Chapter 1007: Rule of Arrays

    Chapter 1007: Rule of Arrays

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    Even though he had yet to install any Grade 5 God Array, Cang Zhengxing could already tell. "Wuji, you have already entered the ranks of a Grade 5 God Array King. It seems like people from the Land of Mortals are not only proficient in the Dao of sacred arts but also all the other Daos."

    Mo Wuji was equally pleased because how was this completing his assignment? He was clearly here to learn and practice Array Dao. In a short month time, his rewards were not only his advancement into the Grade 5 God King Stage but a much deeper understanding towards the Array Dao.

    Cang Zhengxing's understanding and reasoning of Array Dao was something Mo Wuji felt that he would never be able to catch up with.

    A month had passed by and the core runes of the transfer array had been carved out by Mo Wuji successfully.

    Mo Wuji was here to complete an assignment but he felt that he completed this assignment too quickly. In fact, it was so quick that Mo Wuji felt like there were still many things he had yet to learn.

    Being able to advance into the ranks of a Grade 5 God King was only possible in such a place; with so many Array Dao experts guiding him without restraints. Despite wanting to stay for a while more, Mo Wuji knew that he had to head back. There was only about a month left before the fight for the resources in Nirvana Learning Academy would begin. Therefore, he needed to head back to prepare himself for that.

    "Are you going to head back to your sect?" Cang Zhengxing understood Mo Wuji's intention even before he spoke a word.

    Mo Wuji bowed to the few God Array Kings who had guided him, saying, "In this one month, I have reaped the benefits of all the teachings by you Seniors and I do wish to stay and continue learning from you. However, because the sect's fight for resources is about to begin, I need to head back to prepare myself."

    Tan He chuckled, "Mo Wuji, you are already a Grade 5 God Array King now. We wouldn't dare to say we taught you anything. Moreover, I've also learnt a lot from your understanding of void runes. If I wasn't restrained by the laws of Heaven and Earth here, I might be able to step into the Grade 7 God Array KIng stage..."

    Cang Zhengxing spoke to Mo Wuji in a serious tone, "Wuji, even though your array dao is strong, your cultivation is still too low so you need to go into secluded cultivation. As for the Land of Mortals' problem of not being able to install a high grade energy gathering god array, my old face still could be of some use. Until then, I will..."

    Mo Wuji was immensely grateful for Cang Zhengxing's words, but before Cang Zhengxing could finish, Mo Wuji bowed once more. "Many thanks seniors for your care and concern. I will head back to try it out and if it really doesn't work out, I'll be back to plead for your help."

    Cang Zhengxing nodded but didn't continue speaking. How could he not understand Mo Wuji's train of thought? Nirvana Learning Academy was undoubtedly one of the most lawful sects in God Continent. Even though Cang Zhengxing was one of the oldest experts in the sect, violating the rules wouldn't look good on him. Because Mo Wuji was well aware of this, he didn't wish to put Cang Zhengxing in a difficult spot.

    Because of Mo Wuji's words, Cang Zhengxing was full of admiration for him. He was certain that even if Mo Wuji didn't receive any cultivation resources, Mo Wuji still wouldn't ask him for help. "Alright, you deserve this jade token too."

    Having said that, Cang Zhengxing took out a snow-white coloured jade token which was about the size of his palm.

    Mo Wuji took the jade token curiously. Once the jade token touched his hand, he could feel a cool and comfortable energy seeping into his body. His spirits were instantly lifted up.

    Before Mo Wuji could question, Cang Zhengxing said. "This is the most valuable jade token in the entire God Continent and its name is Rule of Arrays."

    Tan He, who was standing by the side, started smiling as he continued, "Wuji, this jade token is certainly not simple. In the entire God Continent, only 5 people including yourself have this. Besides Senior Cang and the three Grade 6 God Array Kings, you're the fifth person. As long as you're in God Continent, displaying this jade token would allow you to transfer anywhere you want without paying any god crystals or other forms of payment."

    Cang Zhengxing looked at Mo Wuji's shock look as he laughed as well. "Tan He is right. Even the transfer array we're constructing to God Domain, you would also be able to use it for free with this Rule of Arrays jade token."

    When Mo Wuji heard that he could easily transfer to God Domain, his heart was jumping in glee. However, he managed to calm himself down at the thought of how valuable this jade token was.

    Everyone, including himself, would be interested in keeping this jade token. However, other than his void runes, what has he contributed to deserve this? If he accepted this jade token, wouldn't he appear to be slightly greedy?

    "Seniors, I didn't even contribute much here. To accept the jade token..."

    Cang Zhengxing shook his hand as he stopped Mo Wuji's words. Following which, he stood up as he looked into the void above. "Wuji, you have underestimated void runes. In the future, you will understand how important your void runes would be to the entire God Continent... No, the entire God World. Even though this jade token is valuable, it could never be compared to your contribution. It is a pity that I cannot give anything better to reward you. As a God Array King, I believe that you will need an immeasurable supply of god crystals and god spiritual veins in the future."

    Mo Wuji was not aware of how his void runes could benefit the entire God Continent but he still bowed respectfully. "I shall accept this jade token then. Many thanks Seniors for your love."

    Mo Wuji's greatest reward from his trip here was not only the knowledge he obtained in Array Dao but also how he managed to befriend the greatest Array Dao expert in God Continent.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji had accepted the jade token, Cang Zhengxing smiled. "Go on then, as for the other small matters, don't worry about it, I will settle it for you."

