Chapter 1016: The Strong Feeds On The Weak

    Chapter 1016: The Strong Feeds On The Weak

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    The amount of Heaven and Earth elemental energy needed for the Heavenly God Realm was immense. Despite Mo Wuji's frightening rate of absorption of the god spiritual energy, coupled with the peak grade primal god energy here, his cultivation level wasn't increasing rapidly. Instead, it was on a stable increase while his strength was increasing exponentially.

    Even so, Mo Wuji wasn't worried because he knew cultivation was a long and arduous process. He couldn't ask for much more knowing that his rate of absorbing god spiritual energy was already much faster than others. He also knew that it would be impossible to further increase his speed unless he had a grand array to speed up time.

    The Mortal Dao required mighty elemental energy from the Heaven and Earth for its foundation. If it wasn't for his 108 meridians and the Mortal World formed by his World Channel, his speed might be a million folds slower.

    In a blink of an eye, seven months had passed by and Mo Wuji was already in the Great Circle of the Heavenly Mortal Level 1.

    Mo Wuji sensed that the primal god spiritual energy in the surrounding was starting to become weaker. This was when he knew that this place would only be suitable for cultivation for a few more days. At this moment, Mo Wuji increased his speed of absorbing the primal god spiritual energy. He wanted to step into the Heavenly God Level 2 before leaving this place.

    Such opportunities wouldn't come often because he might need over a hundred years just to cultivate from Heavenly God Level 1 to Level 2 in any other places. Even a hundred years would be considered fast for the ordinary cultivators.

    "Kacha!" When Mo Wuji broke past the shackles and stepped into the Heavenly God Level 2, another series of thunder could be heard.

    Yet another cultivator in the Great Circle of the Heavenly God Stage was undergoing his tribulation. This time around, it was a tall man with shoulder-length hair. Looking at his menacing aura, he seemed slightly stronger than Li Wuzhen, whom he had just killed.

    A few of the slightly weaker cultivators retreated because the god spiritual energy here was depleting anyway. They were worried that once this Heavenly God stepped into the God Monarch Stage, he would snatch all of their resource tokens.

    Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered because the primal god spiritual energy had yet to be completely depleted. He had just advanced into the Heavenly God Level 2 so he needed to stabilise his cultivation.

    A day later, Mo Wuji stabilised his cultivation level while the god spiritual energy was also completely exhausted. Even those smaller primal beehives had all disappeared.

    Mo Wuji dusted himself as he stood up satisfyingly. Managing to obtain the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo was already a great fortune collected and he actually managed to find primal god spiritual energy here too. Not only was he able to step into the Heavenly God Stage, he was also able to cultivate to reach the Heavenly God Level 2.

    Presently, the entire place had no other cultivators around except for Mo Wuji and the man with the shoulder-length hair. He had personally witnessed how Mo Wuji killed Gai Ji and the new God Monarch, Li Wuzhen, and he was most worried that Mo Wuji would act against him suddenly.

    Mo Wuji had no intention on attacking this man so Wuji merely nodded towards him before leaving.

    This man finally heaved a sigh of relief after watching Mo Wuji leave. Until this moment, he realised that Mo Wuji had left a fear in his heart even without trying.

    Despite knowing this, he could only shake his head helplessly.

    After leaving, the first thing Mo Wuji did was to find a quiet place as he took out Gai Ji's and Li Wuzhen's storage rings.

    Even though Mo Wuji cultivated for over seven to eight months on top of the beehive, he knew that most of the resource tablets would have been taken away by others. From now on, obtaining resource tablets would only be possible through fights with others. Therefore, he was full of anticipation to see what Gai Ji and Li Wuzhen had on them.

    As Mo Wuji opened Gai Ji's storage ring, the number of resource tablets didn't disappoint Mo Wuji. There were a total of 731 resource tablets in it. Li Wuzhen had much lesser at 172 resource tablets. Evidently, these two fellas must have killed quite a number of people to obtain this much resource tablets.

    In addition to his own collection of resource tablets, Mo Wuji had a total of 2004 resource tablets on him now.

    The first assessment of Nirvana Learning Academy's fight for resources was coming to an end. Even as Mo Wuji extended the spiritual will of his spirit storage channel, he wasn't able to find a single resource tablet over the next few days.

    Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered to look for any more resource tablets because he knew that most of it would have been swept clean already. Presently, he was entirely focused on looking for all sorts of minerals used for forging equipment.

    There was still a few days before the end, and on this day, Mo Wuji was purifying a Point Star Iron. His spiritual will suddenly sensed a few bodies flashing by and they seemed to be heading towards the same direction. Could it be yet another primal god energy? Before Mo Wuji could figure it out, his spiritual will sensed Bai Yue with another cultivator as they darted towards the same direction.

    This time, Mo Wuji didn't hesitate as he instantly left the Point Star Iron alone as he followed suit.

    Four hours later, Mo Wuji came to a halt. He saw a large crowd of people but this was definitely not a place with dense god spiritual energy. This place was actually a place to fight for resources.

    Presently, the large crowd of people gathered here only had one motive. That was to redistribute the resource tablets.

