Chapter 992: First Test: Array Dao

    Chapter 992: First Test: Array Dao

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    After Mo Wuji entered the private path, he saw many others coming in one by one. Following this path, Mo Wuji followed the crowd through Nirvana Dao City and arrived at a huge plaza.

    The plaza was already filled with people. With a quick glance, Mo Wuji estimated that there were at least 10,000 people here. If each sect or factions could only send 10 people, this meant that there were plenty of sects and powers in God Continent. Mo Wuji also knew that only powerful sects and factions would have the rights to participate in this assessment. Those without a high status would only obtain one or two placings or would have to fight for placings with the rogue cultivators.

    There were several red-robed enforcers around the plaza. A God King stood at the front of the plaza in mid-air without any expressions on his face. Although there were more than 10,000 people in the plaza, it was extremely quiet. No one uttered a sound.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will soon noticed two familiar people, Qu Chendan and Di Jie. The cultivators around them were all from High Firmament God Sect; Mo Wuji saw all of them before. Although he didn't teach them, he did stand on stage and talked to all of them.

    After which, his gaze turned to outside the plaza. The outside of the plaza was also filled with people. There was a transparent seal around the plaza. Those outside the plaza couldn't enter, and similarly, those inside the plaza couldn't leave.

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to retract his gaze, he saw two other familiar people. Chi Kun and Yu Chuo were outside the plaza. Just as Mo Wuji's eyes landed on them, their eyes landed on Mo Wuji. The two of them revealed expressions of disbelief.

    Don't simply notice that there were more than 10,000 people in the plaza. In reality, they knew that it was extremely difficult to be part of that 10,000 over people. They did not know what Mo Wuji did to stand in the plaza.

    "What's the matter?" The person standing beside Chi Kun was High Firmament God Sect's Left Firmament Mountain Lord Lao Yu. He immediately questioned Chi Kun when he saw the look of astonishment on Chi Kun's face.

    "That..." Chi Kun hesitated briefly. However, he still chose to say it, "I saw Mo Wuji in the plaza. He seems to be taking the assessment."

    "You're saying that Mo Wuji is here? Why haven't I seen him?" Ren Fei, who was standing behind them, asked urgently. He had been waiting outside the Pill Dao Honour Tower for several months but he didn't see Mo Wuji.

    Chi Kun hurriedly said, "He was in disguise previously."

    "You..." Ren Fei raged. Fortunately, he knew not to rage any further. When Mo Wuji was still in High Firmament City, Chi Kun had asked to leave. Thereafter, he didn't go and ask Chi Kun about Mo Wuji after Mo Wuji left High Firmament City, so how could he blame Chi Kun? As for Yu Chuo, there was no need to talk about her unique status. When he went off to find Mo Wuji, Yu Chuo had also used the excuse that she was entering seclusion.

    "Which one is Mo Wuji?" Left Firmament Mountain Lord Lao Yu asked solemnly.

    In front of the Left Firmament Mountain Lord, Chi Kun did not dare to hide anything. He hurriedly pointed towards Mo Wuji.

    Lao Yu nodded and said slowly, "Pay attention to that Mo Wuji. If he isn't selected, immediately bring him back to High Firmament God Sect."

    "Yes." Ren Fei responded.

    Chi Kun also didn't dare to lag behind and also responded.

    In Lao Yu's eyes, it was impossible for Mo Wuji to be selected. He believed that Mo Wuji's placing was purchased with large amounts of high-grade Green Dew Rice.


    The God King that was standing in mid-air swept his eyes across the Nascent God cultivators. His tone was steady as he said, "All disciples participating in Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment are to take note. This assessment will have a total of seven tests. The first test is the Array Dao, the second test is growing Green Dew Rice. After which, comes the Equipment Dao, Pill Dao, Talisman Dao, Sacred Art Test and finally the Battle Test. Except for the second test, which is the growing of Green Dew Rice, all tests could threaten your life. Disciples who are worried can choose to go back."

    After saying that, this God King continued to look at the crowd. No one chose to leave. Rogue cultivators could only obtain these placings at the risk of their lives while the sect disciples that obtained these placings were all heroes of their sects. It wasn't easy for them to get here, so who would be willing to leave?

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, there wasn't the Evil Dao. Otherwise, he really didn't know what kind of thing he would be playing with.

    Seeing that no one chose to leave, the God King continued, "In this assessment, there are a total of 13,400 participants. Nirvana Learning Academy will only accept 500 students. All those disciples that pass the assessment can choose where they want to go. Disciples in the top 10 can enter the Nirvana Land of God Spiritual Energy for one year. The sects that they represent can send three God Kings to enter the Nirvanic River to gain insights to the Unity God Stage. At the same time, there would be a chance to hear the teachings of a Unity God. Disciples in the top 5 will each be rewarded with one dao fruit. Disciples in the top 3 can each obtain a sacred art manual from the Nirvana Learning Academy's Scriptures Library."

