Chapter 1004: Transfer Array of the Nirvana Ocean

    Chapter 1004: Transfer Array of the Nirvana Ocean

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    Because God Continent had a powerhouse like Nirvana Learning Academy, big incidents rarely occurred. The biggest incident would have been the assessment to recruit disciples into Nirvana Learning Academy about ten years ago.

    So while there were no major incidents in God Continent, there was a minor one in Nirvana Learning Academy recently. That was the fight for resources in Nirvana Learning Academy which only happens once in a century.

    In God Continent, no other place surpassed Nirvana Learning Academy in terms of cultivation resources. It was also the only place with the most complete laws of Heaven and Earth.

    While this fight for resources occurred once every century, almost all the Gods of God Continent would be focused on this incident.

    Nirvana Learning Academy was the miniature version of the entire of God Continent. Almost all the big sects had their own forces within Nirvana Learning Academy. In such a fight, the results would signify which forces would expand even more.

    In fact, within Nirvana Learning Academy, there were quite a number of cultivators who did not belong to Nirvana Learning Academy, but were cultivating there. These cultivators were the various forces' main targets to nurture. Because these cultivators didn't belong to Nirvana Learning Academy, they were heavily restricted during their cultivation. They were also not allowed to use the public resources provided by Nirvana Learning Academy. Even so, the conditions were still much better than if they were to cultivate outside Nirvana Learning Academy.

    Besides the Land of Mortals, which had a big turf, all the other forces in Nirvana Learning Academy had limited areas as well as limited sources of god spiritual energy. Regardless of which force, they wouldn't allow too many people into Nirvana Learning Academy to cultivate. Once too many people were allowed in, the cultivation resources would have to be divided with even more people. Eventually, it would be better to cultivate elsewhere other than Nirvana Learning Academy.

    After all, before becoming a God King, the advantages of the seemingly complete laws of Heaven and Earth in Nirvana Learning Academy wouldn't be fully reflected. Nirvana Learning Academy did have a few experts who would discuss their Dao. However, if you were not a disciple of Nirvana Learning Academy, you could only cultivate in your own area and not be able to listen in on such Dao discussions.

    Because of Nirvana Learning Academy's open system, all the forces would do their best to snatch for as much cultivation resources as possible during this fight.

    Nirvana Learning Academy had also placed great emphasis on this 'once in a century' fight for resources. The various forces of Nirvana Learning Academy had come together for countless meetings and discussions on how to satisfy everyone during this fight for resources.

    The only force that didn't participate in the discussions and meetings was the Land of Mortals. The Land of Mortals didn't even have a single Heavenly God cultivator so they would not dare participate in this fight for resources. No one from the Land of Mortals even stood up to express their desire to participate in the fight for cultivation resources. Therefore, Nirvana Learning Academy's fight for resources automatically excluded the Land of Mortals.


    After Mo Wuji stopped cultivating, the god spiritual energy of the Land of Mortals became weaker. Fortunately, Da Huang was still cultivating with all of his 108 meridians. The difference between Mo Wuji and Da Huang was that Da Huang didn't have the special meridians which Mo Wuji had. Hence, Da Huang's absorption of god spiritual energy was not as powerful as Mo Wuji.

    However, that was only in comparison to Mo Wuji. When compared against others, Da Huang's rate was already considered terrifying. Da Huang was also able to sweep in the god spiritual energy from his surroundings for both Shuai Guo and himself to cultivate.

    After Bai Yue went to Nirvana Learning Academy to sign up for the fight for cultivation resources, Mo Wuji was fully focused on imparting the Immortal Mortal Technique to Chi Chuan. He taught Chi Chuan how to open meridians to cultivate as well as how to give up on cultivating with spiritual channels.

    When Chi Chuan started secluded cultivation and as the idle Mo Wuji was prepared to visit Nirvana Learning Academy's assignment hall, Bai Yue returned.

    "You've been hurt?" Noticing Bai Yue's injuries, Mo Wuji furrowed his brows.

    Nirvana Learning Academy was one of the safest places. Unless both parties agreed to fight on the battle stage, people usually wouldn't get hurt there.

    Bai Yue nodded, "I met a disgusting fella who challenged me to the battle stage. If it wasn't for the elder at the battle stage who intervened, I would have been killed by that b*stard."

    "Was he from the Ao Clan?" Mo Wuji instantly recalled the disgusting God King from the Ao Clan.

    He was well aware that the Ao Clan wouldn't let himself and Bai Yue off easily.

    Bai Yue shook his head. "It wasn't the Ao Clan. It was the genius Gai Ji from the Single Return God Sect. He was in the Heavenly God Stage Level 8 and he was much stronger than me."

    "When you were in the Nascent God Stage Level 9, you were able to defeat a Heavenly God Stage Level 4 expert. Now that you're in the Heavenly God Stage Level 2, you can't beat Gai Ji? You also don't look like the type who would cause trouble, so why did Gai Ji want to challenge you?" Mo Wuji questioned.

    Bai Yue and Mo Wuji were slightly similar in some sense. As a rogue cultivator, if others didn't pick a fight, they would usually not find trouble for themselves. Unless there was an exception to some matters, then some fights would be inevitable.

    "It was the problem with the placings." Bai Yue continued, "Ten years ago, Ran Hui represented the Single Return God Sect to participate in the assessment of Nirvana Learning Academy. He obtained 6th place. Because he didn't make it into the top 5, he lost one Dao Fruit. Among the top 5, I am the only rogue cultivator with no backers. Gai Ji of the Single Return God Sect took his anger out on me and provoked me at the registration.

