Chapter 997: Entering Nirvana Learning Academy

    Chapter 997: Entering Nirvana Learning Academy

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    "Ji Feiyan, Star Concealing Mountain Disciple, Total Score 599, 1st place." Someone read the words on the screen.

    "599 points? I remember that his score after the sixth round was 479. Doesn't this mean that he obtained 120 points in the Battle Test? 120 points, that's..."

    "You did not see wrongly. Ji Feiyan truly does have this ability. According to the rules for the seventh round, winning a Nascent God Level 8 puppet is 60 points, winning a Nascent God Level 9 puppet is 70 points. A Heavenly God Level 1 puppet is 80 points, Heavenly God Level 2 is 90 points, Heavenly God Level 3 is 100 points and Heavenly God Level 4 is 120 points. This meant that Ji Feiyan won against a Heavenly God Level 4 puppet."

    "A Great Circle Nascent God winning against a Level 4 Heavenly God, this is..."

    At this instant, there was no need to talk about the disciples with low cultivations. Even the God King experts of the huge sects were speechless. Ji Feiyan was strong to an absurd degree. Imagine, if Ji Feiyan reaches the God King Stage, he would be unbeatable among God Kings.

    There was a huge gap between a Nascent God and a Heavenly God, much less a Great Circle Nascent God and a Level 4 Heavenly God.

    Unfortunately, he's a disciple of Star Concealing Mountain. In the entire God Continent, Star Concealing Mountain is a top-class existence. As long as Nirvana Learning Academy didn't lead the effort, no one would be willing to offend Star Concealing Mountain. Even the Star Concealing Mountain branch in Nirvana Learning Academy was very strong.

    "Xu Ze, Cultivators Embassy Disciple, Total Score 571.50, 2nd place."

    "Sikong Mao, God Blade Palace Disciple, Total Score 561, 3rd place."

    "Bai Yue, Rogue Cultivator, Total Score 553.20, 4th place."


    "Another rogue cultivator?"

    "Not another rogue cultivator? There was also that Rogue Cultivator 2705 previously."

    "That Rogue Cultivator 2705 probably died in the Battle Test. The Battle Test isn't like growing Green Dew Rice. If you can't make it, you wouldn't be sent away. Instead, you would be killed."

    "Luo Xianjiao, True God Path Disciple, Total Score 530, 7th place."


    "Gai Huahao, Reincarnation God Dao, Total Score 515, 10th place."

    Although there were still many placings, most sects were extremely disappointed. This was because they didn't see their sect names in the top 10. As long as they weren't in the top 10, even if they were in the top 500, they could only plant a seed in Nirvana Learning Academy.

    "There's no Mo Wuji." Ren Fei sighed in relief. He was worried that Mo Wuji had entered the top 10 since he wasn't able to find Mo Wuji in Nirvana Dao City previously.

    "There is, there is. His name is out." Yu Chuo suddenly cried out belatedly. She was genuinely happy for Mo Wuji.

    At this instant, everyone's eyes were on the screen. The name 'Rogue Cultivator 2705' appeared on the screen, "Rogue Cultivator 2705, Rogue Cultivator, Total Score 482.5, 22nd place."

    The expression on Xing Wen's face eased. He said to Chi Kun, "This person is not bad, he actually got 70 points in the Battle Test. Regardless of his spiritual root quality, entering Nirvana Learning Academy means that he would have a bright future. Chi Kun, if you're free, keep in contact with him. Mountain Lord Lao, Elder Su, Elder Ren, I will take my leave."

    With that, Xing Wen's figure flashed and disappeared from Nirvana Dao City Plaza.

    Mo Wuji's 22nd place was no different from the 500th place. At least to High Firmament God Sect, Mo Wuji no longer had any value.


    In Nirvana Learning Academy's plaza, Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief when he saw his name at 22nd place. To him, he had already achieved his goal.

    "Wuji, you don't need to care about the names at the front. Even if we are able to enter, our names would be at the back. If I enter Nirvana Learning Academy, I would help you get a place in the service sect. You must know that it's not a simple thing to get into the service sect of Nirvana Learning Academy." Seeing that Mo Wuji was concentrated on the array screen, Lian Linyun took the initiative to console him.

    In his perspective, it was already extremely lucky that Mo Wuji could pass the seventh test. But to enter the top 500, he would be wasting his brain cells thinking about it.

    Mo Wuji laughed but he didn't say anything. From the way he looked at it, Lian Linyun was a fella that cared about his face. If he entered Nirvana Learning Academy while this fella didn't manage to, then Lian Linyun would definitely feel ashamed.

    "My name is out. 489th place. Hahahaha. I knew it. How could I, Lian Linyun, not be able to enter Nirvana Learning Academy? Hahaha..."

    Lian Linyun chuckled loudly. He was incomparably excited.

    Mo Wuji could understand Lian Linyun's excitement. 489th place. Just a little bit less and he would have been eliminated. Moreover, he wasn't the only excited one. There were others in the top 500 that were far more excited than Lian Linyun.

    However, compared to those that were excited, there were more that were disappointed.

