Chapter 1023: Before Leaving

    Chapter 1023: Before Leaving

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    Ape Mo nodded, "Because I was in Cosmos Edge and Junior Sister Wen Lan was also around. Shuyin and Lin Gu have always stayed in Cosmos Edge to cultivate and no one dared to say anything. Shuyin and Lin Gu's aptitudes were very good and with a large amount of green crystals, both of their cultivations grew very quickly. However, after a while, Shuyin really missed you a lot so she decided to head to Immortal World to find you. At the same time, the Cosmos Wall's void passage was actually unimpeded."

    "The Heaven's Beyond Corridor's Cosmos Wall's void passage?" Could the people of the Gods World make use of the Cosmos Wall's passage to enter the Cosmos Edge?

    Ape Mo nodded, "Yes, a lot of experts from Cosmos Edge entered Cosmos Wall's passage. After these experts came out of that place, everyone obtained a large amount of real god crystals. Because of this increase in cultivation resource, their cultivation grew rapidly. Shuyin and Lin Gu wanted to return to Immortal World so they desperately wanted to increase their strength too. Even though their cultivation speed was already considered fast, they still found it too slow."

    "They went to Cosmos Wall's passage too?" Mo Wuji's heart was in shock because that place wasn't a nice place to visit. Back then, Mo Wuji had gone there once.

    Ape Mo sighed, "Yes, Junior Sister Wen Lan was worried about them so she followed them. In the end, not one of the three of them came out after that trip. Later on, someone went into the passage again and was also reported missing. Just when I was prepared to enter the void passage personally, something happened in Cosmos Edge."

    "What happened?" Mo Wuji became increasingly worried. If the something bad happened to Cosmos Edge, did that mean that something would happen to Immortal World too? Back then, he was still too weak and unable to break through the barrier to enter Immortal World from Cosmos Edge. What if someone much stronger than him appeared at that point in time?

    "Peak grade experts of Gods Race suddenly appeared in Gods Precipice Continent. These experts from Gods Race killed every other cultivator in Gods Precipice Continent before killing their way to Cosmos Edge. Cosmos Edge just didn't seem strong enough to fight against Gods Race. Everyone started to retreat back to their own Immortal Domain before thinking of ways to seal up their world. Back then, I was at Heaven's Beyond Corridor waiting for the appearance of Cosmos Wall. When I've heard of the arrival of those peak grade experts from Gods Race, I hurried back to Cosmos Edge to help..."

    As Ape Mo spoke, his tone was increasingly solemn, "What I didn't expect was that even before I could return to Cosmos Edge, the members of Gods Race had already killed their way into Heaven's Beyond Corridor. The person fighting me was an elegant-looking gigolo. I am, after all, a peak grade Immortal Emperor or in the terms of Immortal World, a peak grade Dao Emperor. But in the face of this gigolo, I wasn't even able to defend against his first strike. Fortunately, Cosmos Wall appeared at this moment... When the gigolo was shocked at how many treasures fell from Cosmos Wall, I made use of the opportunity to escape..."

    "And how did you end up here?" Mo Wuji asked inquisitively.

    Ape Mo answered. "I initially thought that the gigolo would chase after me but he didn't. At that point in time, a void array gate suddenly appeared in front of me. Without much consideration, I instantly charged into that void array gate..."

    "And you arrived here?"

    Ape Mo shook his head, "No, I arrived on a massive stone which had a few words on it: Seven World Stone."

    "You saw the Seven World Stone?" Mo Wuji asked shockingly. He knew that once a person reached the Seven World Stone, that person would be able to return to Immortal World.

    Ape Mo nodded, "Yes, that was the Seven World Stone. On the Seven World Stone, I could clearly see seven pitch black voids. After hesitating for a while, I was too worried that the gigolo might chase after me so I chose one of the pitch black passage to enter. That was how I ended up here."

    Mo Wuji understood what was going on now. The Seven World Stone really did have a void passage leading towards Heaven's Beyond Corridor. Back then, he had always made use of the Seven World Stone to reach Heaven's Beyond Corridor. According to Ape Mo's explanation, Mo Wuji doubted that the passage from the Seven World Stone to Heaven's Beyond Corridor was fixed.

    That would mean to say that only when the void array gate appeared, one would then be able to head towards the Seven World Stone from the ruins of Heaven's Beyond Corridor. The possibility of this was exceedingly low. Ape Mo's luck was not bad in the sense that he didn't choose the void passage leading back to Heaven's Beyond Corridor.

    Ape Mo continued, "After arriving here, I was astonished by the dense god spiritual energy here. Moreover, the god spiritual energy here even brought along a type of primal energy. Because of this, I hurried to start cultivating here. In just a few days, I've managed to sense the realm of my dreams. It was definitely a realm much higher than a Dao Emperor so I didn't hesitate as I decided to advance."

    Mo Wuji sighed as he guessed that Ape Mo's decision to break through into the Nascent God Stage must have alerted Yu Clan.

