Chapter 1012: Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo

    Chapter 1012: Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo

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    After travelling for four days, Mo Wuji came to a halt as he was attracted by the coldness of his surroundings. When he approached the source of the coldness, he realised that it was actually an extreme ice cascade.

    Logically speaking, when water reached a temperature which was low enough, it would turn into ice. The ice cascade in front of him was actually not ice but still liquid. Even so, the extreme coolness exuded from it was something even Mo Wuji's physique could barely take it.

    Mo Wuji was certain that under such extreme conditions, an average Heavenly God wouldn't be able to last long without any magic treasure protection.

    A cascade which wouldn't turn into ice was definitely something formed from a pure ice attribute treasure. Because of the laws, no matter how cold it was, it wouldn't freeze.

    Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to scan through and his body flashed into the extreme ice cascade.

    Naturally, he wouldn't want to miss such a treasure.

    Once he stepped into the ice cascade, Mo Wuji knew that someone had been here before. In fact, there was more than one person and at least three people who had been here before. Looking at the marks, it was evident that they had just arrived and should have already ventured deeper into the cascade.

    This extreme ice cascade was like a cave with a waterfall as its mouth as the cave extended inwards. The laws of the ice attribute were so strong inside the cave that Mo Wuji's spiritual will was being obstructed. Everything he saw was very faint.

    Mo Wuji directly concealed his own aura and body as he executed his Wind Escape Technique. He entered the depths of the cave together with the slight wind.

    He would definitely not want to miss out on the treasures inside the cave.

    In less than half an incense worth of time, Mo Wuji stopped in front of a massive lake. The energy of the ice cascade outside was strong but this lake was as calm as a mirror.

    There were three people by the lake and to Mo Wuji's surprise, he actually recognised one of them.

    It was Wan Ru, the woman who was only in the Nascent God Level 6 but could actually stand in a place with such extreme temperatures. Mo Wuji understood how Wan Ru was able to stand here. Whether it was Wan Ru or the two other men beside her, they were all supported by some sort of talisman.

    Mo Wuji was also considered a Grade 3 Talisman Master. While he couldn't recognise which talisman it was, he could tell that it was at least a Grade 4 God Talisman.

    One of the men standing beside Wan Ru was in a red robe with a fair skin. He was already in the Heavenly God Level 9. The other person, who was skinny, tall and wearing a green robe, was also in the Heavenly God Level 9.

    Mo Wuji could feel the condensed spirituality of the red robe fella and it seemed like he was even stronger than Gai Ji.

    With reference to Gai Ji's result in Nirvana Learning Academy's Heavenly Gods assessment, Mo Wuji was certain that this red robe fella would be ranked in the top 5. True, a person who could follow a gorgeous girl like Wan Ru had to be in certain calibre as well.

    "Senior Brother Fei, I've heard that when the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo produces the ice lake, the surrounding would be multiple times colder. Our talisman is only a Grade 4 talisman, will it be able to protect us?" The skinny and tall cultivator asked.

    From his tone, he should be addressing the red robed man as senior brother.

    However, Mo Wuji's heart was in a shock. Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo? Could the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo be within this lake?

    Despite not seeing it before, Mo Wuji has heard of it twice. The first time was in the legacy left behind by Green Robe God Pill King. The second time was from Chi Bing.

    This was a peak grade unique treasure and it was rumoured to have no grade. In other words, the lowest tier of this god herb was at least Tier 7. As long as it was a herb surpassing Tier 7, there were extremely few records in God Continent.

    There were many uses for the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. Condensing a fleshly body with only primordial spirit was merely the most ordinary uses of the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo.

    Rumours spread that out of all the known spiritual roots purifying treasures, the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo was deservingly ranked number one. A fruit like the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit would only be considered trash when compared to the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo.

    When cultivators with ice spiritual roots used the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo at a specific time, one could even turn his spiritual roots into stainless spiritual roots.

    Even so, this was still not the most beneficial use of the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. The more important use of the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo was its ability to purify. Having this Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo while cultivating could get rid of all distracting thoughts and also allow you to absorb god spiritual energy without impurities from the distorted laws.

    This alone was terrifying enough. Why was Mo Wuji able to cultivate at a much faster speed than everyone else? Besides his 108 meridians, his Mortal Dao was able to get rid of all complicated Dao laws and absorb only the purest of god spiritual energy. Evidently, the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo was exceedingly valuable.

    Previously, Mo Wuji thought about how the experts of Nirvana Learning Academy must have been through this place before since they had thrown so many resource tablets here. Now, he started to question his own guess. If the experts of Nirvana Learning Academy had really been here, they wouldn't have neglected this Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. Moreover, they wouldn't have just left the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo to the disciples fighting for resources here. From some perspectives, the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo was much more valuable than the Breath of Hongmeng.

    "It should protect us. From what I know, the time which the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo appears would be very limited. Specifically, it would only last for ten breaths. Our talisman is a peak Grade 4 talisman to defend against the cold so even if the cold were to increase by one more fold, our talisman should be able to defend against it for a small incense worth of time. In that time available to us, Big Brother Fei would have already kept that Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo," To Mo Wuji's surprise, the one speaking was Wan Ru.

