Chapter 1008: I Dont Believe

    Chapter 1008: I Don't Believe

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    Mo Wuji took out his identity token as he thought of the few Purple Nirvana Dao Sands on him. Earlier, he noticed that the Purple Nirvana Dao Sand was priced at 15,000 nirvana points. He felt like he should accept more tasks involving the Nirvana Dao Sand before...

    There was nothing else he needed to do as he looked astonishingly at his own identity token. His identity jade token had a total of 100,479 nirvana points.

    Mo Wuji didn't even need to guess to know where these contribution points came from. Evidently, it was his reward for completing the assignment involving Nirvana Ocean's transfer array.

    Even without asking, Mo Wuji knew that it would already be considered impressive if he had only received 1% of what he just received as a reward. The fact that Mo Wuji was rewarded with so many nirvana points must be related to Cang Zhengxing. Cang Zhengxing had probably added in nirvana points to reward Mo Wuji for the contribution of his void runes.

    Mo Wuji was increasingly thankful for Cang Zhengxing. Even if his void runes were really very precious, Cang Zhengxing could have chosen to pretend that it wasn't. However, Cang Zhengxing didn't know that and because he knew that Mo Wuji was a Grade 5 God Array King, he knew that Mo Wuji wouldn't be rewarded with god crystals. This was why he was so straightforward by rewarding him with over 100,000 nirvana points.

    These nirvana points were equivalent to Cang Zhengxing providing timely help in Mo Wuji's time of need.

    Mo Wuji didn't hesitate as he used the identity token to complete the exchange. After his jade token was deducted of 12,000 nirvana points, a restricted jade box was suspending on top of his identity jade token.

    Mo Wuji grabbed the jade box and his spiritual will seeped through it. There was indeed the pill formula of the Bubbled Primordial God Pill.

    As compared to the technology on Earth, Mo Wuji felt that this Array Dao method was much more convenient and concise. Now that he had over 100,000 nirvana points, Mo Wuji continued to purchase 6 Nascent GodFruit.

    One Nascent GodFruit would only require 800 nirvana points so 6 of them would only cost Mo Wuji 4800 contribution points.

    After sending Bai Yue a message, Mo Wuji was prepared to head back to concoct his Bubbled Primordial God Pill. He wanted to increase his cultivation level before anything else.

    "Ah, the Bubbled Primordial God Pill's pill formula was sold out..." A surprised voice sounded beside Mo Wuji's ear.

    Mo Wuji turned his head to see a slightly skinny red-dressed woman. This red-dressed woman had long hair and her spirituality was fluctuating. Clearly, her aptitude wasn't low and was already in the Heavenly God Stage Level 6.

    The Bubbled Primordial God Pill was purchased by Mo Wuji and he didn't intend to bother about this woman. Just as he was about to leave, that woman suddenly obstructed Mo Wuji to ask. "Oi, I've noticed that you purchased a few items earlier. Did you also purchase the Bubbled Primordial God Pill?"

    Before Mo Wuji could reply, another two men hurried into the Assignments Hall anxiously. One of them was in the Heavenly God Stage Level 8 while the other was in the Great Circle of the Nascent God Stage. Mo Wuji recognised that fella in the Great Circle of the Nascent God Stage.

    It was Ran Hui of the Single Return God Sect and that fella was ranked number 6 during Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment 10 years ago. In the end, he even took his anger out on ranked number 4, Bai Yue. That resulted in Bai Yue being taught a lesson by Gai Ji of the Single Return God Sect. According to Bai Yue, if the sect's elder didn't intervene, Gai Ji would have already killed him.

    Mo Wuji wondered if the Heavenly God Stage Level 8 expert beside Ran Hui was Gai Ji.

    "Wan Xi, we've managed to borrow enough nirvana points for you to purchase..." The man beside Ran Hui exclaimed pleasingly.

    So this red-dressed woman was called Wan Xi. Mo Wuji's guess was that the Bubbled Primordial God Pill's formula which Wan Xi wanted shouldn't be for herself.

    Wan Xi said with a sobbing tone. "Senior Brother Gai Ji, someone had already purchased the Bubbled Primordial God Pill not too long ago."

    This fella in the Heavenly God Stage Level 8 was indeed Gai Ji. The killing intent in Mo Wuji's heart suddenly grew strong. If this fella met Bai Yue during Nirvana Learning Academy's fight for resources, he would definitely not let Bai Yue off easily. Now that Mo Wuji saw Gai Ji, he must get rid of this trash.

    As for whether he would offend the Single Return God Sect, that was a problem of the future.

    Gai Ji of the Single Return God Sect was already intending to kill Bai Yue so why should he show mercy?

    No matter how powerful a person was, Mo Wuji would never compromise as long as that person tried to kill him or people around him. Since the other party was going to kill you, why should you compromise or go easy on them?

    "Who purchased it?" Gai Ji's heart sank as he instantly looked anxious.

    The person he fancied was Wan Xi's sister, Wan Ru. Gai Ji could be considered immensely deep in love with Wan Ru. However, even though Wan Ru was Wan Xi's elder sister, Wan Ru had been stuck at the Nascent God Stage Level 6 for many years now.

    Gai Ji had cracked his brains so many times wishing that he could help Wan Ru advanced to the next level. However, his efforts were all futile.

    Wan Ru's sister Wan Xi was equally as anxious as Gai Ji and she had only just seen the Bubbled Primordial God Pill just today. However, because her wealth was limited, she wasn't able to take out 12,000 nirvana points. Fortunately, she was well aware of Gai Ji's love for her sister so she informed him almost instantly.

