Chapter 1001: Nirvana Learning Academy

    Chapter 1001: Nirvana Learning Academy

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    Mo Wuji said solemnly, "Bai Yue, your spiritual root quality is very good, so I won't be persuading you. But in reality, the Agriculture Emperor's Immortal Mortal Technique also has flaws. It's just that I don't know where those flaws would be of a huge impact on you. If you are willing, you can change to my own Immortal Mortal Technique."

    "Wuji, I know I can't persuade you either. However, I have already decided to cultivate the Agriculture Emperor's Immortal Mortal Technique. I have been stuck on Nascent God Level 9 for far too long, so I'm extremely eager to break through and enter the Heavenly God Stage. I will leave the matters of the Land of Mortals to you. I will need to hurry and go to the Land of God Spiritual Energy to cultivate." Bai Yue did not hesitate to reject Mo Wuji's offer.

    There was no need to talk about how Mo Wuji's cultivation was lower than his. Even if Mo Wuji had a higher cultivation, how many geniuses were like the Agriculture Emperor? Mo Wuji indeed stronger than him, but that did not mean that Mo Wuji was stronger than a genius like the Agriculture Emperor.

    "May I ask whether Dao Friend Bai Yue is around?" Another voice sounded from outside the defensive array.

    The spirit gathering array had already been sealed, why was there another person? Mo Wuji questioningly opened the defensive array. Standing outside was a person that Mo Wuji detested, Ao Rong.

    Mo Wuji also recognised the person beside Ao Rong. This person was also equally detested. It was the Ao Clan's God King Wide Search.

    Ao Rong acted as though he didn't see Mo Wuji. He smiled at Bai Yue and said, "Dao Friend Bai Yue, I have come to offer you with benefits."

    Bai Yue knitted his brows slightly and said calmly, "Dao Friend Ao, I have already decided to join the Land of Mortals. I will not be going into secluded cultivation for a year, so I would have to disappoint Dao Friend Ao's good intentions."

    Ao Rong waved his hand and said without being offended, "This time, I'm not here to invite you to the Ao Clan. Don't you have three placings for God Kings to cultivate in the Nirvanic River? I have come to purchase them at high prices. You should know that those jade tokens don't have any use for you. Sell them to me at the high price, and I would also owe you a favour."

    Bai Yue said calmly, "I'm sorry. This matter would have to be left to my senior brother. I will need to enter secluded cultivation soon. May the two of you please take your leave."

    "Your senior brother?" Ao Rong repeated doubtfully. However, Bai Yue did not have any intentions to continue answering.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand and said, "The two of you, please take your leave. I will be closing the array."

    "You are Bai Yue's senior brother?" God King Wide Search's experience was clearly higher than Ao Rong. The moment he heard Mo Wuji's words, he knew that Mo Wuji might be Bai Yue's senior brother.

    "Yes. However, I do not intend to sell these two jade tokens. If the two of you are interested, you can take a look at Nirvana Dao City's auction." Although Mo Wuji did not want to continue offending the Ao Clan, he knew that he would definitely offend them if he didn't want to offer them the jade tokens for the Nirvanic River.

    However, he would rather be destroyed than let the Ao Clan have these jade tokens.

    "Could it be that the two of you intend to hole up here all your lives?" God King Wide Search's voice was icy cold. A God King like him had personally come to purchase the jade tokens from a Nascent God ant. This was already giving this ant a huge honour. However, not only did these two ants not invite them in, they even said such words.

    In God King Wide Search's mind, his visit here represented that his Ao Clan would be taking this Nascent God under his wing, and Bai Yue should voluntarily offer the jade tokens. Even if he did offer god crystals, Bai Yue should respectfully and tactfully decline.

    The difference between a God King and a Nascent God was the same as the difference between the Ao Clan and a rogue cultivator. It simply couldn't be measured.

    Did this Nascent God think that he would be freed of worries just because he entered Nirvana Learning Academy? That was an idiot's way of thinking.

    Mo Wuji said calmly, "This is a matter between us. I do not dare to trouble the two of you to worry about us."

    "Very good." God King Wide Search stared at Mo Wuji coldly and turned to leave.

    Ao Rong also shot Mo Wuji a cold glance and said indifferently, "You will soon realise that the two of you can only barely survive in Nirvana Learning Academy."

    "Wuji, you offended Ao Rong previously?" Bai Yue was able to get this far as a rogue cultivator. Naturally, he wasn't a simple person. He could see that there was some tension between Ao Rong and Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji snickered and looked into the distance, "The Ao Clan tried to kill me. If not for my friend, I would already be bones by now."

    Bai Yue inhaled deeply and said slowly, "Wuji, I will now go to the Land of God Spiritual Energy to cultivate. If I don't step into the Heavenly God Stage, I wouldn't come out."

    Mo Wuji nodded, "You can go and cultivate. I also need to make a trip to Nirvana Dao City."


    Nirvana Learning Academy was truly relaxed. He wasn't even questioned once as he was leaving the Academy. However, Mo Wuji was also very clear that there were some strands of spiritual will on him. That meant to say Nirvana Learning Academy seemed relaxed, but in reality, it monitored all actions in and out of the Academy.

    This improved Mo Wuji's impression of Nirvana Learning Academy. When he was in the Land of Mortals, he did not sense any pressure or any feelings that he was being watched. Clearly, in Nirvana Learning Academy, the privacy of the various powers was protected.

