Chapter 995: Greatest Reward

    Chapter 995: Greatest Reward

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    On the door on the left, it wrote: Enter to test your sacred art. The stronger the sacred art, the higher the points.

    On the door on the right, it wrote: Enter to gain insights on a sacred art. If the sacred art is successfully comprehended, no points are awarded. If the sacred art isn't successfully comprehended, then you would be eliminated.

    Successfully comprehending the sacred art would result in no points? Mo Wuji looked around carefully and verified that he had seen things correctly. Indeed, there wouldn't be any points for gaining insights on a new sacred art successfully. If that was not enough, he would be eliminated instantly if he failed.

    Mo Wuji shook his head. Without any further thought, he decided to walk towards the door on the left. In this Sacred Art Test, he should be able to pass it easily with his Domain Crushing Fist. However, the moment he was right in front of the door, he suddenly felt that something was amiss.

    If it was like that, what's the meaning of the door on the right? No one would choose it, right? Mo Wuji stopped in his tracks and walked to the door on the right. He bent down and checked whether there was any further information.

    Indeed, when Mo Wuji bent down, he saw a line of minute words. This line of words didn't have any seals on them, which was why his spiritual will easily brushed past it. If Mo Wuji did not take a closer look, he definitely wouldn't have noticed it.

    There were only 12 words: Among billions of sacred art, the Passage of Time is number one.

    This was a time-law sacred art? Mo Wuji suddenly stood up. His heart started to pound heavily as he got excited.

    He didn't know whether the Passage of Time was the truly number one sacred art among billions of sacred art, but he was sure that the Passage of Time was a sacred art born from the Laws of Time.

    Even if this time-law sacred art wasn't number one, it would definitely be among the top in the world.

    Mo Wuji knew clearly what it meant to be able to scroll a time-law sacred art. His Spatial Imprisonment seemed like a time-law sacred art, but Mo Wuji knew that it was space-law sacred art. Moreover, it was merely a strand of hair in the Laws of Space.

    Even if it meant that he couldn't enter Nirvana Learning Academy, Mo Wuji definitely wasn't going to give up on this chance to gain insights on a time-law sacred art.

    Mo Wuji did not hesitate as he directly walked into the door on the right. To him, points weren't important. The most important thing to him know was have some contact with the Laws of Time and possessing his own time-law sacred art.

    The moment he entered the door, Mo Wuji felt as though his entire body had gone missing. It gave him the impression that only his mind had entered the door while his body was left outside.

    Only after a few breaths, Mo Wuji finally felt that he was truly standing in this passage made of the Laws of Time.

    At this moment, the flow of time seemed tangible and could be caught with his own two hands. Flowing time was like flowing water; it brushed across his body, taking away years, taking away everything...

    With every step that he took, it felt like he was crossing countless of ages.

    Although Mo Wuji's body was already at the Half-Saint Physique, it still gradually decayed under the constant washing of time. His hair slowly turned grey, his thoughts gradually turned old, and his clothes slowly turned into dust...

    Mo Wuji sat down. This definitely wasn't an illusion. He had a feeling that if he continued to walk forward, he would turn into rotten word and disintegrate into nothingness.

    He slowly closed his eyes and allowed the flowing time to brush across his body. All his meridians went into reverse circulation around his dao revelation channel, forming a dao revelation circulation. He was searching for the source of time.

    Mo Wuji believed that if he was unable to comprehend the Passage of Time and understand the Laws of Time, he might actually die of old age here.

    Each strand of dao insights was caught by Mo Wuji's dao revelation channel. He continuously formed hand seals; at one point in time, he formed more than a thousand hand seals within a single breath of time.

    Time continued to pass as Mo Wuji sunk into rumination. His skin turned wrinkled and his hair turned white from its roots...

    As Mo Wuji's young body turned older, an aura of decay oozed out of his body. His hand seals went from fast to slow. In the beginning, he could do thousands of hand seals in a single breath, then it became tens, then it became one hand seal per breath, to one hand seal every few hours, to one hand seal a day, to one hand seal a month...


    "Star Concealing Mountain's Ji Feiyan's 479 points has charged to the first place. He should have passed the sixth test already. Why isn't that Rogue Cultivator 2705's points moving?"

    "Ao Clan's Ao Rong's 454 points has charged to the second spot. Rogue Cultivator 2705 has dropped to third place... Now, he's at fourth place..."

    On Nirvana Dao City Plaza, there were sounds of astonishment, sounds of pity, and even sounds of celebration. There were all due to Rogue Cultivator 2705's freefall. In the first five rounds, not only was he the first to complete, his points were also at the top. But now, many people had passed the sixth test while no news was heard from Rogue Cultivator 2705.

    "He should have failed his sixth test and had been transported out, right?" Someone asked questioningly.

    "The names of those that failed should disappear. However, his name is still up there, which means that he hadn't passed the sixth test."

