Chapter 1000: Agriculture Emperors True Book Of Immortality

    Chapter 1000: Agriculture Emperor's True Book Of Immortality

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    "Grade 4 God Array Masters can install a Grade 5 god array?" Mo Wuji looked at Bai Yue in disbelief. If he was asked to break open a Grade 5 god array, he should be able to do it. But if he was asked to install a Grade 5 god array while being in Grade 4, he really couldn't do such a thing.

    This wasn't a matter of ability, but knowledge. He had never learned of such a thing, but now you're asking him to do it? Unless he made a sudden breakthrough, how was he going to do it?

    "That's right. I'm also a Grade 4 God Array Master but I can install Grade 5 god arrays. Senior Brother, do you know how I was able to take part in Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment?" Bai Yue asked seriously.

    Mo Wuji answered, You said you could eliminate a Heavenly God Level 4 puppet, so I guessed that you got into the assessment through the Duel Competition. It's just that I had some doubts..."

    Mo Wuji had doubts as to how Bai Yue was able to obtain his placing jade token. With Rogue Cultivator Alliance being so shady, they definitely wouldn't give Bai Yue a jade.token.

    Bai Yue laughed, "Senior Brother has guessed wrong. I am a Master Smith and I obtained a Master Smith Honour in the Equipment Dao Honour Tower. Thereafter, I directly got the rights to participate in the assessment.

    "You can forge intermediate grade god equipment?" Mo Wuji looked at Bai Yue in shock. Until now, he couldn't even forge intermediate grade god equipment, but Bai Yue was actually able to do so.

    In the Equipment Dao, there weren't Smith Kings. Those that could forge low-grade god equipment were God Smiths while those that could forge intermediate grade god equipment were Master Smiths.

    In the past, god equipment used to be classified as Grade 1 to Grade 9. However, after discovering that there were peak-grade god equipment, and even equipment which exceeded peak grade, god equipment grade was decided to be classified as peak, high, intermediate and low.

    Bai Yue nodded, "That's right. Not only can I forge intermediate grade god equipment, the equipment I forge are extremely close to high grade. If I have better materials, and if my luck is particularly good, I might even be able to forge quasi-high-grade god equipment. Senior Brother, let me tell you. If all the array flags in a Grade 4 god array were in intermediate grade and if an energy circulation array was installed around the array core, the Grade 4 god array would rise by a level. This was the experience I obtained after countless experiments."

    "Oh, there's this method?" Mo Wuji muttered to himself. He had actually employed such a method before.

    However, he didn't forge the array flags as magic treasures. Instead, he used powerful magic treasures as the array core and array foundation. That way, the array would become sturdier.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji seemed to be considering the possibility, Bai Yue directly took out a pile of array flags that were on the level of magic treasures and started to install an array. In a short time, Bai Yue installed an energy circulation array.

    After installing the array, Bai Yue said, "Senior Brother, take a look. This is an energy circulation array."

    Mo Wuji had already come to an understanding. Bai Yue's method was definitely creative. There was no need to talk about how Bai Yue's array flags were all of high quality. Just from this energy circulation array alone, it was enough to raise the level of an array.

    Indeed, there was something that you could learn from everyone. Bai Yue has given him a lesson which allowed him to take a step further in the Array Dao. Although this was an extravagant method, it was still extremely valuable.

    "Thanks, Bai Yue. Since that's the case, we will start installing the array." Mo Wuji clapped Bai Yue's shoulders. He had recognised this junior brother.

    After they finished installing the arrays, he would pass the Immortal Mortal Technique to Bai Yue. This sort of array knowledge was clearly formed from the accumulation of countless years of experimentation. In particular, that energy circulation array was extremely useful; it would be able to improve the effectiveness of a spirit gathering array.

    What thing was priceless? Knowledge.

    With Bai Yue's talent, if he wasn't stuck in Nascent God Level 9, he would probably have already been in the God Monarch Stage. During this time that he had been stuck, he had been studying the Equipment and Array Dao. This was also the reason why Bai Yue was able to obtain the 4th place.


    Mo Wuji and Bai Yue worked together to install the defensive array around the Land of Mortals. Bai Yue forged intermediate-grade array flags while Mo Wuji sent them into the array.

    With the two of them working together, the array looked better with each passing day.

    Ten days later, the defensive array and the spirit gathering array were complete. Dense god spiritual energy surged over. In an instant, the Land of Mortals started to brim with vitality and life.

    "Senior Brother, we have succeeded. With this defensive array, we would even be able to defend against a God King for half a day." Bai Yue stood up and looked at the defensive array belatedly.

    However, it was clearly a joke when Bai Yue talked about a God King attacking the Land of Mortals's array.

    Just as the two were thinking that no one would attack their defensive array, it was attacked.

    Mo Wuji and Bai Yue simultaneously appeared at the entrance of their defensive array. When they opened their array, they saw a World God expert. This World God was wearing the deacon uniform of Nirvana Learning Academy. Clearly, he was a deacon of Nirvana Learning Academy.

    "Senior, why did you attack the defensive array of our Land of Mortals?" Mo Wuji clasped his fists and asked politely.

    This deacon did not use his higher cultivation to place pressure on Mo Wuji and Bai Yue. He also clasped his fists, "The two of you have just arrived at Nirvana Learning Academy, so you should not have seen the detailed rules on the Nirvana Learning Academy's identity token."

