Chapter 1002: Extracting The Elements From The Undying World

    Chapter 1002: Extracting The Elements From The Undying World

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    "Yes." Mo Wuji had never intended to conceal the fact from Chi Kun and Yu Chuo. If he was going to auction the Nirvanic River placings in Nirvana Dao City, Yu Chuo and Chi Kun would eventually find out about it.

    Yu Chuo's and Chi Kun's reactions were within Mo Wuji's prediction. If High Firmament God Sect didn't want the placing, they wouldn't have placed so much emphasis on Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment.

    "Junior Brother Mo, I know I shouldn't say such words, but I urgently wish to obtain a placing to enter the Nirvanic River. This placing wouldn't be for me, but my great-grandfather." As she said this, Yu Chuo bowed towards Mo Wuji. She continued, "Many years ago, my Yu Clan faced a calamity. To save my mother, my great grandfather damaged his dao foundations. Not only would the Nirvanic River allow a person to gain insights into the Unity God Stage, it could also recover damaged dao foundations..."

    Before she even finished speaking, Yu Chuo hurriedly brought out a storage ring and passed it to Mo Wuji, "Junior Brother Mo, my most valuable item is this peak-grade god spiritual vein. This was something that my great-grandfather left for me. I know that a peak-grade god spiritual vein cannot be compared to such a placing but I don't have anything more valuable than it."

    Mo Wuji actually accepted the storage ring. After which, he handed a jade token to Yu Chuo and said, "Senior Sister Yu, I did not intend to take anything from you. It's just that my Land of Mortals doesn't have any god spiritual energy and I need to plant some god spiritual veins in it. Otherwise, my Land of Mortals would be no different from barren land."

    When Chi Kun heard that Mo Wuji had the jade token placings for God Kings to enter Nirvanic River, he also wanted to ask Mo Wuji for one. However, after Yu Chuo asked, he went silent.

    High Firmament God Sect did need the jade token. However, there was friction between his High Firmament God Sect and Mo Wuji, and this friction wasn't small. The only point of elation was that this friction had yet to develop into a true conflict.

    However, Chi Kun truly couldn't ask Mo Wuji for another jade token.

    "Wuji, are you going to auction the remaining two jade tokens?" Chi Kun hesitated before asking.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Yes. If Brother Chi needs it for yourself, I will not hesitate to give one to you. It's just that this jade token doesn't only belong to me, but also to my junior brother back in the Land of Mortals. If Brother Chi intends to give the jade token to High Firmament God Sect, then I would be powerless to help you."

    There was no need for him to be courteous. Chi Kun was his friend, but High Firmament God Sect was far from that. If he hadn't been cautious, he might not have even participated in the assessment. Instead, he might have been caught and dragged back to High Firmament God Sect. If he was really captured by High Firmament God Sect, his consequences would be unimaginable.

    "Then I will invite the people from my sect to participate in the auction. I wonder..." Chi Kun asked.

    Mo Wuji laughed faintly, "Of course that's possible. To me, the more participants, the better."

    Yu Chuo, who had been extremely emotional to have received the jade token, had already calmed down. She kept the jade token and said, "Junior Brother Mo, I heard that you need to plant spiritual veins in the Land of Mortals? Is it to increase the god spiritual energy for cultivation?"

    Mo Wuji answered, "Yes. This is because we are restricted by the rules of Nirvana Learning Academy. Currently, the Land of Mortals is devoid of god spiritual energy. There's no way that we can cultivate."

    Yu Chuo shook her head and said, "Junior Brother Mo, I'm afraid that you have been tricked. If I'm not wrong, it should have been a deacon that told you that you needed to plant your own god spiritual veins to cultivate in the Land of Mortals."

    "That's right." Mo Wuji nodded his head doubtfully.

    Yu Chuo sighed, "That way would indeed increase the god spiritual energy. However, I'm sure that your god spiritual vein would be depleted in less than a year. No matter how many god spiritual veins you plant, the results would be the same. This is because your god spiritual energy would be swept away by the spirit gathering arrays in the surrounding. There's no way that you can stop it.

    Previously, someone else had the same idea as you. After he entered the Land of Mortals, he started to gather large amounts of god spiritual veins and brought people into Nirvana Learning Academy to cultivate. However, this person wasn't able to last for more than a year. This was because, after a year, the god spiritual veins' energy would be sucked away by Nirvana Learning Academy's spirit gathering away, and they would be depleted."

    "Why is there such a thing?" Mo Wuji was slightly speechless. If there was such a case, how was he going to bring Chi Bing and co. to cultivate in Nirvana Learning Academy?

    Yu Chuo continued, "Actually the Land of Mortals is also an elemental dispersal spot. Even if you install a spirit gathering array, the spiritual energy that you gathered could not be used to cultivate. This is because the spiritual energy would lack a certain Law of the Heaven and Earth. Of course, this is with the exception of one kind of people, those that cultivate the Immortal Mortal Technique. Do you know why the Land of Mortals occupies a large plot of land in Nirvana Learning Academy? It's because it is an elemental dispersal spot.

    Back then, after the Agriculture Emperor chose the Land of Mortals, he did not install a spirit gathering array. However, when he cultivated, he was still able to absorb insane amounts of god spiritual energy. It was exactly because of this that the Agriculture Emperor didn't have any god ties with others in Nirvana Learning Academy."

    Mo Wuji went silent. If the Agriculture Emperor could cultivate in the Land of Mortals, then he would definitely be able to do so too. However, this wasn't the same for Chi Bing and Chi Chuan.

