Chapter 1022: The Person Captured By The Yu Clan

    Chapter 1022: The Person Captured By The Yu Clan

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    "Array Master Mo, how is it?" Noticing that Mo Wuji was staring at the whirlpool of god spiritual energy, Yu Fengyu hurried to question. He was slightly suspicious and worried that Mo Wuji might have felt the primal god spiritual energy here.

    But since he had already brought Mo Wuji here, there was no way Mo Wuji could leave even if he had sensed the primal god spiritual energy here. Otherwise, he wouldn't even consider bringing Mo Wuji here.

    Because of this primal god spiritual energy, at least seven or eight Grade 4 God Array Master had died in Yu Fengyu's hands so it wouldn't matter to him. Even one Grade 5 God Array King had died here previously.

    Mo Wuji smiled faintly, "My sect did have a unique method in terms of spiritual sealing god arrays. In fact, I am confident I could seal up all the god spiritual energy in this place completely. The condition would be that I need to know the origin of this god spiritual energy so I might need to head in."

    "God Array Master Mo, please do not consider this method. My Yu Clan had sent people in before but none of them made it out alive." Yu Fengyu rejected Mo Wuji's idea.

    Mo Wuji thought to himself, who are you trying to kid?

    He shook his head as he continued, "If I do know where it came from, I'm afraid it might be tough for me to install a perfect spiritual sealing god array. Even if I manage to install one, the dense god spiritual energy would break through it after some time and reinstallation would be needed. Only by using the god spiritual energy here to activate the spiritual sealing array would it maintain its sturdiness for a long time. To have such spiritual sealing array, I would need to know the source of the god spiritual energy."

    Mo Wuji was not speaking blindly because this was a place with primal god spiritual energy. In order for the spiritual sealing god array to be useful, the only way would be to make use of the source. Naturally, Mo Wuji didn't need to enter to be able to install the spiritual sealing god array.

    Yu Fengyu's heart jumped in surprise because Mo Wuji's last few sentences did affect him. This was also the reason why Yu Clan needed to find one or two more Grade 4 God Array Master after a period of time. Every time Yu Clan tried to install a Grade 4 god spiritual array, it would eventually be broken through.

    As a descendant of an Array Dao expert, Mo Wuji really did have his unique set of skills.

    At the thought of this, Yu Fengyu replied, "When this place first appeared, someone appeared here. Why don't I bring the person here and you can question him about the exact situation inside?"

    Someone actually appeared where the primal god spiritual energy appeared? Mo Wuji instantly grew interested, "Alright, may I ask Dao Friend Yu to bring that person here?"

    Yu Fengyu acted fast and with just one message, a dazed and tall built man with shoulder-length hair was brought over.

    Ape Mo? Mo Wuji looked at this tall man with a black face and his heart was in shock. This was evidently Ape Mo but why would he end up in God Continent or end up in the hands of Yu Clan? What has he got to do with the source of this primal god spiritual energy too?

    "Let this Array Master know of the specific details of what was inside this place," Yu Fengyu grunted at Ape Mo as he instructed him to speak.

    Ape Mo lifted his head dazedly. Even though he looked dispirited and his cultivation was disorganised, Mo Wuji could tell that Ape Mo was already in the Nascent God Stage Level 1.

    Mo Wuji was inwardly fuming and at this moment, all he wanted to do was to exterminate this Yu Clan. The pity was that he was still too weak to do that.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji shook his hand, "Dao Friend Yu, I doubt it would be useful since he doesn't know about the Array Dao. Let him bring me down and I'll check on it personally."

    In this place, he should be strong enough to escape by himself. To think about bringing Ape Mo away with him, it would simply be an impossible dream. As for pointing out that he was a disciple of Nirvana Learning Academy, it might result in an earlier death. When such big secret was found out by himself, even the future Academy Lord of Nirvana Learning Academy would be silenced, let alone a mere disciple of the academy.

    Hearing that Mo Wuji still insisted to head down, he furrowed his brows. However, Mo Wuji's previous sentences were too tough for him to reject. A spiritual sealing god array which could forever seal up the energy here? That was simply too important to Yu Clan.

    Otherwise, Yu Clan would have to constantly invite array masters over every now and then. In the long term, that would eventually be a problem for them.

    After all, why would others not be suspicious when reputable Grade 4 God Array Masters kept disappearing within the mountains of Yu Clan?

    After much consideration, Yu Fengyu nodded his head. "Alright, I'll let Yu Nan follow you down as well. Yu Nan..."

    "Here!" A delicate looking man walked over. Looking at this person, Mo Wuji sighed because he was indeed an expert in the God Monarch Stage Level 1. He had killed a God Monarch before but it wasn't under normal circumstances.

    "Array Master Mo, we've been down a few times before and the only thing we could see was a half white half grey stone..." Yu Fengyu continued to try his best in an attempt to convince Mo Wuji to not go down there.

    As for his lie about how nobody made it out alive, Yu Fengyu had completely forgotten about it.

    Mo Wuji didn't bother exposing him as he pretended to not realise as well. "Dao Friend Yu is not proficient in Array Dao. Sometimes when the god spiritual source is right in front of your eyes, you might even miss it. How about this? Let Dao Friend Yu Nan bring me and this man with shoulder-length hair down. There might be some specific details that I might need to find out from this man."

    Hearing that Mo Wuji mentioned how he was not proficient in Array Dao and might miss something, Yu Fengyu was fuming. Following which, he calmed himself down at the thought of how Mo Wuji only had a few more days to live.

