Chapter 1014: You Dare To Act

    Chapter 1014: You Dare To Act

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    His heart and mind were filled with great fear. Ever since he started cultivating, Gai Ji had never felt as helpless as he was today. At the moment his spiritual will was blocked off and his sacred art was chopped off, he unknowingly felt a unique sort of panic and fear.

    Gai Ji tried to burn his blood essence in an attempt to break out of Mo Wuji's Winding River as well as whirlpool domain.

    "Pft!" A blood radiance splattered out and Gai Ji finally dashed out of that brilliant radiance. However, he was no longer capable of escaping any further as he simply fell from the void.

    On the surface, it looked like Gai Ji managed to escape successfully. Only those with better observation skills would notice the thin blood scar on Gai Ji's chest.

    Indeed, that blood scar was the one which destroyed Gai Ji's Dantian and spiritual channels.

    "Why are you..." Gai Ji wanted to ask why was Mo Wuji so strong but the blood in his mouth made him unable to finish his words.

    At that moment, his inner heart was filled with nothing but immense regret.

    Gai Ji had mixed thoughts regarding his own strength and how he had underestimated this rogue cultivator tremendously. Now that he thought of this, if the opponent wasn't strong, how was Gai Ji able to sense his presence from over a few thousand miles away? How was Mo Wuji able to reach the primal beehives even before himself? Perhaps Mo Wuji had already found out about the spiritual will imprint placed by him and was merely waiting for him to act.

    The pity was that he had severely underestimated this puny Nascent God. He always believed that this rogue cultivator was not even qualified to be his stepping stone onto greater cultivation.

    Today, he was defeated by a single sacred art attack by this puny Nascent God. To make things worse, the puny Nascent God even managed to stop his sacred art.

    Gai Ji gradually closed his eyes as he didn't even bother pleading for mercy. He knew, for certain, that the opponent wouldn't spare his life. He suddenly realised that all that endless hatred and anger were nothing in front of death. No matter how gorgeous a woman was, she wouldn't be related to him after death. As for whether this Rogue Cultivator 2705 would be killed by the Single Return God Sect, it would no longer concern him.

    He finally understood this logic, right before death.

    Indeed, the halberd radiance was drawn and a white radiance tore his Mind Palace apart. Even his primordial spirit was instantly destroyed.

    When a storage ring flew towards Mo Wuji, a flame landed right on Gai Ji's body.

    This well-practiced move resulted in silence among the hundreds of people around the scene. Even those searching for the primal beehives became more cautious with their actions.

    Gai Ji, an expert ranked number 6 among the Heavenly Gods of Nirvana Learning Academy, was actually killed in a single move by an unknown fella. Who would dare to make a racket in front of this person? Even more people suspected if Mo Wuji was ranked in the top 5 or not. However, nobody dared to step out to say or ask such questions at a time like this.

    Mo Wuji kept his Half Moon Weighted Halberd as his heart was in mad glee. It wasn't because he managed to kill Gai Ji but because he realised the importance of his purchase of the Chance Water.

    If he hadn't added the Chance Water to his Half Moon Weighted Halberd, he would definitely not be able to finish Gai Ji off in one attempt. He wasn't fearful of Gai Ji but he would probably need to execute his spatial sacred art or Seven World Fingers to get rid of Gai Ji.

    Because he added the Chance Water, it was equivalent to him executing two sacred arts in one attack. Gai Ji was merely a Heavenly God Level 8 expert so how was he supposed to defend himself against two sacred arts in one attack?

    As he landed back on the biggest primal beehive, Mo Wuji used a hoarse voice to announce, "Anyone who dares to set foot within ten feet of this primal beehive will end up like this person: killed without mercy."

    Hearing Mo Wuji's announcement of his turf, some of the closer cultivators subconsciously took a few steps back. Even if they weren't within ten feet, they were too fearful of this crazily powerful person in front of them. Moreover, he was an existence who even dared to kill Gai Ji so who would dare to offend him?

    Eventually, cultivators started to fight for the outer primal beehives. Nobody even dared to claim the few smaller primal beehives nearer to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji didn't bother about building his personal fiefdom at a time like this. When it was regarding cultivation resources, Mo Wuji was certainly not Mr Nice Guy.

    After standing on top of this biggest primal beehive, Mo Wuji threw out a few array flags to defend the area around him. Concurrently, he installed a simple Grade 3 God Killing Array.

    Having done that, Mo Wuji sat down on top of the primal beehive as he started to circulate all 108 meridians to cultivate.

    At this place, he didn't even need to install any sort of energy gathering array because the dense primal god spiritual energy was already surging wildly towards him. With such pure and dense god spiritual energy, it was almost like there was a hole at the bottom of the river on top of Mo Wuji's head. This was when a massive whirlpool started to form.

    Perhaps others might realise that he was Mo Wuji from the situation arising from his cultivation but Mo Wuji was no longer concerned.

    As the surrounding cultivators sensed the terrifying rate at which Mo Wuji was absorbing the god spiritual energy, everyone started on their own cultivation. This place was previously sealed up so there must be a limit to the god spiritual energy here. Looking at Mo Wuji's speed of cultivating, they might miss out completely if they were to be one step slower.

