Chapter 1006: Void Runes

    Chapter 1006: Void Runes

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    "And you're able to see through the void runes here?" Cang Zhengxing asked as he stood up.

    What is a void rune? Void runes were only called that because other people couldn't see it. In all honesty, Cang Zhengxing had always known that there were some problems with his void runes. Even though the void runes that he installed couldn't be discerned by most people, those of the same standards as him could see through some of it.

    Mo Wuji was only a Grade 4 God Array Master and yet he was able to see the void runes installed by his disciple? Wasn't this a little too shocking?

    One must know that even his weakest disciple was a Grade 5 God Array Master.

    At the thought of how he didn't understand a single void rune at the entrance, Mo Wuji blushed with shame. "Many years ago, I coincidentally saw a void rune transfer gate. After spending some time there, I've managed to gain some insight on it. However, it didn't feel that my enlightenment was useful. I looked at the void runes here and was completely unable to understand a single one of it."

    "Are you sure that you can see the void runes here? Are you sure that it wasn't your own intuition?" Cang Zhengxing asked sternly.

    Cang Zhengxing knew that the void runes installed by his disciples had some traces and also felt that the void runes here were very ordinary. However, to be able to see the void runes and even know some of the details within it? That would be something out of the ordinary.

    "Yes, I was indeed able to see the void runes here." Mo Wuji answered.

    His heart was still in some shock. Shouldn't everyone who had learnt Array Dao be able to see it? The spatial fluctuations in front of this door, according to the laws of Array Dao...

    No, Mo Wuji had finally come to his senses. A void rune was only called a void rune if other people couldn't see it. If everyone could see through it, why would it be called a void rune? Wouldn't the direct use of array flags be simpler?

    Cang Zhengxing saw the change of expression on Mo Wuji's face and he knew that Mo Wuji had come to his senses. He said, "I believe you should understand now. Even I am not sure who left behind the legacy of void runes. But I can tell you confidently that in the entire God Continent, nobody would be truly proficient in void runes. Back then, I spotted some incomplete void runes in one of the voids of the universe. After gaining insights for countless years, the void runes which I carved out eventually was still filled with loopholes."

    Mo Wuji finally understood why he was unable to understand these void runes. These void runes were actually not based on void reasonings.

    "Mo Wuji, are you able to carve out a simple void rune for me to take a look now?" Cang Zhengxing spoke with an attitude ready to learn.

    Mo Wuji looked around at the few hopeful God Array Kings and thought to himself. This was equivalent to gifting his prized possession to others. However, he didn't mind because he had learnt his void runes from other places too. Moreover, Cang Zhengxing had saved his life earlier so carving a simple one for everyone to see wouldn't mean much.

    Furthermore, Mo Wuji was already pretty confident in his own void runes. He didn't believe that anyone here would be able to learn his void runes at the first glance.

    Which of these fellas weren't with extensive experience? Cang Zhengxing and Co. understood Mo Wuji's train of thoughts from his mere act of looking around.

    Before Cang Zhengxing could speak, the Grade 6 God Array King Tan He stood up with a clasped fists towards Mo Wuji. "Wuji, we emphasise on the capable ones being the teacher here in Nirvana Learning Academy. Your void runes Dao surpasses us and that is your knowledge. Feel free to carve and we will wait for you to finish before looking."

    Mo Wuji hurried to answer. "I pray for forgiveness for my ignorance as i was intending to learn more from the few seniors. May I ask that seniors observe me while I carve out the void runes so that they can point out any mistakes of mine."

    Tan He nodded. "Very good, you are definitely a person with a great demeanour. Over your one month spent with us, feel free to consult any one of the old fellas here if you have queries."

    Mo Wuji was inwardly pleased upon hearing this. He merely needed to carve out the void runes once and had obtained the promises of so many Array Dao experts. This would undoubtedly be of great help for him to step into the Grade 5 God King Level.

    Cang Zhengxing also nodded his head pleasingly. Even if Mo Wuji was unwilling to let everyone view his void runes, nobody would comment because it was beyond reasoning. Now Mo Wuji had no intentions of hiding his technique, and even asked everyone to observe him and provide pointers.

    Mo Wuji raised his hands to strike out a few hand signs as void runes started suspending in the air one after another. Following that, they disappeared without leaving a single trace behind.

    While there were Grade 5 and Grade 6 God Array Kings here, none of them were able to discern Mo Wuji's technique. Only Cang Zhengxing could see the traces left behind by the void runes carved by Mo Wuji. Even so, even he was not quite capable of understanding most of the void runes routes.

    However, Cang Zhengxing was so excited that he was almost obsessed. This was a true void rune. What he didn't know was that Mo Wuji still had a technique which involved using his spirit storage channel to carve the void runes. That was certainly more breathtaking than this.

