Chapter 1021: Yu Clans Secret

    Chapter 1021: Yu Clan's Secret

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    "Yu Qi, why have you brought an outsider into Yu Clan?" Just as Mo Wuji was wondering why Yu Clan would have such dense god spiritual energy, an icy cold voice interrupted his train of thoughts.

    Mo Wuji's heart jumped as he suddenly had a bad feeling.

    Yu Qi hurried to bow, "Elder, this is Array Master Mo. Array Master Mo received our Yu Clan's favour token and is here to help install our defensive array."

    "Receive the favour token?" The icy voice turned warmer as he asked once more. "Where is the favour token?"

    Mo Wuji thought to himself, here to help? How was I given any choice at all? Because he had promised Xing Mu, he had no choice but to take out his favour token.

    A god elemental energy swept in as Mo Wuji's favour token was swept away. Moments later, that same voice sounded, "Yu Qi, bring Array Master Mo into the guest hall."

    "Yes!" Yu Qi answered as he turned back to Mo Wuji. "Array Master Mo, please follow me into the guest hall. That was Elder Ka and he is actually a very nice person."

    Mo Wuji smiled faintly as he nodded. Even so, he was sneering in his heart. A very nice person? Mo Wuji was here to help so he would naturally not expect to be treated badly.

    Based on how this Elder Ka had no intention of coming out to welcome Mo Wuji upon knowing why he was here, Mo Wuji knew that his help wasn't of much importance to Yu Clan. However, Mo Wuji was curious as to why Yu Qi was so seemingly happy after meeting him.

    Regardless, the cautious Mo Wuji started to install void runes as he made his way to the guest hall. One shouldn't have the heart to harm others but one must still stay vigilant so as not to be harmed.

    Under Yu Qi's lead, Mo Wuji arrived at Yu Clan's guest hall very quickly. Yu Clan's guest hall was not considered small and looked slightly spacious. However, Mo Wuji still felt that this guest hall was simply too small and not compatible with how dense the god spiritual energy was on the outside.

    Because of such dense god spiritual energy in Yu Clan, there must be as many experts as there were clouds in Yu Clan. This was why the set up of Yu Clan's guest hall just didn't seem compatible with the density of Yu Clan's god spiritual energy.

    There were four people seated in Yu Clan's guest hall and they were three men with a woman. Seated at the top was a white face man without a beard. Mo Wuji sensed that this person should be the strongest in the World God Level 1.

    The three people seated on either side of this beardless man were all in the God Monarch Stage. Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief because looking at the strength of these people, it shouldn't be enough to stop his Wind Escape Technique.

    "Haha, Array Master Mo has come from a long way. It must have been tough so please take a seat." After Mo Wuji arrived, the beardless man seated on top hurried to stand up. He put up an extremely welcoming face to receive Mo Wuji into the guest hall.

    Mo Wuji was very sensitive to people's words so he could sense how pretentious those words were. He wasn't bothered because he was simply here to help, hence, he didn't put the attitude of Yu Clan to heart.

    "I'm Yu Clan's Yu Fengyu and may I ask where Array Master Mo is from?" The beardless man smiled as he could tell that Mo Wuji wasn't that strong.

    Mo Wuji clasped his fist, "I'm from the Heavenly Mortal Mountain. The truth was that I've received this favour token two years. Because I was heading into secluded cultivation at that time, I've postponed by visit until now. I ask for your forgiveness."

    "Heavenly Mortal Mountain?" Yu Fengyu repeated the place once more. He was considered to be quite well versed in experience but why had he not heard of this place before?

    Mo Wuji blushed slightly as he replied awkwardly, "Our mountain is comparatively weaker and because we focused mainly on Array Dao's research, our cultivation skills are not the best. When it finally reached my generation, it was no longer like before. Two years ago, the favour token arrived at my master's door so even though my Array Dao and cultivation were low, I couldn't neglect the calling of help from our benefactor. Therefore, I made my way here."

    Hearing that Mo Wuji was merely a lonely soul, Yu Fengyu heaved a sigh of relief. He knew that the owner of the favour token was a God Array Master. After so many years, who knew if he had any descendants so he was merely trying his luck by sending the favour token out. He didn't expect that even after that many years, that God Array Master really had his descendants in arrays.

    He didn't know that the owner of the favour token was still around, was a peak grade expert of Nirvana Learning Academy and was even in the Unity God Stage. If he knew that the favour token was in the hands of a person like Xing Mu, he wouldn't send out Yu Clan's favour token even if he was a thousand times braver.

    "And may I ask what grade of a god array master is Array Master Mo?" Yu Fengyu hurried to ask. If Mo Wuji's array dao was less than grade 3, Mo Wuji wouldn't have been of much use here.

    Mo Wuji revealed extreme confidence as he replied, "In terms of array dao's legacy, my Heavenly Mortal Mountain wouldn't lose to anyone else. Even though I am not very talented, my array dao did barely step into Grade 4."

    Mo Wuji had been well experienced over the years so after a few words with Yu Fengyu, he knew that this fella harboured ill-intentions towards him.

    Mo Wuji had no idea why the opposition was doing this but being prepared wouldn't do him any harm. Even though Mo Wuji was already a legitimate Grade 5 God Array Master, he only mentioned that he had barely made it to grade 4.