    Previously, Mo Wuji had entered Nirvana Learning Academy through the plaza and the gold path.

    Now that he was leaving, he finally realised how vast and majestic Nirvana Learning Academy was.

    Right above Nirvana Learning Academy, floated three huge gold words - Nirvana Learning Academy. A faint gold staircase, which was at least 30 meter wide, extended from the outermost part of the Academy right into its depths.

    On the outermost periphery of Nirvana Learning Academy, there was a huge river which was hundreds of meters wide. What shocked Mo Wuji were the words floating above the river - Nirvanic River.

    Nirvanic River was a name that Mo Wuji had heard about a lot recently. Shouldn't it be a Dao RIver? Why was it like a moat river coiling around the periphery of Nirvana Learning Academy?

    It shouldn't be so simple. Mo Wuji did not continue thinking about it any further. This wasn't related to him. At the top of the Nirvanic River, there was a stone arch bridge. After crossing the stone arch bridge, there was a 30-meter long white jade road.

    Mo Wuji was familiar with the road. This road led to Nirvana Dao City.

    The distance between Nirvana Learning Academy and Nirvana Dao City was definitely safe. Even back when Luo Yu wanted to kill Mo Wuji, he could only wait outside Nirvana Dao City. Even a Great Circle God King would not do anything within the boundaries of Nirvana Learning Academy.

    Although Mo Wuji had offended the Rogue Cultivators Alliance's Luo Yu and the Ao Clan's God King Wide Search, he was able to arrive at Nirvana Dao City safely.

    "Wuji, I have been waiting for you for a long time." The moment Mo Wuji stepped into God Joy Resthouse, Chi Kun came to greet him. Behind Chi Kun, was the veiled Yu Chuo.

    When he saw Chi Kun and Yu Chuo, Mo Wuji was also rather happy. After all, the two of them could be considered his friends and they had both helped him before. Although he had given them some high-grade Green Dew Rice in return, that rice really couldn't count for much.

    "Brother Chi, Senior Sister Yu Chuo, let's go in first." Mo Wuji also didn't know why Chi Kun and Yu Chuo were here. He was sure that the two of them didn't know that he had the jade tokens for Nirvanic River.


    By the time Mo Wuji returned, Chi Bing had already emerged from seclusion. When she saw Mo Wuji come in, she smiled and said, "Congratulations Wuji. You have entered Nirvana Learning Academy as you have planned."

    Chi Chuan, Shuai Guo and Da Huang also hurried out of their rooms.

    Mo Wuji said, "This time, I've come back to bring all of you to Nirvana Learning Academy. At least, no one would come and disturb us within the Academy."

    Chi Bing nodded, "That's right. As a rogue cultivator for all these years, I was able to continuously raise my power but I never had the peace to study on my own dao arts. This time, I get to cling to your generosity and have some safe years in Nirvana Learning Academy."

    Chi Kun just came to realise that there was actually a God King expert beside Mo Wuji. He couldn't help but blush with shame. Back when he tried to befriend Mo Wuji, it was entirely because of Mo Wuji's ability to grow Green Dew Rice. Eventually, they successfully became friends through their chats.

    Moreover, he did not know that Chi Bing could become a God King because Mo Wuji had concocted a Tier 5 god pill, the God Jade Pill, for her. If he knew that, then he definitely wouldn't be so calm.

    After eagerly greeting Chi Bing, Chi Kun said awkwardly, "Wuji, regarding High Firmament God Sect, I didn't manage to push my weight and I almost got you caught and grabbed back to the sect. I'm truly sorry."

    Mo Wuji smiled as though it wasn't important and he said, "Brother Chi didn't reveal that I was in disguise. That was already more than enough. Other matters aren't important. Moreover, back in High Firmament City, if not for Senior Sister Yu and Brother Chi, I would have already been killed by the Ao Clan."

    Mo Wuji was truly grateful towards Chi Kun for not revealing that he had been in disguise. Otherwise, Ren Fei would have already noticed him back in Pill Dao Honour Tower. Moreover, Mo Wuji had engraved the help the two of them offered him in High Firmament City in his heart.

    "Junior Brother Mo, now that you entered Nirvana Learning Academy, are you only going to come out after you advance to the Heavenly God Stage?" Yu Chuo had always felt that Mo Wuji wasn't simple. It turned out that her intuition was correct.

    Previously, Mo Wuji seemed very ordinary. However, he was able to pass Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment and even obtained the 22nd place.

    Mo Wuji smiled, "In my hands, I have three placings for God Kings to enter the Nirvanic River and listen to a Unity God preach about the Dao. I intend to auction them in Nirvana Dao City and buy some god spiritual veins."

    At this instant, Mo Wuji was especially clear about how valuable these placings were to God Kings in God Continent. He believed that he would definitely be able to obtain several god spiritual veins after auctioning these placings. If he didn't have any god spiritual veins, then he couldn't even cultivate in his Land of Mortals.

    "What?" Chi Kun and Yu Chuo both stood up agitatedly.

    Yu Chuo was so shocked that her veil almost fell off, "Junior Brother Mo, you say that you have placings for God Kings to enter Nirvanic River?"

    From the way her voice trembled, it could be seen how important the placing was to her.
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