Chapter 1015: Heavenly God Stage

    Chapter 1015: Heavenly God Stage

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    In a fit of anger, Li Wuzhen charged towards Mo Wuji without using his magic treasure. He wanted to let Mo Wuji experience the vast difference between a Heavenly Mortal and a God Monarch.

    "Boom!" Just as Li Wuzhen acted, explosive lightning sounded in the void.

    Li Wuzhen instantly realised that the opponent was actually going to make use of the lightning bolts in his tribulation against him.

    While he had just been through his own God Monarch lightning tribulation, Li Wuzhen still had some lingering fears towards lightning tribulation. Subconsciously, he took out his own magic treasure, a fantasy god blade. Concurrently, he was prepared to retreat.

    Even though he was already a God Monarch now, he was really unwilling to get involved if Mo Wuji was going through his God Monarch's tribulation.

    Why would Mo Wuji ever let his opponent slip off just like that? Just when he was about to attack, Li Wuzhen suddenly came to a halt as he looked at Mo Wuji in disbelief. "You are really a Nascent God? A Nascent God capable of getting rid of Gai Ji?"

    Presently, the clear laws of the Heavenly God lightning tribulation were captured by Li Wuzhen. This Nascent God cultivator in front of him was clearly going through his Heavenly God tribulation.

    This meant to say that Mo Wuji had never concealed his cultivation level and was truly a Nascent God. For a Nascent God to finish off Gai Ji, ranked number 6 Heavenly God of Nirvana Learning Academy, was simply too ridiculous to tell others.

    Li Wuzhen had already stepped into the God Monarch Stage. If he was afraid of a mere Heavenly God's tribulation, he would have wasted the many years of cultivation.

    Li Wuzhen made a decision which he would never regret. Not only did he not retreat, he even ignited his fantasy god blade as he charged towards Mo Wuji.

    Even if the lightning bolts of the Heavenly God tribulation were to land on him, it wouldn't even bother him.

    "Kacha!" After nine consecutive lightning bolts, Mo Wuji was basically ignoring the attacks from the lightning bolts. After his Half Moon Weighted Halberd was blocked off by Li Wuzhen's fantasy god blade, he immediately struck out a few hand seals. The space transformed into two different colours: grey and white.

    A Yin and Yang wheel, which was not visible to the naked eye, was formed.

    Dense deathly energy spread and life forces were constantly being drawn away.

    What was this sacred art? Li Wuzhen felt an immense deathly energy. At that moment, his fantasy god blade had already broken through the halberd radiance and had clashed into Mo Wuji's body.

    Mo Wuji's Half Moon Weighted Halberd was effective against Li Wuzhen. When compared to Gai Ji, his halberd was evidently unable to destroy Li Wuzhen's fantasy god blade radiance.

    The fantasy god blade radiance was defended by the Half Moon Weighted Halberd Radiance but the blade radiance was still able to leave a few deep blood scars on Mo Wuji's body.

    If it wasn't for Mo Wuji's initiative to attack with his Half Moon Weighted Halberd first, it wouldn't have blocked the majority of the fantasy god blade's radiance.

    If it wasn't for the timely descending of his lightning tribulation, even Mo Wuji's Half Sage physique would have been split into two by this blade radiance. As compared to a God Monarch, he, as a Nascent God, was truly too weak. Even if he was the strongest Nascent God around, there was still a worldly difference between himself and a God Monarch.

    Li Wuzhen only managed to hurt Mo Wuji with this one blade. If they could go again, Li Wuzhen would definitely use his greatest sacred art in his first attack. Only if he did that, Mo Wuji wouldn't have the chance to undergo his tribulation.

    However, they would certainly not be able to go again.

    After the nine lightning bolts landed on Mo Wuji and Li Wuzhen's body, Li Wuzhen's physique would undoubtedly be many levels weaker than Mo Wuji. Moreover, Mo Wuji could even absorb the lightning essence to cultivate. On the other hand, Li Wuzhen could only defend the attacks of the lightning bolts passively.

    Only at this moment, Li Wuzhen finally realised why Mo Wuji would make use of the lightning tribulation to deal with him. How was this the Heavenly God's tribulation? In fact, it was probably three times stronger than the God Monarch's lightning tribulation.

    When the second wave of lightning bolts landed, Li Wuzhen was truly dumbfounded. All 18 of the lightning bolts which descended brought along a sure-kill deathly energy. This sh*t was certainly not a tribulation to become a Heavenly God. Even a God Monarch undergoing his tribulation to become a World God wouldn't be this frightening too right?

    It was already too late to regret his actions. Now, all he wanted to do was to defend against these thick lightning bolts before escaping fast and far. This fella in front of him was certainly mental. To think that his lightning tribulation would be this frightening and he would actually casually disregard it to form his hand seals.

    While Li Wuzhen was struggling to even cope with the attacks of the lightning bolts, Mo Wuji's cultivation level was constantly on the rise.

    Currently, Mo Wuji only wanted to step into the Heavenly God Stage as soon as possible. Otherwise, he could lose his life in his tribulation too.

    "Boom boom boom boom!" The third wave of tribulation consisted of 36 thick and rough lightning bolts. This was when Li Wuzhen no longer had the thought of retreating. Under attacks of such lightning tribulations, how was he supposed to escape once he was trapped in it?

