Chapter 996: The End Of The Assessment

    Chapter 996: The End Of The Assessment

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    Just as Mo Wuji was thinking that the next puppet would have a cultivation of Heavenly God Level 1, he arrived at two stone tablets. There was a white tablet and a red one.

    Mo Wuji knew about the white jade stone tablet. If he wrote his name down, he would have passed the test. Mo Wuji was thinking: "Wasn't this assessment too easy?". However, after seeing the instructions above the red tablet, he came to an understanding.

    It wrote: Press the red jade stone tablet to continue with the assessment. The next battle will be with a Heavenly God Level 1. Failure to win will result in elimination. Those that choose not to continue can inscribe your name on the white jade stone tablet and pass the assessment.

    Mo Wuji came to an understanding. Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment wasn't to prevent more people from passing the test. Instead, it was to select more holistic people. However, it was also clear that if he chose to leave now, his total score wouldn't be very high.

    If he continuously battled, his points would eventually reach an extremely high level. Clearly, it could be seen that while Nirvana Learning Academy wanted to choose all-rounded people, it still put combat abilities as its priority. If you have the combat ability, even if you didn't score very high on the previous tests, you could recoup the points through battle.

    Mo Wuji hesitated briefly. According to the points he scored previously, even though he didn't get any points from the sixth round, it should be possible for him to get into the top 500. That meant to say that he would definitely get into Nirvana Learning Academy.

    If he wanted to continue earning points, he could press the red jade stone tablet and continue fighting. With his combat abilities, getting to the top 10, no top 3, was not an impossibility.

    But did he need to continue?

    The reward for the top 10 was a year's time in the Land of God Spiritual Energy. He did not come here for the Land of God Spiritual Energy but the Land of Mortals. As for the Nirvanic River which could allow God Kings to ruminate on the Unity God Stage, what had it got to do with him? Chi Bing was only at God King Level 1 and she hadn't even stabilised her cultivation. Thus, there was no need for her to search for the stage above the God King Stage.

    As for the God Fruit, Mo Wuji felt that he would probably store it in his ring or auction it if he obtained it. Also, while it was true that such rewards could be sold for large amounts of god crystals, he was afraid that he would be too famous. Moreover, he would be offending many people. If he was in 10th place, he would offend the 11th place. If he was in 5th place, he would offend the 6th to 11th place...

    He, Mo Wuji, never been afraid of offending people. If it was related to his personal interests and values, he wouldn't even mind offending God Kings or hue sects. Previously, to save Su Xi, he offended many peak-grade sects. To save the fate of the Immortal World, he was not afraid of offending an expert that was a totally different realm from him. For Heavenly Mortal Sect, he killed 45 genius disciples of Phoenix Soul God Estate and Nine Evolutions God Sect. Ultimately, he was forced to cross the Nirvana Ocean and flee to God Continent...

    All this was for his Dao!

    If it was for some supreme treasure, he definitely wouldn't give up now. But if he had to offend so many powers and sects for this bit of god crystals, then it truly wasn't worth it. He was a Tier 5 God Pill King, he would be able to get god crystals any time he wanted. Why would he need to offend others? As for fame and reputation, he had less desire for it. He cultivated the Mortal Dao and fame was only as good as a fleeting cloud.

    Mo Wuji did not hesitate to inscribe his name Rogue Cultivator 2705 on the white jade stone tablet. A whirlpool array door appeared. Mo Wuji walked through it and arrived at a huge plaza.

    At almost the same instant his feet touched the ground, Mo Wuji heard a loud and clear voice, "The assessment time is over. All those that did not pass the assessment or are still in the assessment are eliminated."

    The assessment time was over? Mo Wuji's heart turned cold. He suddenly thought that if he had chose to continue challenging the next level, what would be waiting for him wasn't points, but elimination.

    What a close call.

    "Your luck is not bad. You passed the seventh test just as the assessment time ended. How was it, how many did you eliminate in the last round?" A cheery voice sounded by Mo Wuji's ear.

    The one speaking was a white-faced youth who seemed to care a lot about hygiene. Mo Wuji could even smell a faint fragrance from him. If this was Earth, Mo Wuji would think that this was a pampered son that liked to spray himself with cologne.

    Mo Wuji laughed, "I only eliminated two. I only managed to pass by a close shave. If I delayed any further, I would have been eliminated."

    "Looks like you are a man of luck. My name is Lian Linyun, I'm from He Jian God City." The white-faced youth clapped Mo Wuji's shoulders and introduced himself.

    "My name is Mo Wuji, a rogue cultivator. I roam around and came here to try my luck," Mo Wuji responded.

    He knew of He Jian God City. If Chi Bing did not mention Coiling Wind Forest, he might have gone to He Jian God City.

    Lian Linyun pointed at the array screen at the centre of the plaza and said, "We can't see the placings for now. It's still being calculated. After some time, the top 500 will be revealed. The fact that you can come to this plaza means that you are not bad. There were more than 13,000 people that took part in the assessment but there are less than 2,000 people here."

