Chapter 1020: Gods Continents Yu Clan

    Chapter 1020: Gods Continent's Yu Clan

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    "My name is Xing Mu." The white hair elder didn't answer Mo Wuji's question as he told Mo Wuji his name instead.

    Mo Wuji exclaimed in his heart at how appropriate his name was. [1]

    Xing Mu continued, "You should know what happened to the newly incubated God Domain Nest right?"

    Mo Wuji nodded cautiously, "Yes, I heard of it once I returned from the resource tablet planet."

    Xing Mu nodded as he asked, "What do you think of those barbaric cultivators which they've told you about? With such large scale assignments sent out by God Domain and God Continent, do you think the barbaric cultivators would dare to look down on our God World?"

    Even though Mo Wuji had no idea about such things, he pretended to have an opinion on this, "I believe that barbaric cultivators will remain as barbaric cultivators. Eventually, our God World will definitely emerge victorious."

    Xing Mu sneered, "Do you know what are we in their eyes?"

    Mo Wuji shook his head.

    Xing Mu said in a cold tone, "In their eyes, cultivators of God Domain and God Continent are the barbaric cultivators. They believed that they are the true Gods of the cultivation Dao."

    Mo Wuji was unconcerned because since everyone was against each other, they would definitely try their best to disparage the other party. Nobody would believe that they weren't the original and that the other party was the original.

    Xing Mu replied faintly, "It seems like you're in disapproval?"

    Even before waiting for Mo Wuji's reply, Xing Mu continued, "In all honesty, their words are right because they are the true Gods of cultivation Dao. They were truly the race who had received the care and concern of the heavenly laws. Whether it was intelligence or physique, they had surpassed us. Because of their arrogance, any other race or being were being viewed as ant-like existence for them to kill as they wish."

    "Senior..." Hearing that Xing Mu mentioned how the other party was right, Mo Wuji instantly felt unhappy and uncomfortable.

    Just as he muttered one word, Xing Mu stopped him, "I know what you want to say but I'm not lying to you. Every cultivator in God World is indeed not comparable to them. Regardless of which aspect, we're not comparable to them. I wonder if you have heard of a race called the Gods Race?"

    Gods Race? Mo Wuji's heart was in a shock. How could he not know of the Gods Race? The Gods Race in the Cosmos Edge was destroyed under his leadership. Moreover, Gods Precipice Continent was also divided up and split among the various races.

    He recalled of the Gods Precipice Continent's ancient curse runes. Back then, he was clueless about runes so he didn't carve down any of that. Now that he thought about it, those curse runes seemed to bring along an energy of a void path. He wondered if that void path was the path leading towards the Gods Race.

    "That is the Gods Race?" Mo Wuji exclaimed.

    Xing Mu nodded his head, "It seems like you've heard of a race called the Gods Race. In all honesty, almost half of the techniques in God World are left behind by experts of the Gods Race. Therefore, from a certain angle, their words are not wrong. They were indeed the ones who possessed the most grandeur bloodline; the favourites in terms of cultivation Dao."

    Mo Wuji clasped his fist in reply. "Senior, they might be the favourites in terms of cultivation Dao but I disagree with the point that they have the most grandeur bloodline."

    Xing Mu wasn't too concerned about Mo Wuji's refute as he continued, "The Gods Race had always believed that they were the true Gods of God World. Any other cultivator or expert regardless of how they made it into God World should all be sacrificed and offered to them. The reason why I followed you closely was that of your innate skill in terms of Array Dao. Whether it was God Domain or God Continent, only Array Dao would be able to stop the Gods Race for the time being."

    "Senior, you want me to head to God Domain Nest to defend against the experts of the Gods Race?" Mo Wuji asked immediately.

    If this was the case, Mo Wuji would rather walk away. Unless he had a few God Kings protecting him, heading there would simply mean sending himself to die.

    Xing Mu laughed out loud, "I'm not that capable of looking into the future. When I asked you to do me a favour, God Domain and God Continent have yet to be linked up so how could I know of all these? Years ago, I owed someone a favour and the descendant of the person had brought over the favour token. He asked me to help him install a defensive array. I'm already such an old person so I've come to ask you to help me with this."

    So this was why Xing Mu came to find Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji understood why Xing Mu talked to him about the matter of the Gods Race earlier. Xing Mu was basically giving him a reward. Mo Wuji couldn't help himself but despise Xing Mu. As compared to Cang Zhengxing, Xing Mu was so much more stingy. He requested Mo Wuji to help him return the favour he owed and in return, he provided Mo Wuji with some news as a reward.

    Mo Wuji had no interest in neither God Continent nor God Domain. If he didn't like it here, he could simply just leave this place.

    "I am willing to help Senior return the favour. However, I have offended too many people. I'm afraid that once I leave Nirvana Learning Palace, some people would be chasing after me for my head," Mo Wuji spoke honestly.

    Xing Mu nodded, "People in your Land of Mortals are all very strong. Many years ago, Agriculture Emperor had also killed a few genius disciples but still managed to live well and even established the Land of Mortals."

