Chapter 1010: Fight for Resources

    Chapter 1010: Fight for Resources

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    Mo Wuji didn't concoct the second furnace of Bubbled Primordial God Pill as he simply cleaned up the place and consumed one Bubbled Primordial God Pill. Concurrently, he circulated his Immortal Mortal Technique at full force using his 108 meridians to absorb god spiritual energy.

    Despite the installations of the god spiritual sealing array by others, Mo Wuji's cultivation had ripped all those arrays apart. Endless god spiritual energy surged back into the Land of Mortals as the place turned into a whirlpool of god spiritual energy.

    Previously, the forces around them were able to seal up the god spiritual energy from coming into the Land of Mortals only because Mo Wuji was not around to cultivate. Now that Mo Wuji was back to cultivate, all sealing arrays would be rendered useless.

    A wild surge of god spiritual energy rushed in from all four directions and Mo Wuji could feel a certain energy from within his body needing to erupt.

    The mightiness of the Bubbled Primordial God Pill was displayed at this moment. Initially, Mo Wuji was intending to use two years to break into the Nascent God Stage Level 11. With the explosive surge of elemental energy from the Bubbled Elemental God Pill, Mo Wuji charged into the Nascent God Level 11 with much ease.

    After 10 days of adjustments, the elemental energy merged with the immense god spiritual energy as they were absorbed by Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji could sense that his cultivation was rising and multiple days later, he didn't feel the shackles of Nascent God Stage Level 12 after exhausting this one Bubbled Elemental God Pill.

    The second Bubbled Elemental God Pill, the third...

    When Mo Wuji swallowed the sixth Bubbled Elemental God Pill, his cultivation paced around the Nascent God Stage Level 11. This was when he knew that such a pill would only work once for him.

    After wasting 6 of these pills, he was merely able to advance from Nascent God Level 11 to the peak of Level 11.

    Things like pills were for supportive uses and one couldn't rely on it completely.

    Mo Wuji's heart was calm. To be able to advance into the Nascent God Level 11 in less than a month, his purchase of the pill formula was considered worth it. At times, a small level like this could save his life.

    After cultivating for another 10 days, Mo Wuji received a message from Bai Yue that Nirvana Learning Academy's fight for resources had begun.

    Mo Wuji packed up immediately as he walked out of his cultivation place. Chi Chuan was still cultivating wildly. Shuai Guo had some improvements and was almost in the Great Circle of the Nascent God Stage. Da Huang's improvement was even more drastic as he was in the Nascent God Level 8.

    Da Huang possessed intelligence and meridians but a pill like the Bubbled Elemental God Pill wouldn't be of much use to him.

    Mo Wuji didn't wait for long and Bai Yue arrived. Looking at how energetic Bai Yue was, Mo Wuji knew that he must have obtained the sacred art that he wanted.

    "Wuji, all thanks to you, even if I can't defeat Gai Ji, he wouldn't be able to kill me easily now." Bai Yue said confidently.

    "You must have some ambition. If you keep thinking about how he couldn't kill you easily, you wouldn't improve. You should think of how you could get rid of him for good." Mo Wuji gave Bai Yue a pat on the back as he smiled.

    Even though he knew that Mo Wuji was joking, Bai Yue said with a serious face. "Senior Brother's words are right and I will remember it well."

    "You don't have to be so serious. Wait for me to install an energy gathering array and we will head to Nirvana Learning Stage together." Mo Wuji intended to use a peak grade god spiritual vein to install an internal energy gathering array to provide for Chi Chuan, Da Huang and Shuai Guo. This energy gathering array would only absorb energy from the god spiritual vein which he took out. It would have no relations with the god spiritual energy of the sect.


    Mo Wuji had long heard of Nirvana Learning Stage before. He knew that this was one of the most beautiful places in Nirvana Learning Academy and also the place to gather for important events.

    After he and Bai Yue arrived at Nirvana Learning Stage, he truly realised how gorgeous this place was.

    A massive rock was suspended in mid-air surrounded by extremely green and vibrant spiritual plants. There were a few upside down rivers flowing down from the rock and fishes tried to swim up against the flow.

    The object on the opposite of the suspended rock was a massive red flower.

    Mo Wuji recognised that flower and knew that its name in Sanskrit was mañjusaka. Its old Chinese name would be Red Spider Lily and some even called it the Nirvana Flower.

    On that massive rock stage, there was already at least 10,000-20,000 people gathered on it. Moreover, there was a continuous stream of Heavenly God experts flying and landing there.

    Bai Yue and Mo Wuji had just arrived and they could feel a killing intent. Turning behind, they spotted Gai Ji staring right at them. There was nothing but killing intent in Gai Ji's eyes and he showed no intent to conceal it.

    Gai Ji's killing intent was directly ignored by Mo Wuji. To his surprise were the two women standing beside Gai Ji. Mo Wuji didn't find it weird that Wan Xi was standing beside Gai Ji. This woman was already in the Heavenly God Stage Level 6. Therefore, she was qualified to enter the fight.

