Chapter 1018: Big Incident In The God Domain

    Chapter 1018: Big Incident In The God Domain

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    Even though the yellow robe God King didn't reveal any clear killing intent, Mo Wuji's entire body felt uncomfortable. It seemed like he needed to be extra cautious from now on.

    While everyone was waiting for the yellow robe God King to speak, yet another grey silhouette landed on the Nirvana Learning Stage.

    Yet another God King but Mo Wuji felt more comfortable looking at this grey robe God King as compared to the yellow robe God King.

    The grey robe God King clasped his fists towards the yellow robe God King before anything else. Following that, he nodded towards all the disciples present, "Initially, I am the one to supervise the second round of the fight for resources. However, because of a problem that arose during the first round in addition to the completion of Nirvana Ocean's transfer array as well as another abrupt problem, the second assessment would be converted into the sect's assignments. The resource allocation would go according to the result of the first round of assessment. Anyone with questions can raise it now."

    Hearing that the second round of assessments was turned into sect's assignments, his heart was in mad glee. In the first round, he managed to obtain 4000 resource tablets so this should be enough to obtain the first place right?

    An expert in the Great Circle of the Heavenly God Stage with sparse hair stood up as he bowed respectfully, "May we know why the second round of assessment was cancelled? If this was really the case, wouldn't it be unfair to all the disciples who participated?"

    The grey robe God King was not angry as he explained calmly, "In the first round, we placed everyone on the planet with incomplete laws. The truth was that no one had ever been there before while a few of the Unity Gods of Nirvana Learning Academy placed all the resource tablets there using Array Dao. Therefore, we are completely unaware of the treasures which could exist in this incomplete planet."

    The grey robe God King paused for a while before looking at the cultivator who asked the question, "However, this incomplete planet was actually of a unique origin and there was actually the existence of four locations with primal god spiritual energy. These four locations were even protected by natural defensive arrays. If it wasn't for the incomplete laws of this planet, everyone here wouldn't have spotted those locations..."

    Hearing these words, all the cultivators, who didn't come across the primal god spiritual energy, took in a deep breath of cold air simultaneously. Mo Wuji was even more astonished than everyone else. Initially, he believed that it was already an unbelievable fate that he managed to cultivate in a place with primal god spiritual energy. He didn't expect that there were actually four of such locations.

    The grey robe God King didn't bother about everyone's astonishment as he continued, "The four locations with the primal god spiritual energy have produced at least one Xiantian treasure. As for who managed to obtain that Xiantian treasure, it is that disciple's matter and Nirvana Learning Academy wouldn't probe further into that."

    Mo Wuji was still shocked at how he wasn't the only one with opportunity and fate. Others might be even more fortunate than himself. He had obtained the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo but who knows if others had obtained a treasure more valuable than his Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo?

    "Originally, the second assessment would be at Nirvana Learning Academy's Battle Tower and everyone should be aware that the battle tower had 49 levels. Initially, this wasn't a problem however during the first round, at least 6 disciples managed to step into the God Monarch Stage because of the planet we chose..."

    When he heard this, Mo Wuji's heart jumped. He thought that Li Wuzhen and Pu Peng were the only two who had advanced into the God Monarch Stage. He certainly didn't expect anyone else to have stepped into the God Monarch Stage, let alone 6 cultivators. Moreover, these 6 cultivators would definitely not include Li Wuzhen, whom he had killed.

    Mo Wuji wasn't the only one shocked because the crowd of disciples were equally or even more dumbfounded by what they had heard. With that many God Monarchs around, why would they bother fighting?

    Clearly, the grey robe God King expected this reaction from the crowd as he continued, "Out of the emergence of 6 God Monarchs, one of them even managed to step into the God Monarch Level 2. I believe none of you would be willing to fight a God Monarch Level 2 expert in the battle tower right?"

    This time, everyone fell silent because only an idiot would want to fight a God Monarch Level 2 expert in the battle tower. Even Mo Wuji wouldn't be willing to fight a God Monarch who had stabilised his cultivation, let alone a God Monarch Level 2 expert.

    Who would dare to suggest that the six God Monarchs back out of the fight for resources now? Why should they back out? When they entered the fight, they were also in the Heavenly God Stage and being able to advance into the God Monarch Stage was simply a reward for their own abilitiy and luck.

    Noticing that nobody stood out to say anything, the grey robe God King continued, "A slight mistake was made when choosing the location for the first round and this led to the cancellation of the second round. Concurrently, because the installation of the Nirvana Ocean transfer array had been completed, we will be converting the second assessment into assignments. Those who complete the assignments well would also be rewarded with the large number of cultivation resources from Nirvana Learning Academy. Moreover, this assignment is a long-term assignment which would not be discontinued in any situation."

    "What assignment?" Someone asked in a low voice.

