Chapter 1011: Fight for Resource Tablets

    Chapter 1011: Fight for Resource Tablets

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    "You better take care of yourself too and don't you worry about me," Mo Wuji chuckled.

    His spiritual will had landed on Gai Ji, and if possible, Mo Wuji really wanted to leave a spiritual will imprint on Gai Ji. However, this was merely a casual thought. Mo Wuji knew that with his limited strength, the yellow robe God King would definitely detect Mo Wuji's attempt to place that imprint on Gai Ji.

    "Then I shall head off first, you should hurry too. The earlier you head in, the more likely you'll obtain more treasures," having said that, Bai Yue took a step into the crowd and disappeared out of sight.

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to follow Bai Yue in, he sensed that Gai Ji had sped up and landed right behind him.

    Very soon, Mo Wuji understood what Gai Ji was trying to do. This fella's hand shook a little and actually managed to leave a concealed spiritual will imprint on Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji was speechless. Given Mo Wuji's mighty spiritual will and the aid of his spirit storage channel, even if Gai Ji was a World God, let alone Heavenly God, he could forget about trying to place a spiritual will imprint on Wuji without him noticing.

    Mo Wuji didn't believe that Gai Ji's act of placing the spiritual will imprint was not detected by the yellow robe God King. However, after Gai Ji did that, the yellow robe God King appeared as though he hadn't seen anything as he remained unperturbed.

    In that instance, Mo Wuji knew that even if this yellow robe God King wasn't from the Single Return God Sect, he must be closely related to them.

    Given Mo Wuji's character, he would usually return the favour by placing a spiritual will imprint on Gai Ji too.

    But now that he noticed how this yellow robe God King had acted, Mo Wuji chose not to return the favour. If he had done that, he might have been slapped to death by the yellow robe God King even before he entered the resource tablet secret realm. That God King might have pretended not to see Gai Ji's act but Mo Wuji was certain that if he was to do the same, he would be caught instantly.

    Mo Wuji pretended not to notice this spiritual will imprint as he approached the void gate calmly.

    The intense spatial fluctuations could be felt, but with his powerful spiritual will and will, Mo Wuji managed to stay conscious.

    Mo Wuji suspected that only Cang Zhengxing might be able to install such a well-built spatial transfer.

    Within the spatial transfer, Mo Wuji didn't even feel the change in time. All he knew after the spatial fluctuations were that he felt like a huge rock being pulled by gravity as he fell from the void.

    Even though Mo Wuji had his spirit storage channel, Mo Wuji landed on the ground and dented a huge hole in the ground.

    "Boom!" The surrounding soil flew up and Mo Wuji wondered if this was intentional from the transfer array; to let everyone fall hard before everything else.

    Once he stood firm, Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to scan the surrounding. To his surprise, this was actually a planet with a thin layer of god spiritual energy and broken laws.

    Moreover, the gravitational pull here was exceedingly strong. It was at least ten times stronger than the Earth's gravitational pull.

    Mo Wuji didn't mind because God Continent and God Domain were also very vast. However, the gravitational pull wasn't very strong there and might even be weaker than on Earth. That was because God Continent and God Domain had the laws of Heaven and Earth and also the additional support of dense god spiritual energy. If the laws of God Continent and God Domain were to be entirely broken one day, there wouldn't be a need for gravitational pull because based on the two large surfaces, it would be enough to cause these two places to collapse.

    There were many meteorites in the void because they were formed from the collapse of planets.

    Mo Wuji found a quiet place before changing his entire outfit. Following that, he put on yet another mask as he hurried to leave.

    Entering this place was equivalent to entering a slaughterhouse.

    There might be a lot of resource tablets here but a single person on his own would certainly not be able to do well. Only through snatching and collaboration... will one be able to obtain more resource tablets.

    Nirvana Learning Academy was clearly not trying to protect its disciples. By organising such a fight for resources, they were encouraging the killing of each other.

    This proved that behind every powerful organisation, there were bloody fights to squeeze out the best people.

    Mo Wuji wasn't bothered because if Nirvana Learning Academy was really a gentle and all-loving place, it would eventually be swallowed regardless of how many experts they had. How would they be able to survive this long?

    Even though Mo Wuji had put on a mask, the only thing he didn't remove was Gai Ji's spiritual will imprint. Gai Ji might be looking for him and he was also looking for Gai Ji.

    He was leaving the spiritual will imprint to lure Gai Ji over and so what if Gai Ji knew that Mo Wuji had put on a mask? In his eyes, Gai Ji was already a dead man.

    So what if he was ranked number 6 among Nirvana Learning Academy's Heavenly Gods? If he wanted to kill Mo Wuji, he should expect no mercy from Mo Wuji himself. Even if the Academy's Head's son wanted to kill Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji would return the exact favour so why would he not do it against a mere disciple of the Single Return God Sect?

    Perhaps because of the broken laws here on this planet, Mo Wuji's spiritual will from his sea of consciousness could only extend up to 200 metres. Fortunately for him, his spiritual will from his spirit storage channel was able to extend up to over a few thousand metres.