    Indeed, Ape Mo sighed as he replied, "What I didn't expect was that my sudden advancement ignited the lightning tribulation which destroyed the defensive array here. The god spiritual energy in this place was instantly seeped out and I was spotted by others."

    Mo Wuji didn't find it surprising. Mo Wuji had no idea who placed the Seven World Stone there and after that many years, the defensive array must have weakened which was why Ape Mo's lightning tribulation could break it.

    "Wuji, we must not stay in this place for too long. If we extend our stay here, Yu Clan would definitely notice." Ape Mo added.

    "Hold on for a while, let me take a look," Mo Wuji replied.

    What Mo Wuji wanted now was not to help Yu Clan install their spiritual sealing array but to return to Cosmos Edge and then Cosmos Wall. Besides, he really wanted to find out how the experts of Gods Race managed to reach Cosmos Edge.

    Mo Wuji used his spirit storage channel to scan the surrounding to realise that there was nothing peculiar here. There was indeed only a grey and white massive stone and no other traces of anything else.

    Even though the spirit storage channel didn't notice anything, Mo Wuji still had his spiritual eye. His cultivation level and level of Array Dao might be low but he was certainly not short of methods.

    Having cultivated to the Heavenly God Level 2, Mo Wuji's spiritual eye was even more effective. Once he opened his spiritual eye, everything surrounding the massive stone and even its periphery appeared delicate.

    Soon after, Mo Wuji spotted that a clear mark at the bottom of the stone. That was where the dense god spiritual energy was emerging from.

    Mo Wuji instantly threw out tens of array flags. He was a Grade 5 God Array King so when these flags were thrown out, a clear god spiritual vein source appeared in front of Mo Wuji.

    "This is the god spiritual vein?" Even though Ape Mo was captured the moment he reached God Continent, he was still aware of the god spiritual vein.

    Mo Wuji answered seriously, "This is not just a god spiritual vein but the most valuable god spiritual vein in God World."

    Mo Wuji still had a few god spiritual veins, which were graded as peak grade, lying in his Undying World. However, he was certain that some of the god spiritual veins in his storage ring was not even half as good as the true peak grade god spiritual vein. Compared to the god spiritual vein in front of his eyes now, they were simply not worthy to be called god spiritual veins.

    This was undoubtedly a primal god spiritual vein. Despite the many years of exhaustion, this primal god spiritual vein was still emitting incredibly dense god spiritual energy.

    "Ah, a void array gate has appeared," Ape Mo exclaimed surprisingly.

    Ape Mo was right because when Mo Wuji revealed this primal god spiritual vein, an indistinct array gate appeared on the side of the grey and white massive stone.

    Yu Nan, who was watching from the side, started using his all his energy to struggle at the sight of this array gate. The appearance of the array gate would mean that Mo Wuji would kill him in the next moment.

    "Wuji, are we going to escape from this void array gate?" Ape Mo asked excitedly.

    Mo Wuji pointed at that primal god spiritual vein. "Of course we will leave but I won't let Yu Clan have this god spiritual vein so easily."

    Having said that, Mo Wuji constantly threw out more array flags. The god spiritual vein started to become more visible as even denser god spiritual energy surged in all four directions.

    Mo Wuji turned to Ape Mo, "Big Mo, leave from this void array gate first. I'll follow behind once I keep this god spiritual vein."

    "Alright." Ape Mo didn't hesitate as he darted towards the void array gate before disappearing.


    Simultaneously, Yu Fengyu stared curiously at the god spiritual energy whirlpool because the primal energy became denser than before.

    If this continued, there wouldn't be a point even if Yu Clan did manage to install the spiritual sealing array. Once the primal energy was spotted by experts, Yu Clan would only remain as an ant-like existence.

    While Yu Clan had always been killing a few great God Array Masters, those were people without any strong backers. Once the real experts found out about this, Yu Clan would be exterminated within seconds.

    "What on earth is that b*stard doing? Did Yu Nan send any messages back?" Yu Fengyu clenched his teeth nervously.

    "Not yet. I've already reminded Yu Nan to send a message back as soon as he could. Ah..."

    Before the God Monarch standing beside Yu Fengyu could finish his sentence, he let out an 'Ah'.

    "What is it?" Yu Fengyu asked anxiously.

    "Yu Nan's soul has been destroyed." The God Monarch continued, "How is this possible? Yu Nan was a God Monarch and that ant was merely in the elementary Heavenly God Stage..."

    "Even a stupid ant dare to act under the roof of my Yu Clan? Yu Mingyi and Yu Yu, both of you follow me down..."

    Yu Fengyu stopped talking as the primal god energy whirlpool was messed up abruptly. A terrifying tear appeared in the space in front of them.

    "Not good, the space here is about to collapse. Hurry up and leave..."

    Even before Yu Fengyu finished speaking, an intense collapse of the space in front of them had swept over. Under the terrifying spatial whirlpool, even Yu Fengyu was not able to break free from it. In that short period of time, Yu Clan was turned into absolute nothingness.
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