    From a certain angle, the difference between a Grade 4 God Array Master and Grade 5 or 6 God Array Kings weren't exceedingly vast. But when you compare an array expert who could install a Grade 7 God Array with a Grade 4 God Array Master, there was an extraordinarily huge difference.

    When Mo Wuji could sense that other than Cang Zhengxing, the few other God Array Kings couldn't discern his technique, he heaved a sigh of relief. Since he couldn't understand the void runes here, it was only right if others couldn't discern his void runes too. One must know that when he gained insights into his void runes, he had the help of the sword intent of the Sword River as well as his Dao revelation channel.

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji continued to carve and explain simultaneously.

    As Mo Wuji did that, all the God Array Kings here were fully focused. Mo Wuji was like drawing on a white piece of paper and explaining which ones were the mountains and which ones were the sea. His explanations were that direct and simple.

    Cang Zhengxing grew even more excited listening to Mo Wuji. All his previous doubts were all clarified by Mo Wuji during this brief lesson.

    When Mo Wuji finally carved out the last void rune and finished his explanation, Cang Zhengxing let out a huge breath before commenting, "What a perfect void energy gathering array."

    The few other God Array Kings were also indescribably emotional because if Mo Wuji didn't explain, they wouldn't have truly understood void runes. Mo Wuji's explanation was as equal to imparting his strongest sacred arts to everyone here.

    "Mo Wuji, you are indeed a talent, to think that you're able to gain this much insight from a void runes gate. Back then when I saw those incomplete void runes, I've always been unable to break through my own limit throughout the many years. Every time I install a void rune, there would still be traces left behind. Today, I've understood from your lesson on where I was wrong." Cang Zhengxing spoke with a sincere heart.

    Having said that, Cang Zhengxing didn't even wait for Mo Wuji to reply as he continued. "Wuji, we have an impassable problem for our installation of the transfer array from God Continent to God Domain which traversed Nirvana Ocean. Truth be told, I've specifically asked for Array Dao legacy masters from the Land of Mortals to accept this assignment. Back then, when the Agriculture Emperor established the Land of Mortals, there were many original ideas.

    Now, you've come here to solve my problem perfectly. I will use void runes to carve the core arrays. Wuji, I will hand you the task of completing the carving of the void runes. What do you think of it?"

    Mo Wuji was certain that the transfer array was at least a Grade 7 God Array but he was merely a Grade 4 God Array Master. How was he supposed to complete this task? He replied anxiously, "Senior Cang, my standard of Array Dao is simply too low. I'm afraid I might not be able to complete the task."

    In his heart, he really wanted to carve this void rune. However, because this transfer array was constructed by the combined efforts of everyone and Mo Wuji had to consider the time they had spent on this project too. If his void runes were too poor and it caused a problem, then he might offend others.

    Cang Zhengxing smiled. "You'll definitely succeed. Don't worry, I will design the runes beforehand and also tell you what and where you need to carve. You only need to carve and you can ask me if you have any queries."

    Mo Wuji immediately understood that this was Cang Zhengxing's reward for him. When he carved the core runes of this transfer array, he would definitely be faced with a lot of problems and opportunities to ask. And with Cang Zhengxing and the few other God Array Kings by his side to help him, it would be difficult for him not to advance to become a Grade 5 God Array King by the time this transfer array was completed. Moreover, this would also be the fastest way he could become a God Array King and become the second expert to be able to install the Grade 7 God Array.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji bowed respectfully. "Many thanks Seniors for your love. I will definitely do my best."

    Cang Zhengxing patted on Mo Wuji and said. "Just feel free to carve, when this assignment is complete, I will give you a surprise."


    Mo Wuji was unaware of what surprise Cang Zhengxing was going to give Mo Wuji. However, Mo Wuji was already pleased with the current situation. Within the endless mysterious runes, Cang Zhengxing was guiding him on how to carve the runes for the core. Concurrently, he understood why Cang Zhengxing wanted to carve void runes here at the core. Once these runes were completed, except for the few core people like themselves, no one else could try to casually use this transfer array.

    Void runes one after the other were carved out by Mo Wuji and at the same time, questions were raised by Mo Wuji.

    The supporting Array God Kings and Masters by the side were even more astonished than Mo Wuji. One must know that they were basically the strongest Array Dao experts from all across God Continent.

    When Mo Wuji first arrived, everyone thought that he would be just like them; merely helping by carving some of the runes by the corner.

    But when Mo Wuji started to carve the core runes of the transfer arrays, everyone knew that they were nothing compared to Mo Wuji. This new fella was clearly a peak grade Array Dao expert. The pity was that they couldn't comprehend the void runes carved by Mo Wuji. In fact, they were not even able to discern the grade of his Array Dao.

    In just a few days, Mo Wuji's Array Dao was increasing rapidly. In less than a month, Mo Wuji successfully entered the ranks of a Grade 5 God Array King.
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