    Mo Wuji sneered coldly in his heart. Live well? Why were there rumours spreading that the Agriculture Emperor was killed by others then?

    Xing Mu handed Mo Wuji two transfer array talismans. "This yellow transfer talisman will instantly bring you to somewhere near the periphery of Yu Clan. Yu Clan was the clan of my benefactor. The green talisman would transfer you to outside of Nirvana Dao City. I believe that after leaving Nirvana Learning Academy, you still have many tricks up your sleeves. Oh yes, this is a stamped token letter talisman. Hand this to any member of Yu Clan and they will know what to do. That's all, you can head off now."

    As he spoke, Xing Mu took out a stamped token letter talisman.

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart at how petty this fella was. Would it kill a powerful expert like himself to gift Mo Wuji a high grade face mask?

    Now that Xing Mu was staring at him to leave, he could only break the yellow talisman to head off.

    A yellow radiance swept in as it brought Mo Wuji away.

    An immense spatial fluctuation could be felt as Mo Wuji's will started to blur out. In his heart, he was wondering just how far this place was.

    Fortunately, the transfer talisman had already exhausted the spatial energy as Mo Wuji fell from the void.

    "Boom!" A massive mud pit was formed when Mo Wuji landed. It was fortunate that Mo Wuji was already in the Sage Physique Stage so other than looking weary, he didn't suffer any injuries.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji realised that the transfer array gate used for Nirvana Learning Academy's fight for resource was built by Xing Mu. This old fella was evidently pervetic because he seemed to love making people fall from his transfer array.

    As he got himself out of the mud pit, Mo Wuji took out the stamped token letter talisman. There were clear directions on the talisman and it should be pointing towards Yu Clan.

    Mo Wuji picked up his items before wearing his face mask. He turned himself into a yellow face scholar-looking cultivator as he headed towards Yu Clan.

    This mask was gifted to him from Qu You and it has helped him on countless occasions. Because of how stingy Xing Mu was, Mo Wuji had no choice but to use his face mask once more.

    Xing Mu's words were not wrong because in less than one hour of navigating with the stamped token letter talisman, Mo Wuji saw an ancient sign board with words: Gods Continent's Yu Clan.

    While Mo Wuji was staring at this signboard, a few shadows landed near Mo Wuji.

    "Who are you? And why are you being all sneaky around this place?" The person speaking seemed to be a pampered son of a wealthy family. Looking at the bloodstains of this man and the people around him, Mo Wuji knew that this fella must have lost a tough battle. That would be the reason why they escaped here.

    Mo Wuji said faintly. "I am the guest of Yu Clan and I'm about to go meet them."

    "You're a guest of Yu Clan?" The white face pampered man sized Mo Wuji up doubtfully. After a while, he continued, "I am Yu Qi of Yu Clan. Why have I not heard from anyone that Yu Clan still has guests like you?"

    So this person was a member of Yu Clan, that made things much easier. Mo Wuji took out the stamped token letter talisman and handed it to Yu Qi. "This is a letter talisman."

    Without any further probing, Mo Wuji handed the letter talisman to Yu Qi. In fact, Mo Wuji was hoping that this fella was a fake so that he could leave this place with an excuse that he lost. In this way, Xing Mu wouldn't be able to blame him. As for Yu Qi and his men, Mo Wuji really wasn't too concerned with them. The strongest among them was only in the Heavenly God Level 6.

    Yu Qi took over the letter talisman as he replied emotionally, "So you're an array master here to help us install the defensive array. May I ask where you came from?"

    "You don't know about my origins?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Yu Qi shook his head, "I have no idea. I only knew that two years ago, my Yu Clan sent out a favour token for the main purpose of the installation of the defensive array. Afterwards, there was simply no more news about it..."

    Mo Wuji understood Yu Qi's words but in his heart, he was cursing at Xing Mu for not explaining properly.

    "My name is Mo Xinghe so do lead the way." Mo Wuji didn't bother answering Yu Qi's question as he said faintly.

    "Array Master Mo, please follow me," Yu Qi was still feeling emotional because he was bringing the array master his clan invited back. To him, this was a good thing as he was about to improve his status in Yu Clan and receive even more cultivation resources.


    The defensive array of Yu Clan did look like it had been there for quite some time. According to Mo Wuji's judgement, this was undoubtedly a Grade 5 defensive array.

    Under Yu Qi's lead, Mo Wuji entered the defensive array. Dense god spiritual energy surged over to Mo Wuji at the instance he stepped inside the array. Mo Wuji was inwardly shocked because even Nirvana Learning Academy didn't have such dense god spiritual energy. This Yu Clan must have some sort of great history.

    Very soon, Mo Wuji realised that there were many low grades spiritual sealing god arrays within Yu Clan's defensive array. However, because of how dense the god spiritual energy was, low grade spiritual sealing god arrays weren't able to seal the energy up. What made Mo Wuji even more impressed was how dense would the god spiritual energy here be if there were no low grade spiritual sealing god arrays installed here at all.
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