Chapter 1009: Bubbled Primordial God Pill

    Chapter 1009: Bubbled Primordial God Pill

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    "Greetings Senior Brother Gai Ji." Wan Ru bowed slightly before turning to Wan Xi. "Sister, please don't fall out with others because of my matters in the future. Let's go, let's head back first."

    "But sister, that was your hope of advancement..." Wan Xi hurried to reply.

    "Gai Ji, you're in the Heavenly God Stage Level 8 and you dare to act against a Nascent God. Aren't you shameful of yourself?" Bai Yue's voice suddenly interrupted the warm atmosphere Wan Ru brought here.

    If Wan Ru wasn't here, Gai Ji would have definitely insulted Bai Yue for being a sore loser who could only depend on others for survival. Now that Wan Ru was here, Gai Ji's full attention was on Wan Ru and his only desperate wish was to obtain the pill formula from Mo Wuji.

    Despite Mo Wuji not admitting to buying that pill formula, he was certain that Mo Wuji was the one who had purchased that Bubbled Primordial God Pill.

    Mo Wuji patted on Bai Yue as he laughed. "This fella was indeed very shameless but I didn't expect the enforcer to not show him any face too. Now, he is desperately trying to please the woman so let us head off first."

    "Hold on. Senior Brother, if you really did purchase the Bubbled Primordial God Pill, I plead that you sell it to me and I will add some more nirvana points for you. You should already know that the main ingredient for this pill would be the Nascent God Fruit. Even though the Nascent God Fruit was only a Tier 1 God Spiritual Fruit, it was still very tough to purify into essence. This required the skill of a Tier 5 God Pill King so Senior Brother, you probably wouldn't have any use for this pill formula." Wan Xi was no longer able to hold it in as she clasped her fists in front of Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji sneered coldly because he despised a woman like this. Initially, she addressed him as 'Oi' and now that she realised she couldn't get the formula from him, she started addressing him as 'senior brother'. If this woman had continued to use her initial tone to speak, Mo Wuji would at most think that she lacked politeness. Now that she was inconsistent from the start to the end, Mo Wuji viewed her as snobbish.

    "I am well aware of how I am going to handle the items that I've purchased and even if I don't, that would be my problem. I don't need you to worry for me." Mo Wuji said fearlessly as he turned away once more.

    Gai Ji really wanted to kill Mo Wuji but he dared not obstruct Mo Wuji so openly here. The enforcer had already mentioned that if he dared to threaten to kill in Nirvana Learning Academy again, he would be banished immediately.

    "Rogue Cultivator 2705, I, Ran Hui, challenge you. Do you have the guts to go to Nirvana Learning Academy's Duel Stage?" Looking at how his Senior Brother was anxious, Ran Hui shouted uncontrollably.

    Mo Wuji stopped in his tracks as he looked back at Ran Hui. "Who are you? Do you have the rights to challenge me?"

    Those who recognised Ran Hui were all shocked. Ran Hui actually obtained the 6th place in Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment and Mo Wuji would ask such a question? And even doubt his rights to challenge Mo Wuji?

    If they didn't know Ran Hui's background, they might really think that Ran Hui was not qualified enough to challenge Mo Wuji from the way Mo Wuji spoke.

    The truth was that Mo Wuji knew that Ran Hui was indeed not capable of challenging him. After all, he was a Tier 5 God Pill King, a Grade 5 God Array King, one of the five holders of the Rule of Arrays jade token and even a sect head. How was Ran Hui qualified to challenge him?

    In terms of bickering, even Ran Hui and Gai Ji wouldn't be a match for Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji's one sentence was enough to make him speechless. If it was someone who knew how to speak, he would have instantly refuted with 'And who are you? At least I've obtained top 10 in the assessment.'

    The fairy-like Wan Ru suddenly turned and bowed towards Mo Wuji before speaking with her gentle voice. "My sister was not brought up with good etiquette but I plead for Senior Brother to forgive her words if she had offended you. As for the pill formula, we don't need it so Senior Brother please do as you wish."

    "Since that is the case, I will not lower myself to her level. Bai Yue, let's go." Mo Wuji instantly left the place with Bai Yue after saying that.

    Gai Ji was so mad that he was almost trembling. There was actually someone who dared to make him look so stupid in front of his goddess. The killing intent in his heart was about to erupt.

    The spectators around all felt that Mo Wuji had truly crossed the line. Nobody here liked Gai Ji as a person but Wan Ru was actually the number one beauty in Nirvana Learning Academy. Mo Wuji's casual tone when conversing with her was indeed unacceptable.


    "Wuji, how did you clash with Gai Ji?" The moment they left the Assignments Hall, Bai Yue asked anxiously.

    "A small matter but you don't have to worry. I'll be in seclusion soon but what have you bought that you had to stay here for such a long time?" Mo Wuji casually questioned.

    Bai Yue heard Mo Wuji's question so he replied disappointingly, "I've seen a sacred art that I fancied but the pity is that I didn't have enough nirvana points."

    "How much are you lacking?" Mo Wuji asked.

    "1700 nirvana points."

    "Pass me your identity jade token." Mo Wuji indicated with his hands.

    Bai Yue handed his jade token to Mo Wuji subconsciously while being at loss with what Mo Wuji was doing.