    When Yu Chuo saw Mo Wuji's silence, she continued, "Eventually, there were more disciples in the Land of Mortals. At the same time, the surrounding powers started to install defensive arrays to prevent their god spiritual energy from flowing into the Land of Mortals.

    The Agriculture Emperor had achieved great success in the Array Dao. It was rumoured that he was a Grade 6 God Array King and that he could even install a Quasi-Grade 7 god array. He thought of a method; he wanted to install an Unrestrained Nine Element God Array. If he successfully installed that array, not only would the Land of Mortals become rich in god spiritual energy, anyone could cultivate here without any restrains. This god array required nine peak-grade god spiritual veins as the array foundation. Ultimately, the Agriculture Emperor died during his pursuits for the peak-grade god spiritual vein."

    Mo Wuji asked in confusion, "For an expert like the Agriculture Emperor, why was it so hard for him to obtain nine peak-grade god spiritual veins?"

    Yu Chuo smiled ruefully, "Those nine peak-grade god spiritual veins the Agriculture Emperor was searching for were true peak-grade god spiritual veins. Our god peak-grade god spiritual veins could only be considered half-peak-grade god spiritual veins. In fact, they might not even be half-peak-grade. This was because the Laws over God Continent had been damaged. True peak-grade god spiritual veins no longer exist. By chance, there might be one or two of them left behind by ancient existences. Even the one that I just gave you could only be considered a half-peak-grade god spiritual vein."

    Mo Wuji suddenly felt his lips twitching. Just now, he was delighted to have obtained a peak-grade god spiritual vein. Now, he realised that it was a fake. What half-peak-grade? This was simply a high-grade god spiritual vein which was above average.

    Chi Bing suddenly said, "Wuji, since that's the case, I will not be going to the Land of Mortals. I have just entered the God King Stage and I would also need some time to temper myself. You can bring Chi Chuan to the Land of Mortals. If it's possible, you have Chi Chuan change to the Immortal Mortal Technique. His spiritual roots quality is too lacking. Even if he cultivates other techniques, it wouldn't have any meaning."

    Mo Wuji knew that Chi Bing's words were said out of helplessness. He could only say, "Sister Bing, I will think of ways to allow the Land of Mortals cultivatable."

    Even if a spirit gathering array was installed in the Land of Mortals, those that did not cultivate the Immortal Mortal Technique wouldn't be able to absorb the energy. Now, the deacon of Nirvana Learning Academy didn't even allow him to install a spirit gathering array. Life was tough.

    "There's no need to think too much. First, auction these two jade tokens for the Nirvanic River," Chi Bing consoled Mo Wuji.


    The news of the two placings for God Kings to enter the Nirvanic River being auctioned in Nirvana Dao City spread across God Continent like wildfire.

    In a single night, God Kings from various sects and sect heads all rushed to Nirvana Dao City. They all shared the same purpose: to obtain a placing to enter Nirvanic River.

    One must know that this opportunity was simply akin to a dream come true. After obtaining these placings, no power would want to auction such placings. Back when the Gold Nirvana Dao Sand appeared in Dew Drop God City, many God Kings missed out on the opportunity. They weren't willing to miss out on this one.

    High Firmament God Sect's Elder Ren Fei wanted to use Chi Kun to get to Mo Wuji but Mo Wuji couldn't even be bothered with him.

    The two placings were auctioned in what seemed like a blink of an eye. Together with the one that Yu Chuo gave him, Mo Wuji earned a total of five peak-grade god spiritual veins. At the same time, he got six high-grade god spiritual veins and 24 million high-grade god crystals.

    Although these peak-grade god spiritual veins weren't truly peak-grade, they were still much needed.

    After the two jade tokens were auctioned, Mo Wuji bade farewell to Chi Bing and brought Chi Chuan, Shuai Guo and Da Huang to the land of Mortals.

    The matter of rebuilding the Land of Mortals was left to the three of them. Mo Wuji chose to enter secluded cultivation.

    To him, there was an important matter which he needed to attend to. Previously, he had never found a safe a stable place. Now that he finally found a safe place, he needed to quickly extract the three Origin Beads from his Undying World and build his own world.

    This matter was extremely risky. If he was not careful, he might destroy his World Channel. In turn, his world would disappear. Mo Wuji even suspected that he would remain in Nascent God Level 6 for his entire life.

    In the heart of the Land of Mortals, Mo Wuji built multiple defensive arrays around himself. After instructing Shuai Guo and Da Huang repeatedly, Mo Wuji started his secluded cultivation.


    Back when he first formed his Undying World, he was surrounded by the Lightning Calamity. After his Undying World absorbed the Earth Origin Bead, Mo Wuji started to gather the different Origin Beads and tried to make use of them to perfect his Undying World.

    However, when he gained a new enlightenment on his Mortal Dao, Mo Wuji realised how wrong his method had been. He had almost destroyed his own world.

    After removing everything from his Undying World, Mo Wuji's 107 meridians circulated around his World Channel. His consciousness had sunk into his Undying World and he tried to extract the Earth Origin Bead.

    Until now, Mo Wuji finally realised how serious his mistake had been. In his own world, he was actually unable to find the source of the earth elemental energy. He could only sense that it was present.

    This caused goosebumps to appear on Mo Wuji's back. If he actually gathered all the Origin Beads of the five elements, would the Undying World still be his?

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji no longer cared about his vitality and energy. He furiously sucked away the vitality within the Undying World and extracted the elemental energy within his World Channel.
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