Chapter 1003: Mortal World

    Chapter 1003: Mortal World

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    Even if this might spend 90% of his vitality, he was going to extract those three Origin Beads. He did not believe that he wouldn't be able to find the fish in a dried pond.

    Following Mo Wuji's decision to suck away the vitality within himself and his World Channel, his skin started to wither.

    Mo Wuji's Undying World was formed from his World Channel and his World Channel was one of his 108 meridians. Thus, the life force from within the Undying World was also being sucked away. At the same time, the energy which formed the world was also being extracted. Even if Mo Wuji was any more capable, he was unable to do this without losing his vital blood.

    His skin withered, his vital blood evaporated, and his bones turned grey...

    No matter what happened, Mo Wuji maintained his clarity. He definitely wasn't going to faint.

    After an unknown amount of time, Mo Wuji felt as though he could no longer endure it any further. However, at the same time, the earth elemental energy within his Undying World could no longer dance throughout the world; they recondensed to form a bead. Before this Earth Origin Bead could fall onto the ground, Mo Wuji used a jade box to store it and placed a seal over the jade box.

    After the Earth Origin Bead was extracted, it became much easier to extract the Metal and Water Origin Beads.

    By the time Mo Wuji completely extracted the three Origin Beads and stored them in jade boxes, his life force was like a candle at the end of its wick.

    The green plains within the Undying World rapidly withered. Because the elemental energy within the Undying World was all extracted, it reverted back to a grey and ugly pearl. The world within the pearl was extremely narrow and dark.

    Mo Wuji, however, heaved a sigh of relief. At least his Undying World hadn't collapsed. He hurriedly threw some important things into the grey world, then he furiously circulated his Immortal Mortal Technique.

    He couldn't install a spirit gathering array, but that didn't mean that he couldn't absorb god spiritual energy from elsewhere, right?

    The speed of Mo Wuji's Immortal Mortal Technique was even more abnormal than the Agriculture Emperor's Immortal Mortal Technique.

    In a short time, a god spiritual whirlpool formed above Mo Wuji.

    Boundless amounts of god spiritual energy swept over and gathered above Mo Wuji.

    This was Nirvana Learning Academy, not a place devoid of god spiritual energy. In Nirvana Learning Academy, only the Land of Mortals was devoid of god spiritual energy. However, everywhere else in Nirvana Learning Academy were among the top cultivation places in the entire God Continent.

    The moment Mo Wuji started absorbing, the god spiritual energy came surging with such energy that it couldn't be stopped.

    This was also one reason why Mo Wuji wanted to come to Nirvana Learning Academy. Even if he caused a scene here, no one would dare to attack his defensive array.

    Although no one touched Mo Wuji's defensive array, his Land of Mortals had become a place of focus. The deacon from Nirvana Learning Academy came back to visit. When he noticed that Mo Wuji was cultivating the energy sucked over from other places, he could only turn and leave.

    Even if a person sucked over all the god spiritual energy in his cultivation, it was none of his business.

    Chi Chuan, Da Huang and co. all heaved a sigh of relief. Since Mo Wuji entered seclusion, there was no news from him for three whole years. During these three years, they had already refurbished the Land of Mortals to what Mo Wuji had planned.

    Now, there was finally a stir from Mo Wuji's spot. Thus, they no longer needed to be worried about Mo Wuji.

    As for the cultivators that came to visit the Land of Mortals, they were all stopped by Chi Chuan. This was the Nirvana Learning Academy. As long as he did not invite anyone in, no one would casually try to attack their defensive array.

    Because the Land of Mortals's defensive array remained closed, there were gradually fewer visitors.

    The speed that Mo Wuji absorbed energy became faster and faster. At the very beginning, the energy only came from his immediate surroundings. Towards the end, rich god spiritual energy came from as far as a few hundreds of meters.

    Chi Chuan hurriedly said, "Da Huang, Shuai Guo, hurry and cultivate. This place is very safe. I, alone, am enough to keep watch."

    The reason why Chi Chuan didn't cultivate was because he was waiting for Mo Wuji to impart the Immortal Mortal Technique. His current cultivation speed was simply too slow.

    Mo Wuji rarely had such a chance to cultivate so freely. With the circulation of his Immortal Mortal Technique, his vital blood was rapidly nourished and his grey bones started to recover their vitality...

    Two years later, the aura around Mo Wuji suddenly expanded. All his meridians became wider and the pace at which he absorbed energy became even faster. His Undying World also started to expand. Although it no longer had elemental energy, it now contained a hint of the Laws of Mo Wuji's Mortal Dao.

    Nascent God Level 7. Mo Wuji finally calmed down. He discovered that after extracting the three Origin Beads from his Undying World, his cultivation speed had increased significantly. Originally, a portion of the energy which he absorbed would seep into his Undying World. Now, his Undying World only developed together with his personal Dao Laws. Everything that he had insights on would appear within his Undying World.

    And following the expansion of his Undying World, his understanding towards the Mortal Dao became more profound.

    His world was now linked to his Mortal Dao. It would no longer be suitable to call it the Undying World. From now on, his world would be called the Mortal World.

