Chapter 1005: A God Kings Pursuit

    Chapter 1005: A God King's Pursuit

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    Three days later, Mo Wuji successfully made an honoured Grade 4 God Array Master jade token. Once he had done that, he left Nirvana Learning Academy towards Nirvana Ocean of Extinction.

    This was the advantage of cultivating the various Daos. If Mo Wuji or Bai Yue weren't a Grade 4 God Array Master, they might need one year just to complete the task. But because they were Grade 4 God Array Masters, only either one of them needed to head over to Nirvana Ocean to help for at most one month.

    Besides being concerned for Bai Yue, Mo Wuji chose to accept this task because he wanted to take a look at how this extremely long distance transfer array was being set up. In the future, he might need to constantly travel between God Continent and God Domain. Therefore, it would be a good thing if he could somehow get himself the rights to use this transfer array.

    In God Domain, there were still some people whom he was concerned about. One example was Ku Cai. Also, he wanted to know whether Pang Jie was really killed and if he was, who had killed him. Even if he might not be able to avenge Pang Jie now, he would definitely avenge him in the future.

    Just like what Bai Yue mentioned, while there were a few spiritual wills observing him when he arrived at Nirvana Dao City, nobody dared to touch him. There was a transfer array from within Nirvana Dao City to the God City at the periphery of Nirvana Ocean called God City of Extinction. Therefore, without leaving Nirvana Dao City, Mo Wuji was able to head to the periphery of Nirvana Ocean.

    According to the completeness of the laws of Heaven and Earth, as well as the density of the god spiritual energy, God Continent was divided into three God Lands. These three God Lands were so vast that ordinary people would need to travel for a few years even on their intermediate grade flying equipment. Even so, Nirvana Ocean ran through the entire God Continent. Hence, one could imagine how big Nirvana Ocean was.

    The God City of Extinction was a god city constructed for Nirvana Ocean of Extinction. Initially, this god city wanted to make the selling and buying of Nirvana Dao Sand as its main focus. However, the time between two appearances of the Clear Ocean Path was too long. Moreover, when people obtained Nirvana Dao Sand, most of them wouldn't sell it off easily.

    Because of these reasons, God City of Extinction was slightly desolate until a few years ago when Nirvana Learning Academy led its team here. They were here to prepare for the installation of the transfer array between God Continent and God Domain. Hence, God City of Extinction became useful and alive once again. Also because the construction of the transfer array was a huge project, it required a lot of Equipment Masters as well as God Array Masters. Over time, this city became the resting place for these cultivators helping to build the transfer array.

    The moment Mo Wuji walked out of the transfer array, he saw a huge row of gold coloured words.

    'Nirvana Ocean Transfer Array Runes Construction Building'

    Before Mo Wuji could walk into the building to report, a terrifying God King's pressure was felt by Mo Wuji. At that moment, Mo Wuji could truly feel a deathly pressure.

    "And I thought you would forever hide in Nirvana Learning Academy..." A wretched voice was heard and Mo Wuji saw the fella pressuring him. It was Luo Yu of the Rogue Cultivators Alliance.

    Mo Wuji was astonished as he almost shouted. Didn't Bai Yue say that as long as he was representing Nirvana Learning Academy, nobody would dare to touch him?

    Why was it that when he just arrived here at God City of Extinction, someone already attempted to kill him even before he reported for duties?

    This wasn't Nirvana Dao City so Mo Wuji was aware that if Luo Yu killed him here, Luo Yu could just run and escape.

    Mo Wuji hurried to retrieve his assignment token from his storage ring as he was prepared to shout for help. What he didn't expect was that when Luo Yu saw the jade token in Mo Wuji's hands, his expression changed and his killing intent was held back.

    Before he could say anything, a huge hand imprint slapped across.

    "This is a misunderstanding..." Luo Yu's heart was extremely anxious. If Mo Wuji was only an outer sect disciple of Nirvana Learning Academy, he could kill and escape. Nirvana Learning Academy would chase after him but would definitely not send a God King to chase after him over a long period of time. Moreover, while he was in God City of Extinction, he wouldn't face any danger. This was because Nirvana Learning Academy's cultivators in God City of Extinction were only here to help construct the transfer array. As for capturing him, they would need to report the incident back to Nirvana Learning Academy before they could issue a warrant to capture him here.

    What he didn't expect was that Mo Wuji would come here with an assignment in hand. Additionally, this b*stard actually kept the assignment token in his storage ring. He had already done his checks and confirmed that there was indeed a person from Nirvana Learning Academy's Land of Mortals who accepted an assignment. However, his checks revealed that it was another disciple called Bai Yue who had accepted it and not this Rogue Cultivator 2705.

    When disciples of Nirvana Learning Academy head out to complete their assignments, they would usually hang the assignment token around their waist. Not only would no one dare to provoke the disciple, the disciple would also receive protection from the various forces in the vicinity. There was certainly no one who hid the assignment token in their storage ring like what Mo Wuji did.

    But it was also because of his extreme hatred for Mo Wuji, he would be willing to kill Mo Wuji even if it meant being chased down by Nirvana Learning Academy.

    "Ai!" Luo Yu, who wanted to kill Mo Wuji, was instantly turned into nothingness.

    "Small fellow, remember to hang your assignment token around your waist the next time." An abrupt voice sounded and the spatial hand imprint disappeared following that.

