Chapter 1019: The Assignment That Fell From The Void

    Chapter 1019: The Assignment That Fell From The Void

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    "Wuji, let's put our resource tablets together? I have a total of 27 resource tablets," Bai Yue spoke in a low voice as he handed Mo Wuji his resource tablets.

    Mo Wuji was truly impressed by Bai Yue. He was merely in the Heavenly God Level 2 and managed to obtain 27 resource tablets. It was no wonder he was ranked number 4 in Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment.

    Mo Wuji didn't reject Bai Yue's offer. If everyone didn't combine their resource tablets, Mo Wuji was certain that he could attain the first place. Now that everyone gathered their resource tablets with one another, Mo Wuji was no longer certain if he could attain first place.

    Looking at the attitude of Nirvana Learning Academy, it was clearly encouraging people to gather their resource tablets.

    In addition to Bai Yue's resource tablets, Mo Wuji had a total of 4,031 resource tablets. He ignited his own identity token's transfer whirlpool as he sent these resource tablets out.

    Looking at how Mo Wuji grabbed out piles of resource tablets to transfer it out, Bai Yue asked astonishingly, "Wuji, how many resource tablets did you actually obtain?"

    Mo Wuji chuckled and just as he was about to answer, he noticed Wan Ru walking over yet again. Because of Wan Ru's arrival, Mo Wuji had no choice but to stop himself from replying.

    "Big Brother Wuji, Big Brother Bai Yue..." Wan Ru greeted with a slight bow. Even before her body was straightened again, a faint feminine fragrant could be smelt.

    Both Mo Wuji and Bai Yue were inwardly praising at how her single action could reveal her sweet-tempered and gentle self.

    "Previously, my sister's attitude was indeed vile so I've been very guilty..."

    Without waiting for Wan Ru to finish her sentence, Mo Wuji shook her hand. "That matter is over and you've already apologise so we've come to a conclusion already."

    Mo Wuji was well aware that they mustn't treat this woman as a sweet-tempered and gentle woman.

    "You know Wuji's name?" Bai Yue, who was standing by the side, asked doubtfully.

    Mo Wuji laughed. "It seemed like Little Miss Wan Ru's ears are very sharp. I'm sure that we were pretty far apart earlier."

    At this moment, Mo Wuji couldn't even be bothered to conceal anything. Wan Ru's motive of approaching him was clearly to test him. Anyway, when his attainment of 4000 resource tablets would be announced to everyone else, there was no need for him to waste his time with this woman.

    Wan Ru's face turned slightly red. That expression of awkwardness made Bai Yue regret his words. Even he didn't know how to respond to Wan Ru's reaction.

    Coincidentally, the grey robe God King's voice sounded, "Nirvana Learning Academy's ranking for the fight for resources is out. Ranked number one is Mo Wuji from the Land of Mortals with a total number of 4,031 resource tablets..."

    When the ranking was announced, it was so silent that even breathing could be heard on Nirvana Learning Stage. Was this a mistake? The Land of Mortals only had that few people in it and they managed to obtain over 4000 resource tablets? Didn't they say that the Land of Mortals only had two new cultivators who came over from the assessments? It has only been 11 years since Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment. How many levels of the Heavenly God Stage could someone advance in just 11 years? Was a Heavenly God that impressive?

    Even though not a lot of people knew Mo Wuji, the moment his name was announced, all the eyes fell on Mo Wuji and Bai Yue. It was okay if they didn't know who Mo Wuji because the person everyone else was looking at must be Mo Wuji.

    Pu Peng's first reaction was to look at Mo Wuji and Bai Yue from the Land of Mortals. Very soon, his eyes landed on Mo Wuji's body as he was certain that Mo Wuji was the one who killed Li Wuzhen.

    If it wasn't for the announcement, Pu Peng wouldn't believe that Mo Wuji was someone who could kill an expert in the God Monarch Stage even if he saw him on the streets. Neither would he believe that Mo Wuji could kill a fella like Gai Ji so easily.

    "Big Brother Mo, you've received that many resource tablet?" Wan Ru also looked shockingly at Mo Wuji. She started to suspect that Mo Wuji might really be the one who snatched her Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. It was only now that she finally knows Mo Wuji's full name.

    Mo Wuji laughed as he gave a straightforward and honest answer, "My luck is slightly better because I saw two cultivators fight. Eventually, both of them perished so I merely took advantage of that situation."

    If Wan Ru didn't know that such situation would never have occurred, she would even suspect whether Mo Wuji was speaking the truth.

    Bai Yue grabbed Mo Wuji's arm excitedly, "Wuji, you actually obtain first place? Our Land of Mortals was actually first! Hahaha..."

    He knew that Mo Wuji obtained a large pile of resource tablets but had just found out the specific number of resource tablets.

    At the same time, everyone on Nirvana Learning Academy's plaza who was concerned over the placing started making a lot of noise.

    A place like the Land of Mortals actually managed to attain first place? What was happening? A poverty-stricken land with two new Nascent God cultivators actually managed to attain first place?

    On the massive display screen in front of everyone, it was clearly written that the Land of Mortals was indeed ranked number one. Mo Wuji was the one awarded the first placing.

    Everyone's attention turned to the Land of Mortals as nobody even bothered about the second place.

    Mo Wuji actually noticed that ranked number 2 was Ju Shen with 2,726 resource tablets. That fella was from the Star Concealing Mountain.