    In the middle of the crowd of people was a space which looked similar to a plaza. What made Mo Wuji curious was that in that space was an erected stone. On top of the stone was at least over 3-4 thousand resource tablets.

    Five people were standing at the periphery of this erected stone.

    Near the stone was a battlestage which was protected by a defensive array. Blood stained all across the battlestage and who knew how many people had died there?

    Among the five people standing near the erected stone was a short man in a brown robe. He walked out as he clasped his fists towards the battlestage. "There are already 3,900 resource tablets here and this battle is mine, Ha Liang's. Anyone can choose to challenge me and you will get the number of resource tablets you bet if you win."

    "I, Jin Tao, bet 2000 resource tablets!" A well-built expert in the Heavenly God Level 9 shouted as he stepped onto the stage.

    At the instance Jin Tao stepped onto the stage, he threw 20 resource tablets onto that stone. Currently, the total number of resource tablets on that stone was 3,920.

    Mo Wuji seemed to understand the rules here. Everyone here could challenge the five people surrounding the stone. Moreover, you only need to hand over one resource tablet to bet for 100 resource tablets. This cultivator called Jin Tao took out 20 resource tablets from his own pocket so if he were to win Ha Liang, he would be rewarded with 2000 resource tablets.

    This idea must have originated from those five fellas surrounding the stone. These five fellas must not be simple figures since they dared to challenge so many experts openly.

    Mo Wuji spotted Bai Yue but didn't go over to greet him. Even though everyone could guess that he was Mo Wuji after leaving this place, Mo Wuji still didn't wish to reveal his identity so early on. Guessing and recognising were two very different matters.

    "Ha Liang was ranked number 7 among the ten great Heavenly Gods. I'm afraid Jin Tao wouldn't be a match for him," Someone in the crowd started discussing.

    "It doesn't matter even if he isn't a match for Ha Liang. Given Jin Tao's strength, keeping his own life shouldn't be a problem. 20 resource tablets wouldn't even mean much. What if Jin Tao won? There were a large number of cultivation holylands in this secret realm so who knows if Jin Tao obtained some sort of miracle treasure..."

    As the discussion continued, Jin Tao and Ha Liang had already started fighting.

    Mo Wuji was already in the Heavenly God Level 2 so he could clearly tell that Jin Tao was not a match for Ha Liang. There were also vast differences between their sacred arts. Ha Liang's sacred art had touched the true Laws of the Heaven and Earth just like Gai Ji's sacred arts did. Jin Tao's sacred art was merely imitating the Laws of the Heaven and Earth of others.

    Indeed, in just half an incense worth of time, Jin Tao's head was split apart by Ha Liang and even his primordial spirit didn't make it out. Jin Tao's storage ring was instantly kept by Ha Liang. Even before his corpse touched the ground, a flame had turned Jin Tao's body into ashes.

    Mo Wuji sighed. The strong really feed on the weak.

    Ha Liang didn't step down from the stage as someone else wanted to challenge him. This time, it was a skinny man in the Heavenly God Level 9.

    What made Mo Wuji astonished was how this Heavenly God Level 9 expert wasn't much weaker than Ha Liang. After battling for over 2 hours, Ha Liang merely defeated his opponent. However, it was impossible for him to kill off his opponent.

    After this battle, Ha Liang had also stepped down from the battlestage. The person who stepped onto the stage was a scholar looking man as he clasped his fist. "Ju Shen is here for experience. Against me, one resource tablet could win 200 resource tablets and the minimum bet is 10 resource tablets."

    "Who is this Ju Shen?" Mo Wuji asked the cultivator beside him.

    This cultivator looked suspiciously at Mo Wuji as he sized him up with his eyes before replying, "Ju Shen was ranked number one among the ten great Heavenly Gods in Nirvana Learning Academy. How can you not know him?"

    Mo Wuji simply smiled and replied, "I'm just kidding."

    This cultivator sneered at Mo Wuji as he couldn't be bothered with Mo Wuji's joke.

    Even though Ju Shen's offer was a ratio of 1:20 resource tablets, nobody went up even after a long period of time. This made Ju Shen very helpless because everytime he stood up, he was merely giving his companions some rest time. There was no need for him to fight because there was simply too little cultivators willing to fight him. Up till now, he had only fought in 7 battles.

    Just when everyone thought that nobody was willing to go on stage, a calm voice sounded, "Let me experience your sacred art."

    Following which, a tall man with shoulder-length hair landed on the battlestage. It was almost as if he took only one step to enter from outside onto the stage.

    A mighty aura extended outwards and almost everyone was shocked. How could there be a God Monarch expert here? How was this an aura belonging to a Heavenly God?

    "You've already stepped into the God Monarch Stage?" Jushen's expression changed because he knew of the vast difference in strength between a Heavenly God and God Monarch. At the very least, he had never heard of any Heavenly God capable of beating a God Monarch.

    Gai Ji's boasting of himself killing a revered God Monarch was only because his opponent was only half a step into the God Monarch Stage, who was still considered to be in the Great Circle of the Heavenly God Stage. No matter how close he was to breaking past the Great Circle of the Heavenly God Stage, he was still in the Heavenly God Stage.
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