    Mo Wuji stared shockingly at the disappearing hand imprint. Only at this moment, Mo Wuji finally realised how mighty Nirvana Learning Academy was. An expert in the God King Level 3 was actually destroyed this easily. The owner of that hand imprint was undoubtedly of an existence surpassing a God King.

    After a while, Mo Wuji finally calmed himself down as he hung the assignment token around his waist. He started to walk towards the Transfer Array Runes Construction Building.

    Regardless, Luo Yu being killed was a good thing for him. In God Continent, he had offended two God Kings, namely God King Luo Yu and the Ao Clan's God King Guang Mi.

    Even though Mo Wuji had yet to advance to become a Grade 5 God Array King, he acknowledged that his own array dao runes were only of decent standards. After he had gained insights of the void runes back in the Sword River, his understanding for array runes had grown one level deeper.

    At this moment, he stood in front of Nirvana Ocean's Transfer Array Runes Construction Building, completely fazed.

    Previously when he first spotted this building, he thought that it was merely a place for administrative matters. Now that he had walked right in front of the building, he realised that this building was constructed completely by array runes only.

    The endless array runes had formed up this entire building. The wide entrance looked like anyone could enter and leave casually but Mo Wuji was certain that if some random person tried to enter for no reason, he would be instantly killed by the invisible array. Out of all the array runes in place at the entrance, Mo Wuji didn't seem like he understood any one of them. Evidently, the array runes of the transfer array at Nirvana Ocean would be minimally this complex.

    This made Mo Wuji exceedingly suspicious. He was considered a Grade 4 God Array Master. If he were to use Bai Yue's installation method, he might be even able to install Grade 5 god arrays. In God Continent, didn't they say that the greatest array master was a Grade 6 God Array King? Could it be that between Grade 4 and Grade 6, the difference was so huge that he couldn't even recognise a single array installed by the Grade 6 God Array King?

    "Small fellow, come on in." Just as Mo Wuji was still observing the array runes, someone called him in.

    Mo Wuji walked in hurriedly. From the outside, this looked like an incredibly tall building. After walking in, Mo Wuji realised that he was in an extremely wide hall. He couldn't even spot any staircase leading upwards but he did see a door at the end of the hall.

    The hall contained tightly packed array runes and there were tens of cultivators standing beside these array runes. They were completely focused on carving out more array runes. They didn't even seem to notice Mo Wuji's arrival.

    Could this be the transfer array from God Continent to God Domain?

    "There's no need for you to look around anymore. Come on in first." A gentle voice was heard again.

    Mo Wuji could sense that the voice came from the door at the end of the hall. Without hesitation, Mo Wuji breezed past these working cultivators as he entered through the door.

    There were only around five to six people beyond that. The person seated in the front seat was an old-looking man whom Mo Wuji was unable to discern his cultivation level or age.

    Mo Wuji had this faint feeling that this was the man who rescued him from the hands of Luo Yu. Mo Wuji bowed and greeted. "Mo Wuji from the Land of Mortals is here to report. Many thanks Senior for your life-saving grace."

    "You are not Bai Yue?" A middle-aged man beside the old looking man frowned as he asked. Evidently, he thought that Mo Wuji was Bai Yue.

    Mo Wuji answered promptly. "Bai Yue is my junior brother and I am also a Grade 4 God Array Master from the Land of Mortals."

    Hearing that Mo Wuji was a Grade 4 God Array Master from the Land of Mortals, the middle-aged cultivator didn't comment further.

    The old-looking man nodded warmly at Mo Wuji. "Not bad, you're able to bring out your assignment token at the brink of death. You are quite calm and composed. You must know that if your assignment token was not seen, and someone went to chase after that God King after he killed you, nothing would have changed the fact that you were dead."

    "I really didn't know that I had to hang the token on my body." Mo Wuji replied.

    The old-looking man wasn't bothered as he shook his hand. "Let me introduce myself and the few of us. My name is Cang Zhengxing and I should be the only person in the entire God Continent who could install a Grade 7 God Array. The person beside me is Tan He, who is a Grade 6 God Array King. Back then, I was considered close to Agriculture Emperor and while he didn't like to interact with others, I had always admired his Array Dao. At such a young age, you have managed to become an array master. I believe you should have cultivated the Immortal Mortal Technique too?"

    Mo Wuji was inwardly shocked because he had never imagined that there was an expert in the God Continent who could install a Grade 7 God Array. Moreover, there was definitely more than one Grade 6 God Array King here and Mo Wuji was starting to become excited. In the two months of work here, he could possibly learn a lot of things.

    "Yes, I did cultivate the Immortal Mortal Technique." Mo Wuji didn't explain the specific differences between his Immortal Mortal Technique and that of the Agriculture Emperor's.

    Cang Zhengxing smiled faintly. "Even though the Immortal Mortal Technique has many flaws, it was indeed an original technique. To be able to cultivate the Immortal Mortal Technique and become a Grade 4 God Array Master, you are considered a genius. Do let me know what are the things you know. And I mean in terms of Array Dao."

    Mo Wuji replied. "I have some knowledge in void runes but after looking at the void runes, I realised that I only know so little."

    "Oh, you actually understand void runes?" Cang Zhengxing was surprised because there were not a lot of array masters who were proficient in void runes. One must know that the void runes here were all constructed under his guidance by a few of his disciples.
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