Chapter 1024: The Great Change in The Cosmos Edge

    Chapter 1024: The Great Change in The Cosmos Edge

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    An intense dizziness could be felt and even though Mo Wuji's spiritual will was strong, he could only maintain slightly conscious. He was no longer able to sense the situation around him as the only thing he could sense was that space was transforming rapidly.

    After countless spatial transformations, Mo Wuji's legs trembled as he landed on a piece of massive stone.

    Before Mo Wuji could look around, he already knew that he must be transferred an extremely long distance.

    Looking at the massive stone underneath his feet, it was indeed the Seven World Stone. Ape Mo was simply lying unconscious nearby. It seemed like he had yet to regain his consciousness from the spatial transformation.

    In front of the Seven World Stone was still the seven pitch black endless void whirlpool. Mo Wuji entered the extreme left one before and he knew that it would lead to the Heaven's Beyond Corridor.

    "Wuji, what is your cultivation level? Why are you not affected at all?" Ape Mo was finally awake as he asked shockingly.

    "I'm only in the Heavenly God Elementary Stage and I'm less affected because my spiritual will is slightly stronger." Mo Wuji answered.

    Ape Mo didn't question further because back then, Mo Wuji was only in the Immortal Emperor Elementary Stage and was able to traverse the Oblique Space Sea Island and seek peace from the eight Great Grand Emperors. Now that Mo Wuji had been to God Continent for so many years, he must be many times stronger than before.

    "Big Mo, back then, I entered from the left most whirlpool and ended up in Heaven's Beyond Corridor. Which whirlpool did you enter which brought you to God Continent's Yu Clan?" Mo Wuji pointed at the seven pitch black endless whirlpool.

    Ape Mo pointed at the fifth void whirlpool from the left, "I've entered from this one."

    Mo Wuji couldn't understand this. Back then, he entered the nearest void whirlpool and ended up in Cosmos Edge. Cosmos Edge and Immortal World were indeed close and could even be known as being on the same plane of grand law. Now Ape Mo entered from the fifth one and reached God Continent. Could the sixth and seventh whirlpool lead them to a place further than God Continent?

    "Wuji, we have to leave this place fast. The people of Yu Clan may follow us here." Ape Mo noticed that Mo Wuji was still staring at the whirlpools dazedly so he commented anxiously.

    Mo Wuji shook his head. "We can go back but Yu Clan would definitely not be able to come here."

    "Why?" Ape Mo asked.

    "Because when I took away that primal god spiritual vein, how is Yu Clan going to come over? Even if we head back, we might not be able to use the same method to come over again," Mo Wuji explained.

    If Mo Wuji didn't extract that primal god spiritual vein, Mo Wuji was confident that he could enter God Continent from here as he wished. However, once that god spiritual vein was extracted, it would mean that he only had one chance to go back to God Continent. Given his strength, he wouldn't be able to place the god spiritual vein back into its original position even if he knew where to put it.

    Ape Mo heaved a sigh of relief, "So where are we going now?"

    "To Cosmos Edge. You follow behind me and we'll enter together." Mo Wuji was very certain that even though he arrived at the Seven World Stone from Great Desolate Sea Domain, going back to Great Desolate Sea Domain from the Seven World Stone seemed unlikely.

    After Mo Wuji said that, he entered the left most whirlpool without hesitation.

    Again, the space transformed continuously and even though Mo Wuji's spiritual will was extremely strong, he wasn't able to grasp the transformation in space.

    Once he landed on the ground, Mo Wuji knew that this was Heaven's Beyond Corridor.

    It was still a boundless looking desert wasteland and it was still gloomy. There were all sorts of broken magic treasures and countless corpses lying around...

    "Wuji, why am I not restrained by any Laws of the Heaven and Earth here? Logically speaking, I have already surpassed the Dao Emperor Stage and entered the Nascent God Stage. In a world domain belonging to Immortal World, I should face some restraint right?" Ape Mo asked astonishingly after landing behind Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji answered, "I doubt this place was a pure Immortal World. Back then when the experts of God World fought, and even resulted in the appearance of the God Tower, this could be a unique spatial world domain."

    As he spoke, Mo Wuji's spiritual will had extended outwards endlessly.

    Many years ago, his spiritual will was slightly restraint in this place but now, his spiritual will was able to extend casually without restraint.

    Mo Wuji managed to scan Heaven's Beyond City Square very quickly. The previously incredibly crowded Heaven's Beyond City Square was presently incomparably ruined without a single soul left here. The human and demon races were also no longer around.

    Heaven's Beyond Human Corridor as well as Heaven's Beyond Demon Corridor was just as empty as the desolate wasteland.

    "Let's go and take a look at Cosmos Edge... Hold on, someone is here." Mo Wuji knew that he needed to wait if he wanted to head to Cosmos Wall.

    The slight fluctuation of the spatial energy far away was instantly captured by Mo Wuji. He didn't head over as two people hurried over. Based on their energy, they were certainly not cultivators of Gods Race.

    After a short while, two incredibly old looking elders appeared in front of Mo Wuji.

    "Sect Head Mo, you're back?" The one speaking was the man dressed entirely in black. Deathly energy was surrounding him as his voice was trembling.