    The skinny and tall man nodded, "Indeed, Senior Brother Fei was ranked number 5 in the ten great Heavenly Gods of Nirvana Learning Academy. He wouldn't even need ten breaths to retrieve the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo."

    Wan Ru's cultivation level had been stagnant for a period of time but her knowledge would not lose to any of the two men. This was because she liked to read all sorts of jade letters and ancient scrolls. Many God Monarchs or even World Gods would ask Wan Ru on matters which they couldn't understand.

    Mo Wuji sneered at how ridiculous their conversation was.

    According to the introduction manual of Green Robe God Pill King, the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo grows in the icy lake. Every 48 hours, it will emerge once and every emergence would last for 49 breaths. Moreover, the coldness in the surrounding would increase by over ten folds and certainly not just one fold.

    Looking at the temperature now, an increase of ten folds would make it hard even for a Grade 5 talisman to defend against the cold.

    Retrieving the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo was only possible at the moment it emerges. Otherwise, the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo would disappear once it was disturbed. As for how the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo was able to disappear, Green Robe God Pill King recorded that it could remove itself from this world. However, it was more likely the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo has an innate gift for spatial teleportation.

    If Wan Ru wasn't speaking blindly, it would mean that she had her own motives.

    Mo Wuji reached out for his Book of Luo cautiously. With his physique at the Half Sage Level, he wouldn't fear the ordinary cold. However, if the cold were to multiply by ten folds, even his Half Sage physique would freeze to death.

    The man in red robe nodded, "Wan Ru is right, at that time I will retrieve the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo at the very first moment."

    As time passed by, half of Mo Wuji's attention was on Wan Ru. Mo Wuji had a sensing that this woman was not simple at all.

    Four hours later, the peaceful and calm lake started having ripples.

    Mo Wuji knew that the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo was about to emerge.

    The three others seemed to know that the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo was about to appear too as they looked intently on the lake. The cultivator with the surname 'Fei' was also prepared to charge into it.

    "Kacha!" It was clearly water that splashed from the lake but it sounded like ice.

    A sparkling and translucent ice bamboo gradually extended out from the lake. The leaves of the ice bamboo were so white that it looked like snow. There was a total of 6 suaves petals. The temperature in the surroundings might have dropped tremendously but it was still unable to block out the faint fragrance.

    The cultivator in red robe was dumbfounded because according to Wan Ru, it would only last for ten breaths and it should have emerged completely by now. At the rate that it was extending out, ten breaths didn't seem enough.

    The cold increased rapidly and the red robe cultivator could hear his defensive talisman cracking. This was when he looked over to Wan Ru worriedly.

    "Senior Brother Fei, this coldness is definitely more than one fold. It is still rising so let's hurry out..." Without waiting for instructions from the red robed man, the other skinny and tall cultivator shouted anxiously, "Something's wrong!"

    The red robe cultivator suddenly realised something as his body flashed. He needed to get out of this place first.

    Before he could move, two killing radiances were already locked onto him and shot towards him.

    "Kacha!" At that moment, the talisman protecting the red robe cultivator was torn apart.

    "Wan Ru, you..." The red robe cultivator looked agonisingly at Wan Ru. He didn't expect that the person who acted against him was only in the Nascent God Level 6. To make things worse, she was a person who was usually very gentle and polite.

    Wan Ru said gently, "It is your honour to die beside me so please rest in peace..."

    After saying this, the skinny green robe cultivator had already turned into ice after being frozen and ambushed by Wan Ru. He was already struggling to cope with the cold but if Wan Ru hadn't ambushed him, he would have a chance to escape. Now that Wan Ru had acted against him as well, how was he supposed to survive?

    "Wan Ru, even if I, Fei Yidao were to die, I will drag a despicable person like you down with me..." The red robe cultivator shouted as his body turned into pieces. However, a red radiance was actually shot out from his breaking body as it was aimed towards Wan Ru.

    Just like what Fei Yidao said, even if he died, he had to drag Wan Ru with him.

    It was a pity that he miscalculated his attack. Even though the red radiance landed on Wan Ru, it merely resulted in a white light. It seemed as though some sort of talisman surrounding Wan Ru was torn apart. Wan Ru didn't explode like how Fei Yidao did. She sat down with her eyes shut as if she was trying to shut out the cold from her body. At this moment, she didn't even bother about the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. At the very most, she would only need to wait for another 48 hours.

    Mo Wuji was shocked because this woman was definitely not in the Nascent God Level 6. Mo Wuji suspected that even if Fei Yidao were to fight head-on with Wan Ru, he wouldn't have been a match for her. What was this woman's ultimate motive for concealing herself so well?

    Regardless of what she was trying to do, it wouldn't be related to Mo Wuji. Just as Wan Ru was healing herself, Mo Wuji's entire body turned into a wind as he charged towards the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo.
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