Alliance.

    Luo Yu, who lost his lucrative job as the elder in charge of the Rogue Cultivator Assessment, simply wanted to devour Mo Wuji whole. However, he was helpless since Mo Wuji was holed up in God Joy Resthouse. He could only leave behind a scout; the day that Mo Wuji fails the assessment and leaves Nirvana Dao City would be the die Mo Wuji dies.

    At the same time, after getting news that Mo Wuji wasn't the descendant of the Eternal River Pill Dao, Nirvana Learning Academy's Daoist Flat Nose lost all interest in Mo Wuji. As for Mo Wuji's decision to not join his Pill Sea, he didn't even take it to heart.

    He was actually rather cognizant of the Mortal Dao. The Mortal Dao was restricted by the conditions of Xiantian and it was unable to cause a huge wave. In Jian Sha's perspective, it was impossible for another genius like the Agriculture Emperor to appear in the Mortal Dao. It was true that the Agriculture Emperor's pill concoction speed was fast, but that was all to it. There was no other use.

    Ultimately, a mortal will always be a mortal.


    As he immersed himself in the deduction of the Grand Array Dao, Mo Wuji came to realise how complicated it was. In theory, any God Array Master could learn this sacred art. However, as Mo Wuji learnt more about this sacred art, he finally knew why Xi Lingru threw this sacred art to him.

    To control the Grand Array Dao, one must at least be a Grade 5 God Array King and have a spiritual will with high explosive power. In an instant, he would need to inscribe thousands of array runes. The more complex the runes were, the more powerful the sacred art would be. Even a God Monarch would find it difficult to have spiritual will with such explosive power. If his spiritual will was weak, then he wouldn't even be able to break through the array.

    Perhaps only strong World Gods and God Kings could do it. However, if he was a Grade 5 God Array King with a cultivation of the World God Stage or God King Stage, why would he even need this sacred art? In God Continent, the highest grade of arrays was Grade 6. If a person was a Tier 5 God Array King with a cultivation at the God King Stage, he probably wouldn't want to spend years learning this sacred art. People would rather spend their time on other things instead of wasting it here.

    Although Mo Wuji was a Grade 4 God Array Master, he cultivated the Mortal Dao and possessed the dao revelation channel and spirit storage channel. While his spiritual will could not compare to a powerful God Monarch, much less a World God or God King, the explosive power of it was definitely not inferior. This was because he had the spirit storage channel. Not only that, he was skilled at inscribing void array runes.

    With these factors added together, Mo Wuji didn't need to be a Grade 5 God Array Master, nor reach the God Monarch Stage in order to deduce the Grand Array Dao.

    More importantly, Mo Wuji believed that this sacred art would be extremely useful to him. Even if he was a Grade 5 God Array King, it would be difficult for him to break through a Grade 5 god array in a single instant. The Grand Array Dao could help him with that. This sort of sacred art was a form of insurance that could save his life. Throughout his path of cultivation, he had danced along the border between life and death many times. Any form of life-saving methods were extremely attractive to him.

    A month passed. Although Mo Wuji still wasn't able to use the Grand Array Dao, he could already inscribe hundreds of array runes in an instant. If he wanted to inscribe one more array rune, he would need to spend more time and effort. To Mo Wuji, learning to control the Grand Array Dao was simply a matter of time.

    However, Mo Wuji had no other choice but to stop. The time for Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment had arrived. The main reason why he came here was exactly for this assessment.


    Because the assessment wasn't going to end in just one or two days, Mo Wuji specially instructed Da Huang and Shuai Guo to continue cultivating hard in the rest house. Mo Wuji didn't even ask Chi Bing and Chi Chuan to follow him.

    Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment naturally wouldn't be dangerous. Chi Bing was assured of this fact.

    As he reached the entrance of the rest house, Mo Wuji saw a change in Nirvana Dao City. Previously, Nirvana Dao City had been brimming with people. But now, there was a new lone path. This path was clearly indicated as the path to Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment.

    "Wait, are you staying in Room 73A?" just as Mo Wuji was about to step onto that path, a male cultivator with a pale-white face blocked his path.

    This was a fella at Heavenly God Level 9. From his looks, he should have over-cultivated in Yin energy.

    "I don't know you." Mo Wuji said calmly, "Please do not delay me."

    This pale-white man chuckled, "Let me introduce myself. I am Nirvana Learning Academy True God Path's Zhuo Chuang. I came here to purchase World Bearing Pills from you. State your price."

    The moment Mo Wuji looked at Zhuo Chuang, he knew that this fella had no intentions of purchasing his World Bearing Pills at a high price. This fella clearly said that he was from Nirvana Learning Academy so that he could take advantage of Mo Wuji.

    The news of him possessing the World Bearing Pill was definitely leaked by Jin Yongwu. At the same time, Mo Wuji was sure that Jin Yongwu didn't tell this fella that he had a God King expert with him.

    "What World Bearing Pill? I don't know. Make way." Mo Wuji's figure flashed and he directly brushed pass Zhuo Chuang. He couldn't be bothered to waste any time on this fella. This fella didn't even know about the details but he actually came wanting the World Bearing Pill.

    "Very good. I will just see..." Originally, Zhuo Chuang wanted to see how Mo Wuji was going to leave Nirvana Dao City. However, after he saw Mo Wuji's words, he swallowed his words. Mo Wuji actually had a placing to take part in the assessment? Otherwise, how could he enter the assessment path?

    Zhuo Chuang's eyes flashed but he soon calmed down. If Mo Wuji was lucky enough to enter Nirvana Learning Academy, then he would have a chance to screw Mo Wuji. If Mo Wuji couldn't even enter Nirvana Learning Academy, then he could only wait to die.
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