Chapter 1017: Let Me Try

    Chapter 1017: Let Me Try

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    "That's right, I'm God Monarch Pu Peng from the Big Dipper God Path so please start your attack." The tall man with shoulder length hair spoke as his mighty God Monarch's aura swept outwards. In that instant, the defensive array of this temporary battlestage started to crack.

    "Since this is the case, Ju Shen shall learn from you." Even though the other party was a God Monarch, Ju Shen was still the number one Heavenly God of Nirvana Learning Academy. Naturally, he wouldn't back down like a coward.

    Seeing that Ju Shen was really going to fight a real God Monarch, all the spectators grew interested. Ju Shen was ranked number one among the Heavenly Gods so if he could defeat a God Monarch, it would be a great motivation for all the Heavenly Gods around.

    The space around the battle stage seemed to have been ripped as Ju Shen's massive banner turned into flaming hot energy.

    Cultivators located nearer to the battlestage moved away rapidly.

    Pu Peng's explosive domain surged over and just like everyone's guess, Ju Shen might be impressive but he was still only a Heavenly God.

    His domain was destroyed by Pu Peng's domain and Ju Shen turned pale immediately.

    "Kacha!" The battlestage let out a cracking sound as it turned into nothingness in split seconds. Ju Shen and Pu Peng both landed on the ground.

    Ju Shen's flaming hot banner had now wrapped around himself to protect his own body. Ju Shen didn't continue to attack as he clasped his fist. "Dao Friend Pu, I am not a match for you. Even so, among the 4000 resource tablets, I own 1000 of them so I do wish to take back 1000 of my resource tablets."

    Pu Peng clasped his fist emotionlessly. "Alright."

    Only Mo Wuji could see clearly. Even though Pu Peng had oppressed Ju Shen, Ju Shen should still be capable of fighting back. Evidently, Pu Peng was aware of this point as well. This was why he allowed Pu Peng to take back 1000 of his resource tablets. If he chose not to agree, both parties might suffer great injuries.

    After Ju Shen backed out, Pu Peng's domain was still extending outwards wildly. His aura as a God Monarch had reached the maximum.

    "If nobody else wants to challenge, I am going to collect all the resource tablets belonging to me." Pu Peng said with a vicious tone.

    Ju Shen had just lost so who would dare to challenge? Everyone was well aware that even ranked number 2 of the ten great Heavenly Gods was multiple folds weaker than Ju Shen.

    Ju Shen might be able to keep his life against Pu Peng but the Heavenly God ranked number 2 might not be able to do the same.

    "Let me try," a hoarse voice was heard and Mo Wuji walked calmly out of the crowd.

    Pu Peng's expression changed drastically even though he had already spotted Mo Wuji before this. Even after leaving the location with the primal god spiritual energy, he also suspected that Mo Wuji wasn't a God Monarch. Mo Wuji was able to kill Li Wuzhen because of his mighty lightning tribulation. As he thought about it, if Mo Wuji wasn't undergoing his God Monarch tribulation, how was his tribulation, alone, able to kill Li Wuzhen?

    The only possible explanation was that Mo Wuji's lightning tribulation became stronger because Li Wuzhen entered. However, even this explanation seemed a little implausible. The point was that Mo Wuji remained unharmed throughout the entire lightning tribulation.

    The reason why Pu Peng didn't take away the resource tablets immediately after defeating Ju Shen was that he wanted to see if Mo Wuji would step forward. If Mo Wuji didn't dare to come out, that would prove that Mo Wuji really wasn't a God Monarch and that his tribulation's success was probably due to some treasure. If Mo Wuji dared to step forward, it would mean that regardless whether Mo Wuji was truly a God Monarch, Mo Wuji didn't fear him at all.

    The entire crowd was dumbfounded. Knowing that Pu Peng was a God Monarch, who would still dare to challenge him?

    How strong was Ju Shen? Even Ju Shen admitted defeat to Pu Peng. Who was this ignorant fella? Was he not afraid of death?

    Ju Shen and the four other Heavenly Gods, who were ranked in the top 10, were equally as shocked. Who was this person?

    Mo Wuji didn't take out any resource tablets to place his bets as he spoke, "Dao Friend Pu Peng, I shall not take out any tablets because you should know that I have quite a number of resource tablets on me. As long as you win me, my storage ring will be yours."

    A simple sentence like this made Pu Peng even more astonished.

    Mo Wuji's killing of Gai Ji and Li Wuzhen was still fresh in Pu Peng's mind so he still had a sort of fear towards Mo Wuji. Now that Mo Wuji said something like this, it would mean that both of them would be fighting to their death. The items of the person who dies will belong to the survivor.

    He had just stepped into the God Monarch Stage so he really didn't want to end up like Li Wuzhen.

    At this moment, a clear voice sounded in the void. "The first assessment of Nirvana Learning Academy's fight for resources has ended. May I invite all disciples to prepare and everyone would be transferred out of here in an incense's time."

    Following that, faint light radiance landed far away from everyone. An indistinct transfer array was gradually being built.

    Pu Peng never intended to fight Mo Wuji so he took advantage of the announcement. "Dao Friend, since the time is almost up, let's just divide these resource tablets among the two of us."

