Chapter 999: Whos The Senior Brother

    Chapter 999: Who's The Senior Brother

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    Bai Yue harrumphed coldly, "If we don't set down ground rules, how are we going to revitalise the Land of Mortals? Since you're not willing, let's have a battle. The winner will be the Senior Brother and the loser must listen to the winner. If you're not even willing to do this, then please leave the Land of Mortals."

    "You want to revitalise the Land of Mortals?" Mo Wuji asked doubtfully.

    "Of course. If I don't intend to revitalise the Land of Mortals, why would I come to this place where birds aren't even willing to take a **?" Bai Yue said agitatedly.

    At this point, Mo Wuji was sure that Bai Yue's cultivation technique was related to the Immortal Mortal Technique. Otherwise, there was no reason why he would have come to the Land of Mortals, nor was there a reason why Bai Yue wanted to revitalise this place. If Bai Yue really cultivated the Immortal Mortal Technique and had come to revitalise this place because of that, it would show that Bai Yue was a grateful person. Of course, it was also possible that Bai Yue came here in search for the true Immortal Mortal Technique.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji nodded, "Alright."

    When Bai Yue heard that Mo Wuji was willing to battle with him, he looked at Mo Wuji in shock. After some time, he said, "You're really willing to battle with me?"

    "You didn't hear wrongly. I'm willing to battle," Mo Wuji said with certainty.

    Bai Yue did not really make a move. He still stared at Mo Wuji and said, "Mo Wuji, how many puppets did you win in the seventh round?"

    "Two." Mo Wuji knew that the other party was thinking about. He still answered calmly.

    Bai Yue slowed his words down, "Do you know how many puppets I won?"

    He did not wait for Mo Wuji to answer, "I won six god puppets. If I wanted to go all-out, I might have even won the seventh puppet and obtain the 2nd place in this assessment. You still want to fight with me?"

    Bai Yue wasn't bluffing when he said this. If he went all-out, he could really win a god puppet with a Heavenly God Level 5 cultivation. However, he would definitely be heavily injured after the battle.

    Still, winning a Heavenly God Level 5 puppet would earn him another 30 points.

    "Is there a difference? You passed. I also passed. If I went all-out, I could have even won ten god puppets." Mo Wuji said calmly. He also wasn't bluffing. With his sacred arts, it wasn't impossible for him to win a late-stage Heavenly God puppet.

    Moreover, god puppets could not be compared to cultivators. They lacked the flexibility of a cultivator. After all, not every puppet was like his Da Huang and had spiritual intelligence.

    Bai Yue fumed angrily but he calmed down. He maintained his reason as he said, "Alright. From the looks of it, your life has been too smooth-sailing and you haven't met a person who was willing to teach you a lesson. Since that's the case, you can make your move."

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "No, you can make your move. If I make my move, you wouldn't even have a chance to retaliate."

    "Haha, you actually used my own words against me..." Bai Yue chortled loudly. He had seen wild people but he had never seen anyone as wild as Mo Wuji. After laughing, there was nothing else he could say. With a single step, he closed the distance between him and Mo Wuji. While he was in mid-air, he released a punch.

    Facing a kid in the intermediate Nascent God Stage like Mo Wuji, there was no need for him to use his magic treasure. He only needed one punch. This one punch was enough to teach Mo Wuji some character.

    A powerful domain came sweeping over. Mo Wuji inwardly nodded his head. This Bai Yue was indeed very strong. In its explosiveness, his domain also contained some form of spatial restraints. This definitely wasn't something that an ordinary Nascent God could do.

    Among the tens of Nascent Gods that he killed in the newly incubated God Domain Nest, none of them could compare to Bai Yue.

    Mo Wuji didn't even move. He let his whirlpool domain sweep outwards. Bai Yue's domain instantly went loose; it was no longer able to restrain Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji didn't hesitate as he also released a punch. Sacred art - Domain Crushing Fist.

    It was as though it was struck by a Sun that could rip through space, Bai Yue's domain shattered like thin ice.

    The terrifying flame which seemed capable of burning everything came surging towards him. Bai Yue's heart was filled with shock. Originally, Bai Yue only used half of his power in that punch. But now, he no longer held back, all his god elemental energy was channelled into his fist.

    "Boom!" The two bursts of god elemental energy clashed. Bai Yue felt that under that terrifying Sun, he was like a thin piece of paper. The searing hot elemental energy slammed against his chest. He lost control of his entire body as he was sent flying into the air.

    The pressure of death came looming over him. Bai Yue's heart turned cold. He never expected that he would die here.

    Just as his body was about to be torn into pieces, that terrifying flame and god elemental energy suddenly disappeared.

    Bai Yue landed on the ground like a broken kite. He stared blankly at his charred chest. If Mo Wuji did not retract that punch, this char wouldn't merely be on his skin, but throughout his entire body.

    So strong. Bai Yue's heart started to shiver. He was sure that if he fought Ji Feiyan, Ji Feiyan definitely wouldn't be his opponent. However, Mo Wuji was almost able to eliminate him with a single punch. No, Mo Wuji could have eliminated him with a single punch, it was just that Mo Wuji had shown mercy.

    To a peak genius like Bai Yue, the terrifying part about Mo Wuji's punch wasn't its power. Instead, its that it could be retracted according to will.

    This was not a weapon used by mortals, but a sacred art. If Mo Wuji could retract this punch with his will, then this meant something. This meant that Mo Wuji's understandings towards the Laws of the Heaven and Earth were far superior to his.