    The other woman, Wan Ru, who was ridiculously beautiful, was also planning to participate? She was only in the Nascent God Level 6 so wouldn't she be courting death?

    Bai Yue stood beside Mo Wuji and when he noticed Mo Wuji's stare at Wan Ru, he whispered, "Wuji, don't stare at this woman. Even though she had a nice character and was very gentle, too many people would be staring at her. As for the fight for cultivation resources, I doubt anyone would act against her. Everyone knows that she was merely participating to look for opportunities to advance."

    Mo Wuji nodded but didn't say anything.

    After half a day of waiting, a silhouette appeared from the void as he stood on the peak of the massive rock.

    This was a middle-aged man in a yellow robe with a slightly dark skin. He had his hair rolled up into a bun too. The mighty energy was felt and Mo Wuji knew that he was definitely a peak grade God King.

    The yellow robed man looked across the crowd and Mo Wuji felt as though he was showered with icy cold water. Mo Wuji's prediction was that he had killed countless people before which was why he would have such terrifying cold killing energy.

    "Nirvana Learning Academy's once in a century fight for resources is here again. Even though everyone should know the rules, I'll still explain it once more..."

    Mo Wuji thought to himself. 'I don't know the rules.'

    The yellow robed man spoke warmly, "Only Nascent Gods and Heavenly Gods would qualify to fight for resources this time around and the top 1000 would receive rewards. First place would be qualified to install Grade 6 energy gathering array, receive 100,000 nirvana points, obtain 100 slots to enter the god spiritual land to cultivate for a year, obtain 100 opportunities to enter the academy's spiritual herbs secret realm for a month...

    The second place to tenth would receive 10 places to install Grade 5 energy gathering god array, 30,000 nirvana points each and 10 opportunities to enter the god spiritual land to cultivate for a year and 10 opportunities to enter the spiritual herb secret realm for a month...

    The 11th to 100th place would be qualified to install Grade 4 god energy gathering array and receive 3000 nirvana points each..."

    Mo Wuji was increasingly shocked at how wealthy Nirvana Learning Academy was as he heard till the end. After speaking about the cultivation resources, he even spoke about resources of magic treasures. Mo Wuji also realised that most of these resources would be rewarded to the first place.

    Evidently, Nirvana Learning Academy was trying to nurture out a powerhouse and make him even stronger than before.

    After speaking for over an hour, the yellow robed God King finally finished with his explanation.

    After this, the yellow robed God King paused for a while before continuing. "There are two different assessments for the fight for resources this time. The first is to enter the academy's cultivation secret realm to look for resource tablet."

    Having said that, the yellow robed God King took out a palm-sized black coloured tablet before saying, "This is the resource tablet and the number of resource tablets to be found would be based on the number of cultivators joining. It will be a one to one ratio and every tablet equates to one point. The more tablets collected would mean more points collected.

    I must remind all the disciples who are participating of something. Nirvana Learning Academy's resource secret realm is always a brand new place. Nobody has searched the place before. Hence, the moment you enter the secret realm, the contest will begin. Because these secret realms will contain large numbers of treasures, whoever obtains them will get to keep them. There is no need for you to report back to the academy on what you've obtained. After entering the fight for resources, you are responsible for your own life and death. If anyone is afraid, you can still back out now."

    Nobody backed out because how many would be afraid of death? All of them went through countless near-death experiences. Those who would be afraid wouldn't show up here anyway.

    Evidently, the yellow robed God King knew that no one would back out so he merely nodded before speaking again. "The second assessment will only occur after the first assessment. Before entering the secret realm to look for the resource tablets, I must inform everyone first. Regardless of where you came from to participate in the fight for resources, the rewards that you obtain will belong to yourself only. However, only the reward of energy gathering array can be accumulated with others. 100 slots to install the Grade 3 god energy gathering array can be added together to earn the rights to install the Grade 4 god energy gathering array. Ten slots to install the Grade 4 god energy gathering array can be added together to install the Grade 5 god energy gathering array."

    The yellow robed God King paused intentionally for a while. After seeing that nobody objected, he retrieved tens of array flags.

    A void array gate suddenly appeared on the rock.

    "Alright, disciples participating in this fight can enter through that void transfer gate. It will bring you to the resource secret realm to look for the resource tablets. The duration will be one year and in one year's time, everyone will be transferred back to Nirvana Learning Stage." The yellow gate God King pointed at the transfer gate.

    Mo Wuji didn't expect that this first assessment would require a year. If he had known, he would have brought Shuai Guo and Da Huang along with him.

    "Wuji, after we enter the void transfer gate, we will definitely not be together anymore. Because of the laws of the secret realm, we won't be able to communicate as well. Hence, you have to take care." Bai Yue said worriedly.

    No matter how strong Mo Wuji might be, he was still in the Nascent God Stage.
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