    Despite Pu Peng not abiding by the rules set by Ju Shen and co. previously, nobody dared to comment. A God Monarch was capable of killing any single one of them here.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "That works but this number would be hard to divide. Let me take away my portion first."

    As he spoke, Mo Wuji's sweep of his hand took away more than half of the remaining 2,900 resource tablets.

    Pu Peng's expression turned ugly as Mo Wuji took away 2000 resource tablets in one go.

    Just as he was about to comment, Mo Wuji laughed. "Dao Friend Pu was so generous to give away 1000 resource tablets but I am not that generous."

    Pu Peng understood what Mo Wuji meant. This fella was actually making him pay for his generosity of allowing Ju Shen to take away 1000 of his resource tablets.

    However, even so, he should still receive more than 920 resource tablets, right? However, Mo Wuji had already turned and left. Pu Peng knew that if he dared to hold Mo Wuji back, he might have to fight Mo Wuji eventually.

    Given how decisively Mo Wuji managed to kill Gai Ji and Li Wuzhen, coupled with the time left in this place, Mo Wuji would probably not show him any mercy.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji had taken away most of the resource tablets, Pu Peng didn't dare to say anything as he kept his share of the resource tablets obediently. All the spectators exchanged confused glances at each other as none of them knew what was going on.

    Why would a God Monarch be fearful of a Heavenly God cultivator? Could this fella be even stronger than Ju Shen?

    Mo Wuji walked away, feeling satisfied with himself. In just that moment, he managed to obtain another 2000 resource tablets just like that. Now that he had over 4000 resource tablets on him, obtaining first place shouldn't be a problem.

    As the transfer array formed up, Mo Wuji had already regained his original appearance as he followed everyone towards the transfer array.

    "Wuji!" Bai Yue spotted Mo Wuji as he hurried over elatedly, "Seeing that you're okay, I'm just so happy!"

    Bai Yue was truly very happy. There were at least 20,000 people who came in and only about 15,000 people came out. Evidently, around 5000 cultivators had fallen in that incomplete planet.

    "Your rewards should be decent right?" Mo Wuji smiled as he noticed that Bai Yue was already in the Heavenly God Level 2. Clearly, he had obtained some decent rewards or treasures.

    While speaking, Mo Wuji's spiritual will sensed Wan Ru. This woman had turned back into her gentle and kind self as she followed behind her sister, Wan Xi.

    As compared to Wan Xi, Wan Ru was much more beautiful. Even so, Mo Wuji looked at Wan Ru with a certain disgust.

    Gai Ji was killed by him but otherwise, that fella would have died in the hands of this woman named Wan Ru. Fei Yidao, who was ranked higher than Gai Ji among the Heavenly Gods of Nirvana Learning Academy, was also killed by her.

    Mo Wuji knew that if he were to shout out loud that Fei Yidao was killed by Wan Ru, nobody would believe him.

    Wan Ru's arrival was instantly followed by the greetings of a few good looking cultivators. Even ranked number one, Ju Shen, walked over to exchange a few nice sentences with her.

    "Transfer is available now," as the transfer array was formed up completely, cultivators swarmed into it.

    Despite not using his sea of consciousness' spiritual will, his spirit storage channel could sense that Wan Ru was approaching him. Without waiting for Wan Ru to be any closer, Mo Wuji grabbed onto Bai Yue as he said. "Bai Yue, let's go."

    "Alright," Bai Yue had long intended to leave this place. His rewards were not bad and had experienced a few near-deaths already. He was almost killed by a person's ambush on him previously. If it wasn't for his vast experience as a rogue cultivator, he would have perished in this place. Towards this resource tablet secret realm, Bai Yue was not very fond of staying long.

    As Mo Wuji and Bai Yue entered the transfer array, they disappeared instantaneously. Wan Ru, who was walking towards Mo Wuji, was slightly shocked.

    She was certain that Mo Wuji didn't use his spiritual will to detect her. In other words, Mo Wuji had left unintentionally when she approached him.

    Honestly, Wan Ru approached Mo Wuji not because she thought that Mo Wuji was the one who snatched the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo away. It was because she was overly cautious, anyone who was there could be a suspect. Therefore, she wanted to make use of the Bubbled Primordial God Pill incident to speak and test Mo Wuji out. As for the other cultivators, she would investigate on them later on.


    In less than two hours, all the disciples who took part in the first assessment of Nirvana Learning Academy had been transferred back to Nirvana Learning Stage.

    The first thing Mo Wuji saw was the God King in a yellow robe. Just as Mo Wuji was looking at this yellow robe God King, the yellow robe God King looked back at him.

    He couldn't believe that Mo Wuji actually managed to make it out alive. According to his logic, it would be strange if someone could make it out alive after being marked by Gai Ji. When all the disciples were transferred back to Nirvana Learning Stage, the yellow robe God King's expression turned ugly.

    Mo Wuji made it out alive but Gai Ji was nowhere to be seen. Evidently, Gai Ji had perished in the secret realm.

    Gai Ji was not the only one who had perished because only about 14,000 to 15,000, out of the 20,000 disciples who went in, had made it back out.
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