    After leaving a mark on Bai Yue's identity jade token, Mo Wuji transferred 2000 nirvana points to Bai Yue.

    "How did you get so many nirvana points?" Bai Yue asked inquisitively as he saw how he had an extra 2000 nirvana points.

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "Hurry up and purchase your items. I need to head back to cultivate because my cultivation is truly too low."

    Bai Yue was instantly reminded of the item he wanted so his body flashed and he was already out of sight.

    "Your name is Mo Wuji?" Just as Bai Yue left, Mo Wuji suddenly heard a voice. Mo Wuji's spiritual will swept outwards and much to his surprise, his spiritual will was unable to detect anyone.

    That voice sounded yet again, "You don't have to bother finding me. Cang Zhengxing told me about you and it seems like you are pretty fortunate. To think that you've actually seen the Breath of Hongmeng before..."

    Mo Wuji suddenly felt a buzzing sound in his head. He might not be afraid of the Single Return God Sect or Gai Ji but he cannot be not fearful of revealing his Breath of Hongmeng.

    Only Da Huang and Shuai Guo knew about his Breath of Hongmeng and Mo Wuji was certain that they wouldn't betray him. How did this other party know about his Breath of Hongmeng? Other than this person, who was speaking in the dark, who else knew about his Breath of Hongmeng?

    "Senior..." Mo Wuji's throat started turning dry. If his Breath of Hongmeng was truly revealed, he could only escape to Nirvana Ocean.

    Because even if he were to hand out his Breath of Hongmeng, he wouldn't feel at ease.

    "You don't have to worry because up to now, only two people knew that you had seen the Breath of Hongmeng. I was the one who told Cang Zhengxing about it and he wanted me to take care of you. However, I might not be able to take care of you. Even though the Breath of Hongmeng is precious, it is of limited use to me," The voice sounded yet again.

    Mo Wuji's heart jumped out in shock as he suddenly recalled something. His Breath of Hongmeng must have been revealed when he was removing the Origin Bead. Back then, he took out the purple gourd and even sealed up the opening, struck out countless restrictions and wrapped it with the Book of Luo. But who could be certain that a true expert wouldn't be able to detect the energy of the Breath of Hongmeng?

    Oh yes, the other party mentioned that Mo Wuji had seen the Breath of Hongmeng but didn't say he owned it.This proved that the other party must have detected it from items which were stained by the energy of the Breath of Hongmeng. Moreover, the other party would probably be convinced that even if Mo Wuji possessed it, he wouldn't be able to keep it.

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji became calm and was also grateful for Cang Zhengxing again. Back then, Cang Zhengxing mentioned that he would help him settle a small issue and Mo Wuji didn't pay much attention to it. Now that he realised, how was this a small issue? If it wasn't for Cang Zhengxing's initiative to approach first, the other party would at least question where the Breath of Hongmeng was.

    After Mo Wuji calmed himself down, he stood even more respectfully at his place.

    The voice paused for a while before continuing. "I've heard from Cang Zhengxing that your Array Dao is exceptional. You are even a Grade 5 God Array King and I might need your help with something."

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief before answering. "Senior please go ahead and let me know. As long as it is something that I can do, I'll do my very best to help you."

    "En, you can head back first. After the fight for cultivation resources, I'll find you again. The fight for resources might be dangerous but given your fate, I doubt you will lose your life there."

    Mo Wuji acknowledged before heading back to his Land of Mortals.


    After he returned to the Land of Mortals, the first thing Mo Wuji did was to go into seclusion to concoct the Bubbled Primordial God Pill.

    The pill had an ancient pill formula and just like what Wan Xi said, it was very difficult to purify the Nascent God Fruit. Usually, when people obtained the Nascent God Fruit, they would consume it directly. As for purifying the fruit into its essence, a Tier 5 God Pill King was required.

    Coincidentally, Mo Wuji was a Tier 5 God Pill King and had even concocted the God Jade Pill before. Why would purifying a Nascent God Fruit be of any challenge to him? The truth was that even if Mo Wuji hadn't advanced into the ranks of a Tier 5 God Pill King, his possession of the spirit storage channel was enough to purify the Nascent God Fruit easily.

    Nascent God Fruits were sent into the pill furnace forged from the Medicinal Cauldron Stone as Mo Wuji removed the residues formed. He continued to fuse the solution and condense it into a god pill.

    Despite Mo Wuji's cautiousness, he only needed one hour to bring out nine Bubbled Primordial God Pill. Additionally, every single one of them was of the unique grade.

    The Bubbled Primordial God Pill might have an ancient formula but the full furnace would not produce 18 pills but only nine unlike the other god pills below Tier 3. Mo Wuji's concoction of nine Bubbled Primordial God Pills was equivalent to a full furnace.

    The Nascent God Fruit alone might be able to allow ordinary Nascent God Cultivators to advance one level but the absorption of the essence within the fruit itself wouldn't be great. The stronger cultivators might at most absorb 10-20% of it. The concoction of nine Bubbled Primordial God Pills from three Nascent God Fruits would be 100% beneficial.

    More importantly, the Bubbled Primordial God Pill was infused with the laws of Heaven and Earth. Nascent God Cultivators would be able to gain insights from the laws of Heaven and Earth and step further into the realm.
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