    "That might not be the case. Nirvana Learning Academy has changed the rules for this assessment. Perhaps they would only remove the names of those that were eliminated at the end of the entire assessment?"

    When High Firmament God Sect's Mountain Lord Lao Yu saw that Mo Wuji's score hadn't increased till now, he sighed and said, "Chi Kun, that Rogue Cultivator 2705 is unable to pass the Sacred Arts Test. Could it be due to his low cultivation?"

    Chi Kun hesitated briefly before saying, "However, according to witnesses, that Rogue Cultivator 2705 had a powerful sacred art that no one could defend against. If someone was able to defend against his sacred art, then Rogue Cultivator 2705 wouldn't even have obtained his placing. Theoretically, he should be able to get points through that sacred art. Oh right..."

    As Chi Kun was speaking, he drew a faint image, "Elder Ren Fei, did you see this person at Pill Dao Honour Tower?"

    The instant Ren Fei saw this image, he sighed and said, "I saw him. However, not only was his aura different, he even had good spiritual roots. He seemed to have been a fire-type cultivator."

    Chi Kun casually waved away his image. No one had the interest to talk any further. In that short time, Rogue Cultivator 2705's name had already dropped to seventh place.

    Within the crowd, Luo Yu snorted coldly. His figure flashed as he left Nirvana Dao City. the way he looked at it, Mo Wuji should have failed in the sixth test. As long as Mo Wuji didn't die, he would be transported out. He, Luo Yu, wanted to let that ant know that a God King was not an existence that could be offended.


    When Mo Wuji formed one final slow hand seal, his dao revelation channel suddenly exploded with a burst of clarity. Mo Wuji suddenly opened his eyes. He stood up and lightly drew an arc with his hand.

    Time seemed to slow down and space seemed to become clearer.

    "What a powerful sacred art..." Mo Wuji calmed down. He had finally arrived at the fringe of the Laws of Time. Although he was unable to stop time, nor reverse it, he was able to slow time within his domain.

    Mo Wuji took a step forward and formed another hand seal slowly. The time within his domain seemed to turn sluggish. At this moment, Mo Wuji's decaying body seemed to regain some life.

    Taking another step forward, Mo Wuji formed another hand seal...

    Mo Wuji's white hair turned from white to greyish-white, from grey-white to grey, then to black...

    Mo Wuji's decaying body also continuously recovered as Mo Wuji continued to advance forward. He only stopped when he arrived at a whirlpool array door.

    Besides understanding his Mortal Dao, Mo Wuji felt that his greatest reward from coming to God Continent wasn't becoming a Tier 5 God Pill King, nor was it learning to grow Green Dew Rice. Instead, it was making contact with the Laws of Time.

    He hadn't fully formed his time-law sacred art but Mo Wuji was extremely clear that if he integrated his Laws of Time into his Setting Sun, his Setting Sun will definitely be a sacred art no inferior to the Wheel of Life and Death and the Seven World Finger.

    After engraving his name on the stone tablet, Mo Wuji walked into the whirlpool door. He had passed the sixth round. Although he didn't get any points, Mo Wuji believed that the sixth test was the most rewarding one.


    After walking out of the whirlpool array door, a huge passage appeared in front of Mo Wuji. On top of the passage, it wrote: Battle Passage.

    Besides these two words, there was no further introduction.

    Mo Wuji was clear that he had spent too much time on understanding the Laws of Time. Thus, the moment he arrived at the Battle Passage, he did not hesitate to walk into it.

    In less than ten steps, a human figure pounced towards him. At the same time, a huge radiant blade shot over.

    This was a puppet? Moreover, its cultivation was only at Nascent God Level 8. Mo Wuji casually released a punch. His Domain Crushing Fist directly turned this puppet into juice.

    Previously, Mo Wuji thought this seventh test would be a battle with other cultivators. He didn't think that he would be fighting puppets. To him, this was much easier. After all, he might incur the wrath of big sects if he accidentally killed their disciples. Among those taking part in this assessment, few were rogue cultivators like him.

    Mo Wuji eliminated that Nascent God Level 8 puppet with a single punch. After walking another few meters, another puppet charged out. This puppet actually had a whirlpool domain similar to his, as well as a fist-type sacred art similar to his Domain Crushing Fist.

    Mo Wuji still didn't dodge as he released a punch. His fist met with the puppet's. With a 'Kacha!', this puppet turned into dust.

    He was even able to make contact with the Laws of Time. At this moment, Mo Wuji felt relaxed and free of hindrances.

    Outside, the assessment had already gone into a countdown. Both Chi Kun and Yu Chuo were feeling depressed. Ever since Mo Wuji's name started to fall, it never went back up. At this time, they could only hope that Mo Wuji hadn't been eliminated. As long as Mo Wuji wasn't eliminated, he might not get into the top 10 but he should be able to make it into Nirvana Learning Academy. However, they knew that the chances of this were slim.
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