    This was Mo Wuji's first time realising how mighty and comfortable it was to cultivate with such pure and dense primal god spiritual energy. When that endless energy of the Heaven and Earth flowed into his meridians, one circulation was enough to get rid of all the impurities. The laws of his Mortal Dao became as clear and striking as black ink stained on a white paper.

    "Kacha!" Without any sluggishness, Mo Wuji broke through the Nascent God Level 11 as he charged into the Nascent God Level 12.

    Presently, the rate of absorbing the god spiritual energy was even more immense as the whirlpool above his head grew even larger.

    As time passed by, the latecomers would simply cultivate at the periphery of the beehives. Even if they weren't on the beehives, cultivating at the periphery of it would already be a thousand folds better than anywhere else.

    As for the ten feet radius around Mo Wuji, there was still nobody who dared to set foot in it.

    As long as one wasn't stupid enough, one should know that Mo Wuji wasn't an existence you want to mess with. This entire place was only this big and yet, Mo Wuji was able to occupy the largest primal beehive to himself. Not only that, he had also installed a defensive array and nobody dared to oppose him. Who would go ahead to provoke him the moment they arrived?

    All Mo Wuji felt was his continual rise in cultivation level. He even suspected that he might be able to break through the Nascent God Stage and advanced into the Heavenly God Stage within one month.

    Half a month passed by and a long sigh could be heard. A Heavenly God wearing a purple robe stood up as he drew out his magic treasure.

    A mighty god energy fluctuated as it condensed around his body. His aura was getting increasingly strong and evident by the minute.

    A few of the cultivators closer to this Heavenly God hurried to back off anxiously.

    The crowd looked enviously at this purple robe Heavenly God as they all knew that he was about to step into the God Monarch Stage. Only in this place, where there was primal god spiritual energy and heaven splitting energy, would one be able to advance into the God Monarch Stage without any external aid. Advancement in this way was much better than using the Monarch Condensing God Pill.

    God Monarchs were not allowed in here so once this person entered the God Monarch Stage, who would be a threat to him? The first place would undoubtedly belong to this God Monarch expert.

    Indeed, flashes of lightning bolts landed right after the purple robe Heavenly God stood up.

    Every time the lightning bolt struck out a blood fog from this Heavenly God's body, the primal god spiritual energy would recover his physique in the fastest possible time.

    Some of the other cultivators, who were also in the Great Circle of the Heavenly God Stage, continued to absorb the god spiritual energy without restraint, hoping that they could advance in this place too. Which other places would be more suitable for them to advance to become a God Monarch when compared to this place?

    "Boom boom boom!" More lightning fell and even more blood fogs appeared. However, the energy of the Heavenly God undergoing his tribulation was getting increasingly powerful.

    Finally, when the last lightning bolt fell, and the spiritual cloud landed, the Heavenly God let out a huge breath.

    Previously, if he was considered slightly fearful of Mo Wuji, he was no longer bothered by Mo Wuji now that he had stepped into the God Monarch Stage.

    In less than a day, this God Monarch didn't even wait for his cultivation to stabilise as he landed right outside Mo Wuji's defensive array.

    Following a swing of his hand, he drew out his magic treasure. Mo Wuji's Grade 3 killing array was not even able to defend against his attack as it collapsed right in front of him.

    All eyes fell back on Mo Wuji's side. In fact, everyone had already expected this. The first and most logical thing the Heavenly God would do after becoming a God Monarch was to snatch the Mo Wuji's position to cultivate.

    A lot of people started to doubt Mo Wuji's intelligence. If they were Mo Wuji, he definitely wouldn't allow anyone to step into the God Monarch Stage here. Because once someone did that, the centre position to cultivate would no longer be related to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji opened his eyes as he stood up gradually. The Half Moon Weighted Halberd had appeared automatically in front of him.

    The god energy of the Great Circle of the Nascent God Stage started surging within his meridians. He didn't have any god lattice but at this moment, he could clearly sense the Heavenly God Stage. As long as he was willing, he would be able to advance to become a Heavenly God.

    As for this purple robe cultivator, Mo Wuji was well aware that he was undergoing his tribulation earlier. Since the opponent didn't offend him, he really didn't wish to kill or obstruct his cultivation path.

    Also because he was worried that the purple robe cultivator would snatch his turf after advancing to become a God Monarch, Mo Wuji chose not to step into the Heavenly God Stage. He waited for the opponent's arrival and if he really did come to snatch his turf, Mo Wuji's lightning tribulation will show him why his God Monarch tribulation meant nothing at all.

    "I am Li Wuzhen of the Cultivators Embassy," The purple robe man spoke while staring at Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji replied calmly, "You've destroyed my defensive array and stepped into my turf."

    Li Wuzhen laughed out loud. "Yes, you are right. I want to let you know that I am using this beehive now. Scram after handing over whatever you obtained from Gai Ji and also your own storage ring."

    A mighty energy could be felt so how could Mo Wuji not know that the opponent would attack him the instant he handed over the storage rings?

    Without waiting for Li Wuzhen to act, Mo Wuji extended his whirlpool domain first. The Half Moon Weighted Halberd swept up yet another halberd radiance.

    "You dare to attack?" Li Wuzhen wasn't the one surprised because all the other cultivators around were equally shocked. Even if Mo Wuji was secretly a Heavenly God, was a Heavenly God comparable to a God Monarch? Why did a Heavenly God even initiate an attack on a God Monarch? Was he seeking death?
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