    "You're indeed a God Array Master," Yu Fengyu was madly excited because Mo Wuji was too suitable for his Yu Clan's request. A person with low cultivation, from an unknown place and Grade 4 Array Dao was truly a gift of concern from the heavens.

    Mo Wuji didn't wish to waste any time so he asked directly, "May I ask Dao Friend Yu how I could help to install Yu Clan's defensive array?"

    Yu Fengyu chuckled as he answered, "I'll bring Array Master Mo over now."

    Having said that, he turned to Yu Qi, "Yu Qi, you've contributed greatly by bringing Array Master Mo back. After the installation of Yu Clan's array is done, you will be rewarded accordingly. You can go back now."

    Yu Qi was elated as he hurried to bow and retreat.

    After Yu Qi retreated, Yu Fengyu turned back to Mo Wuji in good spirits. "Array Master Mo, please follow me."

    Mo Wuji noticed that when he started following Yu Fengyu, the few God Monarchs in the guest hall started following behind him as well. Mo Wuji was not bothered by these people but was deep in thought as to why Yu Clan's spiritual energy was so dense but Yu Fengyu was the only World God he saw? Looking at Yu Fengyu's fluctuation of his primordial spirit, it seemed like he had only stepped into the World God Stage recently.

    Yu Clan's territory wasn't small and after walking for over 5 kilometres, they stopped at a door made of stone.

    As he approached here, Mo Wuji could feel that dense god spiritual energy.

    This door was wrapped around by layers and layers of Grade 2 spiritual sealing arrays but because of the low grades of the arrays, the dense spiritual energy was still seeping out.

    What a good place! Mo Wuji exclaimed in his heart. What kind of peak grade god spiritual veins were they hiding here? Even while he was being amazed, Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel was still carving thousands of void runes in this place.

    Yu Fengyu took out an array token to open the stone door as he said hurriedly. "Array Master Mo, please hurry in."

    After saying that, Yu Fengyu walked in first. Once Mo Wuji followed Yu Fengyu in, he was stunned as he understood everything instantly.

    This was not god spiritual energy brought by peak grade god spiritual veins but primal god spiritual energy. If it wasn't for his use of primal god spiritual energy to cultivate for a year or so back then, how would he be able to step into the Heavenly God Level 2?

    Presently, Mo Wuji also understood why Yu Fengyu advanced to become a World God but his cultivation was barely stabilised. This fella must have found out about this location which resulted in his advancement.

    Even while he was shocked in his heart, Mo Wuji appeared calm as he exclaimed, "The Yu Clan's god spiritual energy is really dense."

    "Oh, has Array Master Mo seen places with such dense god spiritual energy before?" Yu Fengyu let out an 'oh' before asking.

    Mo Wuji laughed, "Many years ago, my master brought me to a big god city where he rented an A-class immortal residence. The god spiritual energy there was as dense..."

    As he said this, Mo Wuji was even more flabbergasted as he spotted the hundreds of peak grade Green Dew Rice. Yes, all of them were Green Dew Rice of the very peak grade.

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart at how impressive this Yu Clan truly was. Using primal god spiritual energy to nurture Green Dew Rice would probably boost Yu Clan to become the greatest peak grade clan in God Continent in the next few years.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji finally understood why Yu Clan would want to kill him. The reason why Yu Clan invited him was definitely to install god spiritual sealing arrays. After installing the arrays to conceal such primal god spiritual energy, would he still be able to leave this place alive?

    The question Mo Wuji had was why he couldn't sense the primal god spiritual energy outside the stone door and only after entering could he realise that it was primal energy? Mo Wuji extended his spirit storage channel's spiritual will fearlessly. Very soon, he spotted the problem.

    This place had already installed a filtering god array to absorb the primal god spiritual energy. This god array's grade wasn't low and should be of grade 5. Even though the god spiritual energy was put through the filtering god array, Mo Wuji was still able to capture traces of it because he had cultivated in primal god spiritual energy before.

    Why would Yu Clan need a Grade 4 God Array Master if they already had a God Array Master who could install a Grade 5 God Array? Mo Wuji cracked his mind a little and instantly come to a realisation. That Grade 5 God Array Master must have been silenced after installing that array.

    Hearing Mo Wuji's words, Yu Fengyu sneered coldly in his heart. What kind of god city would have primal god spiritual energy? Even if it was filtered, the god spiritual energy here wasn't something any god cities could compare with.

    "Array Master Mo was indeed well experienced. Yu Clan is only a small family clan and the god spiritual energy here is definitely not worth anything compared to the other clans. However, this is my Yu Clan's foundation. Therefore, I only wish to invite Array Master Mo to help us install a spiritual sealing array to seal the energy here from seeping out." Yu Fengyu said with a light heart.

    Mo Wuji continued to carve out his void runes while shaking his hand. "This is not a problem, please lead the way."

    "Alright." Yu Fengyu brought Mo Wuji along a few narrow green stone path as they arrived at an array gate with whirlpool shaped runes.

    The dense primal god spiritual energy was seeping out from this place. Even the Grade 5 filtering god array wasn't able to filter the god spiritual energy completely.

    Mo Wuji suddenly had an intense urge to enter the whirlpool shaped array gate to see what was inside.
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