    Mo Wuji had also noticed, there were indeed approximately 2000 people here. Since Nirvana Learning Academy would be accepting 500 people, that meant that he had a 25% chance of being selected.

    Lian Linyun was clearly a talkative person. He pointed to a group of people in front and said, "Look there, those are some seeded participants. The most renowned one is Star Concealing Mountain's Ji Feiyan. That fella is a peak genius. It's rumoured that he's a Grade 4 God Array Master, a Tier 3 God Pill Master, a Tier 3 God Talisman Master, and a smith that could forge intermediate-grade god equipment. It's even said that he eliminated a Heavenly God Level 4 puppet in the Battle Passage. If there's nothing out of the ordinary, he would definitely be first place. The guy beside him is Ao Clan's Ao Rong, he's also extremely impressive..."

    Through Lian Linyun's introduction, Mo Wuji got to know of some seeded participants. Besides Star Concealing Mountain's Ji Feiyan, there was Ao Clan's Ao Rong, True God Path's Luo Xianjiao, Cultivators Embassy's Xu Ze and Ji Clan's Ji Jiuling...


    Compared to the 2000 people on this plaza, Nirvana Dao City Plaza was far more crowded. The Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment had ended and the results would be announced soon.

    The array screen which originally showed the placings was not blank. The official placings would be validated. After validation, the true results would be shown.

    Everyone looked at the array screen expectantly. They all wanted to know who were in the top 3 and who were in the top 10.

    As for the sects that had a chance of being in the top 3, top 5, or top 10, they were looking at the screen with fervour. Even though there were some disciples that had high placings previously, those placings would be extremely different from the actual placings. This was because the results of the seventh round weren't included.

    In Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment, all-rounded abilities were required but battle ability was still the most highly recognised.

    The Battle Test was also placed as the final test as the points would get higher when a participant wins more opponents. Theoretically, there was no limit set for the Battle Test.

    This meant that as long as you weren't eliminated in the earlier rounds and you were insanely strong, you would still have a chance of charging to the 1st place.

    High Firmament God Sect's Mountain Lord Lao Yu was also staring at the huge, white screen. He eagerly hoped that Mo Wuji could be in the top 10 and earn a chance to enter the Nirvanic River.

    In High Firmament God Sect, there was a Great Circle God King. He was only one step away from breaking through that stage. However, besides Nirvana Learning Academy, there did not seem to be any other place where one can ruminate on the Laws above the God King Stage.

    Moreover, Nirvana Learning Academy wasn't an easy place to enter. Don't simply see the fact that High Firmament God Sect was a big sect. Even the peak sects in God Continent would not dare to set themselves against Nirvana Learning Academy.

    Nirvana Learning Academy was a power with Unity God experts. Just one Unity God could wipe out a peak sect.

    At Lao Yu's side, was High Firmament God Sect's Xing Wen. Xing Wen had an ugly expression on his face. He never thought that a casual decision of his had sent away a peak genius. Now, it was too late for regrets. He could only hope that Mo Wuji had entered the top 10 and his High Firmament God Sect could use Chi Kun or Yu Chuo to mend the scars between Mo Wuji and them.

    Even though the official placings weren't out, Xing Wen knew that High Firmament God Sect definitely wouldn't have anyone in the top 10. Their best disciple, Chang Haoji, only made it to the top 60. Even if Chang Haoji was extremely skilled in battle, he probably couldn't make it into the top 10.

    At this moment, Chi Kun, who had gone out to investigate, returned. He landed by Xing Wen's and Lao Yu's side.

    Before Chi Kun could say anything, Xing Wen anxiously asked, "Was Mo Wuji eliminated?"

    Chi Kun shook his head with a gloomy expression, "He didn't come out. Previously, Mo Wuji's score was at 412.50 and there was no change to it."

    "412.5 points. His score didn't change, but neither did he come out..." Xing Wen muttered to himself, then he didn't speak any further.

    He knew what Chi Kun was thinking, Chi Kun probably thought that Mo Wuji was already dead. In fact, he also had the same thoughts. Otherwise, Mo Wuji couldn't have not gotten any points at the sixth test.

    "Ai, forget about it. That Mo Wuji only knew one sacred art. It's normal that he might get killed in battle," Another elder of High Firmament God Sect said.

    Left Firmament Mountain Lord Lao Yu shook his head, "It's not the Battle Test. Mo Wuji's score didn't change ever since the Sacred Art Test. But theoretically, the Sacred Art Test shouldn't be life-threatening?"

    Xing Wen said solemnly, "That might not be the case. There are too many changes in this assessment. Many things are not the same as what we know."

    "The results are out. Quick, take a look!" A sharp voice rang across the plaza.

    Indeed, the 1st place had appeared on the huge array screen.
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