    Mo Wuji asked doubtfully, "Wasn't there only one rule?"

    The deacon chuckled, "That's just the attitude that Nirvana Learning Academy has towards all its students. However, there's still a set of regulations that everyone within Nirvana Learning Academy needs to follow. One of which is that you cannot casually install a spirit gathering array within Nirvana Learning Academy."

    Bai Yue asked in confusion, "Without a spirit gathering array, we will have no means of cultivating here."

    This deacon said calmly, "You can obtain god spiritual veins and plant them here. Alternatively, you can take part in the cultivation resources competition which takes place once every few years. Not only are there peak-grade god spiritual veins, there's also the chance to cultivate in the Land of God Spiritual Energy, secret domains and high-tiered god pills."

    Mo Wuji came to an understanding, "The two of us are just Nascent Gods. How will we take part in this competition?"

    This deacon chuckled, "Then the two of you need to hurry and advance to the Heavenly God Stage. In Nirvana Learning Academy's cultivation resource competition, the competitors must not exceed the Heavenly God Stage."

    No wonder why the disciples that passed Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment did not worry about the places that they were going. From the looks of it, the various powers in Nirvana Learning Academy had to depend on these newly entered disciples for cultivation resources.

    "May I ask when will the next cultivation resource competition be?" Bai Yue was already rubbing his fists eagerly.

    "There's still 10 years and 3 months." After this deacon answered Bai Yue, he said sternly, "Your spirit gathering array has reached the level of a Grade 4 god array. It needs to be taken down immediately. Since the two of you have just entered Nirvana Learning Academy, this will be a warning. But if there's a second time, the two of you will directly be expelled from Nirvana Learning Academy."


    After the deacon left, Mo Wuji and Bai Yue both turned to glance at one another. Nirvana Learning Academy was safe but it definitely wasn't a cultivation haven.

    Mo Wuji finally had a faint understanding why Nirvana Learning Academy was able to stand tall in God Continent for so long. This sort of competition incites struggles between the different powers within the Academy. If a power slackens, it would get trampled under the other powers.

    For a place like the Land of Mortals, it was probably the last place among all the powers in Nirvana Learning Academy.

    In reality, Mo Wuji guessed that if the Agriculture Emperor had not created a path which was extremely close to the Mortal Dao, ushering a new direction in the Dao, the Nirvana Learning Academy would have already retaken this piece of barren land.

    "Senior Brother, I originally came here in search of an opportunity to advance to the Heavenly God Stage. Thereafter, I would revitalise the Land of Mortals. From the looks of it, the Land of Mortals does not have that opportunity. I intend to go out in search of that opportunity before returning." Bai Yue was slightly disappointed.

    With that, Bai Yue seemed to have recalled something. He took out three jade tokens and said to Mo Wuji, "These jade tokens are for God Kings to cultivate in the Nirvanic River and listen to a Unity God preach about the Dao. You can auction them and use the god crystals to purchase god spiritual veins for our Land of Mortals."

    Mo Wuji did not reject it. He accepted the jade tokens and placed them in his storage ring. He laughed and said, "I will accept the jade token because you won't have the time to go and sell these jade tokens. Also, there's no need for you to go out in search of an opportunity to advance to the Heavenly God Stage. There's one right here."

    Looking at Bai Yue's look of astonishment, Mo Wuji retrieved a wooden box and handed it to Bai Yue, "Take a look at this."

    Bai Yue doubtfully opened the box. Instantly, his hand started to tremble and he almost dropped the wooden box onto the floor. He picked up the book within the box tightly, "This is the true Immortal Mortal Technique left behind by the Agriculture Emperor..."

    Even Bai Yue could feel that his hands were shaking. Ever since he cultivated the Immortal Mortal Technique, he had always dreamed of obtaining this true book. However, he would wake up and realise that it was a dream.

    Mo Wuji clapped Bai Yue's shoulders, "That's right. This is the true book of the Immortal Mortal Technique. Don't you have one year in the Land of God Spiritual Energy? Go and cultivate. After you advance to the Heavenly God Stage, you can compete to obtain cultivation resources for the Land of Mortals."

    Bai Yue had already forcefully calmed himself down. He carefully placed the Immortal Mortal Technique in a jade box, kept it and said to Mo Wuji, "Senior Brother, no, from today onwards, Wuji is my closest brother. I will take a look at the Immortal Mortal Technique. After I advance to the Heavenly God Stage, I will return it to you."

    Mo Wuji laughed, "There's no need to return it to me. I'm giving that manual to you."

    Before Bai Yue could ask anything, Mo Wuji continued, "Although I also cultivate the Immortal Mortal Technique, it's not the Agriculture Emperor's Immortal Mortal Technique."

    Hearing that Mo Wuji wasn't cultivating the Agriculture Emperor's Immortal Mortal Technique, Bai Yue got anxious and hurriedly said, "Wuji, the Immortal Mortal Technique was created by the Agriculture Emperor. If you aren't cultivating the Agriculture Emperor's Immortal Mortal Technique, then there would definitely be flaws..."

    Bai Yue no longer addressed Mo Wuji as 'Senior Brother', but called him by his name. The moment Mo Wuji gave him the Immortal Mortal Technique, he had regarded Mo Wuji as his greatest brother.
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