Chapter 1013: Landing of the Silver River

    Chapter 1013: Landing of the Silver River

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    Wan Ru, who was healing herself, appeared to have sensed something. Her eyes moved slightly but she did not open them. On the surface, her injuries didn't appear severe but she knew herself well. Fei Yidao's red radiance was simply too powerful. If she was able to bear with the pain from Fei Yidao's attack, she would definitely not risk her life by healing herself here.

    With his fastest speed, Mo Wuji grabbed the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo and tossed it into his Mortal World after striking out the restrictions. Following that, he used his Wind Escape Technique to disappear once more.

    The Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo didn't have a stolon. Once it left the icy lake, it was just like a normal ice jade as it no longer exuded that extreme coldness.

    The surrounding coldness had disappeared and naturally, Wan Ru would have detected it. She opened her eyes and an icy cold killing intent appeared in her eyes.

    Someone actually took away the item of her dreams from her while she was healing herself. Whoever it was, they could forget about taking advantage of her.


    Two hours later, Mo Wuji chose a secluded area to enter his own Mortal World.

    The Mortal World was already very huge and while it was still slightly grey and blurry, the laws within it were incredibly clear. All the laws were enlightened by Mo Wuji himself and were within his Dao laws.

    Presently, the Mortal World gave Mo Wuji a totally different feeling as compared to his previous Undying World. Previously, he wasn't certain as to how mighty his Undying World was or how many attacks it could bear. However, Mo Wuji was clear and certain of everything in his Mortal World.

    Tens of intermediate and high grade spiritual veins accumulated in his Mortal World resulting in a dense god spiritual energy.

    A few low grade god spiritual herbs were planted at the corners of the place. Even though there was only one sunlight array, they were growing very well.

    Mo Wuji was even more certain that anyone with a cultivation level lower than his would be able to cultivate without any restraints of the laws of Heaven and Earth.

    After entering the Mortal World, Mo Wuji hurried to take out the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo.

    This Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo was about 30 centimetres long and there were about 9 hexagon shaped bamboo leaves. As he held it in his hands, there was a warm and comfortable feeling. His entire heart became clear and there was no sign of the coldness back at the icy lake.

    This was indeed a good item as Mo Wuji was very pleased. Even if he didn't manage to get any placings, he was already satisfied with being able to obtain the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo.

    But since he was already here, Mo Wuji didn't plan on giving up on the first place. He specially forged out a jade box to keep the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo in it. After striking out some restrictions again, Mo Wuji left his Mortal World.

    Multiple days later, Mo Wuji was constantly on the lookout for more resource tablets as well as all other sorts of materials.

    As to whether Gai Ji was able to find him, Mo Wuji was no longer thinking about it.

    Just when Mo Wuji was no longer interested in looking for Gai Ji, his spiritual will sensed Gai Ji. Mo Wuji was certain that Gai Ji had detected his own spiritual will imprint. However, that fella only glanced towards him for a moment but chose not to head towards him. Instead, he hurried off in another direction.

    Gai Ji might not want to find him but Mo Wuji had never intended to let him go. Without much thought, Mo Wuji hurried over.

    As if he could sense Mo Wuji's pursuit, Gai Ji escaped even quicker. Even though Mo Wuji's Wind Escape Technique would be able to obstruct Gai Ji swiftly, Mo Wuji stayed behind to find out where this fella was trying to go.

    Half a day later, Gai Ji came to a halt and so did Mo Wuji. He finally understood why Gai Ji wanted to come here.

    There was actually a natural defensive array here and there were at least a few hundred people attacking this defensive array. Every time the defensive array was attacked, it would emit a dense god spiritual energy. This god spiritual energy brought along a pure primal energy. One could imagine the great things inside this defensive array. It could very well be hiding a heaven-splitting treasure.

    Initially, Mo Wuji was only hiding behind as he spectated. Why would he bother about anything else as he rushed and joined the crowd in attacking the defensive array? He was inwardly surprised at the abilities of these big sects. Ever since he entered, he was not able to communicate with Bai Yue. For Gai Ji to know of this place, he must have received some sort of message.

    Even though it wasn't a great distance, sending messages on this broken planet was not a simple thing.

    "You are very daring, even more daring than I imagine." Gai Ji commented as he noticed that Mo Wuji actually dared to step out. Concurrently, an ancient god mirror started suspending on top of his head with a swing of his hand.

    Just like Mo Wuji's prediction, Gai Ji was aware of Mo Wuji's pursuit. The only reason why he didn't act against Mo Wuji was because he was desperate to come here after receiving the news of a primal treasure. As compared to a primal treasure, his hatred for Mo Wuji could be set aside for now.

    Now that the defensive array was yet to be opened, he wanted to kill Mo Wuji first.

    "Boom!" Explosive sounds were heard and that natural defensive array had finally collapsed under the combined attacks of the hundred over experts.

    An extraordinarily dense pure god spiritual energy surged out wildly. Even though everyone wasn't cultivating, all of them could feel their cultivation level rising.