    "Let's go then." After saying that, Mo Wuji jumped down first as he believed that Yu Nan would bring Ape Mo with him.

    Just like Mo Wuji's prediction, Yu Nan grabbed onto Ape Mo as they jumped right into the god spiritual energy whirlpool immediately after Mo Wuji.

    His task was very simple: Watch Mo Wuji.

    An immense whirlpool energy could be felt and even Mo Wuji's Sage Physique felt uncomfortable as his spiritual will turned sluggish.

    Fortunately, Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel started circulating in time and he managed to stay conscious throughout.

    After a few minutes, Mo Wuji landed with both feet on the ground. It was indeed a massive half white half grey coloured stone platform.

    The moment Mo Wuji landed on the platform, he instantly threw out tens of array flags and drew out his Half Moon Weighted Halberd.

    Just as he did this, Yu Nan descended with Ape Mo. Without waiting for Yu Nan to land, Mo Wuji sent out a halberd strike at Yu Nan. At the same time, he struck out an invisible hand seal towards Yu Nan's chest.

    A Wheel of Life and Death brought along a formless Law of Time energy which could be considered as Mo Wuji's greatest ambush attack.

    Yu Nan, who was grabbing onto Ape Mo, could feel a deathly surge of energy towards him even before landing on the platform. He never expected Mo Wuji to ambush him because why would a Heavenly God ever dare to ambush a God Monarch?

    In split seconds, Yu Nan confirmed that Mo Wuji was laying an ambush for him. At this point in time, his primordial spirit was in a sluggish state. In a state like this, it wasn't completely impossible for a Heavenly God to ambush him successfully.

    Yu Nan wasn't bothered about the life and death of Ape Mo as he simply threw him to one side. Following which, he burnt his god elemental energy intensely as he tried to break free of the whirlpool spiritual will restraint.

    Very soon, Yu Nan felt something was amiss as the space around him started to become viscous. Time seemed to be slowing down and even a split second felt as long as a century.

    That split second was more than enough for the Wheel of Life and Death as the grey and white wheel imprint landed on Yu Nan's body. As the deathly energy wrapped around Yu Nan's body, his life force was being robbed away by the Wheel of Life and Death. Even without any movement from Mo Wuji, the Wheel of Life and Death was already absorbing the life force of Yu Nan intently.

    "How dare you ambush me?" Yu Nan stared angrily at Mo Wuji.

    Just as Yu Nan uttered those words, Mo Wuji's Half Moon Weighted Halberd had splashed out a blood fog as Yu Nan's Dantian and spirit channels were destroyed completely.

    "I've truly overestimated you. To think a God Monarch would not be able to retaliate at all." After Mo Wuji finished Yu Nan off, he said disdainfully.

    Yu Nan, who had his last few breaths, was fuming madly. His spiritual will and elemental energy were restrained by the initial whirlpool and not only did Mo Wuji actually ambushed him despicably, he even set up a spatial restrainment array. At this moment, he even indirectly called him weak. How could someone be this despicable?

    Mo Wuji didn't wait for Yu Nan to continue speaking as he threw out a few more array flags. He managed to trap that final bit of life force within the array he just set up.

    Ape Mo, who landed by the side, looked shockingly at Mo Wuji. He had no idea why Mo Wuji would want to kill Yu Nan.

    Mo Wuji took off his face mask and sent a healing pill into Ape Mo's mouth before speaking. "Ape Mo, how have you ended up in this state?"

    "Wuji, why are you here?" Ape Mo looked astonished as he finally understood why Yu Nan was assassinated.

    In the next moment, he was surprised at how his god elemental energy started circulating again and his injuries were disappearing rapidly.

    Half an incense later, Ape Mo opened his eyes and his wounds were completely gone and his cultivation level was even slightly more refined. Indeed, recovering in a place with such primal god spiritual energy would result in a visible growth in cultivation level. If it wasn't for the fact that the Yu Clan didn't have a God King who could extract Ape Mo's soul, Ape Mo might not have survived till today.

    Noticing that Ape Mo Was still interested in questioning, Mo Wuji hurried to extend his arm to stop Ape Mo from asking. "First, tell me how you end up here and how is the Cosmos Edge now?"

    Ape Mo pointed at Yu Nan and said. "Let's finish this fella off first. Just in case you could hear our conversation."

    Following this, Mo Wuji struck out a soundproof restriction. "We can talk now. As for that fella, we cannot kill him now. Killing him might alert that old fella Yu Fengyu."

    Yu Fengyu was the God Monarch expert of Yu Clan and if they mentioned that he didn't have the soul token, Mo Wuji wouldn't believe it.

    Ape Mo's eyes turned red as he spoke. "Wuji, I'm sorry to let you down. I'm afraid the Cosmos Edge is gone too."

    "Big Mo, speak slowly." Mo Wuji's heart sank because he knew how Ape Mo was like. If it wasn't anything important or serious, he wouldn't say that he had let Mo Wuji down. He believed that Ape Mo wouldn't do anything to let him down so he changed the way he addressed Ape Mo to Big Mo to prove that Mo Wuji trusts him.

    Ape Mo nodded as he took in a deep breath. "A few years after you left, your wife, Shuyin and a woman called Lin Gu arrived at the Cosmos Edge..."

    "Shuyin and Lin Gu went to the Cosmos Edge?" Mo Wuji asked astonishingly. He was most worried about Shuyin but never had the chance to hear any news about her.
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