    "Yes, I bid my goodbye to all the seniors here." Mo Wuji had no idea what Cang Zhengxing meant by 'small matters' but he didn't give it much thought.


    The moment Mo Wuji returned to the Land of Mortals, he sensed something was amiss.

    There was no longer any god spiritual energy left in the Land of Mortals. Logically speaking, even though he was not cultivating, Da Huang should still be cultivating. Da Huang also had 108 meridians and cultivated the Immortal Mortal Technique. As long as he was cultivating the Immortal Mortal Technique, he would be able to absorb god spiritual energy from elsewhere.

    Besides Da Huang, there was also Chi Chuan. Chi Chuan converted to his meridian opening technique and while it was only conversion of his own strength, he should also require the support of the god spiritual energy.

    "My Lord, you're back." The moment Mo Wuji entered the defensive array, Da Huang and Shuai Guo rushed over.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will had sensed that Chi Chuan was still in seclusion and his opening of meridians went very smoothly. His primordial spirit was also converting well. However, Bai Yue was not in the Land of Mortals and Mo Wuji had no idea where he went.

    "My Lord, the first few days after you left, we still felt that cultivating was going well. But because you're not around, there were strong installations of spiritual sealing arrays in our surrounding. Because my strength is limited, I'm unable to absorb any of the god spiritual energy." Da Huang said with some shame.

    "Where is Bai Yue?" Mo Wuji asked. His guess was that while he was around, the other party wasn't able to install the spiritual sealing array because Mo Wuji would make it collapse the instance it was set up. Now that he was gone, all these spiritual sealing arrays were installed one after the other.

    "He had gone to the Assignments Hall. He mentioned that he wanted to exchange for some items to prepare for the upcoming fight for resources," Da Huang answered.

    Mo Wuji recalled that he still had over a few hundreds of contribution points on him so he patted Da Huang and Shuai Guo, "I will also head there to take a look so the two of you can stop cultivating for the time being. We will continue once the fight for cultivation resources is over."

    Regardless, Mo Wuji wanted to reap the most benefits and resources from this fight. At the very least, he had to make sure the Land of Mortals wouldn't be as down and out as it was now; where they couldn't even cultivate here.


    Nirvana Learning Academy's Assignment Hall was definitely the most crowded assignment hall on God Continent. This was not just because of the rich resources available at Nirvana Learning Academy. More importantly, it was because a lot of incomplete assignments in God Continent would be handed to Nirvana Learning Academy.

    Besides this, the nirvana points of Nirvana Learning Academy was more valuable and useful than anything else. Whether it was god crystals or god pills, it wouldn't be more useful than the nirvana points.

    After entering the Assignment Hall, Mo Wuji saw an endless stream of cultivators walking in and out of the hall. Despite the hall being wide, this place was still very cramped up because of the sheer number of cultivators here either to accept assignments or exchange their points.

    The most eye-catching thing in the Assignment Hall would be the ten massive array display screens. These ten screens constantly had all sorts of messages popping out.

    These messages included not only all sorts of assignments but also the various exchanges available.

    Very soon, Mo Wuji found out shockingly that as long as he had nirvana points, he could even exchange for God Jade Pills. However, that would require a price of over 100,000 points and Mo Wuji doubted that anyone here had that much points.

    Mo Wuji recalled that he only had a few hundred points but he also had a bottle of the God Jade Pill. Mo Wuji felt that he was the wealthiest person here in the hall. Not because he had the God Jade Pill but because the Clear Jade God Flower, which was the main herb for the God Jade Pill, was something average people couldn't obtain.

    As Mo Wuji's spiritual will didn't sense Bai Yue, he started going through the display screen for the list of items he could exchange.

    Mo Wuji realised that his 400 over points were still worth something. At the very least, he could even exchange for a decent low grade god equipment magic treasure.

    Initially, Mo Wuji was only casually looking around until his eyes landed on a pill formula.

    This was an ancient formula of a Tier 2 God Pill called the Bubbled Primordial God Pill.

    A Tier 2 God Pill shouldn't be worth much but this formula made Mo Wuji excited.

    This Tier 2 God Pill was a pill, which had the Nascent God Fruit as its main spiritual herb, could allow any Nascent God to advance one level. This alone was impressive enough.

    Mo Wuji knew that the most expensive Grade 1 God Fruit would be the Nascent God Fruit because one fruit could allow the advancement of one level.

    Nascent God Fruit might be expensive but Mo Wuji was still able to afford it. He didn't purchase the Nascent God Fruit because he knew that it would definitely not be of use to him.

    The percentage success of the Nascent God Fruit allowing a Nascent God Stage cultivator to advance was not a hundred percent. Moreover, it worked for most experts in the intermediate or early stage. Once an expert reached the advanced stage, those with thick primordial spirit might find it hard to use this fruit to advance. Given the fact that Mo Wuji was in the Nascent God Stage Level 10, he should forget about using the Nascent God Fruit to advance.

    Now that the Bubbled Primordial God Pill, which used the Nascent God Fruit as its main spiritual herb, had appeared, Mo Wuji was indescribably excited. The fight for resources was almost starting and his cultivation was still too low.

    The only problem was that the price of the Bubbled Primordial God Pill was slightly too ridiculous. Where was he supposed to find 12,000 contributions points?
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