    Mo Wuji took in a deep breath. He possessed the Breath of Hongmeng so he was 100% sure that this was a newly opened treasure ground which nobody had set foot on before. Not only did this energy contained the primal energy, there was also the exceedingly clear laws of Heaven and Earth. Newborn Dao laws were the clearest and easiest to capture.

    In other words, those who cultivated here would find it easier to cultivate and reach a much higher level in God Continent.

    Without any hesitation, everyone surged in. Even Gai Ji, who was preparing to attack Mo Wuji, gave up on attacking Mo Wuji as he rushed right in too.

    Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel's spiritual will managed to sense the situation on the inside. It looked like a massive basin. Within the basin, there seemed to be over a hundred beehive looking items. The god spiritual energy with the primal energy was emitted from these beehives.

    In the centre of the basin, there was a huge primal beehive which was about ten times bigger than the surrounding beehives. The god spiritual energy emitted from it was outstandingly dense and its primal laws were also much clearer than its surrounding.

    There were at least seven to eight people charging towards the biggest beehive in the centre. Other cultivators, who knew they weren't strong enough to compete, simply headed towards the smaller primal beehives.

    With a single wind teleportation, Mo Wuji landed right on the top of the primal beehive. He spoke with cold intent, "I am using this so everyone else please help yourself to the rest. I will kill anyone without mercy within ten feet of me."

    "Haha!" A loud laughter was heard. "I, Gai Ji, do want to see how you are going to kill without mercy. I have always wanted to kill you but I've never expected your luck to be this good that I've never had the chance to do so. If you escape now, you might still be able to breathe for a few more days. Since you like to seek death, don't blame your grandfather. Die for me..."

    Once the voice was heard, Gai Ji's ancient god mirror was already charging towards Mo Wuji. Explosive Heavenly God's domain was also swept fearlessly towards Mo Wuji.

    The incoming cultivators saw that Gai Ji was also fighting for this area so they hurried to make way.

    Who wouldn't have heard of Gai Ji, who was ranked number 6 out of the top ten Heavenly Gods in Nirvana Learning Academy? This was someone who even experts half a step into the God Monarch Stage couldn't afford to offend. Even if the primal beehives were good, they wouldn't want to go against Gai Ji.

    Even if they managed to snatch it, Gai Ji would still take their lives after leaving this place.

    The explosive domain had instantly reached the periphery of Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain. Under the clash of the domains, explosions could be heard from all around.

    Just a clash of the domain and Mo Wuji knew how much stronger Gai Ji was as compared to He Chang, whom he killed with just one punch.

    The ancient god mirror was emitting a strikingly bright radiance which made Mo Wuji felt as though the space around him was about to dissolve.

    Mo Wuji let out a long sigh and he raised his hand. The grey colour halberd appeared in his hand. This was the halberd forged by Mo Wuji using his Chance Water and Rootless God Steel. Whether it was on the Rogue Cultivator Battlestage or when he killed He Chang, Mo Wuji didn't have the chance to take out his magic treasure. This was actually his first time drawing out the magic treasure forged with the Rootless God Steel.

    The moment the Half Moon Weighted Halberd landed in his hands, a sort of confidence and mightiness overwhelmed Mo Wuji's body.

    The long halberd struck out half a circle as it brought along a Winding River down towards Gai Ji.

    Gai Ji really didn't put Mo Wuji in his eyes. Even if Mo Wuji was in the Great Circle of the Heavenly God Stage, let alone Nascent God, Gai Ji only saw Mo Wuji as a small fry.

    After his domain clashed with Mo Wuji's domain, his heart stopped beating for a moment. How was Mo Wuji's domain one that belonged to a Nascent God? Even back when he killed that expert who was half a step into the God Monarch Stage, his domain didn't seem this powerful.

    "Ka!" This was the first time Gai Ji felt that his domain was being ripped open by his opponent's domain. Even though they had yet to fight, this added a slight fear to his heart.

    His immense spiritual will started to surge into his ancient god mirror and it instantly condensed out a light radiance like a scorching sun. This was his peak grade light attribute sacred art, Scorching Light.

    Once his Scorching Light landed on his opponent, it wouldn't matter how strong the opponent's domain was. It would be instantaneously destroyed. Similarly, all sorts of defensive armour would turn into nothing under his Scorching Light.

    This place was evidently the best place to cultivate. Gai Ji felt that he needed to get rid of this rogue cultivator as soon as possible before hurrying to start his cultivation. God spiritual energy would always be limited so he might fall behind if he started cultivating a little later.

    Just as this scorching sun like light radiance was condensing, Gai Ji suddenly felt a blockage in his spiritual will. It was as if something had abruptly chopped off his execution of a sacred art.

    Before he could realise what was going on, a silver winding river had landed.

    Surging down from 3000 feet above, the Winding River charged down with tremendous force.

    As the Winding River landed on that scorching sun, it splashed out a brilliant radiance. The gorgeous eye-catching radiance overwhelmed the entire sky. Whether it was Gai Ji or Mo Wuji, they were both encapsulated within this brilliant radiance.
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