    At this instant, surviving this tribulation would be a miracle, let alone kill Mo Wuji.

    "Pft!" Mo Wuji's body was also bleeding profusely. Despite having his Half Sage physique as well as his ability to absorb the lightning essence, he was barely surviving.

    Fortunately, every lightning bolt that fell on him increased his strength by one more level. Additionally, the primal god spiritual energy here allowed him to make full and effective use of his 108 meridians' circulation.

    The vitality channel also ensured that his chances of survival were much greater than Li Wuzhen.

    As compared to Mo Wuji's increasing strength, every lightning bolt which landed on Li Wuzhen caused him to be even more dispirited. Regret would do him no good so his mind was only focused as to how to survive.

    While he had yet to finish the third wave, the fourth wave of 48 thick lightning bolts had already descended.

    What kind of lightning tribulation was this? Has this fella offended the lightning god? Otherwise, why would there be such frightening lightning tribulations?

    Li Wuzhen looked helplessly at the closely packed lightning bolts. He knew that even though he had just stepped into the God Monarch Stage, he was about to die in this tribulation. Perhaps he was the only person in the world who had survived the God Monarch tribulation but died in a Heavenly God tribulation.

    Mo Wuji was circulating all 108 meridians wildly. Even though his fleshly body was entirely ripped apart by the lightning bolts, he was still absorbing god spiritual energy with all his might to further increase his strength.

    "Kacha!" The moment the fourth wave of lightning bolts descended, the shackles of the heavenly chasm were broken by Mo Wuji. Endless god spiritual energy surged through as everything was turned into god elemental energy.

    The instant he stepped into the Heavenly God Stage, Mo Wuji was finally able to circulate his physique tempering technique.

    "Boom!" Just when Mo Wuji was circulating his physique tempering technique, an exceedingly pure energy was extracted from the primal energy as it moisturised Mo Wuji's bones and fleshly body.

    Mo Wuji's broken bones were instantaneously recovered and the torn flesh had all returned to its original state.

    Mo Wuji let out a long sigh and had completely forgotten about Li Wuzhen who was still struggling with the lightning bolts. He didn't expect that he was actually able to step into the Sage Physique at the same time when he entered the Heavenly God Stage.

    The truth was that while Mo Wuji was still tempering his physique, he didn't expect to advance into the Sage Physique in a place like God Domain or God Continent. The laws here were not complete and even advancing into the Unity God Stage would be so incredibly difficult. How was he supposed to expect to enter the Sage Physique Stage?

    Not only did the god spiritual energy here contain primal energy, it also contained heaven-splitting laws of the Heaven and Earth. Those laws were the clearest he had ever seen.

    Under such laws, he had advanced into the Sage Physique Stage. This was definitely a great fortune for him.

    After the fourth wave of lightning tribulation, Li Wuzhen was only left with a few breaths of life. He had long given up on surviving looking at how terrifying the fourth wave of lightning was. The fifth and sixth waves would probably be something he could only watch in fear.

    To his surprise, the fifth wave was not even as strong as the third wave. Afterwards, the sixth and seventh wave fell...

    It grew weaker and weaker and eventually, it ended.

    Was there still lightning tribulation which grew weaker after the subsequent wave? Regardless of whether it was possible, he had just witnessed one.

    Li Wuzhen struggled to crawl on his knees as he wanted to crawl out of this place.

    In his current state, he could only crawl if he wanted to escape.

    "Are you still trying to leave?" Mo Wuji appeared right in front of Li Wuzhen as a dark grey halberd suspended beside him.

    "Dao Friend, I'm sorry. I, Li Wuzhen, made a grave mistake earlier and I'm willing to hand over my storage ring for you to spare my life..." Li Wuzhen hurried to reply.

    As for using the Cultivators Embassy to oppress Mo Wuji, he had never even thought of doing that. This fella had even dared to kill Gai Ji of the Single Return God Sect so why would he care about the Cultivators Embassy?

    "Very good, I accept your apology." Mo Wuji nodded.

    Li Wuzhen heaved a huge sigh of relief because it was good as long as he managed to keep his life. Just when he was about to retrieve his storage ring, his forehead turned cold as his primordial spirit entered an endless dusk. He heard the very last sentence of his life. "I'll take the storage ring myself so I won't have to trouble you."

    After Mo Wuji used his lightning tribulation to get rid of Li Wuzhen to advance into the Heavenly God Stage, all the spectators were speechless. Nobody thought that Mo Wuji was only advancing to become a Heavenly God. Almost every single one of them believed that Mo Wuji was undergoing his God Monarch tribulation and had advanced to become a God Monarch.

    Otherwise, what kind of lightning tribulation was this? They weren't God Monarchs and also didn't enter the boundary of Mo Wuji's lightning tribulation so they couldn't sense the Laws of Heaven and Earth from the tribulation.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji killed Li Wuzhen and when he looked back at everyone else, everyone turned away and continued their cultivation.

    At least they realised that this expert wouldn't take the initiative to attack them unless they provoked or step into his territory.

    After staring at the crowd, Mo Wuji took out a bunch of array flags once more. He fixed his killing array to continue stabilising his cultivation.

    He had just stepped into the Heavenly God Stage and there were many laws which had not stabilised. His Mortal World had also expanded up to a radius of 5000 kilometres. If his cultivation hadn't stabilised soon, his Mortal Dao might be unstable too.
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