    At this instantly, Mo Wuji could distinctly feel the effects of the Mortal World. When he started to consciously circulate energy, it would pass through or communicate with his Mortal World.

    Mo Wuji soon felt elated. His Mortal World could clearly grow together with him. The premise was that whenhe cultivated, he would need to place his Mortal World within his dao circulation path.

    In the six years of secluded cultivation, Mo Wuji had successfully broken through into Nascent God Level 8. On the eighth year, he stepped into Nascent God Level 9.

    At this moment, his Mortal World had expanded to become a perfect world. Although it was still a patch of grey, Mo Wuji felt that this world was much more perfect than his previous Undying World.

    At least, in this dull Mortal World, there were various Laws. These Laws were all formed from his own Dao Laws.

    Among which, there were the Laws of the Five Elements. There were even the Laws of Wind, Lightning, Ice and Darkness. Although these Laws were weak, they were clearly growing.

    One day, when he finally achieves his Dao, his Mortal World would become the most supreme world in the universe.

    On the ninth year, Mo Wuji was still in Nascent God Level 9. His Mortal World continued to grow and was now 90 miles long.

    On the tenth year... Mo Wuji advanced once more. What shocked him was that he didn't step into the Heavenly God Stage. Instead, he stepped into Nascent God Level 10.

    There was also the Peak Nascent God Stage? Why hadn't he heard of this before?

    Mo Wuji stopped something and he reached for something in the air. He caught an enigmatic feeling within his palms. Even though it had been a simple grab, he seemed to capture the entire space within his hands.

    Mo Wuji released a deep breath. Compared to Nascent God Level 6, his power had risen by multiple folds? With his power at Nascent God Level 10, he didn't need to fear a cultivator at Heavenly God Level 0.

    This definitely wasn't due to his Immortal Mortal Technique alone. His Mortal World also helped. Now, his Mortal World was already hundred miles in radius. Although the Laws were weak, they were complete.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual world swept outwards. Thereafter, his figure flashed and he disappeared from his spot.


    Bai Yue headed back to the Land of Mortals excitedly. In the year that Mo Wuji gave him the Agriculture Emperor's true Immortal Mortal Technique, he was able to step into the Heavenly God Stage within Nirvana Learning Academy's Land of God Spiritual Energy. After which, he rented an immortal cave and went into secluded cultivation for nine years.

    During those nine years, not only did he stabilise his cultivation, he also stepped into Heavenly God Level 2.

    He would slowly recoup the years that he had lost.

    This time, he had returned because Nirvana Learning Academy's cultivation resource competition would be starting soon. Although he had advanced to the Heavenly God Stage, he knew that Mo Wuji was still in the Nascent God Stage. Thus, he had to fight for some cultivation resources for the Land of Mortals.

    However, the moment he opened the Land of Mortals's defensive array, he was slightly dumbfounded.

    This was the Land of Mortals?

    Dense god spiritual energy circulated around the heart of the Land of Mortals. At the same time, a wide wooden path extended from the entrance to the heart.

    Green patches of grass grew tenderly. At the same time, a river winded around these gardens, leaving a soothing impression. Ten eastern styled buildings were erected around the Land of Mortals. How was this the same barren land?

    "Who are you?" Chi Chuan stared questioningly towards Bai Yue. He did not open the defensive array.

    "He's Bai Yue. In the future, he will be your senior brother." Mo Wuji's voice came timely.

    "Chi Chuan greets Senior Brother Bai Yue." Chi Chuan hurriedly bowed towards Bai Yue. He had heard Mo Wuji mention Bai Yue before.

    Mo Wuji smiled, "Bai Yue, this is Chi Chuan. In the future, he would also be a man of our Land of Mortals. Also, congratulations on stepping into the Heavenly God Stage and advancing to Heavenly God Level 2.

    "Wuji, in this time that I'm not around, you actually made the Land of Mortals so beautiful," Bai Yue said happily.

    Mo Wuji laughed, "This is all due to Chi Chuan's efforts."

    "Oh right, why can't I see through your cultivation?" This was the thing that truly left Bai Yue curious.

    Now that he was in Heavenly God Level 2, he should be able to tell Mo Wuji's cultivation at a single glance. But the truth was that Mo Wuji's cultivation seemed very hazy to him. He could not see through it.

    Mo Wuji's aura flickered. Then he laughed, "What about now?"

    "You're in Nascent God Level 9?" Bai Yue could finally discern Mo Wuji's cultivation. He could never have understood that there would be a Level 10 to the Nascent God Stage.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "It could be considered so."

    "That's amazing. I never thought that your improvements would be even more than mine. There will still be a few months till Nirvana Learning Academy's cultivation resource competition. You're in Nascent God Level 9 while I'm in Heavenly God Level 2. Even if we can't obtain the best resources, we should be able to win a spirit gathering array, right?" Bai Yue said excitedly.

    "Right. After I impart the Immortal Mortal Array to Chi Chuan, we will go prepare for the competition," Mo Wuji answered. He did not need to have a spirit gathering array to cultivate here. However, there were other people here. Moreover, the god spiritual grass within the Land of Mortals would require large amounts of god spiritual energy.
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