    After those words were said, the people in the plaza started to get restless. Even the spectators outside the plaza were excited.

    The chance to be a Unity God was a target that all God Kings aimed for. Unfortunately, God Continent was lacking in the Laws. Besides the Nirvana Learning Academy, there was no other place where one could get to gain insights on the Unity God Stage. This wasn't a matter of resources and talent, but the restriction of Houtian.

    Otherwise, Mo Wuji's Gold Nirvana Dao Sand wouldn't have incited such a huge upheaval.

    Many sects fought hard in order to get more disciples to take part in the assessment. Wasn't their most important reason a chance to get become a Unity God?

    This God King waited for the plaza to calm down before continuing, "I hope that everyone would achieve good results in the assessment and allow God Continent to have one or two more Unity Gods. The assessment will now begin. All participating disciples can enter the spatial door and participate in the assessment. After you enter the door, your life is left in your own hands. The assessment time is one year. Everyone, please take note, the ratio of time in the assessment site to the outside world is 12 to 1. One year in the assessment site is equivalent to one month in the outside world. After one month, it didn't matter whether you're dead or alive, all those that do not come out are eliminated."

    After saying this, this God King waved his hand and a spatial gate appeared at the front of the plaza.

    All the cultivators in the plaza rushed towards the gate; no one hesitated. Squeezing through the crowd, Mo Wuji went through the spatial gate.

    After all the participating disciples entered the gate, all the spectators went back to Nirvana Dao City.

    At this moment, they couldn't see their disciples' results, but they could do so in Nirvana Dao City. A huge placing screen would be erected in Nirvana Dao City and the placings of all the participants would be shown on the screen.


    The moment Mo Wuji stepped through the spatial gate, he felt his entire body turning light. When he finally stepped on hard ground, there was no one around him. He was surrounded by grey and blurry space. Even though he didn't feel any attack, he could sense that there was an attack-type array around him. If he took a single step, the attack-type array would not hesitate to trap him and bombard him with attacks.

    Mo Wuji sent his spiritual will outwards. Soon, he shook his head slightly. This was merely a Grade 2 god array. This kind of array was no different from free points.

    In a few breaths of time, Mo Wuji completely understood this array. With a few steps, he walked out of it.

    An unfathomably deep gorge appeared in front of Mo Wuji. There did not seem to be a path in front of the gorge. But if he retreated, he would be going back to the array.

    After observing for a few minutes, Mo Wuji knew that there were some array flags hidden in the gorge.

    From the looks of it, this was a test of a participant's ability to install arrays. Mo Wuji casually retrieved ten array flags and threw them out. In a few breaths of time, his flags fused with those hidden flags, forming a Grade 2 spatial array bridge.

    Mo Wuji easily crossed the array bridge. Before Mo Wuji could observe his surroundings, his surroundings changed once more.

    Rock and sand suddenly came crashing down. He could only madly run forward. However, he was still struck by a huge rock...

    A sense of clarity suddenly appeared within his sea of consciousness. Mo Wuji instantly came to an understanding. This was an illusion array? Moreover, it was a Grade 3 illusion array.

    The scene he just experienced had happened to him back on Earth. During that time, he had been searching for herbs within the mountains when he suddenly met with an avalanche of sand and rock. That was also where he obtained a piece of the meridian opening solution which would change his life forever...

    Mo Wuji turned serious. He was a Grade 4 God Array Master but he didn't really have much contact with illusion arrays. Although he didn't fear this current illusion array, he didn't know whether there would a Grade 4 illusion array after this. He was worried that this Array Dao Test was specific to the individual participant. If that's the case, he might even face a Grade 5 god array.

    Mo Wuji believed that if he had enough time, he could break through a Grade 5 god array. However, this was an assessment and his time was limited. Just growing Green Dew Rice would take him at least six months. If he wasted too much time on the Array Dao Test, it would be extremely disadvantageous to him.

    With Mo Wuji's Array Dao standard, he didn't even need a day to break through this Grade 3 illusion array.

    However, since Mo Wuji was worried that there would be high levels of arrays after this and that he didn't have much contact with illusion arrays. Thus, he decided to study about illusion arrays with this Grade 3 one.

    Ten days later, Mo Wuji stood up. His figure flashed within the array and he landed on a jade stone. Suddenly, wind blades suddenly shot towards Mo Wuji. Instead of being flustered, Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief.

    He wasn't facing some Grade 4 or Grade 5 array. It was merely a Grade 3 array. This sort of array really wasn't enough to do anything to him.
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