    "Dao Lord Mo, it really is you..." The other elder also exclaimed emotionally.

    Mo Wuji couldn't believe his eyes as he asked, "Are you Lu Ziting and Ni Kai?"

    The man dressed in grey hurried to answer, "It is us and I am Revolving Soul Dao's Lu Ziting. We have been fighting for our life in Heaven's Beyond Corridor and were tortured by the deathly energy here."

    There was an overwhelming sadness in Mo Wuji's heart because his impression of Lu Ziting from Revolving Soul Dao was simply too deep. He was a responsible person and back then, if it wasn't for Lu Ziting, Empress Wen Lan and a few others, the human race would have perished in the hands of Gods Race in Cosmos Edge. Those years ago, Lu Ziting was dressed in pure white and was an extremely delicate and good looking cultivator. The Lu Ziting today looked like he had just crawled out from a coffin with a body full of deathly energy.

    "Dao Lord Mo, I am indeed Ni Kai from Blood Race," The other elder calmed himself as he bowed towards Mo Wuji.

    Years ago, Ni Kai was tall and muscular with a head full of red hair and impressive aura. Now, he was as dispirited as Lu Ziting.

    "We have been hiding in the desert wasteland and only managed to survive till today because Gods Race was unwilling to expand their search in the desert wasteland. A while back, I've managed to sense the energy of Human Race so we hurried out. We certainly didn't expect to meet Sect Head Mo here. This is really..." Lu Ziting was still very emotional.

    He was already so close to death but he was still worried about the Revolving Soul Dao. Ever since he came out via the Very High Heavens from Immortal World, he hadn't had a chance to head back.

    Mo Wuji took out two pills for Lu Ziting and Ni Kai, "Both of you heal your injuries first. We will continue talking after you've recovered."

    Lu Ziting was aware that Mo Wuji was a peak grade Pill Emperor. While he didn't hold many expectations for Mo Wuji's pills, he swallowed the pill without hesitation.

    In just a short period of time, Lu Ziting found out surprisingly that he was able to absorb the elemental energy of the surrounding. Moreover, his vitality was recovering rapidly and the deathly energy had disappeared at this moment too.

    In just an incense worth of time, Lu Ziting's appearance was visibly recovering back to his original state. Other than grey coloured immortal robe which looked a little out of place, he no longer exuded any sort of deathly feeling.

    "Sect Head Mo, what pill is this? So impressive." Lu Ziting sensed the overwhelming immortal energy in the surrounding, his recovering cultivation level and life force.

    Ni Kai was equally as surprised as he turned back into the red-haired muscular man. He had also recovered the energy of the Great Circle of Immortal Emperor.

    Ape Mo smiled, "I've already experienced Wuji's impressive pills which don't exist in Immortal World."

    Despite Mo Wuji not mentioning of how he managed to enter God Continent, Ape Mo had guessed that Mo Wuji's pills should be god graded pills.

    "Dao Lord Mo, your pills are truly too impressive. Not only were all my injuries healed, my cultivation was also improved slightly. This is definitely not an immortal pill. Ni Kai thank Dao Lord Mo for your saving grace." Ni Kai bowed towards Mo Wuji once more.

    Mo Wuji shook his hand, "Pills are not a big issue. Sect Head Lu, are there any further news of my wife, Shuyin?"

    These pills were not something everybody could afford even in God World. This was Tier 5 God Pills which Mo Wuji concocted himself, Vitality God Pill. The pill formula of this god pill must be credited to Ao Clan. Back then, Ao Clan made him concoct the Vitality Soup so they told him the ingredients used for the soup. Afterwards, he started analysing the soup after he became a Tier 5 God Pill King and managed to concoct his own vitality pill. As for the name of the pill, Mo Wuji simply reused the name and named it as Vitality God Pill.

    Mo Wuji had his own vitality meridian so such pills would not be of good use to him. Using these Tier 5 God Pills to heal Lu Ziting and Ni Kai was simply equivalent to using a cannon to kill a mosquito.

    Lu Ziting shook his head, "Gods Race suddenly appeared in God Precipice Continent and killed all the other races before arriving at Cosmos Edge. Back then, I was in the broken ruins so I managed to escape the first massacre. I managed to escape using a transfer array and came to Heaven's Beyond Corridor before Gods Race caught up. At Heaven's Beyond Corridor, I managed to meet Dao Friend Ni Kai and we were on the run together. I'm not sure about anything else."

    Ni Kai sighe,. "Those people were simply too terrifying. Ji Ku, of Demon Race, was also a peak grade Dao Emperor but I personally witnessed how he was killed without any strength or opportunity to retaliate. I didn't even dare to fight back as I instantly burnt my life force to escape into Heaven's Beyond Corridor."

    Mo Wuji was now certain that experts surpassing Immortal Emperor Realm had come to Cosmos Edge. Otherwise, it was highly unlikely that a Grand Emperor was unable to survive one attack. Mo Wuji knew Ji Ku well and while he was an elder, he was still the peak grade expert of Demon Race.

    "Dao Lord Mo, do you know where these people came from?" Ni Kai suddenly asked.

    Mo Wuji asked back. "Dao Friend Ni Kai, could it be that you know where they come from?"

    Ni Kai nodded. "Yes, I do know where they came from."
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