Chapter 998: I Dont Intend To Acknowledge A Senior Brother

    Chapter 998: I Don't Intend To Acknowledge A Senior Brother

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    After Yu Nuode said that rule, he waited for a brief moment before continuing, "Besides that rule, those that enter Nirvana Learning Academy would have to complete missions. Regardless of which place you go to, you would need to visit Nirvana Learning Academy Hall of Missions to complete assignments or missions. The number of assignments and explanations could be found in your identity jade tokens.

    Nirvana Learning Academy is open-minded. You can choose to stay at any place here and join any faction that you like. Of course, if you can also choose not to join any place and be an ordinary outer sect disciple. Everyone, please take note. After entering Nirvana Learning Academy, you would only be an inner sect disciple after you reach the God Monarch Stage. Alright, may the 1st place, Ji Feiyan, come forward."

    Ji Feiyan was already standing at the front. When he heard his name, he directly walked to Yu Nuode.

    Yu Nuode handed a storage ring to Ji Feiyan, "Inside the ring, you will find your identity token. Included inside is 500 nirvana points. Nirvana Learning Academy's nirvana points can be used in both Nirvana Learning Academy and Nirvana Dao City.

    Since you have obtained the 1st place, you can enter the Land of God Spiritual Energy for one year. Also, you get one Dao Fruit, three placings to enter the Nirvanic River, one chance to hear a Unity God discuss the Dao and one chance to pick a sacred art in the Scriptures Library. Now, where do you choose to go?"

    Ji Feiyan accepted the storage ring, bowed respectfully and said, "This disciple is from Star Concealing Mountain, so I would choose to join Star Concealing Mountain."

    "Alright. Any other disciple that wishes to join Star Concealing Mountain can also come up, collect your identity token and enter the array gate." Yu Nuode pressed the button by the side of the array gate. Three words appeared above the transfer array: Star Concealing Mountain.

    There wasn't a second person that joined Star Concealing Mountain. Although Star Concealing Moutain was strong, the only one in the top 500 was Ji Feiyan.

    After Ji Feiyan walked into the array door, the transfer array flashed rapidly. Soon, Ji Feiyan disappearer.

    Mo Wuji thought in his heart: "This Nirvana Learning Academy was truly open-minded. This also explained showed that Nirvana Learning Academy was easygoing. However, Nirvana Learning Academy was able to stand tall in God Continent for so many years and was also the standard of excellence in God Continent. It definitely wasn't as simple as it seemed on the surface. If it was truly as Yu Nuode had said, it didn't matter how many Unity Gods Nirvana Learning Academy had, it would ultimately face extinction.

    "2nd place, Xu Ze, come and accept your rewards. At the same time, can you tell me where you wish to join?" After Ji Feiyan left, Yu Nuode continued.

    Xu Ze came from Cultivators Embassy. After he accepted his rewards, he also left alone to join Cultivators Embassy.

    Although 500 people seemed like a lot, most of them were selected all throughout God Continent's High God Land. The number of big sects and powers in High God Land definitely exceeded 500. Thus, most sects and powers would have one representative here at the very most. Two was already considered an anomaly.

    3rd place, Sikong Mao from God Blade Palace. After he collected his rewards, he left alone.

    Mo Wuji discovered that Ji Feiyan had 500 nirvana points, Xu Ze had 499 nirvana points while Sikong Mao had 498 points. If this was extrapolated, it seems like he would obtain 479 nirvana points. He didn't know what's the use of nirvana points; he would have to go to the Hall of Missions and ask around.

    "4th place, Bai Yue, come and collect your rewards. Tell me, where do you wish to join?" Yu Nuode's words clearly following a certain format.

    A young cultivator in hemp garments walked forward. This youth looked ordinary; there did not seem to be anything special about him.

    Mo Wuji had seen the placings screen and knew that this Bai Yue was a rogue cultivator like him. In his heart, he was curious as to how Bai Yue was able to obtain a jade token from Rogue Cultivator Alliance.

    After Bai Yue accepted the storage ring, he replied respectfully, "This disciple chooses to go to the Land of Mortals!"

    Yu Nuode had always had an emotionless expression on his face. However, after hearing that Bai Yue wanted to join the Land of Mortals, he jolted slightly. It wasn't only him, everyone in the hall was shocked.

    Why would someone want to join the Land of Mortals? Wasn't this too absurd?

    Mo Wuji didn't think that Bai Yue would be like him and also wanted to join the Land of Mortals. Could it be that this fella also cultivated the Immortal Mortal Technique? However, this did not seem likely. This fella's spiritual aura was revolving around him. Clearly, his spiritual roots quality wasn't bad.

    "You want to go to the Land of Mortals?" Yu Nuode thought that he had heard wrong and he asked the question once more.

    Bai Yue bowed and said, "Yes, this disciple wishes to join the Land of Mortals."

    Yu Nuode had already regained his countenance. He explained, "There's no one in the Land of Mortals. Moreover, the god spiritual energy there is the worst in the entire Nirvana Learning Academy. If you go there, there wouldn't be anyone to impart to you any sacred arts or skills. Are you sure that you wish to go to the Land of Mortals?"

    Bai Yue was still bowing, "Yes, this disciple is sure that he wants to go to the Land of Mortals."

    Yu Nuode nodded, "This is your own choice. You can enter the transfer array. Oh right, is there anyone else that wishes to go to the Land of Mortals?"