    "Mo Wuji... Senior Brother Mo, why are you only at the 22nd place? And why did you only win two god puppets in the seventh round?" After some time, Bai Yue finally came to his senses. He asked Mo Wuji with a look of shock.

    Mo Wuji laughed and said, "I only came because of the Land of Mortals. It's enough for me to be in the top 500. Why would I need to be at the very top?"

    Bai Yue climbed up and bowed to Mo Wuji, "Many thanks to Senior Brother Mo for showing mercy. Bai Yue was like a frog in the well. I only just realised that Senior Brother is the strongest expert in this assessment."

    At this instant, Bai Yue completely understood. What Ji Feiyue? In front of his new senior brother, that Ji Feiyue also couldn't even handle one punch.

    Mo Wuji sighed and said, "That's only temporary. That Ji Feiyue is from the Star Concealing Mountain. I don't know much about Star Concealing Mountain but I'm sure that it's a top sect. One can imagine, after that person enters Nirvana Learning Academy, he would be soon able to step into the Heavenly God Stage. If we don't improve, the gap between him and us would become increasingly small."

    After coming to God World, Mo Wuji realised that his cultivation speed had become increasingly slow. Moreover, this was after he had understood the true meaning of the Mortal Dao. If not for that, he might still be lingering in the early Nascent God Stage.

    "Senior Brother, do you also cultivate the Immortal Mortal Technique?" Bai Yue suddenly asked.

    Mo Wuji hesitated briefly but he still nodded, "That's right, my cultivation technique could be considered the Immortal Mortal Technique."

    To Mo Wuji, his current Immortal Mortal Technique was already completely different from the one passed down by the Agriculture Emperor. However, at the end of the day, it was the Agriculture Emperor's Immortal Mortal Technique that brought him onto the path of cultivation. It was also the reason why he came to the Land of Mortals.

    "Senior Brother, I also cultivate the Immortal Mortal Technique. However, after I stepped into the Nascent God Stage, my cultivation speed became extremely slow. I have been stuck in Nascent God Level 9 for tens of thousands of years and I still don't have any progress. During this time, I found many god lattice stones, even a Four Star one, but I was unable to condense a god lattice to advance into the Heavenly God Stage..." Bai Yue was incredibly emotional.

    Mo Wuji knew that Bai Yue's spiritual root quality was not bad. Although he didn't know why Bai Yue chose to cultivate the Immortal Mortal Technique, he knew the reason why Bai Yue was unable to advance any further.

    The true Immortal Mortal Technique was on him. Bai Yue was probably using an incomplete version.

    Mo Wuji hesitated slightly before saying, "Perhaps the Immortal Mortal Technique doesn't need to condense a god lattice."

    "There's no need to condense a god lattice? Then how would I advance to the Heavenly God Stage..." Bai Yue muttered to himself, seemingly feeling the bleakness in his path of cultivation.

    Condensing a god lattice was the way he could take a step further in his cultivation. Bai Yue had understood this principle a long time ago. But now, Mo Wuji suddenly told him that a Heavenly God did not need to have a god lattice. This was upending his previous beliefs and pursuits, causing him to suddenly lose his sense of direction.

    Mo Wuji also didn't know what to say. He wasn't sure whether the Agriculture Emperor's Immortal Mortal needed to condense a god lattice; he only knew this his Immortal Mortal Technique didn't need to.

    He guessed that if he passed the true Immortal Mortal Technique to Bai Yue, Bai Yue should be able to solve this problem. However, Mo Wuji did not intend to pass it to Bai Yue. That Immortal Mortal Technique should have been passed down personally by the Agriculture Emperor. He didn't even know Bai Yue, so he wasn't going to casually give away such a valuable thing.

    This was unless one day when Bai Yue finally earned his recognition. Only then, would he pass the Agriculture Emperor's Immortal Mortal Technique to Bai Yue.

    Bai Yue was able to transcend many stages beyond his own cultivation stage. Although this was related to the Immortal Mortal Technique, it also showed that his will was very strong.

    After a short time, he regained his calm. He placed the matter regarding the god lattice to the side and asked Mo Wuji, "Senior Brother, what should we do now?"

    Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel had already pervaded through the surroundings. After assessing the situation in the Land of Mortals, be said, "The Land of Mortals isn't a place devoid of natural energy. It's just that there isn't a spirit gathering array here. Later, I would install a spirit storage channel and this place would become a cultivation land."

    In Nirvana Learning Academy, Mo Wuji wasn't worried about absorbing god spiritual energy at an insane pace, and of people knocking up his door.

    "Senior Brother Mo, I just advanced into the Grade 4 God Array Master not long ago. Why don't we work together to install a defensive array and spirit gathering array?" Bai Yue was very confident in his Array Dao.

    Mo Wuji clapped Bai Yue's shoulders and said, "I can handle the installing of the arrays. You can help me do something. I have some friends in Nirvana Dao City. Help me fetch them here, then you can cultivate."

    The Land of Mortals was different from other places. If Mo Wuji had joined some other place, he would need to ask for permission in order to bring people in. But in the Land of Mortals, there was only the two of them. Moreover, Bai Yue acknowledged him as the Senior Brother. Thus, he could do as he pleased here.

    "Senior Brother should also be a Grade 4 God Array Master?" Bai Yue asked an irrelevant question.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "That's right, I'm a Grade 4 God Array Master."

    Bai Yue said in a hushed voice, "Senior Brother, since the both of us are Grade 4 God Array Masters, I have a way of installing a Grade 5 god array."
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