    Even though Gai Ji was only in the Heavenly God Stage Level 8, his strength was at the peak of a pinnacle. Out of the ten great Heavenly Gods in Nirvana Learning Academy, Gai Ji was ranked number six. Without mentioning the average experts in the Great Circle of the Heavenly God Stage, even those who were half a step into the God Monarch Stage might not be a match for him. He was exceedingly vicious and had killed many genius disciples of the smaller forces. Now that I've been rescued by the enforcer elder, I doubt he will let me off easily. During the fight for the resources organised by Nirvana Learning Academy, he would undoubtedly strike again."

    "Since that is the case, let me deal with him when that time comes." Mo Wuji suddenly wanted to test and see how a Nascent God Stage Level 10 expert like himself would fare against a peak grade Heavenly God.

    Bai Yue said solemnly, "You might not be able to match him. He is, by far, the strongest Heavenly God I've seen. Nirvana Learning Academy has been established for so many years and has that much cultivation resources over the years. It was certainly not by luck that Gai Ji was able to be ranked in the top ten."

    Mo Wuji revealed a slight smile. "Don't worry, I should be able to handle him. I am also considered to be a Heavenly God with a slightly different cultivation technique."

    Mo Wuji wasn't speaking blindly. If he were to follow accordingly to the levels, Mo Wuji's Nascent God Stage Level 10 should be equivalent to the normal Heavenly God Stage Level 1.

    However, because his Grand Dao was the Mortal Dao, he was able to condense a world, which only a World God could condense, while he was only in the Heavenly Mortal Stage. As compared to an ordinary cultivator, he was considered much more experienced. If he hadn't taken the long route, his Mortal World would have become a Magnificent World.

    Bai Yue was still doubtful of Mo Wuji's words even though he knew how terrifying Mo Wuji could be. Just like Mo Wuji claimed, if Bai Yue were to let Mo Wuji attack first, he wouldn't even have a chance to retaliate.

    He still didn't know much about Mo Wuji's true strength. Regardless, when snatching for resources, he simply had to stay by Mo Wuji's side and look out for each other's backs.

    At the thought of this, Bai Yue didn't continue arguing with Mo Wuji about Gai Ji. "Wuji, I've accepted an assignment, so once I'm back from it, we will head to participate in the fight for resources together. If the battle for resources has started and I have not returned, you should not participate first. The Immortal Mortal Technique is different from the other techniques. Even if we don't install energy gathering array, we could still absorb god spiritual energy to cultivate."

    Upon hearing about the sect's assignment, Mo Wuji realised that he had completely forgotten about it.

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to ask Bai Yue what kind of assignment he took up, a deep voice was heard. "Disciples participating in the fight for resources in three months, please gather at the Nirvana Learning Stage with your disciple token."

    Mo Wuji knew of the Nirvana Learning Stage. It was at the suspended plaza in Nirvana Learning Academy and it had a radius of over 5000 metres.

    "What assignment did you take up?" Mo Wuji didn't take the announcement to heart as he was more concerned about the assignment Bai Yue took up.

    Bai Yue had offended the Single Return God Sect and also the Ao Clan. Leaving Nirvana Learning Academy now would certainly invite trouble.

    "To Nirvana Ocean of Extinction..."

    "Nirvana Ocean? To look for Nirvana Dao Sand?" Mo Wuji had a huge pile of Nirvana Dao Sand on him so there was no need for Bai Yue to head there if it was to collect Nirvana Dao Sand.

    Bai Yue shook his head. "Back then when Pill King Green Robe disappeared into Nirvana Ocean, Nirvana Learning Academy wanted to build a transfer array at Nirvana Ocean. Their intention was to communicate directly with God Domain. Currently, this transfer array is being constructed. I am a Grade 4 God Array Master, so once I've completed this assignment, I wouldn't need to take up any more assignments for 50 years."

    "God Continent and God Domain want to build a transfer array?" Mo Wuji's heart skipped a beat. He had offended a God King in God Domain and escaped to God Continent. If this transfer array was successfully built, wouldn't the God King from God Continent come to find him here?

    In the very next moment, Mo Wuji regained his senses. He was currently in Nirvana Learning Academy. Even if the God King of God Domain was here, he wouldn't dare to fight his way into Nirvana Learning Academy right? So what was there for him to worry? Given his current cultivation progress, it shouldn't take long for him to be able to get rid of a God King right?

    "Yes, this transfer array has been under construction for over hundreds of years already. I've heard that it is coming to completion. Of course, this is only the first step. After the transfer array is completed, we wouldn't be able to determine the specific location of transfer on the other side. After we transfer people over, we would need to build another specific transfer array in God Domain. The transfer array in God Domain would need an additional year to be complete." Bai Yue explained.

    I must hurry to cultivate. At the thought of this, Mo Wuji told Bai Yue. "I'll complete the mission at Nirvana Ocean then. I am much more familiar with Nirvana Ocean than you."

    Having said that, Mo Wuji took out a handful of Nirvana Dao Sand. "These are Nirvana Dao Sands I've obtained from Nirvana Ocean. You can see that I'm familiar with Nirvana Ocean."

    "That many Nirvana Dao Sand?" Bai Yue looked shockingly at Mo Wuji.

    "Yes, these are all from Nirvana Ocean. I was always being chased by others so I am pretty experienced with the dangers there," Mo Wuji chuckled. He might not be as experienced as Bai Yue but he was confident that his Wind Escape Technique was not something that Bai Yue could compare to.

    "Alright, you can go in place of me then," Bai Yue didn't hesitate at all. "I need to continue cultivating to increase my strength. Also, Nirvana Ocean has no danger so it wouldn't matter even if you offended all the experts in the entire God Continent. You are a disciple of Nirvana Learning Academy so when you're completing tasks for Nirvana Learning Academy, no one would dare to kill you. The condition would be that you need to make a trip to Nirvana Dao City. You have to make an honoured Grade 4 God Array Master jade token."
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