    To Yu Nuode, one person going to the Land of Mortals was already the fast peculiarity to happen in many years. It was definitely impossible for there to be a second person. However, he had to follow his duty and make the announcement.

    Even others thought that no one would be willing to join the Land of Mortals. Just at this moment, another person stood up and said, "This disciple is willing to go to the Land of Mortals."

    Yu Nuode's face hardened. Everyone else couldn't understand what was going on? Could there be some treasure in the Land of Mortals? Why was there another person that wanted to go there?

    The one that stood up was exactly Mo Wuji. His main purpose was to come to the Land of Mortals, so he naturally chose to go there.

    It was just that Mo Wuji didn't know that the Land of Mortals was no longer inhabited. Chi Kun, who told Mo Wuji about the Land of Mortals, didn't explain much about it. When Chi Kun mentioned it, it was merely to pass the time.

    Firstly, he was sure that Mo Wuji wouldn't be able to make it into Nirvana Learning Academy, so he randomly talked about it. Secondly, even if Mo Wuji made it into Nirvana Learning Academy, Mo Wuji's head would have to be crooked to actually want to go to the Land of Mortals.

    "You also want to join the Land of Mortals?" After some time, Yu Nuode asked.

    Even Bai Yue looked at Mo Wuji in astonishment. He didn't understand why Mo Wuji would choose to join the Land of Mortals? Could it be that Mo Wuji admired him? But he didn't even know Mo Wuji.

    "Yes, this disciple is willing to join the Land of Mortals," Mo Wuji said resolutely.

    "Alright, what's your name?" Yu Nuode didn't ask any further. As long as a disciple makes it into Nirvana Learning Academy, joining any place was the disciple's freedom.

    Mo Wuji bowed, "This disciple is Rogue Cultivator 2705."

    Rogue Cultivator 2705 was very famous in Nirvana Dao City but no one knew about him here. The only thing they knew was that Rogue Cultivator 2705's results were not bad; he was within the top 30.

    Thus, no one found it weird when Mo Wuji reported his name. Everyone was only curious. It was so hard for a rogue cultivator to make it into Nirvana Learning Academy, why did he want to go to the Land of Mortals?

    Mo Wuji was Rogue Cultivator 2705? Lian Linyun almost cried out in alarm. He only regained his calm after some time. He had never heard of Mo Wuji before but he knew about Rogue Cultivator 2705. Rogue Cultivator 2705 was the overall 22nd place. He slapped his head in frustration. He thought that Mo Wuji was near the 500th placing. He would never have expected that Mo Wuji was an existence in the top 30.

    The top 30 in the assessment were definitely experts among experts.

    Yu Nuode looked at the jade letter in his hands. He said in surprise, "Rogue Cultivator 2705, you're the 22nd place?"

    Mo Wuji said respectfully, "Yes, this junior is the 22nd place."

    Yu Nuode turned to look at Bai Yue. In his heart he was thinking: Since when were there so many powerful rogue cultivators?

    He passed a storage ring to Mo Wuji and said, "These are your things. Inside, you would find your sect attire, identity token and nirvana points. You and Bai Yue will take the transfer array together and head to the Land of Mortals."

    After Mo Wuji walked to the transfer array, Yu Nuode pressed a button on the side. The words 'Land of Mortals' appeared above them. A faint light wrapped around Mo Wuji and Bai Yue and the two of them disappeared.


    In merely instant, Mo Wuji and Bai Yue landed on hard ground. What dumbfounded the two of them was that they were in a barren desert. In the middle of the desert, there was a weathered stone tablet. A few words could be faintly seen on the stone tablet: Land of Mortals.

    Except for this stone tablet, there were also some dilapidated houses. The moment the two of them landed, these houses collapsed under the spatial waves.

    Previously, Mo Wuji heard from Chi Kun that there were two to three people in the Land of Mortals. Only after personally visiting this place did Mo Wuji realise that Chi Kun didn't even know what was the situation here.

    As they looked beyond the Land of Mortals, they saw mountains and rivers. However, those mountains and rivers had nothing to do with the Land of Mortals. Moreover, it was as Yu Nuode had said, the god spiritual energy here was very weak.

    Bai Yue's gaze turned towards Mo Wuji. He said slowly, "Let's introduce ourselves. My name is Bai Yue, I'm a true rogue cultivator. You must have a name, it can't be Rogue Cultivator 2705, right?"

    Mo Wuji nodded and said, "I'm Mo Wuji. I'm also a true rogue cultivator."

    Bai Yue responded and turned slightly serious, "Since there are only the two of us in the Land of Mortals, how about this, I will be the Senior Brother while you will be the Junior Brother. Of course, if there's anything you don't know, you can feel free to ask me."

    Mo Wuji said indifferently, "There's nothing that I don't know and I don't want to acknowledge a Senior Brother. The Land of Mortals is so big. You can go about with your own business while I go about mine."

    Mo Wuji came here to search for the tracks of the Agriculture Emperor. This was because his legacy was the Immortal Mortal Technique. If Bai Yue was an original inhabitant of the Land of Mortals, then he would have mind calling Bai Yue 'Senior Brother'. However, Bai Yue was the same as him, the two of them had just arrived. Moreover, Mo Wuji didn't know what was Bai Yue's purpose here, so Mo Wuji wasn't going to recognise a random person as his senior brother.
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