    After Gai Ji knew of this, he went straight away to raise nirvana points. In less than half a day, he really did manage to raise 12,000 nirvana points.

    The pity was that he had arrived late and when he arrived, the item was already purchased.

    Hearing Gai Ji's question, Wan Xi came back to her senses as she looked back at Mo Wuji. "Were you the one who bought the Bubbled Primordial God Pill? I saw that you've purchased quite a few items from this stall earlier... Senior Brother Gai Ji, this was the person who bought a few items previously."

    From the start, Mo Wuji was already unhappy with how rude Wan Xi was speaking to him. Now that this matter was related to Gai Ji of the Single Return God Sect, he was even more determined not to answer this question. If the other party was polite and wasn't related to Gai Ji, Mo Wuji might consider making a copy for her. He would at most ask for a few nirvana points and that was it.

    "I believe I don't think I have to report whatever I purchased to you right?" After saying that, Mo Wuji turned and left.

    "Hold on." Gai Ji instantly stood in Mo Wuji's way. He spoke with a cold tone, "Take out the few items you've purchased earlier. Otherwise..."

    "Otherwise? Don't tell me you're going to kneel and lick my foot?" Mo Wuji said faintly without any fear.

    The Assignments Hall had always been crowded so now that there was a clash, most people around the area had already gathered over.

    When they saw how this Nascent God was speaking to the Heavenly God, all of them were inwardly dumbfounded. Could it be that the Nascent Gods nowadays are all so arrogant? Could it be that they all planned to stay in Nirvana Learning Academy forever?

    When they realised that the Heavenly God was Gai Ji, everyone started to sigh. Who was Gai Ji? Gai Ji was one of the ten great Heavenly Gods of Nirvana Learning Academy and was ranked number 6. Gai Ji only spent a thousand years cultivating from the Heavenly God Stage Level 1 to Heavenly God Stage Level 8. One could tell how talented he was.

    Moreover, Gai Ji was from the Single Return God Sect. It seemed like the Nascent God had challenged the wrong person.

    "Hahahaha..." Gai Ji started laughing when he heard Mo Wuji's words.

    While Gai Ji was laughing, he didn't even find it funny. The killing intent started filling his eyes and if this wasn't Nirvana Learning Academy, he would have slapped Mo Wuji.

    "This is the first time I've seen someone as daring as you. Do you think that because we're in Nirvana Learning Academy, I wouldn't dare to touch you? One month ago, a fella spoke this arrogantly in front of me and if it wasn't because of the intervention of the sect's elder, I would have killed him already. If you don't believe, I will kill you instantly. At the very most, I would be expelled from Nirvana Learning Academy." Gai Ji said coldly with a trace of killing intent.

    Mo Wuji stared back coldly at Gai Ji. "I don't believe you and also, I despise those useless scoundrels who only know how to talk and dare not act."

    Gai Ji was fuming. If Gai Ji was intentionally using words to threaten a newbie like Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji's final sentence had truly infuriated him.

    Naturally, he wasn't an idiot even when he was infuriated. No matter how angry he was, he mustn't act here. What he didn't expect was that Mo Wuji was indeed trying to trigger him to act. If Gai Ji acted, he would have avenged Bai Yue even before the fight for resources in Nirvana Learning Academy.

    "And I also don't believe that you will dare to act here. Even if you are the grandfather of the Single Return God Sect's Sect Head, Fang Qiling, I will still slap you to death here." A calm voice was heard and an enforcer wearing a brown robe landed in front of Mo Wuji and Gai Ji.

    Gai Ji hurried to bow, "Lord Enforcer, I was merely joking earlier."

    "If you dare to make such jokes in Nirvana Learning Academy again, you will be immediately banished from Nirvana Learning Academy." The brown robe enforcer didn't show any face to Gai Ji.

    "Yes, yes. I understand." Gai Ji answered worriedly.

    The brown robe enforcer flashed by and he disappeared without a trace.

    Even though he didn't manage to trigger Gai Ji to attack, Mo Wuji was still inwardly pleased. Nirvana Learning Academy was indeed an existence even a huge sect couldn't influence. Hearing the words of that enforcer, he knew that Nirvana Learning Academy really didn't put the Single Return God Sect in their eyes.

    After the brown robe enforcer left, Gai Ji heaved a sigh of relief. He looked back at Mo Wuji with an even more stern expression. "Bring out that item now because you still have one more chance. Otherwise, you can forget about breathing the moment you leave Nirvana Learning Academy."

    "Scram." This time around, Mo Wuji couldn't even be bothered to trigger the other party. This fella wouldn't attack regardless of how infuriated so he wasn't worth Mo Wuji's time.

    Mo Wuji's reluctance to waste time with Gai Ji and his one-word reply had really sent Gai Ji into a rage. An ant like this actually dared to ask him to scram.

    Mo Wuji shook his head at how spoilt Gai Ji was to the extent that he couldn't even suffer a little hurt to his pride. This was even though he was already in the Heavenly God Stage Level 8.

    "Sister, why are you here?" Wan Xi sudden's words interrupted Gai Ji's rage.

    A woman wearing a faint green dress with flower designs walked over. Despite seeing a great number of beauties throughout his entire life, Mo Wuji couldn't help but praise this woman's delicate beauty. The faint eyebrows coupled with a pair of bright eyes really made her look as neat as a painting. While she was only standing right in front of him, he felt as though he was very far away.

    "Wan Ru, why are you here?" At this moment, why would Gai Ji continue being enraged and arrogant? His tone had transformed completely.

    So this woman was Wan Xi's elder sister, Wan Ru. She was actually such a beauty.
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