    The grey robe God King replied, "This assignment would be open to the entire God Continent. Other than disciples who had been fighting for resource tablets, everyone else had already known of this matter. Therefore, let me explain the next assignment to everyone. Everyone should know that crossing the Nirvana Ocean would lead you to God Domain. In terms of cultivation resources, our God Continent couldn't be compared to God Domain."

    Mo Wuji agreed to this point in his heart. The reason why God Domain didn't have as many God Kings or even a single Unity God was not because of the lack of cultivation resources. It was because the Laws of the Heaven and Earth were not as complete as God Continent.

    "Maybe many of you wouldn't understand the meaning of my words. Logically speaking, our God Continent has the Green Dew Rice and even so many secret realms with god spiritual herbs. How could we be not comparable to God Domain? However, this was indeed the truth. It was because God Domain had something our God Continent didn't have. That was the newly incubated God Domain Nest..."

    The grey robe God King paused as the majority of the crowd looked doubtfully at him. Everyone in God Domain knew of God Domain Nest but only a minute few in God Continent had heard of it. It was just like how people of God Domain had no clue what was a Green Dew Rice.

    The grey robe God King's tone turned serious, "Beyond God Domain was an endless and inaccessible void which had much more complete laws than our God Continent. Many of you might want to ask why were there not as many God Kings or Unity Gods even with such a complete void. That was because these inaccessible voids were concealed new domains.

    These domains were addressed as God Domain Nest and before it was incubated, these areas were basically inaccessible. People were only able to head in after such places underwent incubation. The newly incubated area would combine with the existing God Domain to form a bigger land. The laws within these newly incubated domains were extremely clear. It even contained all sorts of priceless treasures there.

    The pity was that while these treasures wouldn't change, the clear laws would disappear after a short period of time. Because of this, the God Kings of God Domain wouldn't be able to make use of the newly incubated God Domain Nest to advance. However, the majority of the cultivators there would be able to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest. They could look for all sorts of treasures or opportunities within it. Moreover, after some time, the newly incubated God Domain Nest would incubate out a large..."

    Upon hearing this, everyone else except Mo Wuji revealed an expression of anticipation. Who wouldn't be interested in heading to such a place? In fact, some people were already thinking how they could make use of the transfer array to enter God Domain. Following which, they could obtain a large number of treasures before heading back to God Continent to become a God King or even Unity God...

    However, the grey robe God King said in a solemn tone, "Of course, there are both advantages and disadvantages to everything in this world. Initially, the time before the next incubation would usually be extremely long. Recently, the time between incubations had become much shorter than before. In the most recent incubation, God Domain had finally come into contact with New World Domain..."

    Mo Wuji was inwardly astonished. When he left, the God Domain Nest had just undergone incubation. Who would have expected that it would continue to incubate a few more times so soon after? As for New World Domain, Mo Wuji had heard of it before and it seemed like the God Kings of God Domains were not just idiots who knew nothing.

    "Does everyone think that God Domain coming into contact with New World Domain is a happy occasion?" The grey robe God King continued in a faint voice, "If everyone does think that way, I'm telling you that you're wrong. New World Domain was full of cultivators addicted to killing. After those cultivators met cultivators from God Domain, they went on to massacre every one of the cultivators in God Domain without reasoning..."

    When he heard this, Mo Wuji was instantly worried about Ku Cai. He had yet to find Ku Cai and she should still be hiding in God Domain to cultivate.

    The grey robe God King's tone became even more serious than before, "If it wasn't for the timely completion of our transfer array to God Domain, God Domain would have been killed with only corpses left. It would have been taken over by foreign barbaric cultivators. Because God Domain didn't have a single Unity God expert, our Nirvana Learning Academy had sent a few of our Unity Gods over. We also managed to help God Domain install a Grade 7 defensive array and managed to barely block off those barbaric invasions."

    After a huge sigh, the grey robe God King continued, "God Domain and God Continent were originally one piece of land. If the barbaric cultivators managed to invade God Domain, they would be able to obtain better cultivation locations. That way, our God Continent would be exterminated sooner or later. Because the fight between God Domain and barbaric cultivators was still going on, this became God Continent and God Domain's biggest assignment. Anyone could go ahead to take on this assignment to kill these barbaric cultivators. The nirvana points and cultivation resources rewarded are very attractive."

    Hearing the words of this grey robe God King, all the disciples started discussing among themselves.

    Mo Wuji was even more speechless. Even though he really wanted to take on the assignment, he remembered the few God Kings which he offended in God Domain. Because of that, he would rather cultivate obediently in Nirvana Learning Academy.

    After everyone stopped their brief discussions, the grey robe God King spoke again, "I've only informed everyone of the assignment to kill the barbaric cultivators and why the second round of assessment was cancelled. Now, let me find out the result of this first round of assessment. My Nirvana Learning Academy's identity token is capable of transferring items. May I invite all disciples who took part in the first round use their own identity token to transfer all the resource tablets you've obtained over?"
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