    After all 500 names were released, a deep voice came from the centre of the plaza, "Cultivators whose names aren't on the array screen, please enter the transfer array and leave."

    A transfer array gate appeared at the corner of the plaza. Cultivators that passed the seven tests but weren't able to make it into the top 500 could only walk into the transfer array gate and leave.

    After all of them left, a gold colour path inclined down from the clouds, extending towards the plaza.

    That voice continued, "Those that have passed the test and are in the top 500, please get on the gold path and enter Nirvana Learning Academy.

    Mo Wuji wanted to call Lian Linyun but that kid was far too excited and had already forgotten about this chat buddy. Lian Linyun had already charged into the crowd and was continuously sharing his joy. At this instant, there did not seem to be 500 people. He was the only one that passed the test and everyone else was transparent.

    Joy was clearly contagious. Although many people weren't like Lian Linyun and shared their elation in public, many of them could not help but feel a sense of pride when they thought that their bright future ahead with Nirvana Learning Academy.

    In God Continent, which place had the most World Gods? Nirvana Learning Academy.

    In God Continent, which place had the most God Pill Kings, God Array Masters, God Talisman Masters and God Smith Masters? Nirvana Learning Academy.

    In God Continent, which place had experts that transcended the God King Stage? It could only be the Nirvana Learning Academy.

    Now, they had all made it into the Nirvana Learning Academy. There was nothing that could be more joyous than this.

    As he walked on the inclined gold path, Mo Wuji could distinctively feel that the Laws of Heaven and Earth around him were much clearer.

    He was different from others. Ever since he was a Heavenly Immortal, he had already constructed his own world. Other cultivators could only create their own world in the World God Stage.

    Thus, other Nascent Gods did not notice the difference in the Laws of the Heaven and Earth, Mo Wuji felt it clearly.

    From this, Mo Wuji knew that Nirvana Learning Academy was definitely the number one place to cultivate the Dao.

    After walking through the gold path, the 500 of them arrived at a huge ancient hall. The hall was very spacious and at the front of the hall, stood a middle-aged man. Beside the middle-aged man, was a transfer array gate.

    "Eh, Wuji, why are you here?" Lian Linyun finally noticed Mo Wuji. He instantly asked in surprise.

    Before Mo Wuji could answer, Lian Linyun came to a realisation and said apologetically, "Oh, sorry Wuji. I didn't notice the names after 489. I didn't think that you managed to catch the tail again. Your luck is truly the best among the people I've met. Wuji, since you are a rogue cultivator, why don't you join me at He Jian God City?"

    Lian Linyun thought that Mo Wuji's placing was after him, which was why he thought that Mo Wuji's luck was good. This was just like in the seventh test where Mo Wuji passed it just before the assessment ended.

    From a certain perspective, Nirvana Learning Academy could be a mini-version of God Continent, but with much stronger power. In God Continent, there was He Jian God City. In Nirvana Learning Academy, there was also a branch of He Jian God City.

    Mo Wuji laughed and said, "Many thanks but I have a place I wish to go to."

    "You're a rogue cultivator?" Standing not far from them, Ao Rong heard their words and came over.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "That's right, I am indeed a rogue cultivator."

    Ao Rong clasped his fists and said, "I'm Ao Clan's Ao Rong. Why don't you join my Ao Clan? My Ao Clan is definitely a top-class power in Nirvana Learning Academy."

    Seeing Ao Rong come over to poach Mo Wuji, Lian Linyun hurriedly shut his mouth. Compared to the Ao Clan, He Jian God City was far too inferior.

    Not only did the Ao Clan have power in Nirvana Learning Academy, they also had powers in several top sects. Among all the family clans in God Continent, the Ao Clan was definitely ranked among the top.

    When Mo Wuji heard Ao Rong's name, he felt displeased. He knew this fella. This fella achieved rather good results with a total score of 522, ranking him at 8th place.

    However, the clan that he had the worst impression of in the entire God Continent is the Ao Clan. If not for Chi Kun's help, he might have been killed by the Ao Clan in High Firmament City.

    "I temporarily don't have any intentions of going to other places." Mo Wuji rejected Ao Rong with an indifferent expression.

    Hearing a rogue cultivator reject him, Ao Rong's face turned dark. He chuckled, turned and left. He no longer talked to Mo Wuji.

    At this time, the middle-aged cultivator at the front said loudly, "Standing here means that you are a disciple of the Nirvana Learning Academy. My name is Yu Nuode. I will be sending you to the places that you wish to go. Before sending all of you, I need to talk about Nirvana Learning Academy's rules."

    Yu Nuode paused. After everyone in the hall quietened down, he continued, "Nirvana Learning Academy's rules are very simple. In fact, there's only one. No matter where you go in the future, you must always remember that you are from Nirvana Learning Academy. You must loudly say that you are a disciple of Nirvana Learning Academy."

    Clearly, most cultivators here knew of this rule. Mo Wuji, however, was rather shocked. It was so simple? There's only one rule? That means to say that it didn't matter whether they betrayed Nirvana Learning Academy in the future as long as they say that they were from Nirvana Learning Academy?
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