    As for the Star Concealing Mountain, Mo Wuji had heard of it on multiple occasions. Back during Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment, the Star Concealing Mountain was ranked number 1. Back then it was the genius disciple, Ji Feiyan who attained first place and now, it was Ju Shen of the same Star Concealing Mountain.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji was feeling grateful that Ju Shen actually organised that mini contest to bet resource tablets. Otherwise, Mo Wuji would only be ranked number 2 or 3. Either way, being ranked number 2 or 3 would invite suspicion so he might as well attain the first placing.

    As the names were read out one after the other, Mo Wuji was no longer concerned.

    After the announcement of the rankings was done, he collected the various qualifications and resources before hurrying back to the Land of Mortals with Bai Yue. To him and Bai Yue, the most important thing they needed to do was to install a peak grade energy gathering array in the Land of Mortals.

    Mo Wuji was already a Grade 5 God Array King and with Bai Yue's help, they managed to install a peak Grade 5 god energy gathering array in less than half a month.

    The dense god spiritual energy was swept towards the Land of Mortals. At this moment, regardless of how unhappy anyone else was, nobody would pinpoint or accuse the Land of Mortals for their energy gathering array.

    "Wuji, during the fight for resource this time around, I didn't manage to cultivate with the primal god spiritual energy. My strength is simply too weak and now that the installation of our energy gathering array was done, I've decided to enter seclusion to cultivate here in our Land of Mortals. Also, you better not head out too. After killing Gai Ji and Li Wuzhen, the Single Return God Sect, as well as the Cultivators Embassy, would definitely find out about it. Cultivating here might not cause any trouble but the moment you stepped out, I'm afraid they might not let you off easily." Bai Yue was well aware of his own strength. Even though he wouldn't be afraid of most cultivators in the same stage as himself, he still felt that his cultivation level was too low.

    Bai Yue had nothing much to say to Mo Wuji anymore. Being able to kill Gai Ji and the newly advanced Li Wuzhen, he could only say that he was glad Mo Wuji was from the Land of Mortals.

    "I know..." Mo Wuji was indeed intending to continue his secluded cultivation. Chi Chuan's meridians were completely opened while a great half of his primordial spirit had been converted into primordial spirit of the Mortal Dao. Da Huang and Shuai Guo's cultivation was also on a rapid increase so Mo Wuji intended to stay under secluded cultivation here. He wanted to reach the Great Circle of the Heavenly God Stage before heading out to find opportunities to enter the God Monarch Stage.

    Just as Mo Wuji muttered that out, a flying messenger sword landed in front of him.

    Mo Wuji grabbed the messenger sword as his expression turned ugly.

    "What is it?" Bai Yue hurried to ask.

    "One of the seniors in the academy require me to complete an assignment. This was something I've promised him since a long time ago. I'm afraid that I might need to leave the Land of Mortals for a while." Mo Wuji answered.

    The person requesting him to complete an assignment was that old fella who exposed his contact with the Breath of Hongmeng. This fella was a friend of Cang Zhengxing and was undoubtedly a peak grade expert of Nirvana Land.

    Hearing that Mo Wuji needed to head out, Bai Yue's expression turned ugly as well. Wasn't asking Mo Wuji to complete an assignment at a time like this sending him to death?

    Very soon, Mo Wuji managed to maintain his calmness. "Bai Yue, this senior is one of the few great experts of Nirvana Learning Academy so I doubt he will let me send myself to death. Moreover, I have no excuse to reject him so I will bring Shuai Guo and Da Huang with me. I shall hand this place to you and Chi Chuan. If I am not back for a long time, you can start recruiting some people into the Land of Mortals."

    Among the rewards which Mo Wuji was given for attaining first place was the rights to recruit disciples. In other words, he was currently in control of the Land of Mortals.

    Bai Yue was also feeling very helpless. He knew that he couldn't help or intervene in this assignment so he replied, "Take good care of yourself. Chi Chuan and I will be in secluded cultivation so the recruitment of disciples can wait till you're back."

    Even though Bai Yue was also a Tier 3 Pill God Master, Mo Wuji still left a few pills for Bai Yue before instructing, "Bai Yue, you must be extra careful with that woman called Wan Ru. She is not simple at all and managed to conceal her cultivation very well. Her true strength is capable of finishing you easily."

    "Wan Ru's strength surpasses mine?" Bai Yue was indeed flabbergasted by Mo Wuji's words.

    "Trust me, before you step into the God Monarch Stage, do not meet this woman alone. I'll make my move first." Mo Wuji reminded him again before calling out for Shuai Guo and Da Huang.

    An expert who could be a Unity God had asked for him to complete an assignment. Mo Wuji would not have the opportunity to reject him.

    Fortunately, his Mortal World had a current radius of over 5000 kilometres and the laws were also much higher than Shuai Guo and Da Huang's cultivation laws. Shuai Guo and Da Huang were still able to continue cultivating in his Mortal World and would be of an even greater speed.

    Mo Wuji concealed his body as he sped out of Mortal World. Even if he was going to meet that Unity God to receive the assignment, he mustn't let the entire world know that he, Mo Wuji, had left the Land of Mortals.

    What Mo Wuji didn't expect was that just as he stepped into the defensive array of the Land of Mortals, a mighty primordial spirit swept across to bring him away.

    After he landed on the floor, he was already standing outside a stone house. Seated on a stone chair at the side of the stone house was an elder with a head full of white hair. He seemed like he was about to die anytime soon.

    Mo Wuji was certain that this old fella wasn't that simple. To be able to sit here and used his mighty primordial spirit to bring him in from the Land of Mortals here was definitely not someone simple could do.

    "Mo Wuji greets Senior. May I ask what instructions does Senior has for me?" Mo Wuji clasped his fists.
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