    This made it much easier for Mo Wuji to find the resource tablets. With the spiritual will from his spirit storage channel, he could easily extend his search up to more than ten times of what other people could.

    Very soon, Mo Wuji found his first resource tablet which was hidden underneath a rock. Well, it was not that he found it, but that he saw it with his spiritual will and then just picked it up easily.

    With the first tablet, he found the second, third...

    Over the next five days, Mo Wuji managed to find 192 resource tablets all thanks to his mighty spiritual will.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji's speed of finding the resource tablet increased yet again because he was also gaining experience. The placements of these resource tablets were very odd; some were at the bottom of a dried up river while some were inside a rock. What made Mo Wuji the most speechless was that he found a resource tablet simply floating in the void.

    Tens of days later, Mo Wuji was still searching intensely for the resource tablets. He was certain that only in the initial phase would he be able to search for a lot of resource tablets so fearlessly. Once this period was over and more cultivators spread out, the use of his spirit storage channel's spiritual will would be significantly reduced. Eventually, he would end up like all the other cultivators and he wouldn't possess any further advantage.

    On the 25th day, Mo Wuji had collected a total of 1031 resource tablets. At this point in time, his rate of finding a resource tablet had slowed down significantly.

    At the very beginning, Mo Wuji was able to find over 100 resource tablets in a day. Presently, finding six to seven tablets a day would be considered impressive.

    Yet another resource tablet was spotted by Mo Wuji as it was placed underneath the roots of a dried up tree. Even though it was over a thousand miles away from Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji's Wind Escape Technique brought himself nearby in just a few breaths. He extended his arm to pick up the resource tablet.

    "Put down that resource tablet and storage ring and scram." Before Mo Wuji could keep the tablet into his storage ring, he heard a gloomy voice.

    In the next moment, a brown robe cultivator landed in front of Mo Wuji.

    With Mo Wuji's judgement, he could tell that this fella was in the Heavenly God Level 7. It seemed like this fella wanted to bully Mo Wuji for his low cultivation level before killing him to take his items.

    Over the past few days, Mo Wuji did notice some cultivators wandering around. Because his acts of picking up the tablets were so swift, Mo Wuji didn't bother wasting time bickering with these cultivators. Normally if he noticed cultivators, he would head the other direction.

    Now that someone came out to obstruct him and even demanded him to take out his storage ring and resource tablets, Mo Wuji didn't even wish to converse with him. Mo Wuji extended his whirlpool domain and followed it up with a Domain Crushing Fist. No other words would be more direct than an immediate attack.

    This Heavenly God Level 7 expert didn't expect that a Nascent God with no evident spirituality would actually dare to attack him first.

    He chuckled and just as he was prepared to slap Mo Wuji to death, his heart sank.

    Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain felt like one which belonged to a God Monarch as it instantly oppressed his own domain. Following that, the space around him turned viscous.

    This was undoubtedly an expert much more powerful than himself and the Heavenly God panicked. He couldn't even get himself to fight back as he shouted. "I am He Chang of the Reincarnation God Path, you cannot..."

    "Pft!" A fog of blood appeared and He Chang's body was crushed in split seconds.

    Mo Wuji was also shocked at how his single fist could finish off a Heavenly God Level 7 expert. Even if He Chang was unable to retaliate, he shouldn't have died so easily right? Could Mo Wuji really have grown so much?

    He shook his head but didn't continue thinking about it. He stretched out to pick up He Chang's storage ring as he muttered to himself. "If I were you, I would have chosen to defend myself instead of shouting my sect."

    Indeed, if He Chang tried to defend himself, Mo Wuji probably wouldn't have been able to get rid of him in just one fist.

    So what if he was from the Reincarnation God Path? This was a slaughter ground and he expects Mo Wuji to show mercy just because he was from a big sect?

    After casually packing up, Mo Wuji left the area.


    Yet another ten days later, Mo Wuji only managed to find ten more tablets. In fact, there were three fellas who tried to rob him and they were all destroyed by him. From these three fellas, he managed to collect an additional 40 over resource tablets.

    Mo Wuji also knew that to obtain tablets now, the easiest way would be to rob others. However, Mo Wuji unwilling to do that.

    It was fine if others tried to rob him and he retaliated but he was certainly unwilling to be the one to rob others. Not only would this violate his Dao heart, it would also go against his conscience and morals. He came from Earth so he had his own values and pride.

    After all, not every cultivator here would be out to rob others. Mo Wuji had seen some Heavenly God cultivators with no intention of robbing him even though they were supposedly stronger.

    What disappointed Mo Wuji the most was that Gai Ji was not here yet. Logically speaking, if Gai Ji had placed a spiritual will imprint on him, the first thing he should have done was to find Mo Wuji.

    In Mo Wuji's heart, Gai Ji was like a fat lamb sending himself to Mo Wuji. Looking at how vicious a person like Gai Ji was, he would definitely have quite a number of resource tablets on him.

    After waiting for a few days and Gai Ji had not appeared, Mo Wuji decided to head further into the depths of the planet to look for more resource tablets.
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